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Akise Kuzuryus

It's like i'm drowning and everyone else is breathing. It's just an ugly feeling. (WIP status: Minor)

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a character in “K: A New Beginning”, as played by Naught




"Every coin has two side. Just like most people have two face."

General Information



What king/queen?

The Colorless King







"Look inside my November and tell me when fall ends."

The Interior
( Sullen.. Charming.. Easily Annoyed.. )


Inside the heart of The Colorless King someone would get lost. Trapped inside forever until figured out. Though he acts insanely nice, it's sometimes nice in a negative way. There is no kindness if one does not act kind. Akise is yet one of a kind. But, who isn't? No ones the same, neither is he. Adding to the nice stature he has put up for himself in a long run, Akise is a charming young adult. With his signature sinister smile, he gestures others in a way of kindness. For that fact he earns attractions with others, though he'd just push it aside, it is pleasant for him to know that people are thinking of him in that way. But, it will also be ignored. Many things have happened to Akise that he can't explain to others. For that is the reason to why he is so sullen. He doesn't seek a way to get better because, he prefers to feel the opposite of how he is acting.

When he hears a loud noise or when someone keeps talking in his ear, he'll get annoyed suddenly. When he misses something, or when he doesn't walk or talk the same way, he gets annoyed suddenly. When someone is messing with their hair, when people laugh too loud, when he cannot finish something fast enough; he gets annoyed suddenly. It doesn't matter how big or small the problem is, he will get easily annoyed. He's just not used to the little things people do, and he still doesn't understand it. He even gets annoyed with himself when he doesn't breathe in a certain way. That's just another little flaw he has.

"Even the coldest in the world should feel a bitter happiness."

Lists Check


βœ” Using charm can't always be a good thing|| He can use charm to trick others into believing he wants to be their comrades. Or it can be totally the other way around.
βœ” Being calm is wise|| He could be calm when he is being shot by arrows. Which is pretty good during hard situations.
βœ” Confidence is sweeter than arrogance|| This is different from being arrogant. He is actually confident in doing some things to the point where others actually believe him.

β™₯ Smiling
β™₯ Proper Things
β™₯ Living space free


βœ– Ignorance
βœ– Stubborn People
βœ– People who wastes his time

"The less you know. The better."

Personal Things

|| Weapon || A Japanese Katana.. Painted with colorless paint.

|| Power ||
|| Invulnerability ||
The user is immune to all forms of conventional physical damage, unable to feel physical pain, is immune to bleeding or loss of limb. Death due to old age is seemingly the only cause of death to the user.
|| Sub-Power ||
|| Reactive Invulnerability ||
A form of Invulnerability that only works if the user is in danger.
|| Regenerative Healing Factor ||
Heal rapidly from any wound.

Tactless|| Isn't really there on the feeling things. He just won't understand.
Over Confident|| Being too confident will blind him into doing something that is rather impossible for him to do.

Romantic interest:
None at this moment. He tends to keep his distance. But, there's nothing wrong in being romantic with a person.

"When I die, do not cry. Because, I won't be dead."

The Past



Thoughts and relationships to other characters:




"The Colorless King."

So begins...

Akise Kuzuryus's Story


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#, as written by Naught


ImageLooking at himself through a shattered mirror in a dark alleyway,"This will do. Ah, yes this will do indeed." Now finding himself rather charming in his new clothing, he turned away from the mirror and began walking into the sidewalk by the busy streets. "Such a noisy place. Why can't it be quiet when I want it to be?" It was so easy to be hidden in these streets so, he wasn't surprised no one had found him yet. Walking towards the a couple of clothing stores, he noticed one of his clan members talking to a rather short looking person he couldn't see from behind him. Since he was walking away.

"You're flirting at this hour though, I have a job for you. Luckily I found you." He said that out loud and hurt some of the citizens ears, he didn't care for them much. Actually, he didn't care for anyone, though it seemed like it by his personality. Look past it, then it makes a whole lot of sense. Akise stopped and waited for Kyle to be of at least talking distance for him to continue talking again. "Walk with me." As soon as he did and if he did it fast enough he would began to discuss his plans for this month like he always did.

"You know we are getting a lieutenant by today. I want you to watch them, make sure they are not a mole and then later, I can show the parts of Tokyo you need to watch out for because, with the other clans we have no allies. So, if they want a fight we are sure to give it to them. No one is to be trusted at these turn of events. We must make it to the top and we're going to do it the hard way. There is no peace in war. There is no peace after war."

Taking a pause he continued,"As long as the other clans exists they stand in our way of coming to the top. But, for now we have to figure out what their plans are. So, I have another job for you once you get the first and second one completed." He didn't exactly trust Kyle, hell he didn't even trust a fly. But, he could tolerate him and sort of admit that he was the first that actually wanted to do something every single time and when he did, he didn't fail him.

"We should search them, hm? There's no telling what they're doing at this time." Smiling a little at Kyle he turned exactly how he wanted to turn and decided to cross the crowded street, he merely pushed some citizens out the way, he didn't like being shoved against so, he shoved them back. "This is why a never cross the street. Everyone is rude when wanting to get to a destination." He continued to walk until he was out of the crowded area. That was much better.


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"Leave me be you idiot. It's best not to mess with the colourless."
That last word came out more as a huge screech. It was painful to hear.
'Coggadget... That screwing hurts!'
Soren, while covering her ears with her hands, saw the black haired rust walking away again.
"You aren't getting away from me-"
Soren's speech stopped in mid sentence. Soren reflected back to what he said.
'"It's best not to mess with the colourless." Colorless... Despite the English accent, that is what he said... Wait, I'm Colorless too! So... Does that mean I have to work alongside that jerk? I hope to god I do~ He's going to be so much fun to play with. I want all the reactions I can get out of him!'
And with her short attention spanned mind decided, Soren decided to trail behind him, hiding behind alleyways. She saw a charming white haired boy talking to the apathetic rust.
'I take it that guy's the "King". What makes him royalty, exactly? Maybe I just don't get it yet. Still, seems like they don't know who the Lieutenant is yet... Hehehe~ This is gonna be fun~!'
When the rust walked away to obey the order, Soren's grin widened and she threw a smoke grenade near him. When it exploded beside him, Soren tackled the rust to the floor, pinning him down.
"Got you, you coggadget rust. Now what's up with that colourless scrap you were droning on about?!"


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Character Portrait: Akise Kuzuryus Character Portrait: Soren Character Portrait: Kyle McLoughton
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As Kyle was walking away, he was suddenly encountered by a familiar voice. It was the Colourless king. The orders from the king was given so quickly, Kyle wasn't given a chance to even give his greetings. Instead, he listened. Once the talk was over, the king had wondered off again, allowing Kyle to bow and speak: "Yes, my lord." The quite words probably wouldn't meet the king, he had disappeared quickly and was probably busy. That was fine, he was the only one Kyle would never question, bad mouth and most importantly; get annoyed at.

Suddenly, a smoke grenade had gone off, followed by Kyle being tackled down onto the floor. That damned midget is still hanging around and annoying him. The force of the tackle pushed Kyle's hair from his face, it was too sudden to allow him to react by closing his right eye, and so, the differently coloured -grey- eye was shown for a second before it was closed again. Hopefully, Kyle's condition wouldn't take effect, but sadly, it did.

Image His boring, emotionless face changed. The open eye widened as a great smile of insanity occured on the face of Kyle. This was a perfect position that the two were in.

A massive burst of sound occured, loud enough to be heard across the whole city. The reason; it was set at a large enough frequency to throw the body of the midget into the air. Another sound pulse was sounded, weaker than the first. Kyle threw himself into the air, using small sonic pulses to maneuvour in the air to arrive next to the woman. He then swung his leg, aimed directly to the side of the midget as a greatly strong kick which pushed her back into the ground.

Once Kyle landed, the short time his eye was open allowed him to return to his boring self. He took advantage of this to get out of the area by hiding within the group of panicking civilians. Ready to take on his job.