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Mayu Natsumi

"You're really starting to piss me off. . ~"

0 · 467 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “K: The New rulers”, as played by Fantasies



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Name: Mayu Natsumi

Alias: The Queen Of HOMRA - May-chan

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Crimson

Height: 5"2

Weight: 69lbs

Clansmen: Member Of HOMRA




Personality: Mayu is a very brash,and rather violent teenager. She is easily upset,and will outwardly cuss at anyone,stranger or not,if they manage it tick her off. She is violent,vulgar,and quite energetic. The best way to describe her,is to say she is a Tsundere. (A Japaense character,or person,who shows affection through rather cruel acts. They are also easily flustered,and resort to violent actions when they are embarrassed.) Though Mayu is seen to be quite rude most of the time,she can be quite childish and playful. Sometimes seen playing pranks on the other HOMRA members.

Talents: Mayu seems to be quite good a sports,normally getting comments,or questions,to people who are confused to why she doesn't join a type of team. Which Mayu replies,"Because,if I got on a team and started playing sports,I'd have no time to pull pranks on people.~". Another talent Mayu appears to have is singing. Though,if anyone finds out about this,she will beat them half to death.

Likes: Sweets - Playing Pranks - Video Games - Ramen

Dislikes: Any other clan - Girly Things - Being called cute or short.

Powers/Abilities: Red Aura: Being a member of HOMRA, said to have the most outstanding ability amongst the others, Mayu possesses the Red Aura, which manifests itself in red or pink flames. Mayu is able to generate her Aura from various parts of her body and even from her whip (An item she uses when out and about). Other times, Mayu's Aura takes on a fiery shroud over her body, or when angered, as a massive wave-like fire formation.

Flaws: Mayu appears to be very weak when it comes to weather that is below 40 or so degrees. She also states that she has a weak heart,so a blow to the chest could be fatal to her. She has amazing offense,but she lacks in defense. She also seems to do rather bad in close range combat,since most of her attacks are used from a far range.

Sexuality: Straight

Romantic interest: None,yet




History: Mayu's past life remains a mystery. Simply because she refuses to talk about. However,it is implied that she may have had a hard past,since she becomes enraged when someone asks her about it,then storms off and locks herself in her room for hours on end.

Other: It is heavily indicated that Mayu isn't able to swim,normally rejecting the though of going to a pool,or the beach. It's also hinted that her parents may be deceased,and she does have a brother located somewhere else in Japan,however,he works 24/7,therefore contact between him and Mayu has been temporarily dropped for the last 3 years.

Thoughts and relationships to other characters

Mikoto Suoh - Mayu seemed to have a very close bond with her King. Though he did doubt her when when she sated she wished to join HOMRA,she did end up impressing him where her determination,and fearlessness. Quickly after she became a Red Clan member,Mayu and Mikoto grew quite close. Almost resembling a older brother and younger sister relationship. And since Mikoto did often nag her about her responsibilities,they could also be seen as a father and daughter pair. When Mikoto passed,Mayu seemed quite upset,though,she quickly regained her normal demeanor. However,she doesn't go a day without thinking of Mikoto,and thanking him for allowing her to join HOMRA.

Anna Kushina - Anna appears to be the only HOMRA member Mayu is gentle and kind to. Normally,Mayu will be seen spoiling the young girl,from brushing her hair,or buying her a new dress for her,Mayu always seems to give into the other female. The relationship between the two is best described as an older sister and younger sister relationship and bond.

Izumo Kusanagi - Though Izumo has shown his flirtatious moments around Mayu,they both seem quite close,much like a brother and sister. However,it is proven that Mayu fears Izumo,normally cowering if he becomes enraged about his bar,even if she wasn't the cause of his anger. Though close,Izumo does nag Mayu on daily basis to not eat as many sweets as she does,but being stubborn,Mayu ignores his warnings. Much to Izumo's annoyance.

Misaki Yata - Yata appears to be Mayu's most common victim when it comes to pranks. Most of the time,she'll remove the wheels from his skateboard,hide them,and then refuse to tell him where they are. Though both are equally strong,Mayu appears to use Yata's fear of girls as a boost in their relationship,often making her the more dominant one of the two. Despite their somewhat playful rivalry,Mayu respects Yata very much,even if she does tease him quite a bit. It is hinted that Mayu may have a crush on Yata,as she has stated a few times,"Hmm. Out of all the men in HOMRA,only Yata-san catches my interest." However,Mayu does not blush or smile when she says this. Simply gives a slight shrug of her shoulders,and moves to the next topic. Despite this,Mayu can be seen blushing when she is in close contact with Yata. Therefore,any romantic feelings between the two are unknown,but slightly hinted.


So begins...

Mayu Natsumi's Story