K: The New rulers

K: The New rulers


One year ago much had happened in Japan. The death of two king a highschooler and much information revealed. Now with two new royals and much more clansmen is just much mire chaos waiting to ensue.

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One year ago a battle between kings was fought. It wasn't one that created war between countries. It was a battle in order to find one man's killer and it escalated. One king was imprisoned, one was possessing others, two weren't even really mentioned, one was immortal, anther was big-hearted, the last was growing old and withering away. A year has passed and with the recent death of the old king known as the gold king it is time to know who will be the next kings. For now The Blue king remains as does the silver king who is now using another body. The red king is no more now replaced by the crimson king who is to be determined, the colorless king is actually now a person, the green king has now shown up alongside the purple one, and the gold king is also to be determined. Now that the kings are much more well-known in Japan many are in wonder of who the next kings are and what will take place especially with rumors of a possible queen and more than just one queen.

The Characters

(Canon and non-canon characters are more than welcome.)

Name: Katia Goldsworthy | Age: 18 | Role: The Crimson Queen | Status: Taken

Name: Reisi Munkata | Age: 25 | Role: The Blue King | Status: Open

Name: ____________ / Adolf K. Weismann | Role: The Silver/First King | Age: (Looks 16-20s) Unknown | Status: Open

Name: ____________ | Role: The Gold King/ Queen | Age: (16-20s) | Status: Reserved

Name: ____________ | Role: The Green King/ Queen | Age: (16-20s) | Status: Open

Name: ____________ | Role: The Purple King/ Queen | Age: (16-20s) | Status: Open

Name: ____________ | Role: The Colorless King/ Queen | Age: 16-20s) Status: Reserved

(More may be added)

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[b]What king/queen?[/b] (If clansmen you change it to what clan you belong to if neither then get rid of this.)





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[b]Romantic interest:[/b]


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[b]Thoughts and relationships to other characters:[/b]

Toggle Rules

1: This is meant to have cursing, mentions of sex, and mentions of drugs and alcohol but sexual scenes are meant to fade to black after a certain point.
2: Fighting is of course allowed between characters but it is not to be taken to OOC so be respectful to everyone.
3: No Mary/Gary Sues!
4: Humor is of course allowed but some dark topics aren't meant to be humored in ooc.
5: Please let me know in either a pm or in ooc if you are not able to post for a while.
6: Be as literate as possible! I'm not asking for each post to be five hundred words as long as there are no one-liners and it is descriptive I'm fine with post-length. Password to join is you're favorite flavor of ice cream.
7: Anime pictures only please.
8: Commited roleplayers only! Do not join if you're going to disappear right after.
9 : Have fun!

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Character Portrait: Nezuko Sejirou


Character Portrait: Nezuko Sejirou
Nezuko Sejirou

"What the bloody hell is going on here?"


Character Portrait: Nezuko Sejirou
Nezuko Sejirou

"What the bloody hell is going on here?"

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Character Portrait: Nezuko Sejirou
Nezuko Sejirou

"What the bloody hell is going on here?"

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