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Hikaru Inoue

Don't get in my way, because I always get what I want. (AKA The Silver King with Body Swap & Amnesia...again)

0 · 757 views · located in Japan,Tokyo.

a character in “K: A New Beginning”, as played by Stiles


ImageAge: 18

King: Silver

Sexuality: Demisexual/Pansexual - Hikaru is only sexually attracted to women or men whom he has a emotional connection to. He doesn't notice physical attraction all that much. Hikaru is more focused on their personality and forming a bond. Emotional connections are rare for Hikari due to his arrogant and impatient nature.

Height: 5'4''

Weight: 110 lbs

ImagePersonality: Loyal, Arrogant, Manipulative, Narcissistic, and Sadistic are just a few words that can describe Hikaru. The short male is the Silver King. He's not sure how he got the job, but he knows he is now the King. He is overly confident in his own abilities and he loves to manipulate others, using charm, blackmail, or verbal threats to get what he wants without having to get his own hands dirty. He values himself above other people, seeing a large majority of society as less than human. He feels no sympathy for those he hurts, and feels no regret for his actions. He doesn't care if he has friends or not. He wishes to become stronger so he can 'rescue' his sister in his eyes. Although he respects and remains loyal to the Blue King, he left once he realized he wasn't merely a clansman, but was meant to be the Silver King all along. Despite coming across as a friendly, happy young boy, Hikaru is a force to be reckoned with. He has no morals when it comes to harming women and children and will do anything necessary to finish a mission. He hides his inner nature from most, especially his colleagues.

Talents: Aikido, Due to being a King, Hikaru has become quite proficient in sword fighting, and he's capable of disguising himself as a girl to protect his identity..

Likes: Tormenting others; especially Koneko, Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate Cake, Manipulating people, Blackmail, Napping on sunny days, Horror movies.

Dislikes: Vegetables, Losing control of a situation, Having to resort to physical violence, Aika, Other Clans.

Powers/Abilities: Silver Aura - Members of the Silver Clan possess this silver colored Aura. This Aura has the ability over gravity manipulation and make the Clanmembers immortal. The Silver King is able to levitate himself and other people he synced his Aura with by turning them into his temporary clansmen

Image History: Hikaru grew up with his sister Koneko as children to a single mother. Koneko was the younger sibling and Hikaru was quite cruel and manipulative towards her and their mother. The twins fought often as children, and it only worsened as they grew older. Eventually Koneko moved into her own apartment and joined the Purple Clan behind Hikaru's back enraging her brother in the process. He despises the other clans and plans to excel in his own clan so he can one day force Koneko into joining Scepter 4 so he can once again feel in control and reunite himself with his little sister. He doesn't realize it but he is Adolf K. Weismann. He and the Silver King switched bodies and he's been stuck in the body of Hikaru Inoue, having amnesia for the entire year and counting.

Flaws: He is far too confident in his abilities and often gets himself in a bind he's not capable of getting out of unscathed, he bites off more than he can chew because he's used to getting his way at home. He has an inflated sense of self worth and becomes hostile when he feels he's being ridiculed. He has a hypersensitive reaction toward being corrected or criticized. His defensive nature leaves him quite immature despite his intelligence, skill, and ability to take situations seriously. It often hinders him from keeping a professional exterior.

Romantic interest: None.

Other: He is Adolf K. Weismann, just with amnesia and inside the body of a young teenage boy.

Thoughts and relationships to other characters:
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Koneko Inoue // Twin Sister // It's Complicated // ⋆⋆⋆
Hikaru loves his sister in his own way, but he fights to control and manipulate her to a much higher degree than he does with other people. He gets angry and lashes out at her when he doesn't get his way. He's angry at her for joining the Purple clan, when he originally signed her up to join Scepter 4 with him, before realizing he was meant for something much greater.. She doesn't live with him anymore, so he often visits her house to 'visit' her, though he realizes he's more of harassing her, but he doesn't really care. He sees his sister more as a beloved pet than a human being. Her connection to the Purple clan has caused a lot of bad blood between the twin siblings.

So begins...

Hikaru Inoue's Story