Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)

Jordan and the rest of the Corps can SUCK IT. I was ALWAYS the BEST!

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a character in “Justice League International: Righteous”, as played by JayZeroSnake


Guy Gardner is a redheaded caucasian male of average height and weight, sporting a bit of a muscular build, either from his Green Lantern Ring modifying his outfit/appearance, or regular exercise.



If You ever met Guy Gardner, you could very easily tell the man is an insufferable prick. A Real Jerk. With a heart of gold that is. Sure, he doesn't get along with Batman, but he's a good friend. Someone you can really trust when you get past the 'tough guy' act. He's got tons of willpower, and buddy, he knows how to use it. Let those who think for a sec' they can worship evil's might, beware his power!: Green Lantern's Light!


Guy Gardner's most essential weapon is his Green Lantern Corps Power Ring. The Ring feeds off willpower and concentration, and utilizes the imagination to create nearly any desired effect, or hard-light construct.


Guy Gardner grew up in a bad home. His dad was a classic alcoholic that beat him, and his parents were often busy praising his brother, despite working hard in academics and sports. Later on into his life, it was discovered that Green Lantern Abin Sur of Sector 2814 had originally had to choose between Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan, the Latter being chosen as the first human Green Lantern Corpsman. Eventually the two had a battle to decide who would be the one true Green Lantern of this sector, before the Guardians gave Guy a ring, and made him a reserve member.

Batman personally contacted Guy due to the fact the man was a Green Lantern. Those guys were useful like that.

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