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Llyod Joshua Ptlome

"... kindly shut up?"

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a character in “Just Survive”, originally authored by Igari, as played by RolePlayGateway



Llyod Joshua Ptlome

El, Josh, Potly



β€œCatch my eye first”

Standing tall and willowy at around 5'11”, he comes across as more wraith-like when one first meets him. His presence is quiet, his eyes a little hollow, matched by darkish hair and gaunt cheeks. He has pale skin and even paler eyes, unnerving, piercing, yet at times... maybe they could be a little warm. There are the faintest signs that at one point, he had laugh lines. At one point, maybe he was a lot happier. But that is hidden beneath something deeper, something more disconcerting, something upsetting.

Whatever he ends up wearing, it is fortunate that he got his hands on it to begin with. He has difficulty recalling really how to dress at all. The shirts, the pantsβ€”maybe they could come across as slightly more formal. Maybe well-dressed. He does not care too much, he just picks what matches. Maybe he is frumpy one day. Really, it is just about being able to go out in public. He doesn't care what he ends up in... it kind of doesn't matter.

Theme Song: Mowgli's Road


Image Distant and withdrawn, there is something haunting about the way he comes across on first contact. He rarely smiles, even when he is bemused. Couple this with the fact that he does not blink much and he can have a very intense and singular stare. Most prefer not to hold his gaze. He does not portray his amusement that much, choosing more monotonous ways to express it. He is the type of person to think of synonyms for how he is feeling and list them off from the beginning to the endβ€”without seeming to be fazed or expressive while doing so.

His lack of facial expressions can be disconcerting to those that barely know him because his tonal inflection also does not help much in this department. At best, one could take what he says with a grain of salt because it can be difficult to separate out his jokes from his statements. Really though, he is just incredibly good at looking like he is kept together. He is not. Not even in the slightest.

The way he copes with his dissociation is by simply compartmentalizing it. He is always sure the reality around him is going to fade away at a touch... so he prefers not to get attached. He can never be too sure that this version of reality is his origin point. There is always some doubt to his surroundings, maybe that is why he finds it easier to be direct and to the point. Because truly he does not believe anything is at stake when he is. So it is easy for him to just speak his mind, to be practically volatile. It isn't going to last, that is how he looks at it anyway. Maybe he is a little bit of a nihilist. Still, he is excruciatingly to the point, it makes people uncomfortable.

To some degree, he really isn't all that bad. He can be a good conversationalist and even have some pretty amazing insight... when he feels like becoming more socially adept. Maybe if he didn't see so many alternate things... maybe he would be a little bit nicer too. To that end, for better or for worse, he has highly keen senses. Good at paying attention, good at focusing, observing, perhaps to near obsession. He has a mind for detail, for the smaller things, for the things perhaps someone might miss. He enjoys the uncanny and he gravitates towards the weird. And in those moments his monotonous humor comes across, he might say something as bizarre. His tastes are acquired to othersβ€”but he does not really mind that they are not in on the joke. He can have a silent laugh by himself.

He mostly keeps to himself (as if that wasn't obvious) and does not take any strides to extend himself. Oft one must approach him to begin a conversation. But every so often, he will see the worth of the interaction. Because somewhere in there, he does feel sympathy for what he sees. He may have learned how to disengage but that does not mean it does not trouble him. He doesn't want all of his visions to come true--and not knowing if they are past or future... that is unnerving. He has yet to find someone with the mental aptitude to handle the instability of what he projects. It is hard for him to make connections--that doesn't mean that a small part of him doesn't want it. He just definitely will not be the first one to admit it.


  • He sometimes mutters his thoughts out-loud. "Helps me sort things out."
  • He clicks his tongue when he is annoyed. "I don't want to deal with this."
  • He sometimes lights up a smoke to think. "Yeah, I know it's a bad habit."
  • He has lapses in composure around his sister. "She drives me crazy, but I love her--don't fuck with her."

  • Quiet "It's peaceful."
  • Being alone "Leave me alone."
  • Having a book to read "Helps me escape."

    • The experimentation "..."
    • Seeing his sister in danger "I couldn't protect her the first time..."
    • ]Losing his grip on reality "I don't know what's real."


It would seem that whatever "divine prank" was played allowed him to have access to something he constantly regrets every single day. In simplistic terms, what he can do is loosely called divination. The more technical term would be something akin to "Echo" or "Foresight into the Many-Worlds Algorithm". He can see the tilts of what was, what could be, and what is. Because of this flux, he can never be sure if he is seeing the future or the past, and constantly doubts his visions when he gets them. In a way, he is seeing a form of reality--it is just not his origin point. It is another time-line, another plane of existence, where events went differently. Perhaps he was maimed, maybe he was rendered blind, maybe these experiments never happened. The last one is in a series of things he has seen that constantly haunt him. He sometimes yearns for what he is privy to because in a warped way, these things really have transpired. Just... not in his reality. It isn't the most practical gift, but it can be damn useful... if only he knew how to control it fully.

Quite the amazing empath, he is in full tune with the emotions of others. He can pick up on subtleties and hints that perhaps they wish to keep hidden, which makes him observant, keen, and sharp. He can pick up on finer points and is very good at making short work at puzzles. He has excellent deduction skills and can piece things together in a snap if armed with the right tools. His mind is his greatest ally, and he is good at working under constraints. He has learned how to be flexible when not given much--whether it be time or space.

He can be versatile when it matters and to that end, his quick mind and high initiative can spark something in him--and, by proxy, in others as well. While he may not sway towards the leadership role, he will take up the mantle if it is the right thing to do. He has a surprisingly good moral scale, and most definitely can keep a level head in the thick of things. In essence, act under pressure--always being the voice of reason in a bad situation.

His abilities give way to mental symptoms, the kind of which can interfere with his day-to-day life. It causes him some mild trauma and PTSD, anxiety disorders, and a high level of stress. Not to mention the fact that on his files, he is a supposed "paranoid schizophrenic" who has "delusions so strong they manifest as conscious illusion". His body does not take well to meds and it doesn't help he has a mild case of asthma. At times his breathing will hitch and it will be very hard for him to focus, breathe, or maintain composure. These are the times he closes off the most so that he does not come across as blatantly weaker.

Considering he can at times see the better case scenario, the alternate better ending, he sometimes can get exceedingly brutal when he feels someone is being ignorant. He does not always see the point in playing nice with others, which can lead to callous and inconsiderate behavior. His indifference causes a discomfort he does not care for, because there are times his apathy over-powers anything else on his little emotional spectrum.


ImageBorn to the Ptlome's was a young boy with bright eyes and an even brighter smile. Both parents, at that time Ella and Chris, found that their son was very intellectual astute. He caught on to speaking early and walking soon followed--however, all was not well between the husband and wife. They had grown distant, more like friends than partners, and agreed to have an amicable divorce. Ella took custody of the young boy, receiving her weekly amounts of child support as she attempted to make her own life. It wasn't long after that he was not the only child in the house--for soon he had a sister by the name of Danica. He never liked saying her full name and insisted on calling her "Nica". It was shorter, easier to remember, and best of all, no one else called her that.

He doesn't recall much of that time in between, the new man, the new "father". He does remember liking the man, at least until he "died". At that point, the boy did not really understand what the word meant but he did get that meant his mother was alone again. He tried to console his sister but even then, his words tended to be a bit biting. He didn't really know how to be a proper shoulder for her or for his mother. Not too long after... Jeremy entered their lives. And he hated him. He hated every moment that man was in his life and so did Nica. He often would tell her of his grand and marvelous plans to run away with her--they would flee with their mom. He had no idea she was being abused but he suspected something was up because of the way his sister seemed to be scared of the man. Quite the contrast to his sister's treatment, however, Jeremy treated the boy like the son he never had. He always tried to take him out to sports events, buy him gifts... but something about the whole thing was fake. He tried to never keep the trinkets, he did not want to feel like he was accepting favors.

His 18th birthday was nearing and the instant he turned legal, he had every intention of bringing Nica with him. He had it all set up with a friend, and he had a pretty decent job working at the deli. But he never made it home that night. Instead he woke up, alone, scared, and blinded. He couldn't see, there was something over his eyes--and something clogging up his ears. He tried to speak but it seemed like someone stuffed some foam in his mouth, at least that is what it felt like. He was scared. He felt powerless. And it only got worse from there. Days and days went by, weeks... he had no idea how long. He lost his concept of time. Often were the times he was just alone, no sounds, no company, no interaction. He could only use his mouth when it was time to eat and even that was a rare treat. He learned how to conserve food, he learned how to endure. And he learned to be completely okay being alone... and stopped being quite so chatty.

ImageThe... incidents, if one would call them that, took a lot out of him. He remembers vaguely the water-boarding, nearly suffocating, the drowning, the "electro-therapy". Every single searing moment was burned into his brain. And it was when he was in his isolation cell that he started to see things, but... that was bizarre, because they (the ambiguous entity that had taken him) had deprived him of sight. But he saw it, clear as day, his sister, him, his mother and father, they were all sitting at the beach. It looked like it was happening at that very moment. And then just like that, it was over. For days, he questioned if it was real, if it was just some whisper from his mind. And the next vision was a lot stronger but a lot worse. He saw himself dying, no, he was dying. His throat was slit, he was sputtering on the ground, bleeding out. Helpless, his legs broken. And snap, he was back in the cell.

He was beginning to suspect that these visions were not... just hallucinations. But then he started to pick up on things. He started to see them. And in one of his visions, he saw what they planned to do to him. And he did what any caged animal would do. He lashed out and bolted. It was savage, he stabbed one of the nurses with a syringe right through her jugular, he timed it when they came to take him to the isolation room. He removed the limits to his senses, light blistering into his vision. But he didn't care how much it hurt, how much it was aching to move. He did everything he had to do to escape, it didn't matter how many he had to cut down to get there. And just his luck to evoke his plan on a night of pandemonium, because it seemed there was another incident in an alternate wing. He took advantage of the chaos, swiping a pass from one of the bodies and getting himself as far as he could manage before he passed out.

He tried to return home for his sister, desperate for at least her... but when he got there, the house was foreclosed. The neighbors told him they hadn't seen him in years... his mother had passed away. Jeremy was nowhere to be seen... and his sister... she went missing too. This made him angry. He left what had been his home and began to search for her, she was the only thing he had left. And he wasn't about to let those psychopaths keep their hands on his sister.

So begins...

Llyod Joshua Ptlome's Story


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Looking out to the horizon Danica walked across the wet grass barefoot, silently humming to herself. It has been quite a few hours since she has been out and about, only getting one or two hours of sleep, but that was the usual for her. Other people's thoughts haunted her mind as they tried to sleep, making it hard for her to shut them out. Once they did fall asleep her own mind kept her awake with memories of the program and her step-father plaguing her waking and dreaming mind.

As the sun rose she knew it was almost time to head home, knowing her brother was going to wake soon. If Dani was not home Lloyd would worry and who knows how that would go. It has been tense and awkward since he found her. Being able to read her brother's thoughts was unnatural and not something Dani wanted to do. Also Lloyd's mind was not normal and she hated being in it, making it hard for her being around him. Though Dani couldn't help but be thankful to have her older brother back in her life, if she just now could figure out where her mother was. Hoping her mother was still alive out there.

Looking up to the sky Dani took a deep breath in as she felt a breeze flow pass her. One hand going up to her hat to hold onto it as she just stood there taking in the moment. The girl was just wearing a black t-shirt, blue shorts, and a black hat. Her hair was a mess, looking like it has yet to be brushed for the day. A few minutes went by before Dani started to walk again, heading for the house. Her steps were slow, she was not in a hurry, not really wanting to be around others for she would then have to be hearing their thoughts for the day.

Reaching the steps to the house Dani knew someone was awake, most likely Benjamin for he was usually the first one awake. Stepping through the door Dani looked around before heading towards the common area as her eyes landed on Ben. There was no expression on her face as she spoke to Ben through his mind <"Goodmorning."> Turning towards the cupboard before heading towards the sink to fill it with water. Taking a sip Dani headed towards the couch and sat down quietly as her grey eyes stared at Ben with that same expressionless look <"I take it you had a rough night also?">

It was hard to keep things from Dani, which she did not like at all. People had their right to privacy and Dani felt like she was evading it. It felt wrong but she could not stop unless she disappeared all together and lived her life in solitary. Lloyd would never allow, at least she did not think so. It was easy for her to get lost in her thoughts or others' it happened often, spacing out when others were talking. In public places she would get odd looks but Dani would pay no mind to it, for the towns people already thought she was some gypsy Romani. They didn't think kind thoughts of her but Dani did not care.

Giving Ben her attention once more, tilting her head a bit as she twisted a piece of her hair between her fingers<"so is there any plans for the day?">


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#, as written by Igari


He lay on his bed, staring up at the ceiling with a frown. He hadn't slept well that night. To be more specific, he had gotten perhaps an hour before the visions had started. Then he had given up. He had been just about falling asleep a few moments ago when he heard a door open from somewhere in the house. Hm, who was up at this... hour? Morning? Day? He turned on his side, glancing at the clock. Well, it was definitely the "morning" but that was a stretch. Was he really just going to settle for one hour of rest? The groggy, sick feeling in his joints told him that indeed, he wasn't going back to sleep. He was going to have to slug through the day like usual. Maybe if he got lucky, there would be time for a nap.

He laid there in silence for a few moments longer, trying to control his breathing. Trying to feel a little more at ease. He should feel happier, better, more accomplished. He found his sister. After all the hassle, after all the aggravation, he had tracked her down. She was back in his life. He hadn't been able to break it to her, to tell her the truth of what he had found back home. To him, it was priority that she be taken care of. Looked after. Even if he had a distant and rather abrasive way of doing it. She was his only family... and she meant the world to him. Ugh. He was getting sentimental, laying on his bed in the dark.

He leaned up, throwing off his boxers and shirt to slip on some new clothes. Screw this, he was hungry. He needed something to get his mind off of things. He opened his door, nearly banging into the wall. He forgot how thin the hallways were, really. Ever since he had escaped, well, the lot of them had--they had adapted this... "living" situation. He couldn't say he was too pleased, Benjamin was an awful roommate. He would come home completely wasted, slink up the stairs, crash into everything and anything that could be knocked over, and was just too loud. His sister was a downright angel, quiet, and respectful, never a complaint about her. And Ren, well, all too clearly he remembered how she had snuck into his room the night before last looking for food. That had been unpleasant. He was pretty sure they were both sticking to the "it was too dark to see" story because neither one of them was bringing it up.

As he wandered down the hall, he caught the faint tones of conversation from the kitchen. A quick peek over the banister confirmed at least three occupants in the immediate area. Deciding instead to take the long way about, he went down the stairs and walked out the back door. He breathed out. Freedom kind of felt shitty. It wasn't fulfilling, it wasn't anything of which he fantasized about. Who knew where those psychopaths were now... or was he the crazy one. He was the one... wait.

He turned back around slowly, no longer seeing the house behind him. His pulse began to quicken and he frowned, looking frantically to either side. This couldn't be happening again. He tried to calm himself but to no avail, he could see his sister coming over the hill. Instinctively, he went to approach her, but as he neared, he saw that she was being pursued by someone else. His blood ran cold, he went to go call out her name... but she was being pushed to the ground, one of the figures straddling her. He stuck something into her arm, she was screaming, gasping. And then they locked eyes. In a horrifying, split second, they shared a stare. And she screamed out his name. It seemed to last an eternity and as he went to reply, he was standing in the backyard. His mouth half-hanging open.

He blinked several times, trying to feel better, trying to relax. Was he back? Was that real? What the hell was that in the first place? He immediately turned back into the house, rounding the corner to the kitchen. He looked at everyone with wide eyes and with no words, he stepped over to Dani and hugged her tight. Shit. He hated it when he had those visions, he hated it when he saw... he drew back, settled her with a firm look, and then crossed his arms, barely able to speak.

"... morning." He didn't meet anyone's gaze. His sister knew a little more about these panic attacks he had. Everyone else probably just thought he was overly affectionate towards her. He was tired of confirming that she was still alive. Tired of checking that they were still real. His thoughts were running a mile a minute and his body was shaking. He hated this "power". And now he was going to be paranoid for the rest of the day. Fan-tucking-fastic.