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Justice League- at wit's end

Justice League- at wit's end


super heroes, villains, who is which? Are their even distinctions anymore?

385 readers have visited Justice League- at wit's end since Morte Sonata created it.


“Good always prevails over evil, what a naive notion."- The Justice League has fallen. And most of the brave heroes who served under it have either gotten too old to fight, have been sucked into a dimension vortex, or have simply died in a tragic and angst filled way. After the countless tears, and after the all that fighting, good did not win. And the line of what defines ‘good’ or ‘evil’ has gotten so blurry that no one is sure of either. Society is in a severe decline as far as living conditions go. It has been two generations since the Justice League first started, and the streets are dirt crusted, buildings rusty, everything has been tarnished by sheer time. The government, state or central, has no money to rebuild or renew. The art of the sciences has not continued, no new technology has been made. The battle grounds have become stale, crime goes at a regular everyday pace that has seemed to be accepted and the once truly villainous force dwindles to only a few, not worth paying attention to. It seems as though the life of humanity has been sucked out. Their is a dull look in the eyes of citizen and otherwise alike.

But a stale battle ground doesn’t remain so forever, and invisible tension starts to form as Lex Luthor’s successor, Antony Luthor, takes the business world by the throat and dominates it; offering new and improved ways of living, products that shine as a beacon of light in the dark times, which overshadow his more questionable experimentations. He is fixing up streets and the like as his part in charity, the people are in love with him and his new ideas. All of his seen dealings are legal, so no one intervenes or questions what he does in the labs. A coinsidence that no one connects to Antony Luthor is the strange occurance of a few new villains popping up. Infintile in nature and interested only in wrecking havoc, these new villains seem to be literally a mix between old villains, a splice if you will. This gives rise to fresh individuals to take up the mantle of super hero. Some new and unheard of, a couple of others seem to be similar to the new villains popping up, splices of old supers. Those who are appearing are imediately taken in by an old friend of justice who remained timeless all these years. J'onn Luc, Martian Manhunter, the brains behind the original Justice League; he takes in the young new supers and shows them the ropes with a little help from Doctor Fate, although he's a bit behind the scenes and rarely shows up in the dimension anymore.

Something about this set up however smells like fish sticks, and the new supers will find that the job of bringing back a better tomarrow is something not as clean cut as it was for their forefathers. With things even more complicated then before, how are they to sort through this mess and finally let justice prevail?


It is quite important that you read the profiles that I put up, they have some information for you to tell you the general direction this is going. Antony's profile being the most important, while I didn't write either of my profiles in the correct format that I have below for you to fallow, don't think this will give you a freebee to fallow suit. I designed it so that it would read as sort of a database that Antony has on his computer, files that he has on you. He wouldn't have a file on himself, and not of the other character I put up, so I didn't use the format. Please write your profiles as though it was a spy observing your character, going through their trash etc. You can either make up an entirely new kid on the block, or a spliced individual, which will make sense once you read Antony's profile. Villains are allowed, this rp is open ended with some pre-made subplots I have in mind. So basically we can go wild with creation on this. Have at it!

Toggle Rules

No mary sues or gary sues, I just say no to those. No scene pics that are usually associated with marysues either. These will be older teens, be tasteful with your pictures please.
God-modding and power-hitting are prohibited. BE RESPECTFUL of other people's characters.
Literacy is a must, I need need need you to put a bit of effort into it. Give people something to work with! All I ask for is a good three paragraphs at least. Show me you are literate by making a good and amazing profile!
On that note, be active, once every two to three days post please. Or drop me a pm telling me that you can't/couldn't, I'm flexible.
Have tons of creative fun with this ok!<3 This world is what we make it!

This goes is the description part.

Code: Select all
[right]IMG must be realistic, but again, I won't accept horrible pictures, be artistic when choosing please[/right]
DNA: name of mother and father, name of supers if you are spliced
Physical Age:

the personality part
Code: Select all
Reputation?: If you're character is well known at all, or if they are completely new.
Powers: be reasonable please
Weaknesses: list them, arrogance is NOT a weakness, that don't fly with me, I mean things your character is not good with physically, are they vulnerable to mind attacks? physcial, elemental etc. This must make logical sense, can't believe I actually must say that, but I've seen random things before, so weaknesses must correlate!
Strengths: What do they excell in?

If your character has equipment, please put that in the equipment section, and in the history section you can put some backround if you want, but for the most part Antony would consider that irrelavent.

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J’onn looked over to Marcus and Leon, taking note that they were staying still, and continued with the scan. J’onn and the two boys were well acquainted already, and had been for some time. He had recruited them for a new justice league, and was very involved in trying to find more to take up the title, for now though, they would have to make due.

At the moment he was entering their data into the computer, and they were being scanned, they would be entered and filed away so that in the future they could access the tower at will, rather than wait for being beamed up by J’onn. “I have your earpieces ready, as I said before, this will allow communication between others wearing this in the vicinity, and myself should you need me.” He handed them the small disks, which were to be placed behind the ear. Doctor fate transported in as if on queue.

“I see our young heroes are getting ready for the task at hand?” He looked around and sighed, “And I see their team leader is not here yet. I am not sure she is the wisest choice for this serious mission J’onn…” Doctor fate noted.

“She will be here no doubt, I am sure she was only joking when she spoke of this revival of the Justice team as a joke.” J’onn said ironically, producing a smile.

“I have a better idea, I will simply summon her.” Doctor fate spread his arms, his insignia appearing and glowing behind him, and in front of him a light flashed, and with a thud landed a white haired girl in boxers, clutching a video-game controller.

“WHAT. THE. FUCK.” The thin girl said bluntly as she got up, rubbing the spot on her bum she had fallen on. “I was in the middle of donkey kong you ass! And I’m in my boxers!” She raged at Doctor Fate, pointing to her outfit, a tank top and boxers that had betty boop on them, how classy….

“You are playing video games at the same point in time that you are supposed to be here, welcoming your team and setting off to save our city.” J’onn blatantly said.

“Kids in Uganda are dying as we speak, but you don’t see me in Africa do you?” She snapped her fingers loudly, her clothes seemingly turning to dust and giving way to proper clothing, a shirt, denim jacket, and kaki pants. Magic rocked…

“Anyway since I’m here, where are the little boogers that I’m taking to their death? Ah, this is them.” She walked over; scrutinizing them as she walked up, and circling them she began “So you guys want to be heroes do you? Why the hell would you want to do that?” She stopped in front of them, J’onn shaking his head and sighing behind her.


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Leon was only here because he felt he needed to. Anyone else who was put in his position probably would have quit, but Leon was as not one to do so.He always admired the martian manhunter, becuase he was an alien in a land unknown to him and he made his issues, teenage strees and hormones, look like they were well..children play.
He was waiting for his new commander, expecting a lean,gruff man with a ciggerate in his mouth so he was caught by suprise when he saw the girl in her boxers. She looked beatiful even in the betty boop.When she began to talk,Leone simply stared at her cuss and scream at the man, wishing she would be quiet so he could admire her.Then she changed clothing. Leone could have sworn that he had never seen a girl make magic out of nothing, but than was a bit frightened.
Magic was one of his weaknesses, since he was always deathly afraid of it, ever since his grandmother told him stories about ugly witches and spells that would probably make the lean,gruff man soil himself. Magic never did anything but hurt him(as a spell had already been cast on him before), but he decided to smart mouth anyway.Besides,most witches are suppose to be ugly, but she was not green at all, which meant she was probably a mediocre witch. "No, but I would love to see those boxers again!"He said, blushing a bit, and was than suprised but the words coming out of his mouth, he was a teenager after all,having their hormonesm but he did not want to get turned into dust, especially when he worked so hard to become stronger than Superman,which he was not,in fact he was not even close, but he considered himself so. All he wanted was to defend the world from the troubles that anyone could cause, but somehow he had a feeling that if he kept talking like that to a superior(hot or not), he would never get the chance to.


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#, as written by Toady
This was just impossible.

A terrifyingly insane bank robber with dynamite strapped to a dozen hostages? He could take care of that. A ridiculously powerful super villain coating the city in ice? No problem.

Standing absolutely still for the several minutes it took to be scanned into the computer?

Freakin’ impossible.

Once more Marcus found himself fidgeting, almost caught himself pulling his hands out of the pockets of his faded black jeans. He’d jokingly struck the casual-model pose when J’onn had asked them to remain still, now he was paying for it. His hands were getting sweaty from being confined. He couldn’t quite conceal the look of mild relief on his face when J’onn announced that the communicators were ready. Whew. Scan over.

“Neat.” He reached out to accept the communicator and found it surprisingly light. He studied it for a moment with dark eyes before attaching it to his ear.

He heard but didn’t really listen as J’onn and Doctor Fate conversed amongst themselves, more focused on wiping away the light moisture from his palms on his black shirt. He froze, however, as one particular phrase leaped out at him.

“-And I see their team leader is not here yet.”

Team leader? Oh hell. I should really pay attention more.

No way he was going to ask about it and reveal that he hadn’t been paying attention. Team work he could do. But being bossed around by someone else? He very much doubted he would be able to handle that for long.

And Doctor Fate was gonna summon them.

“Isn’t that like… an invasion of privacy or something?” Marcus asked skeptically, though his question went unanswered. With a flashy show, Fate had summoned the “team leader” right to their location.

And she was not very inspiring to say the least. Not only would a girl be bossing him around, but a girl in boxers and clutching a game controller. Not what he considered to be a picture perfect moment.

“You have GOT to be kidding me.” The flat, deadpan sentence was out before he could even begin to think about it.

He scowled as the girl bitched out Doctor Fate for summoning her –rightly so, in his opinion- and then turned that very same attitude on them. Nope, this definitely hadn’t been in the job description.

Marcus coughed to hide a laugh when Leon made his comment about her boxers, then gave up and let it become a full blown snicker. What little lift he’d gained from the humor plummeted when the girl addressed them.

“Why do I want to be a hero?” The tone was mockingly contemplative as he pretended to consider the question, rubbing his chin as if the action would give him the answer to the apparent mystery. Finally he shrugged, dripping sarcasm despite the clueless gesture. “I heard that heroes had better health benefits.”

There was a beat of silence before any pretense just melted away, replaced by sheer skepticism and dismay.

“But seriously, come on! Don’t tell me that this is our leader? I think we’d have more luck following orders from dog,” He suddenly blurted, turning an incredulous look on J’onn and Doctor Fate. “She doesn’t even want to be here. Maybe we should let her go back to her damn Donkey Kong.”

Marcus was never one to keep his thoughts to himself, nor was he the type to sugar-coat them, as demonstrated here.


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Her question, which had actually been serious, was not being answered seriously. That ticked her off and made her laugh at the same time. The first kid she gave an 'oh please' look, the second kid she stared at until he dropped his bull shit facade and blurted what his oh so important opinion was. Cause you know, the opinion of every damn teenager is so important that they all simply MUST blurt it out at a moments notice. She laughed as he said that she should just go back to Donkey Kong.

"So J'onn, you gave me dumb, and dumber-er. Genius..." She turned to J'onn and placed her hands on her hips, "They are going to get their asses handed to them aren't they, have they even worked as a team yet? I can tell by your face that is a no." She turned back to the two vassals that were destined for greatness (sarcasm). "Listen up kid, I've been around for 157 years, and you have some huge shoes to fill. Shoes which at the moment, are way to big for you. And little Mr. Love struck here." She snapped her fingers, making his pants translucent for a moment before they faded back to normal. "You first." She said meanly, "I'm not the sort you should go falling for hun. Go find a damsel in distress or something, actually the both of you will have that opportunity...unfortunately" She clapped her hands together and approached the computer, going through the files at an alarming speed while continuing to talk, ignoring any snide comments made of course.

"To answer your smart-ass question (at least the kid was smart enough to be a smart ass), Doctor Fate over there is busy with interdimensional ambassedorship. Which means he can't lead you and make sure you don't end up road kill. That leaves J'onn. He could lead you, but then who would manage the tower? Not just anyone can, you need a high enough IQ. Putting myself into the equasion, I can. BUT, I can also lead the team. Putting another factor into the equasion, J'onn is very sick, and not as powerful as he used to be." She looked over to him, knowing he had not informed the boys. Perhaps some worried feelings were conveyed in her gaze, she did care for the green martian after all. "So logically, he should stay here, and I turn you into the Justice League." She was quite finished reading and came back over.

"Before you ask, the reason I was not involved with the old Justice League is simple. I was in a jail cell with Medusa." She said that last bit very quickly and hurridly. "NOW, since I've seen you, and now know your file. How about you answer my question seriously this time, because I do need to know, it is important. And it dictates how I teach you. Yes a Sorcoress who has been around for 157 years has a thing or two to teach by the way. No buff cigarrette rambo is going to be able to the job better than I. And I'd rather not make any demonstrations to prove myself either so take my freakin word for it."

SHe crossed her arms, "Why do you want to be heroes?"


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I heard that heroes had better health benefits
Leon Ramirez certainly hoped so, he was not risking his life in order to protect the masses when he could get the same coverage when he is just blowing thing up and doing thins he just wanted to for no reason other then just to do them.
So J'onn, you gave me dumb, and dumber-er. Genius...
Leon began to feel a bit of embaressment fill his face. Without a doubt, he was probably the one she referred to as "Dumb-er".But, how could she blame her? What Leon managed to say had not only made him look like an idiot, he probably lost respect with everyone in that room.Especially with Martian Manhunter.
They are going to get their asses handed to them aren't they, have they even worked as a team yet? I can tell by your face that is a no.
Leon had never worked with the other boy, not even knowing his power, but he silently hoped he wasn't as physical as himself. He wanted someone that knew a big of magic, or long range skills so they don't get in his way. Leon could learn long range skills, but that could take a couple months, and he needed to focus what he was good with now, and later build up his skills with longrange. Leon thought of himself as a one man army, give him a year, enough food and water, and he could take over a whole country. Which was not that far from the truth, since in that one year he was given, he could focus on his mental skills enough to able to take control of the president,prime minister or whoever was ALREADY the leader.He just needed time, and protection for that.
So far, his abillity to hack into his D.N.A has given him the abillity to regrow his cells perfectly, so he would not age once he turns twenty one and thus would never die of old age. It has given him super strengh, to the point of carrying automobiles, and the speed of an olympic sprinter. His skin was strong enough take direct bullet shots from automatic guns and pistols and not break, although it would brusie him. Higher powered bullets, like ones from snipers may be able to kill him however. The final power he has been working on lately was the power to regenerate but it is not very strong, he is able to recover from fatal wounds, but it would take him time again. All in all, he was someone who's powers left him a jack of all trades, but the master of none.He just needed to learn what his primary enemies would be, and he would focus his slow D.N.A modification to able to use their weaknesses.
And little Mr. Love struck here." She snapped her fingers, making his pants translucent for a moment before they faded back to normal
Did she just do that to him?What does she think was the first thing he did when he was able to hack his D.N.A? Heroism was not on his list of things he was self-concious about. Either way, as any lucky girl would find out, there is still a teenager under the hero.
I'm not the sort you should go falling for hun. Go find a damsel in distress or something, actually the both of you will have that opportunity...unfortunately
Was she serious?Leon was not the type to choose someone who would always get him into messes like Superman did. Hell, he would want a girl LIKE her. Someone who could take care of herself, and make his life a whole hell lot easier. Either way, she was old as hell, and he was not into old ladies. Too bad she had the hot body of a eighteen year old.
J'onn is very sick, and not as powerful as he used to be
Oh no, oh god no. Leon could have cried. One of the strongest heroes in the universe, the Martian manhunter, was sick? The man who managed to go through everything imaginable and still come out on top? The man who lost his family, his whole world and adopted another? The man who ignored the comments, who did not have to rely on pride or selfish reason to help was slowly dieing?Leon hoped his face filled with grimace was ignored.
How about you answer my question seriously this time, because I do need to know, it is important. And it dictates how I teach you. Yes a Sorcoress who has been around for 157 years has a thing or two to teach by the way. No buff cigarrette rambo is going to be able to the job better than
Damn, could she read his mind?How the hell did she know he was thinking about Rambos as his leader? He really hoped she did not explore too far..he had some secrets that were better left unsaid, or atleast he thought they were better left unsaid.
Why do you want to be heroes?
Leon decided to speak up, he was thinking of the same thing, and finally decided on an awnser."Well, I have had some powers for about a year now, the powers that I have, I gave myself. No one else, no heritage, no technology, no random god and no stupid interspacial item was the cause. It was my own hard work. I choose my path, no one else can choose it for me. And when the cards are down, when the rules are displayed, when the points matter, that is when the day is decided by me. Whether I choose what I choose, can either save the day, or simply destroy it. No amount of your teaching, no matter how rigirous, no matter how time-consuming and from hell it is, it cannot change me who I am inside. I pick who I am, I choose to be here because I..I choose to be a hero. I choose to attempt to save the world, I attempted to make it a better place. I attempted to make it my own. The world is what you make it, and since I have the power to change it, I will. I will make the world better. Because I choose to.I am a hero, out of the love of choice. I am here out of the love of freedom. I am not here for pride. I am not here to flirt with you. I am not here to be some super powered monstrosity's punching bag. I am here to do what I must do, in order to satisfy myself, and every other strong human being out there.".


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#, as written by Toady
“Oh, oh. Now you’re serious.”

Marcus rubbed his temple with two fingers as if to ward away a headache. No, he didn’t have one yet, but he was sure that before this experience was over, he’d have so many he wouldn’t be able to keep track.

The woman started out acting like your typical annoying teenager, but suddenly she sounded as old as she claimed to be, all pretenses of a teenage attitude gone in an instant. How was he supposed to keep up with that?

“Hey! How do you know that?” The dark-haired teen actually looked slightly sullen and slightly offended that she’d assume he was a goner before he began. “I might be an awesome team player for all you know.”

He frowned as she totally ignored him and continued on to explain why she was the best choice to lead.

Although he looked like he was off in his own little world, he silently absorbed the answer the woman gave to his question. Many times a teacher had called him out in school, only to be flabbergasted as he proved that he’d been paying attention after all. And then the effect was ruined.

“Wait what?” He turned a startled gaze on the Martian Manhunter. No one had told him the hero had been sick. He wouldn’t pretend like they were BFF’s, but in the short amount of time they’d known each other he’d actually grown to like the other. Once he got over that whole mind reading thing.

He wanted to know more about that, but never found an opportunity to speak. Karma repeated her question; Leon answered with a presidential speech. Marcus just sighed.

There was no possible way to explain himself without either sounding sappy or flimsy in his reasons.

“Okay. Um. I’m good at it? No wait.” There was an awkward several second pause as he reconsidered.

I don’t want to be a hero, I am one, he thought rebelliously, but didn’t say. Sometimes he was smart enough to occasionally keep certain opinions to himself.

“Okay. One day I saved a man from being mugged. It felt like I was supposed to do it. Not like some exalted privilege you give to someone else when you’re feeling generous or because you have the power to do it, but something I was meant to do and would be doing again and again. It just felt right. Nothing else compares.”

Well that went horribly wrong. They would probably laugh in his face for presenting such a ridiculous reason. He should’ve gone with the “because it’s the right thing to do” speech. The reasoning was absolutely true as far as his ability to adequately describe it in words. The feeling was just one of rightness, like if he ever stopped helping others he’d be slamming the door on something important.

There was also that other figurative door, the one that often slipped open a couple inches to leak unimaginable thoughts into his mind. But now was not the time to think about that.

"So what's next?"

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No costumes?How are they suppose to hide themselves from public eye?

Re: [OOC] Justice League- at wit's end

Since they are new, I planned to have them come up with their aliases in the rp, costumes are a no-go. Unless everyone wants one, in which case I am out-voted.

Re: [OOC] Justice League- at wit's end

I am putting the finishing touches on my character profile and will be submitting it sometime today, although it will probably be later tonight because I will be gone all day.

P.S - Will the characters have costumes and aliases or what? I notice you didn't mention any of that in the profile layout you provided for us.