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Isabella Silvia Castillo

"Get out of my way, and you might just live to see tomorrow."

0 · 1,485 views · located in Kalani Island, Hawaii, USA

a character in “Kalani Magica”, as played by Magus1108


â™Ļ Isabella Silvia Castillo â™Ļ



Isabella Silvia Castillo


She used to be called Izzy by her friends and family, but she hasn't been called that in a long, long time.






Bisexual; though she has a main preference for girls.




Isabella hasn't really stylized her hair all that much. It's the same as it's ever been, more or less.


Isabella does wear a pair of glasses. She doesn't really need them anymore, given how her body changed after she became a Puella Magi, but she keeps them anyway, as a reminder of her past. And she also thinks they make her look more stylish, too.


Isabella has a birthmark near her right breast in the shape of a star, and she has a tattoo of a wolf on the small of her back. But other than that, she doesn't have any distinguishing marks on her person.


Isabella is in fairly good shape, but she's not a body-builder or anything like that. Though she does have enhanced strength and ability and whatnot, since she's a Puella Magi.


Isabella isn't too picky about what she wears. Skirts, jeans, blouses, t-shirts. Whatever she has available at that point in time, she'll probably wear. Though she does like to wear skirts more often than not, since they provide...easier access, so to speak.


Isabella always wears her glasses, and does her best to take good care of them. Isabella also has a cross necklace that she makes sure to take good care of, and wear all the time. She herself isn't very religious, but the necklace belonged to her old partner, Abby, so she keeps it with her and wears it as a reminder of the dear friend she lost.


As a Puella Magi, Isabella's primary weapon are two Thompson "Tommy" submachine guns. They are of the barrel variety, and they have an everlasting supply of ammunition, so Isabella doesn't need to conjure up any ammo for them during a fight.


Natural Skills

Isabella has a knack for being a pickpocket, as she's discovered over the past year. She also has a gift for making people embarrassed and/or uncomfortable, much to her delight. And, in Isabella's own unbiased opinion, she's a natural in bed.

Learned Skills

Isabella had to learn how to survive on her own pretty fast. She also learned how to fight Witches as well, once she became a Puella Magi. And she took lessons as a child to play the violin, and while it's been awhile, she's still pretty good at it.


Isabellla, due to her experiences as a Puella Magi, is slow to trust others, and in turn she doesn't do a lot to earn the trust of other people. She's also prone to overconfidence at certain points, which can be dangerous when fighting Witches, or other Puella Magi.





Isabella likes talking about sex. A lot. A lot a lot. It's almost an obsession, really. Isabella just loves to talk about sex, whether it be innuendo-laced conversations, or outright suggestions that she and another person should have sex. It doesn't even bother her if she weirds people out with such talk; if anything, she enjoys that type of reaction just as much.


  • Her family
  • Roaming free across the country
  • Sex
  • Making outrageous jokes
  • Having good friends


  • Other Puella Magi
  • Incubators
  • Perverted older men
  • Closed spaces
  • Witches


There isn't a lot that Isabella fears, personally. But her biggest fear, for sure, would have to be her turning into a Witch. It's a constant fear of Isabella's; that one day she might succumb to her despair, or expend too much energy in a fight, and become a Witch herself. It's a fate she is desperate to avoid at all costs, but even with all her countermeasures, it's still a great fear of hers that she may one day become the very thing she hunts.


Isabella's personality isn't quite the same it used to be. Before, she was very easy going and relaxed. She was friendly, kind, a very caring person. She even had a few good few, close-knit friends. But, after certain...incidents, Isabella changed drastically. Now, she's very cold and harsh, displaying only scorn and anger to everyone she meets; especially other Puella Magi.

Personal Life

Significant Relationships

Isabella was very close to her family, before she faked her death. She loved her parents dearly, and she was about spoiled rotten by her older sister. Isabella was also quite close to her aunt, who lived in Kalani, Hawaii.

For a short while, Isabella had a boyfriend, named Isaac Black. She even lost her virginity to him after her 13th birthday. However, they broke up not long after she was diagnosed with leukemia. It wasn't Isaac that broke up with her, however; Isabella did, in fact. She fully believed she was going to die, and didn't want him to live through that with her, so she gently broke up with him.

Shortly after she became a Puella Magi, Isabella also grew extremely close to her fellow Magical Girls, Abigail "Abby" Whitefield and Catherine "Kat" Pulaski. Both Abby and Kat were already Puella Magi when Isabella made her Contract, so they showed her the ropes. They all bonded very quickly, and became an effective trio together.

A few months into their friendship, Isabella argued to her teammates that they should allow their partnership to go down a rather...unconventional route, of sorts. To put it bluntly, Isabella told her comrades that they should all become "friends with benefits", and in general that they should all have sex together to strengthen their bond. Abby and Kat were very hesitant to go along with this idea, but Isabella proved herself to be quite persuasive in the end, and so it came to pass that the three Magical Girls all became lovers.

After the death of Kat, Isabella and Abby grew even closer together. At one point Isabella was sure she was in love with her partner and fellow Puella Magi. However, she never got the chance to confess her feelings, as Abby turned into a Witch soon after this personal revelation.

After the tragic death of her last remaining partner, Isabella closed herself off as a person, and has yet to form any significant relationships since then.


Isabella has a fairly small, but closely knit, family. She has her parents, Miguel and Maria Castillo, her older sister of five years, Eva Castillo, and her aunt on her mother's side, Carmen Batista.

Miguel works as the local Sheriff for the town of Armando, Texas, and Maria works as works as a therapist for the local police department. The fact that their basically work in the same locale is actually how her parents first met, and they've retained a good, professional relationship with the APD, especially after they married.

Isabella's older sister Eva is currently attending college in Austin, and is studying to become a pediatrician. And Isabella's Aunt Carmen worked as a school teacher in Hawaii.

While she's had her differences with her family, Isabella loves them all dearly, and hates being separated from them. She'd love nothing more than to reintegrate herself back into her family's life....but, as a Puella Magi, she knows that isn't possible. Still, it doesn't stop her from Wishing...


Isabella was born to Miguel and Maria Castillo, the youngest of two children. For the most part, Isabella had a wonderful and happy childhood. She loved her parents, and she got along with her older sister Eva quite well. Everything changed, however, not long after her 13th birthday. Isabella was diagnosed with leukemia, and a particularly fatal strain, at that.

For the next year, Isabella pretty much lived in the hospital, where she underwent daily treatment. However, her chances were very slim, and it started to become more and more apparent that she would die from her disease.

That was when fate intervened, in the form of the Incubator Gyubey.

Gyubey came to Isabella's bedside one night, and gave her an offer: he'd give her one Wish, in exchange for her becoming a Puella Magi and battling Witches. Obviously, Isabella was more than eager to accept. She used her Wish to cure herself of her Leukemia, removing any trace of it from her body.

The doctors and her family were more than astonished by this miraculous recover, of course, and a little fanfare was devoted to her by the local press. But things settled down soon enough, and Isabella returned him for the first time in a long time, eager to live out her life, and determined to be a good Puella Magi to return the 'kindness' Gyubey gave her by giving her the opportunity to cure herself.

After a few brief fights that ended fairly well for the new Puella Magi, Isabella ended up meeting two other Magical Girls that lived in town: Abby Whitefield and Kat Pulaski. The two veteran Puella Magi took her under their wing, and together they made quite the effective team. This continued for over a year, and for Isabella, those 12 months were wonderful. Sure, there was danger in fighting the Witches, but she was still very happy to be alive, and she was easily glad to have made great friends (and lovers) with Abby and Kat. Truly, things couldn't have been any better for her.

And then...tragedy struck.

One day, they were fighting a particularly nasty and powerful Witch. They did defeat the creature, but at a high cost. Catherine died during the battle against this Witch, much to her friends' horror, and her body disappeared when the Labyrinth dissolved.

This event left Isabella and Abby quite heartbroken, of course, and left them in great despair. But what followed next hit them even worse. Kat's parents noticed she was missing soon enough, and the following hysteria hit them both very hard. It pained Isabella especially to see her friend's parents in such a frantic and despaired state, and it didn't make her or Abby feel any better when they had to lie about not knowing where Kat was, or what had happened to her. Isabella felt especially guilty about not being able to give the Pulaski family any closure in their daughter's disappearance; Isabella knew that they could never be told the truth, and thus they would never know for sure whether their daughter was dead or alive.

Shortly after this, Isabella and Abby came to a somber realization. One day, what had happened to Kat may very well happen to them, and they'd bring their families great misery in the process. Thus, a tough choice was ahead of them.

Eventually, Isabella and Abby came to the hard decision that they needed to fake their deaths. They'd still be bringing misery and pain to their families, true, but at least they would have closure, and not have to live with the agonizing question of whether their daughters were dead or alive. Knowing was better than not knowing, in this case, and both Puella Magi wished to spare their parents that pain.

Isabella spent the next week plotting out their deaths with Abby, and saying her goodbyes to her family (in a covert fashion, of course). Once they had gotten down their faked deaths to the last detail, they set their plans in motion. A brief game of rock-paper-scissors decided who would die first: Isabella herself. Then, after an appropriate time, Abby followed in faking her own death.

With that done, the two of them fled town shortly thereafter, and began to roam across the country.

For the next six months, Isabella and Abby wondered from town to town, state to state, fighting Witches and just trying to generally live. During that time Isabella grew very close to Abby; she was all that she had left of her old life, and Abigail felt much the same way. They became closer than friends; closer than lovers. At one point, Isabella was quite certain that she was in love with Abigail, though she didn't tell her that. She wanted to wait for an opportune time...

Unfortunately, that never came up.

While they were in Georgia, Isabella and Abby came across another Magical Girl named Frieda Kaufman. At first, the two were wary of her; previous experience had told them that a lot of Magical Girls were very territorial, and didn't like other Puella Magi hunting Witches in their territory. But, Frieda proved different from the other girls. She was kind, friendly, and sweet, and lured Isabella and Abby in with her charming nature and convincing words. They stayed with Frieda for a few days, and hunted Witches with her. Overall, their stay with her proved to be a good experience, and gave some hope to Isabella and her companion. It was nice to see another Puella Magi who wasn't so vicious, or so mean...

It did strike Isabella that it was odd, though, that there was such an abundance of Witches in Frieda's area. There never seemed to be a shortage of them, which, while it was convenient, did strike her as odd. And there also seemed to be a higher than average number of disappearances in town, too. People of all ages and races just up and disappeared out of the blue, leaving many unanswered questions in their wake. And most disturbing of all, there seemed to be a large number of girls between the ages of 13 and 15 that seemed to make up most of the disappearances...

Frieda Kaufman, as Isabella and Abby later learned, was a sociopath, plain and simple. She put on a very convincing facade to other people, but in reality, she was a monstrous human being. She willingly fed people to Familiars so that they would transform into full-blown Witches, using a minor form of mind-control to lead these 'cattle' to their deaths. But worst of all, Frieda loved to take on apprentices. Newly contracted Magical Girls that either she or the local Incubator sought out to Contract. Frieda built up her new apprentices, earning their trust and love, just so that she could later tear them down, torturing them and making them fall into deep despair, so that they too would turn into Witches.

Isabella and Abigail discovered this quite too late. Frieda also had a habit of befriending traveling Magical Girls, luring them in with a false sense of security, whenever possible. And then when the moment was right, she would strike. She would take their Soul Gems away, and lock up the defenseless girls in her basement, and torture them until they succumbed to despair.

This happened to Isabella and her companion soon enough, and for the next week they remained at the mercy of Frieda, as she unleashed unimaginable horrors upon them to make them succumb to their despair.

Abigail was the first to fall. It came up to a point where she just couldn't take it anymore, where she became filled with hopelessness. And so, before Isabella's eyes, her last remaining friend and lover turned into the Witch Henrietta.

This sent Isabella over the edge herself; though she did not succumb to despair. She was filled with plenty of sorrow...but her rage took over instead. In her fury, she finally managed to break free of her bonds, and pounced before Frieda could intervene. She nearly tore Freida limb from limb, before finally crushing her Soul Gem beneath her heel. After that, Isabella buried the body of Abigail outside of town....and then hunt down her Witch, to put her friend out of her misery.

From that moment on, Isabella was a changed person. She cut herself off from other people, even moreso than she had before, becoming highly jaded and vindictive. And most of all, she gathered a deep and seething hatred of other Magical Girls and the Incubators, hating Frieda and the other girls for all that they had done to her and Abby, and hating the Incubators for making this all possible in the first place.

Now, Isabella continues to roam the country, all alone. She is determined not to become a Witch herself, and wishes to live on, to preserve the memory of her fallen comrades.


Magical Girl Outfit

Isabella's Magical Girl outfit is simple enough. It's a blue, flowery dress with unattached sleeves. Not much else to it.

On another note, Isabella's Soul Gem is hidden in the palm of her right hand.


So begins...

Isabella Silvia Castillo's Story