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Lenora De Luca

"The human mind is just as fragile as the human heart."

0 · 468 views · located in Cinque Terre

a character in “Just Survive”, as played by bokystroki



"The human sense of discovery is boundless - and that's the problem."

"The Basics"


Lenora Esposito | Now Lenora De Luca

Lieve, Lenny, Fugitive.



"Whats on the outside"


5'8 ft

140 lbs

.:Eye Color:.

.:Hair Color:.

Acid burn down her right arm, and simple ear piercings.

"Whats on the Inside"



â™Ĩ Research
â™Ĩ Socialization
â™Ĩ Mojitos
â™Ĩ Dogs
â™Ĩ Authentic Italian food
â™Ĩ Winter


♠ Summer
♠ Failed experiments
♠ Being lonely
♠ Spicy foods
♠ Laziness
♠ No progress


◇ Failure
◇ Being captured
◇ Enclosed spaces

Being of African-American/Italian decent, loud just got louder when it comes to mannerisms. Lenora had always, and will be a wild fire in spirit, with mad fluctuation skills and hand gestures while speaking to boot. She might be obnoxious, nosy, talkative, impulsive, and uncouth - but that's all the things that make her perfectly genuine under her iron-cast shell.

"Lets Delve into the Past"


ImageLenora went to college originally for one specific purpose: Parties. (Oh, and not to be a huge disappointment to her parents, she supposed.) She had always been good at math, and decided down the road to be a Chemical Engineer - however it wasn't until a wild night (and the threat of being kicked out of university) had Lenora signing up for an exclusive internship for the Genesis Project that was disguised under another name: Metamorphosis.

]Originally, Lenora didn't want anything to do with it. It wasn't until her own father had intervened - changing the terms of the agreement to be full-fledged employment - as well as slipping some money under the table to have Lenora pass the interviewing process whether she did well or not, due to one specific purpose:

She was being cut off.

Without mommy and daddy's endless funds, Lenora had to learn the hard way of growing up, starting from being a simple medical technician while learning the life skills of becoming an adult. It wasn't until a year later, that one of the lead scientists asked Lenora what her plans were, and the whole company designated to fund the project decided to fund her schooling also - thinking that a scientist molded straight into the Genesis Project would be a highly valuable asset.

As the years went by, Lenora's grades began to rise, as well as the apartment she once lived in - going from a shabby flat to a high-rise that viewed the best parts of the city. The shotty college parties she once frequented became upper-class campaign galas, and other events. She learned how to play the game, dating some big profile men, and weaving in and out of social circles with ease, and enjoying all the luxuries that were to be had, and once she graduated - it only got better, being dubbed one of the best Chemical Researchers in the whole entire laboratory.

It wasn't until her eighth year in the company that they decided to tell her the truth of what Metamorphosis was all about.

Image The day she was given her exclusive access badge, Lenora wouldn't deny the fact that she was excited. She did it, she practically made it to the top! Every scientific lab in the country wanted her, every high-profiled man practically adored her - wouldn't mommy and daddy be proud?

It was when she was told to put her true skills to the test in creating a serum to trigger Danica Huntress' gene - an American girl that had been kidnapped, did she realize the true nature of 'Metamorphosis'.

It was obvious that she didn't have a choice in the matter, causing her to lose countless hours of sleep that had been given to research and deep rooted guilt as she experimented on the girl, successfully not only giving her the power of telepathy - but also creating the first human with true psychic abilities recorded.

Then the second task was given:

Make her be able to control other's thoughts.

Lenora was having none of it. Hatching a plan to get out, she was set into motion. Grabbing any secret documents about the project, emptying her bank account into an off-shore fund, and of course - the girl, she trekked off into the wilderness, only to lose the teenager in the process.

Image The now twenty-eight year old resides in Livigno as the local hole-in-the-wall doctor, converting her two-level traditional Italian abode into a Medical office that treats the poor and sick within the small town's square. She lives in hiding with the new last name De Luca as she tries to figure out to reverse the effects of all that had been affected by the project she now knows as Genesis - armed with some secrets, the medical knowledge, and the fire within her heart to set things right, now that she's realized just how many people had her and her colleagues had bio-engineered.

Mommy and daddy would be proud, indeed.

So begins...

Lenora De Luca's Story