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&& welcome to the family kidXXX

        ImageXXXXXXXXXImageXXEarth has always existed with a marvelous three planes - one for the good kids, one for the normal kids, and one for the bad kids in life. The middle plane is commonly referred to as ‘Earth’ while the very bottom is considered ‘Hell’. You can assume what they call the tip top. However, Hell has always been quite the literal example of reflection. They reflected the future and the present - all pushed into one huge cluster fuck.

        XXRight below New York, laid the city of New Wicker. A lovely city really, just entering their Jazz period, even going through a prohibition themselves. Alcohol grows troublesome for a bunch of demons - and mothers much like the human women have finally had enough. It’s worse enough their city has been invaded by mafias of all kinds.

        XXAnd lucky them, the war for territory and peace has just begun.

        XXWhen one gang don dies, there’s always another waiting to take his place. During ‘New Year Massacre’, a shoot out which involved the former Don of a mafia known as Desiree and the now deceased chief of police. An all out war began brewing under the surface, tensions becoming unstable with the new Don and he’s conducting himself, plus the newly awarded police attention it brought down on all seven of the renowned Organized Crime Families.

        XXThe catch? There’s a few rats crawling around them, and one put the Don in a renown Envy mafia in the slammer. With the Jazz Age still in its prime, but the depression heating up as well, it might not be long before the Families begin to crash and burn in the midst of the biggest undercover project New Wicker has ever seen.


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