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Rikiishi Kichirou

Captain of the Violet Crusade, King of the Purple Clan

0 · 436 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “K Project; Fall Of The Grey King”, as played by Alle9009


Rikiishi Kichirou

Image| Nickname(s)
| Age
| Gender
| Clan
| Role
| Ethnicity
| Birth Date
| Sexuality
|| Ro, Rou, Rou-chan, Rocchin, Captain, Black Luck, Lord Luck, Worrywart, Mom
|| 24 years old
|| Male
|| Purple
|| Purple King
|| Japanese
|| 13 March
|| Bisexual

A constant worrier and professional fretter who seems easily bullied, Rou does not seem to the the King of the Purple Clan. But King he is, mostly thanks to his caring nature. He owns a series of apartments called Arizu Apartments(also known as near the rundown areas of the city, which are rarely filled with residents (and if yes they are not the good types), but he supplements his income by working anynumber of odd jobs. He is surprisingly competent and very unfazed, if longsuffering, but is often experiencing weird situations that make sure he is unable to hold a permanent job. The reason for why is because of his power - Rou has the ability Wheel of Fortune, which means that his luck is constantly rotating between good and bad, often to ridiculous degrees.
Ro is [color=red]ridiculously average. Standing tall at 173cm and weighing 58kg, Rou is of average height and weight. His figure is pretty fit, but in the way that comes from sudden running in near death situations than pure bodybuilding. With oak brown hair and dark green eyes, Ro is actually very ordinary looking, in a man-next-door way. but he attracts people with his compassionate nature. When he's not frantic, he exudes a warm aura that makes people feel welcome and accepted. When he moves it often seems clumsy, like he's going to fall, but he can move surprisingly quickly if he wants to.

He has surprisingly good, if casual, dress sense. He likes to dress in casual clothes, such as jeans and shirts that have pockets and trainers. His pockets tends to be filled with weird essentials, a if he's preparing for his luck./color]
    Luck | "It... gives me some really good things at times...? And you get used to it..."
    Dancing | "It's very relaxing. And I think I'm pretty good at it too - when I'm not bumping into people or falling into things that is..."
    Money | "The more I have the better. I need to do so many things - buy new clothes for the twins, new clothes and surgery for Hiro, food, not to mention phones to track them with and the phonebill... spend it on myself? After I take care of their needs, yeah"
    Making people smile | "I like the look of content on their faces."
    Reading | "I like to read! Books are very relaxing, although sometimes they get used as bludgeoning weapons, stolen, gets too wet to read, pages torn off, mismatched covers... Ever heard of Red Robin?"

    Insects | "They're not very nice to eat, and spiders can seem quite creepy..."
    Luck | "My luck can be quite bad sometimes. I wish I could be like those other normal people with normal things happening to them..."
    Getting called Mom | "I'm not female! I'm also single! Why does everyone keep calling me mom..."
    Bad situations | "I'm in those more often than not, sadly..."
    Rainy days | "Where there's rain, there's thunder and freak hailstorms, and they always find their way to me!"
▐ Frantic Worrywart
Rou is ridiculously worried about people and life in general. He's a natural born fretter. To say that he worries constantly is like saying that fish breaths water - its a state that he rarely breaks out of. This is mostly because of his luck - he is constantly worried that it'll turn bad and what might happen when it turns bad, so worry is a constant thought at the back of his mind. It doesn't help that he's normally very anxious about how people are doing either. It's possible that he has general anxiety thanks to worrying about his luck. Prone to feeling bad about people affected by his luck, Rou is very apologetic and polite, but the problem is that he's not entirely sure whether it was a genuine freak accident or his luck, so he's nearly always apologising for stuff he does, sometimes even just for existing.

It is also because he has extremely low self esteem. Any confidence he might have had has been shattered by his Luck ability, and thanks to that Rou feels as if he has nothing good about him, except for when his luck turns for the better. Part of his compassionate nature is because he feels that it is the only thing he can offer, and he gets depressed easily because he has a tendency of thinking that he makes everything bad just by existing. It is because of this that he's so meek and constantly worrying.

▐ Den Mother Charisma
Rou is incredibly charismatic, but mostly because of his care towards others. He is a naturally caring person who often tries his best for others, and this tends to attract people and make them feel soft towards him. It helps that he is generally meek and very polite most of the time. It is very obvious that he tends to think about the comfort of others a lot, and this genuine compassion tends to attract others to him through sheer force of personality.

While normally very caring towards others by default, when it comes to the Purple Clan his sense of compassion goes through the roof. He cares for them like a mother does - constantly checking to see if they're alright, buying them clothes, making sure that they have enough food and aren't injured. He takes care of them when they're down the best he can and more, and threatening them is one of the very few things that will make Rou drop his mild demeanor and get angry. And when he gets angry, his luck turns ridiculously good.

▐ Unfazed by Life
Thanks to his luck placing him in extraordinary situations such as kidnappings, crazy ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends and falling chickens, Rou has more or less gotten used to just about everything. When he's not panicking or worrying frantically about the others or the situation, he's normally a very calm man, with the air of a veteran. He tends to face situations with incredible adaptability and acceptance after the initial freakout, and while one could hardly call him exceptional they can definitely call him competent. Well-versed in a number of things ranging from cooking to carpentry thanks to a number of jobs, Rou would probably have been able to make a comfortable living even without the rent for his apartments tiding him over - if it weren't for his luck messing things up in a way that kicks him out of a job, at least.

▐ Money obsessed
Rou is ridiculously obsessed with making money. He's very good with saving up and bargaining, and his ability tends to make it so that he can win small-time lotteries well. The reason he works so hard to the point of exhaustion, or does odd unspeakable jobs is because he wants to make money.

However, the reason he's so set on making money is because he wants to use it to tide the others over. As King of the Purple Clan, its his job to make sure that they're all wellfed and happy and set for life, and that requires more money than he has. For example, Hiro needs surgery to cure his growth pains and gigantism, and the twins require good clothes and schooling. Bubbles tends to have hospital bills that need to be paid, and his own luck means that he can end up quite in debt a few times. All of that requires money, and to that end Rou is quite willing to do just about anything - often at the cost of his health.

▐ Luck
His ability, if it can even be called an ability, is called Wheel of Fortune - his luck changes drastically, meaning it can be extraordinarily good or extraordinarily bad (to determine roll a dice each situation; 1-3 means bad and 4-6 means good, 1 is extremely bad and 6 is extremely good). To call him Luck's plaything wouldn't be wrong, considering some of the situations he gets into. While it would be a useful ability, Rou can't control it, and so it is an ability that has caused him to lose his job more than once and has earned him a first name basis with many of Sceptre 4 officers and HOMRA members.

For example, there was this time he was out on a walk when he found a dollar on the ground. He bent to pick it up, narrowly missing a ball to the head from a group of kids playing baseball, but the ball ricochetted off a lamppost and into a girl carrying icecream, who dropped the icecream. A group of guys carrying camping material stepped on the icecream and fell, and the camping material landed directly onto Rou headfirst. However, he didn't suffer much other than a bump to the head. Likewise, terrible accidents can happen to him on a regular basis only for him to get out of it with nothing more than a scratch, or something bad happens to him that saves everyone else from a terrible fate. It's a never ending cycle of good and bad luck, and when Rou is around logic goes out of the window.

It is precisely because of his luck that Rou loves and appreciates his clan so much. Many have left him because of the situations his luck has placed them through, and as a result Rou has accepted the fact that he'd be alone forever, a walking bane of sorts. He has low self esteem thanks to this, a sort of belief that it'd be better if he wasn't around since he just keeps bringing trouble to everyone. But the Purple Clan are different - they stay the best they can and they always come back. While Rou might not like the terrible situations his luck has placed them through, in his heart, he is forever grateful that it is precisely because of his ability that he was able to meet and be friends (family) with this group of individuals.

Which is why its best not to mess with them, because if they get hurt badly Rou will get angry, and when Rou gets angry his luck gets into gear and bad things happen to the aggressor. While the drawback is that massive bad luck will follow Rou for a while, the effect is huge - bad luck follows the target, and sometimes they might even end up dead.

ImageRou has lead a very solitary life, filled with ups and downs. While his childhood was relatively normal, his ability manifested itself when he was in his early teens. At only age 13, his luck began to grow better, almost exceedingly good. Rou earned a lot of things that time - he won the lottery, a girl had a crush on him, his dad earned a promotion, so on and so forth. Good luck came to him in droves, and it looked as if it'd never stop.

Unfortunately, bad luck came back, and it came back with interest. The Rikiishi family lost their fortune, their jobs, and the girl who confessed turned out to be insane and wanted to kidnap him to do... things to him. Rou's luck grew worse and worse, and soon everyone had left him... except his parents. They were actually pretty cool with it, but Rou begged them to keep their distance. After his luck settled into the good-bad cycle and winning a world wide tour through lottery, they did so, and soon enough Rou was managing his own small apartment inside the apartment complex they'd owned.

He had a cousin called Shiki, who was three years younger than he was. They got along pretty well, despite Shiki's parents warning Shiki not to hang too much around him. Rou understood why - after all, whether he liked it or not he was kind of a walking disaster. When Rou's ex-girlfriend came back, wanting to kill Shiki out of a misunderstanding, Rou discovered Absolute Fortune for the first time - Angry and terrified, his luck affected Shiki to surviving a stab to the throat (missed), and the girl died from a freak accident, electrocuted to death by spare wire in the rain. After that his luck was exceedingly bad for a while, but it was worth nobody dying. Rou thought that Shiki would've left after that incident, but Shiki came back anyway, and Rou was happy that someone wanted to stick around him despite his terrible luck. Then the next year when Shiki was 13 and Rou 16, Shiki discovered he could turn into a cat, and he started to visit more often.

Rou didn't really miss much in high school. His reputation as Flipflop of Luck preceded him, and he expected to spend it alone all years. But when he was in his third year (he had to repeat a year thanks to a freak accident making him miss too much school in middle school), Rou met Junta and Daisuke, who were first years. Daisuke introduced them into the world of Clans and Aura and Strains, and Rou was glad to discover that there were other people out there like him. They often went over to Rou's place, and that was how Junta and Daisuke met Shiki. Junta and Shiki formed an instant friendship, and when Daisuke found out he was the Colourless King, the two decided to form the Purple clan; a group made out of Strains. It was part joke, part friendship clan, part giving Daisuke someone to relate to now that he had withdrawn from everything, and they named Rou King and Shiki the Right hand. They christened the whole thing the Violet Crusades - Rou as Captain, Shiki as Vice captain, and for a while, things were happy. Rou found the whole thing embarrassing - after all, it was just a friendship club - but he went along with it anyway, feeling happy at the sight of their smiles.

He started taking it more seriously when Shiki disappeared three years after the club was formed. Rou was nineteen then - Shiki was 16, and although he worried (he knew Shiki's parents blamed his luck for the whole thing), he kept hoping. Years passed, and when Rou was 21 he found 13 year old Hiro stuck on a building in the middle of the night while on a run, and he ended up taking the boy in. Things started getting tight financially, a thing Rou planned to change when he found out Hiro needed surgery to stop his growing pains, but it was alright.

Shiki came back then. The kid was 19 now, and Rou worried at how much he had changed. He did his best to take care of him, but in the end it didn't matter - Shiki ran off as a cat again, and Rou blamed himself. Hiro became honory vice captain/Right Hand, and Rou officially took up the title Purple King/Captain, both as a way to make up for his luck and a way to honor Shiki.

A couple of years later, the twins Cora and Casper appeared. Rou took them in and took care of them, and added them to the Violet Crusades. Life went on, things were peaceful....

Until the murders started. Thanks to Rou's luck the guy was in contact with every clan (he was on a first name basis with Sceptre 4 and HOMRA), and worry for his crew's lives began.

So begins...

Rikiishi Kichirou's Story


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In the rooms of one of the apartments inside Arizu complex, the landlord was preparing for a funeral of a dear friend. Tightening the tie around his neck with a practiced twist of the hands, Rikiishi Kichirou, better known as Rou to anyone who knew him, sighed and ran a hand through his hair, trying to quell the nervous feeling in his heart.

The man was dressed in sombre attire - a black sweater over a dress shirt and dark trousers, with dark socks. A dark coat laid on the bed across the dressing table, but Rou didn’t reach for it yet. Looking at himself in the mirror attached to the dresser, he examined his hair with a slight frown. His hands had helped flatten it a little, but it still stuck up every which direction as if a bird had nested in it. With a sigh, Rou pulled out a comb.

It was only right that he looked his best for the Grey King’s funeral, after all. Ikeda Akio had been a good man, and so Rou was going to pay his respects.

“Cora, Casper,” he called over his shoulder, giving his hair one last brush. “Are you ready? It’s almost time to go.”

“Ah, yeah!” Casper answered brightly, pulling up his socks with a flourish. He was dressed in as many dark Colours as he could find, from an event he only understood as a ‘funeral’. Cora told him it was something to commemorate a dead person, and though Casper didn't completely understand it meant it was a chance to go outside, and outside was fun! Cora silently nodded from the sofa, clad in a black dress.

“That’s good.” Hair combed into neatness, Rou left his room and walked into the living room, coat in hand. He made his way towards them, green eyes furrowing as he looked at their attire and assessed if it was funeral-appropriate or not.

He smiled at Cora’s simple dress, giving it a pass, but his eyebrows furrowed in confusion when he saw what Casper was wearing. “... Uh, Casper?” he said tentatively, restraining a sigh. “That’s… not exactly what you wear to funerals.”

Casper looked down at his black onesie with a curious expression, adjusting the tattered black top hat he picked up once from his adventures. “What's wrong, Mom?” He chirped, his eyes clouded with genuine confusion. “Why can't I wear that to the fu-ner-al?”

“Don’t call me mom,” Rou said, a resigned tone to his voice that said that they had held this conversation many, many times. Placing the coat down on the sofa beside Cora, he went over to Casper and crouched so that they were at the same height, resting his hands on his knees.

“It’s pronounced ‘funeral’, Casper.” he said patiently, smiling warmly at the boy. “A funeral is a service held for someone who has died recently, to allow the relatives and friends of the dead person to get some closure and mourn the passing of someone precious to them. Since its a sad occasion, colors that are associated with death are often chosen to be worn at such processions. In Japan black is the color associated with death. That’s why we’re wearing black to the funeral. Don’t worry, you got that one right, good job!” He raised a hand up for a high five that was returned with a grin and great enthusiasm.

“However, although the colors are right, your clothes aren’t suited for this funeral.” Rou explained, tone patient but slightly amused, as if he were holding back a fond chuckle. Lifting a finger, he gently poked at the onesie Casper was wearing. “This is a onesie. It’s something people wear at home, to stay comfortable in. You’ve never seen this worn in all the pictures you’ve taken of the outside, right?”

“Pictures…? Oh, right!” Casper did notice the huge photo wall of their room, though why Rou said he took them was a mystery. He hasn't taken any photos as far as he remembered, which arguably isn't that far back.

“That’s because it’s a piece of clothing suited for home use,” Rou said, eyes going a bit sad at Casper’s confusion and lack of memory. He covered it up with a smile that felt like the sun peaking over the horizon, warm and fond. “A funeral is normally more solemn and formal, and as the funeral we’re heading to is for someone important, a onesie is not the best option to wear there. A more suitable piece of clothing would be a dark dress shirt, or dark trousers.”

“As for the top hat...” Rou gently pulled the top hot off Casper’s head, holding the rim with his hands so as to show it to Casper.

“A top hat is very formal, for men in other countries, especially in previous centuries. But it’s something only adults wear. You’re eleven, right?” Rou asked affectionately. Casper nodded quickly. “You’re a bit too young to wear a top hat right now. Wait till you’re a bit older, alright?”

“Yes Mom!” Casper smiled brightly at him, his eyes still eager and filled with excitement. “I'll go change! Wait for me!” Within minutes he was dashing in and out of their room, now decked in a black jacket and jeans. “Is this okay?” He asked, giving a little twirl to show Rou.

“Yes, it is!” Rou smiled affectionately at Casper, reaching down a hand to ruffle Casper’s hair. “Good job. You look very nice! But don’t call me mom. Cora, what time is it?” he asked, head turning to face her. “Are we late?”

Cora shook her head quickly, pointing to a notepad in her hand. “I have already prepared for several different scenarios should they prove to take up too much of our time. We won't be late, Rou.”

“That’s good. Thank you, Cora.” Rou patted her gently on the head, and Cora gave a small genuine smile, near melting under his praise. “It was nothing.” She spoke softly, standing at attention by Casper’s side.

Rou smiled at the two of them, pleasant and cozy like a ray of liquid sunshine. “It was still nice of you to do so,” he said affectionately. Kneeling down in front of them, he looked them over once again. “Alright, I think we’re set.” He said, but there was a bit of hesitancy, as if he were holding back second thoughts. After a moment he spoke again, anxiety bleeding through his tone. “Cora, maybe you should take a jacket - it might be cold there. Casper, do you still have your tag? Do any of you need to go to the toilet before we go?”

“Nope, we’re all good!” Casper said as Cora shook her head. The boy was already rocking back and forth on his heels, eager to spring off into the outside world for the first time. His tag was bouncing against his chest, written in neatly printed kanji and English with the help from Cora. ‘Hi my name is Casper! I'm eleven years old, and I’m lost! Can you take me to this address?’

“Are you sure?” He looked at them anxiously like a worried mother, and when they nodded he sighed and smiled at them, although there was still a bit of doubt in his eyes. “Alright then.” Rising from his crouched position, Rou pulled on his coat and sneakers and walked towards the door, carefully placing the key in his pocket after unlocking it. As if he were still having one last doubt, he turned to them.

“You all don’t have to come if you don’t want to, you know.” he said softly, voicing out the last of his worries. Rou had known Ikeda Akio well, but the only thing the twins knew him by was his title, the Grey King. Cora had hardly stepped out of the house either, and Casper would have to rely on the decency of strangers if he got lost, and well, Rou was just worried that they were pushing themselves too much. “I can go by myself - you all don’t know him, so it’s alright if you don’t want to attend the funeral.”

“But I wanna!” Casper said immediately, tilting his head slightly. “I want to go to this f… funeral. It sounds interesting!” “And there is a possibility for you to get injured.” Cora said gravely, her eyes filled with concern. “I see many possibilities, I don't feel safe if you're alone on your own with the other kings.”

“A-Ah, that’s true…” Rou said sheepishly. His luck had caused plenty of weird situations, and not all of them were good. It wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon, either, but with Cora’s help Rou had had fewer incidents that ended with bloodshed or humiliation. However, he could still take care of himself, so the worry wasn’t really necessary, although it was nice of them to do so. “We’ll just be going there for the service, though. And the other kings are nice! You know Arata-san, right? He’s a good man.” Rou said brightly.

The Red King had been a tenant of Arizume complex for a while, and from what Rou had seen the man was nice, even if he didn't pay rent. He helped chase away weird people too, which was really helpful, and he was nice to the kids.

“Also, I don’t think the other Kings would cause trouble at the funeral,” Rou said to them optimistically. “But if you feel like you should come along, I guess I can’t say no, can I?” he chuckled good naturedly, affection in his tone.

Casper grinned as he said that, happy he got to go out with Rou and explore. Cora nodded as she remembered Arata, slipping her small hand into Rou’s as they prepared to leave, her other clasped tightly around Casper’s in case he decides on running off and getting lost. “Let's go, then.”

“Alright.” Opening the door, Rou kept a firm grasp on Casper’s hand until they were all outside before closing and locking the door. “It’s a bit far, so make sure not to let go, ok?” Rou instructed the twins like a mother telling her child not to run too far, holding their small hands securely in his own. “Cora, I’ll be counting on you for any ‘in cases’. Sorry.” he said, a hint of guilt in his voice. It wasn’t as if he were taking advantage of the little girl he had taken in since she had always volunteered her services, but it sure felt like it sometimes. “You two will tell me if it gets too much or if you both need a ride, alright?” He said anxiously, taking small steps so that the kids could keep up. He didn’t want them to collapse or anything - that would be pretty bad. “It’s alright - I’ll carry you guys.”

“I think so…” Cora said slightly doubtfully, before Casper lightly nudged her, giving her a small wink. “I'll be fine, Cora. Just relax!” He lightly skipped along Rou, while Cora did her best to keep up. Her stamina wasn't the best around, her breaths already coming out in short bursts as she panted softly. Tugging lightly on Rou’s hand, she looked up at him earnestly. “Could you carry me? Sorry…” Cora didn't exactly want to be a burden, lagging behind, but it seemed that either way she would be causing some trouble.

“Sure!” Kneeling down, Rou knelt and gathered Cora on his back, waiting until she was settled comfortably before standing up again. “Are you ok up there, Cora?” he asked worriedly, gesturing for Casper to grab hold of his coat.

Cora settled down comfortably on Rou’s wide back, leaning her head against his shoulder and nestling herself snugly. “I'm okay. Thank you, Rou.”

“That’s good.” Rou smiled as Casper took hold of his coat, taking a few slow steps forward. As he adjusted to the weight, he began to move faster, although still slow enough for Casper to be able to keep up without trotting. “Don’t let go, alright Casper? I don’t want anyone to get lost. And don’t worry.” he looked forward, voice sure and confident for the first time since this morning - although it wasn’t sure who exactly he was reassuring. Maybe himself - with all the murders going on, the clans were sure to be tense, and he didn't want any of the kids to be caught up in it.“It’ll be alright.”

Casper blinked up at him, slightly mystified at why they were worried. “Course we’ll be alright, Mom. I'll protect you two, so it's fine!”

Rou looked down at Casper, surprise flitting over his features. Then a weird expression crossed over his face, as if he were touched and amused but couldn’t quite figure out how to convey it since his hands weren’t free to give a head pat. “That’s true,” Rou grinned and gave a little laugh, tossing his head back gently and looking forwards. The street wasn’t entirely empty, but it was filled with enough people for them to be careful where they moved in case they bumped into someone. “We’ll be counting on you, I guess! But Casper?”


“Please don’t call me mom.”