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Ren Kotko

"You know that thing that made you flinch? I don't get that... or sad. Or happy or lonely. I do angry okay, but that's about it"

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a character in “Just Survive”, as played by Bravo_Zver


Renata Kotko


FULL NAME | Renata Kotko
AGE | 25
HEIGHT | 5' 8"
WEIGHT | 186 lbs.
EYES | blue
HAIR | black
BODY | Athletic


Ren is as crass as she is violent. She's profane, brutish, and as likely to start a fight out of boredom as she is in anger. She rarely takes things seriously or personal, leaving her with a frightening lack of empathy or morality. She cares for little else besides her own gains and how she can achieve them, be it a girl's number or the exhilaration she feels when her knuckles connect with bone. She is filled with a rage that she feels compelled to take out on the world around her, all while claiming every pleasure she can get her hands on.

Deeper still in the back of her mind, and the source of her sadism and hedonism, is a self hatred so deep rooted as to be a part of her genetic code. She hates herself for failing Allison, she hates herself for failing to be who Allison believed she could be, and most of all she hates herself for turning into everything she hated about her father. So she drinks to repress, she fights to quiet the demons in her hand, and she suffers because she deserves it.

Preferred Distractions

The two great American past-times. Drinking and women.

Ren tends not to think things through, opting instead for immediate gratifications rather than any sense of long term success. She's horrible at problem solving in delicate situation, living up to the ideal that she is a hammer, and everything she dislikes is a nail. She also has a distinct lack of friends or positive emotional outlets, instead having contacts and professional relationships with fellow criminals. She also suffers from intense PTSD from her time as a test subject.


When it was Ren's turn to be put on the slab, a follow up to some of the other projects at the labs, they focused on cellular regeneration. Her white blood cells are seemingly immune to corruption or deterioration, and her body has healed, albeit slowly, from every injury inflicted upon her. Gunshot wounds healed completely in tens of minutes, and lost limbs can regrow in a day or less, depending on if the lost limb is sewn back on. Her eyes have regrown after being gouged out, her skin as well as hair came back even after being scalped, and brain damage even repaired to the point of reversing a lobotomy. A beheading is considered the only thing that could reasonably make her stay dead, though that is not to say that she is invincible. She is not immune to pain, and torn muscles and bloodloss still affect her until they have healed. She is also not immune to mental instability. That being said, her cells constant regeneration also eats up a ton of calories, and so she is almost constantly eating or else she can start to lose strength, though she survived all of her starvation tests so it is unclear how deeply this can affect her.

The speed of her regeneration has slowly increased over time, though now outside of the lab there is no reliable measurement for this.



Ren started life as an unwanted pregnancy between Vikenty Kotko and Sasha Burundukov and the catalyst for what would become a doomed marriage. Her parents were immigrants from Russia, leaving behind their lives as a pharmacist and chemist respectively, in order to escape the iron curtain they feared was once again closing around their homeland. They arrived in America with nothing but falsified papers and a baby due in five months. By the time Ren was born, Her parents were in massive debt to less than reputable people, and were using their skills in order to make a variety of street drugs.

Ren was only five years old the first time she saw her father get his leg broken for failing to meet his quotas. She was seven when Sasha left Vikenty to be with one of the mob enforcers that had taken a liking to her.

Vikenty resented Ren, providing for her being more than a slight contributing factor to his debts. He looked down on her, abusing her emotionally and taking out his lot in life on his daughter. He hit her, insulted her, made her think everything that happened was, in some way, her fault. This, in turn, started causing Ren to begin treating her fellow students the ways she had been treated. She got suspended dozens of times throughout her elementary and middle school years, mostly for fighting or skipping classes. By the time she should have been moving on to high school, she had dropped out all together and attempted to hitchhike her way to another town to start over. Her father never bothered looking for her.

When she was satisfied with the distance she wanted to put between herself and her family and school, Ren began living on the streets. She got skilled at crying on cue, and relied on the generosity of strangers to put money in her red solo cup as they walked by her on the cold sidewalks. A low point to be sure, but in a reversal of fortunes, it was the streets where Allison came across the sad little slavic girl. Allison was an urchin herself, but had been on the same streets Ren herself sat on for as long as she could remember, and took Ren under her wing. She showed her where the wealthiest strangers were, what days which restaurants threw out their food, and how to steal what she needed from clothing stores and convenience stores. Allison was the first friend Ren ever recalled having, and for the next several years were inseparable. They slept in shifts, had each other's backs, and shared everything they had. However, after a particularly cold winter, Ren got sick and Allison had to get a few favors from some of her associates to get her friend checked out. After faking her insurance card and Ren got to the screening room, they took a blood sample in order to get the information on file, where it was discovered she had volatile genetics. Ren was given a sleeping pill, being told it was antibiotics, and Allison was told her friend was being taken to a hospital for emergency treatment. The two never saw each other again, and when Ren woke up again she was a part of the Geneis Project.

So begins...

Ren Kotko's Story


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Renata/Ren - Lesbian - 25 - 5'8"

There were only two ways Ren woke up on a given day. She either woke up screaming, nightmares of her time in that lab getting picked apart over and over haunting her, unable to escape the pain even in sleep. The frequency, as well as her begrudging proximity to other people, prompted her to sleep with duct tape over her mouth. It didn't always help. The other way Ren woke up, such as this morning, was starving. Her power/ability/curse/whatever you wanted to call it had her body constantly active, even if she wasn't. The good news was it kept her fit, burning calories to where she didn't need to work out nearly as often as she should to keep her physique, but the downside...

Her stomach grumbled, an indignant rumbling that demanded she get out of bed. Her eyes shot open in response, looking at the clock to see that the sun had barely been up. Benji was probably awake, but nobody sane probably should be. She shot up to a sitting position and scanned her room as she ripped the tape off of her mouth and absent mindedly fidgeted with it. None of her food stores seemed to survive her midnight snack in the hopes of sleeping in. She turned and reached under her pillow, frowning when she found only an empty Gobstoppers box. Her stomach gave a low growl of urgency, which only served to upset her further. She flopped out of bed, landing among the empty bottles and food wrappers she always said she'd pick up but never did, before slowly getting to her feet and scanning her room again. No food near her dirty clothes pile, she remembered eating the cheez-its in her closet, and the cereal boxes under her bed had been empty for days. She swore under her breath as she grabbed a shirt off the ground and started for the door. She hesitated for a second, glancing back at a pair of pants before looking down at the booty shorts she had fallen asleep in. She shrugged and opened the door, figuring Benji would be the only one up anyway, and she only intended to get something to eat before going back up and actually getting ready anyway.

She headed downstairs and made a beeline for the kitchen. She gave Benji a cursory wave as she passed him by, throwing open the pantry and analyzing its contents. There was still a box of what she'd guessed was supposed to be the European version of fruity pebbles left, which she greedily grabbed and threw open, shoving a fist inside to grab a handful before stuffing her face. The feeling of it sliding down her throat after she swallowed was euphoric, and it wasn't until she went to the fridge to grab the milk that she even really looked at Benji, or noticed that Danica was on the couch in the common room.

'Fuck... Sorry for the show Dani', she thought, but made no attempts at covering herself up or even really hurrying to get out of her line of sight. Focusing back on Benji, she thought for a brief moment again of how they met. The thought always came even if Ren didn't actively seek it out, of Ben crying as he stopped her heart, or scrambled her brain, or whatever else Abrams wanted him to do that day. The thought left as quickly as it came, and Ren pushed down the anger. She'd forgiven him, and the memories wouldn't take that away from her.

"Want a bowl, Benji? Actually eating something might help you feel a little less like shit. Same for you Dani. Nobody should be up this early by choice," She said, opening another cabinet, grabbing as many bowls as needed before setting them down on the counter and pouring her own bowl.

"Also shouldn't have to eat... Strawberry Pops?" she said as she looked at the box, her face sinking in annoyance," God I'd kill for some Captain Crunch. Or a fucking Big Mac."


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#, as written by Igari


He lay on his bed, staring up at the ceiling with a frown. He hadn't slept well that night. To be more specific, he had gotten perhaps an hour before the visions had started. Then he had given up. He had been just about falling asleep a few moments ago when he heard a door open from somewhere in the house. Hm, who was up at this... hour? Morning? Day? He turned on his side, glancing at the clock. Well, it was definitely the "morning" but that was a stretch. Was he really just going to settle for one hour of rest? The groggy, sick feeling in his joints told him that indeed, he wasn't going back to sleep. He was going to have to slug through the day like usual. Maybe if he got lucky, there would be time for a nap.

He laid there in silence for a few moments longer, trying to control his breathing. Trying to feel a little more at ease. He should feel happier, better, more accomplished. He found his sister. After all the hassle, after all the aggravation, he had tracked her down. She was back in his life. He hadn't been able to break it to her, to tell her the truth of what he had found back home. To him, it was priority that she be taken care of. Looked after. Even if he had a distant and rather abrasive way of doing it. She was his only family... and she meant the world to him. Ugh. He was getting sentimental, laying on his bed in the dark.

He leaned up, throwing off his boxers and shirt to slip on some new clothes. Screw this, he was hungry. He needed something to get his mind off of things. He opened his door, nearly banging into the wall. He forgot how thin the hallways were, really. Ever since he had escaped, well, the lot of them had--they had adapted this... "living" situation. He couldn't say he was too pleased, Benjamin was an awful roommate. He would come home completely wasted, slink up the stairs, crash into everything and anything that could be knocked over, and was just too loud. His sister was a downright angel, quiet, and respectful, never a complaint about her. And Ren, well, all too clearly he remembered how she had snuck into his room the night before last looking for food. That had been unpleasant. He was pretty sure they were both sticking to the "it was too dark to see" story because neither one of them was bringing it up.

As he wandered down the hall, he caught the faint tones of conversation from the kitchen. A quick peek over the banister confirmed at least three occupants in the immediate area. Deciding instead to take the long way about, he went down the stairs and walked out the back door. He breathed out. Freedom kind of felt shitty. It wasn't fulfilling, it wasn't anything of which he fantasized about. Who knew where those psychopaths were now... or was he the crazy one. He was the one... wait.

He turned back around slowly, no longer seeing the house behind him. His pulse began to quicken and he frowned, looking frantically to either side. This couldn't be happening again. He tried to calm himself but to no avail, he could see his sister coming over the hill. Instinctively, he went to approach her, but as he neared, he saw that she was being pursued by someone else. His blood ran cold, he went to go call out her name... but she was being pushed to the ground, one of the figures straddling her. He stuck something into her arm, she was screaming, gasping. And then they locked eyes. In a horrifying, split second, they shared a stare. And she screamed out his name. It seemed to last an eternity and as he went to reply, he was standing in the backyard. His mouth half-hanging open.

He blinked several times, trying to feel better, trying to relax. Was he back? Was that real? What the hell was that in the first place? He immediately turned back into the house, rounding the corner to the kitchen. He looked at everyone with wide eyes and with no words, he stepped over to Dani and hugged her tight. Shit. He hated it when he had those visions, he hated it when he saw... he drew back, settled her with a firm look, and then crossed his arms, barely able to speak.

"... morning." He didn't meet anyone's gaze. His sister knew a little more about these panic attacks he had. Everyone else probably just thought he was overly affectionate towards her. He was tired of confirming that she was still alive. Tired of checking that they were still real. His thoughts were running a mile a minute and his body was shaking. He hated this "power". And now he was going to be paranoid for the rest of the day. Fan-tucking-fastic.