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a character in “K Project; Fall Of The Grey King”, as played by CabbageAngel










Makuda Shiki

Birth Date
โ™ข| SUZU, Stray, Kitty, Muffin, Miku, Tibbles, anything that sounds like a cat name
โ™ข| 20
โ™ข| Male
โ™ข| Formerly Violet Crusade
โ™ข| True Vice-Captain of the Crusade, Hibiki's/Alastair's Cat
โ™ข| Scottish Fold. I mean English/Japanese.
โ™ข| August 6th
โ™ข| (Unsure. I'll see what he feels like. Sometimes you gotta wait a bit, you know how it is.)
The cousin of the Captain of the Violet Crusade, Shiki formed the totally legitimate clan with Kichirou and Junta and appointed himself Vice-Captain. Unfortunately, his power of transforming into a cat causes Shiki to BECOME a cat - think like one, act like one, completely forget what his human self desires and is supposed to be doing. This unfortunate drawback has left him stuck as a cat and missing from the Purple Clan for years. The only way to transform him into a human is by drenching him with water, but turning him back into a cat is something that happens from stress, any sort of heightened emotion like fear or excitement, or something as simple as a sneeze or stumble. He's been a cat for so long, he's forgotten how to be a human.

Usually, Shiki is a squash-faced, chubby-cheeked, floppy eared, long haired orange and white scottish fold with big, amber eyes that stare through your soul.

But on the odd occasion that he is human... he's not that different. Shiki has a round and youthful face with a yellow-olive complexion and narrow, catlike amber eyes with small irises that always make him appear stunned. His hair's bleached blonde and straight and comes down just past his chin, his natural brown starting to show at the roots. He stands at 5'6'' with a build that's neither lanky nor stocky. Being a cat, he doesn't wear clothes and it won't be unusual for him to go outside as a human while forgetting to put something on. When he's reminded on society's norms, he'll chuck on his red tracksuit and leave it at that. Occasionally you may find him donning some cat themed item of clothing.
    Being a cat and doing all the things that cats do like hunting for mice and sleeping constantly | "... S'... what?"
    His owner | *purrs*
    Toffee Apples | "They're... like... why being human is uh... s'cool. Good." Toffee gets stuck in his fur. But really his cat self doesnt mind, that just means it's being saved for later.
    Boxes | "I kinda... like... tried to get into Heebee's box while she... s'on her. She ain't that... don't see good in company."
    Hoarding | "I think most of these things come from Heeb's place... Maybe I should, like, return her bras."

    WATER | *HISSSSSSS!!!!!!*
    Catnip | "Eh, Jun would slip it in my bowl for fun... it wasn't fun... well..." He was having a great time, rolling around on the floor on a catnip high. It works on him while he's human, too.
    Dogs | *shudder* "No biggie, dogs just chase me up trees... even when I walk on two legs..." *is terrified of them*
    Sudden noises | *someone steps on a can* *Shiki turns into a cat, leaps out the window and runs down the street, never to be seen again*
    People making generalisations about cats/making jokes about him acting like a cat/naming their cats stupid things | "I act like a cat? Is this how cats act? How many cats are you friends with? Huh?"
Imageโ– Am I human or am I cat?
You know, Shiki used to be so energetic. A bit of a lad. Adventurous, a good sport, optimistic and an all-round cool guy whom his classmates all wanted to be friends with.

Except now. Now he just stares.

To be honest, Shiki has been a cat for so long now he's gonna need therapy to get over his identity issues. He doesn't often use his words and sometimes forgets to respond with them and shows affection in weird ways like purring and rubbing (which can give people the wrong idea)... when he's not a cat. Agitation is conveyed through other weird ways, like scratching and biting without warning. If you point out his strange behaviour, he'll recognise it as weird and apologise - then look very lost for a while. Seeing him so out of sorts is gonna be hard for his clan... kinda wonder how they're gonna react to seeing him again.

โ– Scaredy-cat
Shiki is easily startled. Once upon a time, he would scream and cling to the nearest object but now -poof- he's a cat. He used to get embarrassed by everyone making fun of him for it but nowadays seeing him blush is honestly hard to come by, with that straight face of his.

โ– Gamer
Something that he's forgotten about himself over the years. As a cat, he was fascinated by Hibiki's extensive gaming repertoire but couldn't seem to hold the controller in his paws. If he were to be reintroduced to the pleasures of gaming all over again, he wouldn't leave the console until forcibly dragged away.

โ– Colour Blind
Fun fact. It's the cat in him.

โ– Energetic
He used to be bounding off the walls... I'm sure he's still the same, now he just won't do it without a laser pointer...

Shiki's mother had an easier time than most giving birth to the boy than most, and when you compare the size of a human baby and a kitten you'd know why. Deciding to keep Shiki's unusuality a secret from the rest of the world, his parents hid his true identity from even himself. For years, Shiki grew up a "normal" child in a loving but financially unstable home. He could never understand why his parents freaked out when he was around cats. Cats loved him and would always be clinging off his back but his parents hated them and put charms from fortune tellers up on their door to ward them away. He never really got why. They warned him not to go near cats because he was "allergic" and would lose their shit when he came home with cat fur on his jacket, which was nearly impossible to avoid seeing as every cat in a five mile radius were honed onto his scent. Apart from that oddity and his BFF older cousin Rou (whenever he came to visit, something either miraculous or something devastating seemed to occur - for example, some time in the future an insane girl tried to kidnap Rou and kill Shiki for taking his attention from her - leaving his parents to insist that Shiki not spend so much time with him, a suggestion he ignored), Shiki thought his life couldn't be better.

It was at thirteen when puberty hit that Shiki realised he was not like other boys. Instead of the whiskers of a beard, he received... whiskers, full stop. Fur was sprouting up in places and he felt the sudden desire to strike down anything that flew and claw at long hair. After many complaints of antisocial behavior from school, his parents agreed that it was time to tell him the truth and sat him down, giving him the photos they took after his birth and what was really written on his doctor's certificate before they gave away all of their fortune for him to write up a new one and keep it a secret from the rest of the world. Turns out, the reason why they're struggling with money despite having decent jobs is because they've been constantly paying hush money to everyone involved in Shiki's birth.

Telling your son that they're actually a cat when they've believed themselves to be human their entire life can result in a variety of different reactions. Shiki's reaction was the melodramatic, "No... No... No, you're lying, NOOOOOOO!" He ran away from home and during his aimless run his stress levels reached to such a peak he turned into a cat. Upon turning into a cat he forgot about what the human Shiki was scared about the moment he saw a butterfly flutter by. As a cat, he chased the butterfly until it began to rain and he found his human self naked in an alley, watching a butterfly squirm on the ground as it was beaten down by raindrops. While sitting glumly in this uncomfortable position trying to remember how he got there, a large box was suddenly dumped over his head. He took it off just in time to see someone pull a hood over their green hair and run up the side of a building.

His parents and the police found him eventually, curled up in his makeshift box shelter. His parents tried to pull off the "you got lost in a storm and passed out in the rain haha you were a cat really what a strange dream!" but Shiki wasn't buying it. Days later he heatedly explained this wacky experience to his best friend and cousin Rou, who revealed in turn that the reason for their many ups and downs were on account of his luck powers. As far as Shiki was concerned, they were superheroes.

Two years later, Shiki and Rou (kept down a year due to one of those wonderful accidents that always seem to occur around him) found themselves in a classroom with Daisuke and Junta, two best friends who they discovered to be hiding powers of their own. They hit it off right away, Daisuke being the one to introduce the concept of clans to Shiki's impressionable mind, causing him to constantly tug on Rou's sleeve and beg to join one. Unfortunately, nobody wanted Shiki's useless powers. They wouldn't take Rou or Junta either when Shiki dragged them over and he came crawling back to Daisuke to beg for admittance to the Colourless Clan, expecting that a group called the "colourless" clan would be more accepting. Daisuke tried but nup. They were more an obstacle than an asset. Instead of staying disheartened at this rejection, he was determined to be in his own clan, with the best friends who had the best powers - even if the other clans didn't see their worth! Shiki had already made up his mind that they were a team of superheroes... but not just any heroes, they were The Violet Crusade! Jun and Shiki pleaded with Rou to be the Captain of their group because he was the oldest and Shiki snagged the position of Vice-Captain from Jun simply because he said "dibs" faster. Daisuke already belonged to a clan, but the trio insisted that he was an honorary member even if he was born into something else.

And thus, the group was formed.

Their last year of middle school was the best time of Shiki's life. He was used to the usual mishaps caused by Rou's awful/amazing? luck but he never had people like Jun and Daisuke to share them with. They used and experimented with their powers for fun and the occasional good deed (they were heroes, after all!) and these adventures and mishaps continued right through to high school. A majority of their adventures were spent getting in trouble/running away from Scepter 4 (not really realising how dire that was for poor Junta, who could be imprisoned for life) and trying to get noticed and recognised by the others clans - just Daisuke and his parents didn't count! Eventually they began to stem from trying to scrape up enough money to live comfortably but eh whatever.

Unfortunately Shiki's powers never evolved and he never could maintain his human frame of mind while in cat form, which sucked in general, but also because he couldn't control turning into a cat either. Three years after the formation of the group and after turning into a cat due to be being frightened by Junta's bubble popping beside him, Cat-Shiki ran away, forgot what he was doing and became lost. This time, he didn't find his way back home. He curled up in a cardboard box to rest and who picked him up was none other that Shizuka Hibiki (fourteen at this time). She took him to her current location and christened him Suzu under the false belief that he was female. Living with a maturing young female as a cat was one thing, but accidentally touching water and being brought to your senses and realising that you were living with a maturing young female who thought you were just a lady cat was something completely different and he needed to get out of there. Also, the to-be King went through phases of loving too much and being neglectful when Suzu wanted love, something that disgruntled the kitty.

He did get out, about a month later, as a human. But the trek back to Arizu Apartments was treacherous with many things to force him into cat-mode and lots of water to wake him up from it to find himself naked in the middle of the city. He was eventually arrested for public nudity and they called up his parents.

After that incident Rou swore to take better care of him. But no. After recapturing Cat-Shiki so many times he ran away for nearly two years later. Somehow, he once again found himself on the lap of Hibiki who was overwhelmed with happiness that her companion came back for her (not knowing it was coincidence......). That didn't last long when Hibiki went out on the town in her mask as J to take care of some business and Suzu followed only to be swooped up into the arms of one such Alastair Payne.

Shiki is still currently Suzu and lives at (as in, visits for food and comes and goes as he pleases) Alastair's apartment. His proud cat self is indignant that his true owner hasn't come to rescue him from his kidnapper, therefore he attempts to snag her attention by stealing every pet that she tries to replace him with. Every now and then Suzu may become Shiki, but he's been a cat for so long the lines between their personalities have completely blurred and he doesn't know which "owner" he belongs to.


So begins...

Suzu's Story