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Margaret Elisabeth Faust

"Witch eliminated. Alright, grab the Grief Seed and let's go."

0 · 1,099 views · located in Kalani Island, Hawaii, USA

a character in “Kalani Magica”, as played by ABC


Margaret Elisabeth Faust
Margaret Elisabeth Faust. Margaret is her maternal grandmother's name, and Elisabeth is the name of her father's sister. Somehow, she fails to see the irony present in her name.

She doesn't have any nicknames at the moment, but she's certain that it's only a matter of time before Judith comes up with something. She does, however, protest being called Marge.



Margaret claims to have no time for such things, though implying she likes girls does seem to get a slightly greater reaction.

Margaret's hair is long, thick, and black. It seems as though it would be far more unruly if not held back by a hairband.

Margaret has hazel eyes, and wears neither glasses nor contacts.

Like many Puella Magi, she has a symbol on the nail of her left middle finger, matching her Soul Gem's emblem, specifically a dark blue shield.

She's a bit short, but otherwise fairly average in build.

Margaret tends to dress rather simply. Not casual per say, just not particularly flashy. She'll often just wear a nondescript blouse and a plain pair of pants. Even during formal occasions her attire tends to be rather practical.

The only accessories on her person are her white hairband and her Soul Gem ring.

Combat knives. One in each hand, and the rest that were summoned floating a short distance off of the ground around her.

Natural Skills
Margaret's quick fingers, with their natural finesse, are excellent for manipulating fine objects, primarily her knives. She's also quite bright. Finally Margaret's sheer level of raw determination can be downright terrifying at times.

Learned Skills
Her experience as a veteran Magical Girl has taught her a few things, the most prominent being her fighting abilities, and her general ability to remain cool under pressure, the latter of which can make her extremely difficult to read. Also, while it's fairly irrelevant in her own opinion, Margaret took piano lessons when she was younger, and is still quite proficient with the instrument.

Margaret's ability to express herself is quite poor, as a result of her constant suppression of her own emotions. Also, she actually isn't that strong, at least when compared to other Puella Magi, hence her hit-and-run style of fighting. Finally, her pragmatism seems to falter when it comes to the people she cares about, and she finds herself doing things to appease them that, from an objective viewpoint, conflict with logic.

As is the case with all recorded Magical Girls, Margaret's strength, speed, and endurance are greatly enhanced. While she is weaker in terms of physical strength than most, her speed is exceeded only by those girls whose wish ability relates to it. The ability she herself received as a result of her wish, was a blue energy field that shields her from harm. Normally seen only as a faint dark blue aura around her body, the shield will briefly flash to a more visible outline around Margaret while absorbing damage.

Margaret's usually bland expression is often matched by her stance. She tends to stand perfectly straight, with her arms at her sides, or behind her back.

Her parents
Feeling prepared

Yuubey specifically
Reflecting on past events
Unreasonable people
Letting her facade slip

Margaret's biggest fear is losing someone important to her, a group which currently consists of her mother, her father, and her Puella Magi partner Judith.

Margaret typically acts as the absolute picture of a serious and collected intellectual, reserved, polite, calm, and levelheaded, if not slightly abrasive. She rarely speaks to most people, and is unlikely to say much if the situation demands that she do so, instead saying only what needs to be said, most often in a complete monotone, and then ending the conversation.

As a Puella Magi, she remains fairly the same, even while under full assault by a Witch. Even her cries of pain sound more like sounds of annoyance. She is however, noticeably more practical in her words and actions than many others of her kind. Her bearing while "in uniform" does tend to be slightly more severe or blunt, though this is most likely due to the level of danger involved. No Magical Girl under her tutelage, aside possibly from Judith, will find themselves coddled, nor however will they receive any evaluation that is not true. Margaret is neither one to give unearned praise, nor needlessly criticize. Those who work with her for long enough may find that, from time to time, her face softens, as she unwittingly lets her emotionless persona slip, if only for a moment.

It should be noted that her general stoicism is completely deliberate on her part, a defense against the harsh life of a Magical Girl. That said, it's largely automatic by now.

Personal Life
Significant Relationships
Currently, there are only three people who she could be considered close to, those being her mother, who she rarely gets to see, her father, who has to be visited in a mental institution, and Judith, her partner. Debatably, it could also be said that she is close to Yuubey, but the Incubator isn't really a person. In addition, they don't get along very well anymore.

Margaret loves her mother, and feels terrible for the situation that she has created for her. After all, the poor woman has to work two jobs just to support them. Unfortunately, this means that they are rarely ever able to talk to one another, and the times when they are able to do so usually sees one or both half asleep throughout the whole conversation.

Her visits with her father tend to follow the same general pattern. They always begin with polite greetings, and always end with him asking her to undo what she did with her wish. In retrospect, it might have been a bad idea to tell him in the first place, but she had thought that knowing how he survived might make him feel better about it. Apparently, this was not the case. Due to the repetitive nature of these visits, and her own packed schedule, Margaret rarely visits him any more.

Judith reminds her a great deal of what it was first like to be a Magical Girl, and as such, she's worries that she may eventually end up like Margaret herself, or worse, her mentor or the third member of their former team. To this end, Margaret has kept certain disturbing pieces of information from her, since she's decided they'll do her more harm than good. Aside from that, Margaret genuinely likes Judith, and tries to live up to the image the girl seems to have developed of her, even if that does mean occasionally abandoning pragmatism for a while.

Her interactions with Yuubey remain civil, so long as someone's watching. She does not approve in any way of him trying to contract with girls, tricking them into giving up their lives for a cause that most of them will never even learn about. As such she has made it very clear that she will kill him, should he attempt to approach a non-contracted girl. Though she has had to carry through with this over thirty times this year, he seems to be getting the idea, and only tries it when he's fairly certain he can get away with it. Despite this, he doesn't take issue with her personally, after all, he lacks the ability to hold a grudge, or even get angry in the first place.

Her mother and father are the only living family members that Margaret knows about. It's possible that she may have relatives on the mainland, but she never heard anything about them if that's the case.

The first thing of any real bearing on Margaret's current self happened about two years ago when she first contracted, her wish being that her father, who was overseas with the military at the time, would come home safely. Her first mission as a Puella Magi failed miserably, and she was nearly killed by a Witch that was far too strong for her. Thankfully however, Margaret was saved by two other Magical Girls who had happened to be in the area at the time, a veteran and her rookie. After this first incident, Margaret joined the two who had saved her as a Puella Magi trio.

For a month the three worked in tandem, and Margaret learned a great deal. Then her father was sent home, physically unharmed, as per her wish. He was not however, in a very good mental state, having "survived what should have killed any human", and having been the only one of his squad to do so. Shortly after arriving, he attempted to fix this, and was sent to a mental institution when he failed. Margaret tried explaining to him why he had survived, and that he shouldn't feel bad as a result, but this only lead to him insisting that she repair the damage she had done, since he was now unable to. She refused of course, and their visits ever since have had very few other conversational points.

Shortly after this, the veteran Magi of their trio met her death at the hands of a Witch, which caused further tragedy when the other girl fell into despair as a result, and became a Witch herself. The situation was then oh so helpfully explained to Margaret by their companion Yuubey, who explained that this was the fate of a all Magical Girls who didn't die first, the true nature of Soul Gems, and even gave her a brief lesson in thermodynamics when she asked why. Since then, Margaret has attempted to make herself cold and uncaring, as a way to prevent her own tumble into despair, along with adopting a more practical stance on hunting Familiars.

Over a year later, she found Judith, who had only very recently become a Puella Magic. She took the girl under her wing, but couldn't bear to tell her what she had truly agreed to in making a contract, instead doing her best to teach and protect her. This also marked the beginning of her campaign to prevent any further contracting, which has had an impressive degree of success, at least within the confines of Kalani Island.

Magical Girl Outfit
Margaret's costume, like its wearer, is more practical than most. Rather than a frilly dress or holy robe, she instead appears garbed in a skintight suit of armor, shimmering slightly with a faint, dark blue, aura of protection, with her Soul Gem embedded in the suit just above her collarbone. Her transformation sequence consists of her putting the gem in place, and the rest of the suit expanding out from there, seeming to unfold in a mechanical fashion.


So begins...

Margaret Elisabeth Faust's Story

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Judith came into consciousness slowly, blinking her way back to the real world. She gave a light yawn and rolled over in her bed, trying to settle in for a few more minutes or hours of slumber...

"Big Sis! Wake up!" her sister Ruth, however, was not okay with Judith lazying about in bed. The young girl jumped on her elder sister's bed, startling Judith into full consciousness as she bolted upright.

"Ruth!" the Puella Magi glared halfheartedly at her nosy sibling, more miffed by the fact that she wouldn't be able to get back to sleep now, than over Ruth's rude awakening.

Ruth gave an unabashed giggle, smiling impishly at her big sister.

Judith smiled in reply, and without warning, lunged at her sister, her hands going to her side in a mere moment. Ruth gave a little shriek, which soon turned into laughter as Judith tickled the young girl.

"St-stop, J-Judy!" Ruth managed to squeal out, inbetween her incessant giggles. Judith smiled wider and bent down, kissing her sister on the forehead.

"Oh, if you insist." Judith teased, removing her wriggling from from her sister's sides. "Now, mind telling me why you woke me up?"

Ruth grinned even brighter at her. "Guess what? Margaret's here! She says you're both going to the mall today. Can I come with you?"

Judith blinked, and glanced at the cloak. A light blush spread across her face. "Al-already?! Crap, I forgot to set my alarm..."

Judith sprung out of bed, mentally cursing herself as she hurriedly started to change out of her pajamas. Crap! They were supposed to go out on patrol this morning, and she forgot all about it! Judith couldn't believe her luck. Ooh, she just hoped Margie wouldn't be mad at her for being so late...

"Can I come? Can I? Pleeeeease?" Ruth begged, shooting her sister a pleading gesture as Judith changed.

"Sorry Ruth, not today." Judith replied, more than used to denying such a request.

Truly, she loved her sister, but it really did annoy her how Ruth always tried to insert herself into the things she did with Margaret. Judith loved spending time with little Ruth, and she loved spending time with Margie...but, at the same time, she wasn't entirely too fond of the idea of spending time with her sister and best friend at the same time. Ruth was still a kid, after all, and she couldn't take the risk of Ruth discovering she was a Puella Magi...

"Come on! Please?" Ruth begged again, her face forming into what could be described as the 'puppy dog' look.

Judith studiously avoided looking directly at Ruth, least she succumb to her sister's desire. "I'm sorry Ruth, but Margie and I have...uh, special plans for today. We can't really have you tag along."

Judith finished changing out of her pajamas, and into more suitable wear for the day. Now, all she had to do was go to the bathroom to fix herself up! She just hoped that Margie wouldn't mind waiting on her a bit longer...ugh, she should have remembered to set that darn alarm! That way she wouldn't be so unprepared!

"Okay..." Ruth pouted, slumping on the bed.

Judith turned to her sister, and strode over to her. She gave Ruth a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. "I know you like hanging out with me and Margie, Ruth. But like I said, me and Margie have plans of our own today. We can hang out together another time. Okay?"

Ruth gave a slow nod, and Judith smiled. She kissed her sister one last time before hastily exiting her room, in a rush to get herself ready for the day.

Almost half an hour later she finally fixed herself up, and rushed down the stairs, skidding into the dining room where Margaret so patiently waited.

"I'm so sorry!" Judith huffed, her cheeks tinged pink. "I-I forgot that we were, uh, d-doing stuff today, and didn't set my alarm! I'm sorry, Margaret!"

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#, as written by ABC

Margaret wasn't entirely sure if she actually needed to sleep anymore, being what was essentially a magically animated corpse with the majority of its biological functions still operable, but she did know that it helped. Perhaps it was psychosomatic or perhaps it had something to do with using up less energy, but for, whatever reason, it helped. Unfortunately, she herself had not succeeded in obtaining any last night.

Instead, Margaret had spent the night mostly in pursuit of the little white creature that now rested on her shoulder. Yuubey had apparently decided that while she slept was the opportune time to go out and find additional girls to make contracts with.

Almost as if it knew what she was thinking about, the Incubator looked up at Margaret in a way that she assumed to be curiously. She didn't respond though. She felt no need to, as, if he was indeed confused about the current subject of her thoughts, there was no point in explaining again.

When Margaret approached the Cohen household at the appointed time, and knocked twice on the front door, she was surprised to find that it was not Judith, but her sister Ruth who opened the door. All the same, the surprise did not register on the Magical Girl's face, she had gotten quite good at avoiding that, and she spoke in her usual lack of tone.

"Hello Ruth. Is your sister here? We're supposed to be going to the mall today." This was of course completely false. Margaret had little interest in shopping outings, even when there were not more important things to be done. The truth of the matter was that Margaret had come to pick her partner up for Witch hunting. Of course, she couldn't tell Ruth that.

In answer, the girl nodded and dashed back into the house, leaving the door ajar, presumably as an invitation to come in. After watching Judith's sister round a corner and disappear from view, Margaret and the being on her shoulder shared a look. Margaret's being a one of warning, and Yuubey's one of innocent incomprehension, much like a child asking "What did I do?" It received only a glare in reply.

When Judith finally arrived downstairs, Margaret was waiting patiently in the dinning room, arms crossed behind her back, non-expression on her face, and an Incubator on her shoulder. She nodded to acknowledge her friend entering the room, then listened as Judith stumbled over her words.

"That's alright." the veteran Magi responded simply. "Shall we be off then?"

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"Um, yeah, sure." Judith replied, still blushing as she straightened herself and smoothed out her sundress. "I'm ready to go when you are, Margaret!"

Her eyes strayed briefly to the Incubator Yuubey, and she decided it was only polite to give the little alien creature a nod. Since her sister was still in the room, she couldn't openly acknowledge the creature, but at least she could share a brief mental greeting. It was the least she could do, after all, for the being that had made her life happy again.

"Good morning, Yuubey!" Judith thought cheerily, knowing the Incubator would easily be able to pick up on her thoughts.

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#, as written by ABC

"Good morning, Judith!" Yuubey exclaimed cheerfully, before leaping from Margaret's shoulder, onto Judith's, where he then proceeded to curl himself up against her neck. Margaret's face twitched, ever so slightly.

With another nod in reply to her partner's words, the elder of the two made her way to the door, and, with a brief farewell to the girl they were leaving behind, exited.

After she was certain that they had walked far enough away from the house, Margaret turned her ring back into the form it naturally took as her Soul Gem. The small gemstone maintained a steady dark blue glow as it rested in her palm, its lack of reaction to its environment indicating a lack of Witches in the immediate vicinity.

Turning back to Judith, she extended her unoccupied hand. "May I see yours for a moment?" It wasn't as though she was expecting a different reaction from her partner's Gem. What she actually wanted it for was to check for any signs of corruption. In theory, she could just ask, but she could be more sure this way, as Judith might fib to avoid worrying her, not knowing the consequences that could come from that.

Margaret trusted her partner, but omitting certain details from her meant making sure that Judith didn't fall into any pitfalls that Margaret herself was helping conceal.

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"Huh? Oh, uh, sure." Judith blushed slightly, and held out her palm, her transformed Soul Gem appearing on top a moment later, it's green glow untainted, aside from a very minor manifestation of dim, black corruption.

Judith handed her partner the Soul Gem, and briefly worried if Margaret would ask how the very minor corruption had gotten there, since her Soul Gem had been perfectly clear yesterday. She really hoped Margaret wouldn't ask that; it would be so embarrassing to admit she had used her invisibility powers to cheat on her science test yesterday!

"Oh, uh, by the way, Margaret," Judith started, half-hoping to divert her attention from the Soul Gem. "I finally found a nickname for you! Margie! Does that sound good to you, Margie?"

Judith smiled and giggled slightly, already liking how the name rolled off her tongue. It had been so hard coming up with a nickname for Margaret, considering her name made it so hard to shorten it into something cute. But, she'd managed it at last! She just hoped that her friend would like it.

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#, as written by ABC

For a moment, Margaret was extremely concerned by the slight taint that Judith's Soul Gem had, but a quick glance up allowed her to temporarily set aside her concerns about her friend falling into despair. Judith seemed happy enough, if somewhat embarrassed for some reason or another. As such, Margaret would just assume for the moment that the corruption had come from use of magic.

Though she did briefly consider asking what Judith had used the magic for, the green-haired girl spoke first.

"Hm? A nickname? Alright." She didn't really see why her name would have to be shortened, already being only two syllables as it was, but she didn't mind, and even if she did, that smile and giggle were not things that she could say no to under most circumstances. It probably wouldn't increase their combat effectiveness that much though.

"I think she wants to use it to indicate affection, rather than as a way of saving time." This was Yuubey, deciding to privately communicate to Margaret his thoughts on the situation. This was the emotionless alien, advising her on human customs and kinship. Not for the first time, the veteran Puella Magi wondered just how far she had removed herself from the people she tried to protect, and felt mildly sick, her Soul Gem succumbing partially to the corruption these thoughts created. She almost, almost, allowed this to register in her expression.

But of course, she couldn't allow that, now could she?

Instead, Margaret took a breath, regained her composure, and promised herself that she would eviscerate Yuubey later, maybe even twice, if she was feeling particularly vindictive. Then, pressing Judith's Soul Gem back into its owner's palm, making extra sure not to let go until she was certain that Judith had a grip on it, she spoke again. "It's a nice nickname. Thank you."

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"You're welcome!" Judith beamed, an eager smile forming across her face. It made her feel warm inside, to hear that Margaret liked the nickname. She was always eager to make her friend happy, since Margie always appeared so...closed off and unhappy. It made her wonder why she was always like that....

She took her Soul Gem back from Judith, and transformed it back into a ring.

"So," Judith began, pondering their options. Where oh where should they start their search?

"Where do you want to start patrolling, Margie? Near the Mega-Mall, maybe?" she inquired, racking her brain for viable patrol areas. Malls, hospitals, funeral homes, rundown places and areas, and mental facilities always seemed like good places to start up their search, given the Witches' attraction to misery.

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#, as written by ABC

Margaret wasn't entirely sure what a mall, mega or otherwise, had to do with misery and despair, but it was relatively close and it couldn't hurt to check, particularly considering they were almost out of Grief Seeds. Plus it was a highly trafficked area, so any Familiars that wandered in there would most likely be Witches by now, and any Witches should be taken care of before they could kill anyone passing through.

So Margaret offered the slightest of shrugs, saying "I don't see why not." She then turned on her heel and, making sure Judith was following, made her way in the direction of the mall with measured steps.

About halfway there, Margaret decided that she really didn't need to be walking around with a half darkened Soul Gem, especially if they were going to be fighting a Witch. After all, an important part of protecting others was making sure that she was still around to do so. As such, she produced from her sleeve the last Grief Seed they had on hand, specifically that of the Witch, Adelheid.

How did she know its name? Well, that was quite simple; she'd figured out how to read the runes that appeared in Witches' barriers. It actually wasn't that difficult once she realized that they could be translated directly into German. As for why she spent enough time looking at and thinking about the runes to figure this out... well, she had a lot of free time before she met Judith.

Purifying her Soul Gem, Margaret looked at the two objects in her hands, before tossing the Grief Seed over her shoulder to Judith. "It still has more than enough to cleanse that minor corruption. You can hang on to it after you're done."

After pausing for a moment to consider where they would get their next Grief Seed if the mall didn't turn up anything, Margaret called again over her shoulder, this time addressing the being resting on her partner. "I don't suppose you noticed any Witches while you were skulking about last night?" The thing tilted its head in a way that she assumed one would describe as "cute", that is if one didn't know what it really was, and answered in its falsely cheerful voice. "I wasn't really looking for Witches, and I didn't get to spend as much time out as I wanted."

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Judith caught the Grief Seed with a start, momentarily caught off guard. She nodded over at Margaret, and brought out her Soul Gem. She put the Gem against the Seed, and the minor corruption present in it transferred over to the Grief Seed. Once that was done, she pocketed the object away, and restored her Soul Gem back into ring form.

She continued to walk with Margaret to the mall, and not for the first time, she was rather glad that being a Puella Magi enhanced her body. By now her feet would be aching from so much walking, but she didn't feel a thing! In fact, she rarely tired at all, these days; something she was especially thankful for in Gym class.

Just another bonus for being a Magical Girl, Judith mused.

They continued their trek for some time, relatively silence keeping them company. And then...

"Hey, Margie! Do you wanna have a sleepover tonight?" Judith suddenly inquired, a cheerful, bright smile upon her face. It had been a little while since they had had the chance to have a sleepover together. It would certainly be nice to have one again! Maybe she could manage to convince her friend to let her braid her hair, too! Ooh, that would be fun!

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#, as written by ABC

Margaret was slightly relieved that Judith hadn't chosen to ask what Yuubey had meant by that, seeing as she didn't really have an answer she would be happy to give away.

As they walked on, the main sound being the taps of their footsteps, Margaret would periodically glance back over her shoulder to see that Judith was still alright, and that the third member of their group hadn't gone anywhere. He still needed to stick around to collect the energy from the used up Grief Seed, at least as far as she knew, and it wasn't like he would actually get anywhere even if he tried to make a break for it, but she still felt the need to check.

Just when they had almost reached the mall, Judith spoke up. "Hey, Margie! Do you wanna have a sleepover tonight?" Margaret didn't even have to consider the answer for a moment. "Alright. Shall we have it at my house or yours?" Margaret knew for a fact that there wasn't anything else in the way of this plan, since, aside from keeping an eye on Judith, any other responsibilities she had, namely Yuubey and homework, could taken care of wherever she was.

In addition, it actually might make her feel better. This thought actually managed to succeed in putting a tiny smile on Margaret's usually implacable expression.

In her hand, her Soul Gem flashed, indicating the presence of a Witch's labyrinth. Turning to Judith and showing her this, the elder Puella Magi asked "Ready?"

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"Your house, of course!" Judith enthused, grinning widely. "Your house is always best for sleepovers."

Judith then saw her friend's Soul Gem flash, and listened to her query. Judith gave a determined nod, and declared, "I'm ready as ever, Margie!"

With that said, she raced off with her friend, as they started running to the direction of the Witch's Labyrinth. With their Puella Magi enhanced bodies, it didn't take them long to reach their destination.

In the middle of the street, she and Margie crossed through the Witch's Barrier, startling a few passerbys who happened to look at them as they disappeared. As soon as they entered the Labyrinth, Judith grinned and took out her Soul Gem, proceeding to transform.

A flash of brilliant, jade-green light enveloped Judith, her transformation begun. When the light cleared, Judith's regular clothes were gone; instead, they were replaced by a long, billowing, purple hooded cloak that trailed to her feet. And in her hands, she gripped a single, wicked and sharp looking scythe, with a blade that extended quite a few feet.

"Let's go!" Judith declared brightly, once Margaret herself transformed. She spared a single glance at Margie's rather...form-fitting outfit, but didn't dwell on it for too long. They had a Witch to fight, after all!

As they started to traverse the Labyrinth, Judith found herself morbidly impressed with their surroundings; an old, dilapidated town stuck in winter greeted her every gaze, and a big Christmas tree at the town's center caught her gaze especially. Hm, was the Witch housed in that tree, perhaps?

Her musings were cut off when she heard a scream in the near distance. Judith halted for a moment, eyes wide. She immediately changed course and rushed over to the direction of the scream, and just in time, too. The Witch's Familiars, apparently life-sized gingerbread men, were encircling a pair of girls her own age.

Judith swooped down in an instant, twirling her scythe. She bisected a segment of the gingerbread men, watching as their forms crumbled into the thick snow.

Before the Familiars could react, she leaped through the hole she had carved through their encirclement, and jumped over the stunned civilians, landing behind them. She swiped her her scythe again, cutting through the remaining evil gingerbread men.

Once all the nearby Familiars lay crumbled on the ground, Judith turned to the now fortunate girls, beaming at them as she grinned with victory.

"Hi! I'm Judith. I'll be your rescuer today." she declared sweetly, as she planted her scythe upon the snow. She paused in thought a second later, leaning against her scythe.

"Oh, drat!" Judith fretted with a frown, looking over to her fellow Puella Magi as she joined them. "I just totally wasted my one opportunity to say, 'Come with me if you want to live'! Aww. I'll never get another chance to use that now, Margie..."

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#, as written by ABC

Chiyo had no answers for Aolani's questions, and was too terrified to speak even if she did. Instead, she could only cling wordlessly to her friend's side, as the gingerbread men grew steadily closer.

Just then, when there seemed no hope of escape, a figure appeared, seemingly from nowhere, garbed in a flowing cloak of deep purple, and armed with a lethal-looking scythe, wreaking havoc in the monstrous choir's ranks. Each creature releasing a low moan of pain, and spraying a thick dark-red frosting from its wounds as it was felled.

The animated pastry massacre complete, the girl then turned to Aolani and Chiyo, planing her scythe in the ground, and cheerily introducing herself. "Hi! I'm Judith. I'll be your rescuer today."

Chiyo could only think of one description for this person, who had just saved their lives by wielding an improbably large and deadly farming tool against a crowd of monsters. "A magical girl..." Chiyo's voice was one of hushed awe as she spoke this surprisingly accurate conclusion.

They were then joined by what seemed to be the remainder of the magical girl's group, a small, catlike creature with a cute smile and fluffy tail, and a girl in a faintly glowing suit of armor, who did not seem at all pleased with the situation.


Margaret's own transformation was significantly less bright, in fitting with her personality she supposed. She simply placed her Soul Gem in its place just above her collarbone, and her clothing was instantly replaced by a dark grey jumpsuit, that clung to her skin, allowing maximum freedom of movement. Then, starting at her Soul Gem, armor began to unfold itself over Margaret's body with the clicks and scrapes that would accompany it if the suit were truly mechanical. Finally, a blue glow surrounded her, ready to guard the Magical Girl from harm.

For just a moment afterward, Margaret thought she felt someone's eyes on her. A glance over at Judith however, revealed her to already be making her way forward, into the heart of the labyrinth.

While observing the details of the barrier, Margaret covered her mouth and nose with a hand. While the most prevalent scent in the air was of warm, freshly baked cookies, sugar if she was not mistaken, it didn't completely cover up the smell of rotting pine, and some sickly sweet scent that the veteran Puella Magi thought better of trying to place.

The scream gave Margaret even more pause than it had her partner. It wasn't the fact that people's lives were in danger, though that isn't to say she didn't care. What made Margaret stop dead in her tracks was the person making the noise, a girl of about their age.

A frantic glance about at first revealed Yuubey to be nowhere in sight. As the gingerbread men fell out of the way however, she could see it exactly where she had feared, casually strolling past Judith, up to the two girls.

In a flash, Margaret was past the already fading corpses of the Familiars, picking Yuubey up by the scruff of his neck, and turning to Judith. "Get them out of here safely. I'll deal with the Witch, and meet you in the food court."

And with that, she was dashing away at top speed, Incubator firmly clutched in her left hand, while she summoned a knife into the other.


The Incubator said nothing as the girl that had spent nearly every waking moment of her life for the past six months trying desperately to prevent him from doing his job yanked him away. Up until now, he'd tolerated this, mostly due to the amount of energy he would gather when she and Judith finally did succumb to despair, and the fact that they kept the Witch population under control, which could normally prove problematic on an island such as this one.

Now, however, things were different. The girls he'd been trying to contract with before now were of no better than average in potential, in fact the biggest advantage to this would be how much closer it might push these two to the edge, rather than the emotional energy of the girls themselves. What he'd just seen though, could not be ignored in quite the same fashion. Besides, Margaret was beginning to get dangerously close to costing him more energy than she would produce, and that was something that would not be allowed to transpire.

Yuuby prepared himself to disappear the moment she was distracted by the Witch.

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#, as written by ABC

Surprisingly, the Witch was found not in the middle of the town, as one might expect, but on the outskirts, sliding around a frozen lake. Given the way it moved, one might think it was skating, though that should have been impossible given its physical form.

The Witch, Carolin by the runes dancing around her, took the shape of a large snow globe, about twelve feet tall from the bottom of its base its very top. Occasionally, there seemed to be a light inside of it, though frosted over glass made it impossible to tell for certain. All in all, it was hardly the most horrific Witch that Margaret had come face to face with. Heck, it wouldn't even rank in the top ten.

As it skated, Carolin seemed to sway a bit from side to side, in a sort of dance to the jingle-bells still in the air. They seemed to be louder here, perhaps due to the fact that she was closer to their source. Under the ice, distorted images played. People holding hands, a child tearing the wrapping off of his Christmas gifts, and squealing with delight at their contents. Two girls baked gingerbread cookies together, and people greeted each other with a warmth that was obvious even through the ice, distortion, and fact that there was no accompanying audio.

Seeming to notice her, the Witch slid to a stop, rotated one-hundred and eighty degrees, presumably to face her, and sat unmoving for a good ten seconds.

Suddenly, it rose off of the ice, supported by eight large tentacle-like legs of braided Christmas lights, and began rushing towards her, a hideous scream emanating from inside the frosted glass. Looking closer would reveal a distorted face pressed up against the inside. The whole thing would have been enough to make hardened mercenaries reach for a new pair of trousers.

Margaret, of course, didn't bat an eye.

Instead, she waited impassively as the Witch careened forward at top speed, readying one of its glowing limbs to crush her. It was only just before the leg came crashing down that she moved slightly to the side to avoid it, smashed ice flying into the air and mixing with the snow. She then replied with a flurry of slashes from the knife in her hand, leaving the limb in a tattered state as the monster instinctively reeled back.

Rather than let the Witch retreat, Margaret ran directly at it, summoning a number of knives underneath it, before dropping herself backwards and sliding across the ice it stood over. In doing so, Margaret slid right over the image of a woman's smiling face. As she slid, the Magical Girl grabbed the knives she had summoned and threw them upwards as she passed under the Witch.

Carolin howled in pain as the blades embedded themselves in its underside, blindly flailing its appendages in a frenzied attempt to strike the source of its suffering. By virtue of having eight such appendages, and thus a great deal higher odds of randomly landing a blow, this actually yielded some success, and Margaret was sent skipping across the frozen lake like a pebble.

Thankfully, Margaret's shield absorbed the damage that would normally have just shattered her ribcage. Unfortunately however, the initial strike was all the shield could take at the moment, and so the next several bounces actually did hurt.

As she stood, the veteran Puella Magi observed that she had not been the only thing hit during the Witch's little temper tantrum, and materialized a single knife. As Carolin readied itself for another charge, she threw the blade, sending it speeding through the chilly air of this eternal winter, before burying itself in the ice at Carolin's base. More specifically, the knife was buried in one of the many cracks that had appeared when the Witch had inadvertently pounded the ground in its efforts to crush Margaret.

At first there was a crunching sound, followed by a moment of silence, even on the part of the previously omnipresent bells, and then there was a slight whine.

Margaret took a moment to be grateful for having just been tossed to the edge of the lake, before taking the single step backwards to get off of it.

The change in weight distribution was apparently too much for the significantly weakened ice, and the entire frozen sheet seemed to collapse inwards, taking Carolin with it. In a bizarre twist on convention, the whole lake and the smashed fragments of ice adorning it seemed to drain away into the bottom of the lakebed, before dissipating entirely, leaving only a Grief Seed as a sign that anything was ever there in the first place.

As the barrier faded around her, Margaret strolled over, and picked up the Grief Seed in one hand, while using the other to straighten her hairband.

Wait a minute.

A quick look around revealed what Margaret had already known; Yuubey was long gone.

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Judith & Aolani

Judith guided them swiftly out of the Witch's Labyrinth, reaching through the barrier and back into the normal world, landing them back into a mostly deserted alleyway.

Judith let go of them both, and backed away slightly, looking at them, especially Aolani, with concern.

"Are you both alright?" Judith inquired, switching her gaze back and forth between the two of them.

Aolani, now quite pale, managed to give a brief nod. She steadied herself against a wall, and continued to squeeze Chiyo's hand. In a more calmer situation, it'd strike her as odd that she was the one seeking comfort, for once.

"Y-Yeah, I'll be....j-just, just give me a minute." she wheezed out, her throat quite sore from all the screaming. She gave a grunt and rubbed at her throat, feeling a little embarrassed now by her earlier hysterics.

"S-Sorry about that. I just....don't like heights. At all." the blonde added, as she slowly regained her breath. Already, some color was returning to her face.

God, this was unreal. Just what the hell was going on here?

They spent another minute in the alley, taking a little time to recover and process all that had happened. Then, Judith dissolved her transformation, reverting her Soul Gem back to ring form, and appearing back in her dress.

"Margie said we should go to the food court at the mall, so let's go ahead and do that. It shouldn't take her long to join us there." she proclaimed. Aolani gave a slight shrug in response, unsure of what to say at that moment.

With the decision made, the three of them left the alleyway and walked to the mall proper, which thankfully was only a block away from where they had appeared. The odd trio made their way into the mall, and Judith guided them over to the food court on the third floor. She chose an table for them near the back end of the court, far away from anyone else, and took a seat.

"So. You two must have a lot of questions about what just happened. I don't know if I can answer everything, but I'd be willing to try." Judith sweetly stated, a smile on her face.

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#, as written by ABC
Chiyo & Yuubey

As usual. Chiyo let Aolani do the talking when the subject of introductions was brought up. Her uncharacteristic talkativeness really only applied to the subject that had caused it. In all other regards, she was as shy as she normally was.

Chiyo listened carefully as the Magical Girl, or Puella Magi, as she now knew her to be, answered her questions. As she listened, she felt Aolani take her hand underneath the table, causing the gamer to smile once more. Magic was real, and Aolani was relying on her, at least somewhat. From that perspective, this was probably one of the best days of Chiyo's life.

The explanation raised almost as many questions as it answered, though Chiyo supposed that was part of the nature of these things. She considered asking about the things that Judith had just brought up, but the girl had already said that she was not the best person to explain.

Just as she was about to ask Aolani if she had any questions, a new voice was heard.

"If you'd like my help explaining anything, I'd be glad to offer my assistance."

Suddenly, sitting as though he had been there the whole time, the creature from earlier was on the edge of the table, in front of the chair next to Judith's. Debatably, he may have been, since Chiyo never actually saw him move, she was just fairly certain that she would have noticed him earlier. Then again, she wasn't exactly the most observant person, at least in her own opinion.

Having extended his offer of help to Judith, Yuubey turned his head in Aolani's and Chiyo's direction, and, without opening his mouth, began to speak. "Judith already told you my name, but we've yet to be formally introduced. I'm Yuubey. It's good to meet you, Aolani Stevens, Chiyo Wakahisa."

There was a pause, in which, Yuubey turned first to each of them, before finally glancing at the exit. Hm, perhaps the Witch was causing Margaret a bit more trouble than he'd thought it would. Just as well, as it would give him a bit more time to talk to these two without her interference.

"If you have the time, there's something I'd like to ask of you two. I want you to make a contract with me, and become Magical Girls!"

As it uttered the last part, the being tilted its head and closed its eyes, its voice going up slightly in pitch, making its unwavering smile seem all the more cheerful.


Margaret dashed through the streets, Grief Seed still in hand. Thankfully she bothered to dismiss her Magical Girl attire, else she'd be receiving even more curious glances than she already was.

As she ran, the veteran Puella Magi quickly considered the situation. The Witch's barrier itself was just barely out of the way, and wherever they came out likely would be as well. She was fairly certain that she had been holding onto the Incubator long enough for them to get out and start making their way to the food court, at that point, Judith would follow her instructions well enough to take them there even if Yuubey attempted to interfere. Also, since he claimed never to deceive, and Margaret had never seen him do so directly, she probably didn't have to worry about him saying that she had sent him with different instructions.

As such, they would most likely be at the food court, where it was too public for them to actually make a contract. Even so that didn't really guarantee anything.

Briefly, Margaret considered calling out to her green-haired partner, not to let the girls contract until she arrived. She decided against in however, as, while she would likely do so without complaint, she would expect an explanation at some point. Combine that with the fact that there was little immediate danger of them contracting, and the risk was not worth the gain.

With this in mind, she stopped outside of the mall's front door, taking a breath and composing herself. There would be no sense in Margaret rushing in when time was no longer of the essence. Yuubey could teleport, or at least move in such a fashion as to emulate teleportation, so he would already be there, saying what he wanted to say. What was important now was that she have her wits about her, so that she could counter his plotting verbally rather than physically, and she would need to remain calm to effectively do so.

So, clearing what little emotion had made its way onto her expression, Margaret pocketed the Grief Seed, and stepped into the mall.

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#, as written by ABC

Yuubey nodded in reply to Judith's question, before turning to answer Aolani's.

"Witches are dangerous creatures born from despair, that wander the Earth cursing whoever they can. Normal people can't see them, unless they wander into the barriers they hide within, like you two did. This means that Witches, if left unchecked, will go around killing people, with no one able to stop them."

The small creature paused for effect, looking in particular at Chiyo for a moment, before facing Aolani, who had been the one to actually ask the question, once more.

"There are however, a few girls who have the power to do something about it: the Magical Girls. They have the abilities to track down and defeat Witches. That's where I come in. I seek out girls like you, with the potential to become Magical Girls, and offer them a contract. In exchange for agreeing to becoming a Puella Magi, and fighting Witches, I can grant you any one wish."

The Incubator was hoping, well, as far as he could hope anyway, that this last part would catch the pair's attention. The wish part tended to peak humans' interest. The fact that he had implied that they'd be saving the lives of people who would otherwise be killed probably wouldn't hurt either.

Chiyo & Margaret

If Chiyo had previously been glowing with enthusiasm, she was now positively blinding with it. She, of all people, could fight monsters and save lives? Plus, she would get magical powers, the uses of which were clearly not limited solely to fighting, and she would get a wish on top of all that? Chiyo wasn't one who liked to be rushed, or do things hastily, nor did she have a wish in mind at the moment, but just the idea of being useful made the whole deal quite appealing in her eyes. And, if she was honest free magical powers sounded pretty cool too.

She looked to Aolani, in an attempt to gauge her reaction, when suddenly, the girl who Judith had been with, Margaret, she had said, walked in. She still wore that same non-expression, though Chiyo, trained in the art of reading girls by her years of playing games that depended on your ability to do so, did manage to pick up a slight feeling that something was off. More than that though, the dark-haired Magical Girl's serious demeanor was immensely intimidating to Chiyo, who shrank into her chair the moment that she arrived.

Margaret wordlessly approached the group, pulled out a chair, and, with a brief nod of acknowledgment to Judith, sat down. Her posture was perfect, and she offered the two humans at the table a polite smile as she extended her hand to the one who wasn't cowering in her seat. "My name is Margaret Faust. I apologize for not introducing myself before, but there were more imminent concerns to be dealt with."

Looking from Judith, to Yuubey, then back to the girls, Margaret asked "Has everything been explained to your satisfaction, or is there anything that you would like me to clarify?"

Since the Incubator had already made his offer, it was too late to just send them on their way. No, if she wanted to prevent these two from contracting, she'd have to make the idea seem unattractive enough that they would refuse it of their own free will. This would obviously be much more easy if she just told them why she was opposed to it, but of course that wasn't an option.

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Judith & Aolani

Aolani shook Margaret's hand absentmindedly, as she thought over what Yuubey had said. Frankly, it didn't make a lot of sense to her...but, well, she was still adjusting to this new...reality. So it was understandable that she had a hard time grasping everything that was going on.

"There are...some things I don't quite understand." she confessed, speaking to both Margaret and Yuubey. "Are there any criteria for a Wish that can be granted? Like, is there a limit that these Wishes have to follow? For example, would it be possible for me to Wish to become God, or something? Not that I'd want to, but I'd like to know if we have any limitations. And what does it mean to be a Puella Magi, or Magical Girl, or whatever? How else are Magical Girls different from regular people, aside from their powers and all that stuff?"

God, she was taking this seriously, wasn't she? But this was her new reality now, whether she liked it or not. Better go along with it, and roll with the punches. Otherwise, she'd probably drive herself mad trying to deny what was going on before her.

Hm. It made her really hope that she was, in fact, tripping balls. Being drugged out of her mind would be far preferable than facing...this incomprehensible mess.

Well, maybe not. Still, at least THAT would make sense. Magical Girls, Witches, and cat-like creatures offering free Wishes, however, did not. If just in her opinion.

Aolani managed a glance over at Chiyo, and resisted the urge to sigh. Man, she was really taken with this, wasn't she? Of course, Chiyo was the sort of girl who would be delighted by the revelation that magic really existed, and all that jazz. Hm. At least one of them was having fun with this...

"And I was wondering...what exactly are these Witches? Like, where do they come from? How are they born? Do they ever die of natural causes? And why haven't you Magical Girls banded together to eliminate the Witches everywhere? Maybe it wasn't quite feasible in the past, but with the onset of world-wide globalization, it would be pretty easy to form some sort of global Magical Girl organization dedicated to permanently eradicating the Witches." Aolani further questioned, as she gave the matter some more thought.

Perhaps she was over analyzing things a bit too deeply here, and perhaps she was bringing logic into an area of reality that didn't really even make any logical sense; still it couldn't hurt to ask.

Judith, meanwhile, stared at the blonde with increasing surprise. She asked a lot of intelligent and interesting questions; questions that she herself had never really considered, either. Huh.

"Say, where do Witches come from, Margie?" Judith inquired, pondering the matter over. "I don't think I've ever asked you or Yuubey that. I know they're created from despair, but what exactly does that mean?"

It wasn't something she had truly considered in depth before, but this new girl here did raise some interesting points.

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#, as written by ABC
Margaret, Yuubey, & Chiyo

Yuubey's initial assessment was correct. The first thing either of them had expressed interest in was the wish. He was quick to answer her question, with his species' standard style of response.

"If you truly had the desire to do so, and you had the potential within you, you could indeed become a god, Aolani Stevens. As it currently stands however, you have neither. I can grant any one wish in exchange for the contract, but such a wish is beyond the ability of most girls to handle. In theory, you could make a contract for something beyond your potential, for something that you don't really want, but I've never heard of it happening before, and I wouldn't recommend it."

He paused, as he considered mentioning Chiyo's unusual level of potential, but decided that he would speak with her privately about that later. No sense in giving Margaret a clue as to where he might go next time she lost track of him.

"That said Aolani, you could still wish for any number of miracles that could never be achieved otherwise. It's against the rules for me to actually suggest any, but suffice it to say that you could even bring back the dead if you chose."

At this, Chiyo reacted noticeably. Something about that last part had clearly struck some sort of chord with her. Perfect.

The next questions however, put both Yuubey and Margaret off. The true meaning of being a Puella Miagi, and the specifics of the birth of Witches, were not something that either readily gave out, although Yuubey would be more than willing to tell the blonde anything she wanted to know after she, and her friend, had made contracts with him.

It was then that the small creature, with its unchanging catlike smile, did something that absolutely infuriated Margaret. He turned around to look at her, before saying simply "As for what it means to be a Magical Girl, who better to ask than the two sitting in front of you?"

That little white rat was pushing her to do his lying for him! He knew for a fact that, for the moment at least, she'd lie through her teeth to these poor girls to avoid having Judith hear the reality of what she had agreed to. And so, for whatever enigmatic reason it had, Yuubey was making her deceive in its place. Even knowing this though, she was still cornered.

"The primary difference, aside from our magic, is this." The veteran Puella Magi placed her hand flat upon the table, before turning it so that he palm faced the ceiling. As she did, her Soul Gem appeared in her hand. "This is a Soul Gem, arguably the most important part of being a Magical Girl. In allows us to detect magic in our general vicinity, keep track of how much magic we've used up, and withstand injuries that would easily kill normal humans."

She was leaving out a good deal, but nothing that she was telling them was technically inaccurate. The moment that she thought this, Margaret felt sick with herself. 'Omitting' important parts of the truth, manipulating others, disguising something that most would consider positively horrific as positive; she was becoming just like him.

Feeling the gaze of both the Incubator and the others at the table on her, Margaret continued speaking. "Witches are a Magical Girl's antithesis. They do not, as far as we know, die unless killed, and the most common method of birth for them is one of their Familiars killing enough people to evolve into a copy of them."

"Evolution based upon combat experience." Chiyo mumbled. "Like Pokemon."

It was then that she realized that she had spoken aloud, and turned red, shrinking back into her chair, and basically looking like she wanted to disappear.

For a long time, Margaret said nothing, instead looking blandly at the purple-haired girl, who squirmed under her gaze, before finally resuming her explanation. "Yes... I suppose you could say that. Moving on, there are a number of reasons that we don't connect via the internet to hunt Witches into extinction. Firstly, considering the fact that we're all contracted to hunt them in the first place, a coordinated effort wouldn't likely make much of a difference. Secondly, Magical Girls, like all people, do not always get along, particularly since we all need the Grief Seeds we get from defeating Witches to continue using magic. Without them, you're basically dead, and, as I'm sure you're aware, people will do a great deal to avoid being dead, including hurting others. This problem could, in theory, be remedied with globalization, but that assumes that everyone is willing to share."

This speech was largely directed at Aolani. Margaret had basically given up on appealing to the other one. She was far to idealistic. The best chance that they had was that Margaret could dissuade the track star, and she could in turn appeal to her friend.

"Finally, there's the issue of establishing communications in the first place. Yes the internet can connect a lot of people, but when was the last time you saw someone's Facebook account declaring them to be a Magical Girl? Even you did find others, how would you know?"

Clearing her throat, Margaret added at the end "Now, with all of this said, I would like it known now that I do not recommend either of you make a contract. It is entirely possible that you could meet with a horrible death at the hands of a Witch, and I have neither the time nor the ability to look after you. If you're worried about the safety of this city, you can rest assured that Judith and I have things well in hand."

Perhaps that last part might have been a bit much, but hopefully it would impress upon them a fraction of how serious this was.

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Judith & Aolani

Aolani nodded, taking in everything Yuubey and Margaret proclaimed. It was quite a lot of information to consider, and she'd take her time mulling it over; that way, she'd have more time to analyze the information, and think of any flaws or questions she could point out or ask at a later date.

"Alright. Fair points, on all accounts. That about answers all my questions, though I'll probably have more to ask later, once I've had time to think things through." Aolani stated, running a hand through her hair. She already felt her minor headache disappearing, much to her relief. Now that she had...mostly...accepted this situation as reality, she was quickly coming to terms with this.

....Well, she'd probably have a more proper breakdown later, and there were still some drug tests to run, but for the moment, she was accepting of the whole matter.

Or, alternatively, she was certifiably insane now. Either one was a good possibility.

Hm. Speaking of which....

"Note to self: check and see at some point if I am developing schizophrenia or a similar mental disease that causes vivid hallucinations." Aolani thought, not ruling out that notion either, now that she had it in mind. While unlikely, she could also be suffering from some sort of mental psychosis. Something she'd find out later, among other things.

"Well, I'm not going to make a Contract right here, right now. So you don't have to worry about that." Aolani added, hoping Margaret might be suited with that answer.

She didn't preclude the idea of her Contracting altogether, though; from all accounts, fighting Witches seemed like a noble cause, and she'd get one free Wish out of it. Though Aolani didn't have the slightest idea of what to Wish for at that moment, she could always use it to help her Grandpa. He wasn't getting any healthier, and she always had the dormant fear that his heart condition would worsen, someday soon...

Still, she wouldn't rush into things head first. She'd think this matter through seriously, and consider all the possibilities and likely consequences. Aolani was smart enough to realize that nothing in life was free, and everything had a consequence. So she was particularly wary of this 'free' Wish that was offered to entice them into Contracting, and she was equally wary of Contracting before knowing what she was getting into.

She also had a feeling that Yuubey and Margaret weren't telling her everything, too; she felt that there was some sort of unspoken secret between them. What that was, though, she couldn't tell.

Yet. The blonde was nothing, if persistent. She'd get her answers, sooner or later.

"Margie!" Judith gave her partner a slight glare, put off by her strong ending words. "Don't scare them off like that! I think they've suffered enough frights today."

Still, she could understand her friend's reluctance to see them Contracted. Judith didn't want to see them get hurt either, and they'd be doing a lot of dangerous things when hunting Witches. And there was always the situation with the Grief Seed was fine enough between the two of them, but could four Puella Magi on one relatively tiny island share Grief Seeds enough to sustain them all? It was a good question, for sure.
That didn't mean that Judith didn't want them to Contract, though. She'd be more than happy to have them along, especially if it meant making more friends! And perhaps, if they had some new partners, she and Margie wouldn't have to go out to hunt as often.

Either way, there were pros and cons to Aolani and Chiyo Contracting. Though, if Judith had to speak in favor of either option...she would love for them to Contract. It was their choice, though, so she wouldn't push them into anything they didn't want.

"Margie is right in the fact that we face a lot of danger," Judith allowed, nodding her head. "But every job comes with its own risks. Personally, I'd love for you both to Contract! I'd love to make new friends and partners. But, it's your choice. And you two should really have some time to think it over, too. It'd be a bad idea to rush into this. In fact, it took me a week before I decided to take Yuubey up on his offer."

Well, it was more like it took her a week to think out her Wish in just the right way, actually. Once Yuubey popped up in her life, Judith knew that she would become a Puella Magi, if just for the Wish he offered. It had just taken her that long to think of a Wish that could successfully bring her sister back to life, and save the lives of the other kids and adults that died during the now redacted Kalani Elementary School Shooting, without simply bringing them back as Zombies or something.

But, Judith didn't really want to divulge all that. She hadn't even told Margie her Wish, and she wasn't about to bring it up with them, either.

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#, as written by ABC
Margaret, Yuubey, & Chiyo

Chiyo was rather unnerved by Margaret's grim warning. She was aware that agreeing to fight monsters was serious, but the danger didn't change how useful she could be if she did. The fact that Margaret wouldn't approve might make her hesitate a bit, but Judith wanted them to contract. Even so, if Aolani thought it best to wait, then perhaps she should as well.

Speaking of Aolani, Chiyo was glad that her friend seemed to be adjusting somewhat to their current situation. She got the impression that the blonde still wasn't sold on this whole deal, but at least she didn't seem to be nearing any sort of mental breakdown.

If he had be able, Yuubey would have frowned at Aolani's words. It was normal for potential candidates to want to take some time to think his offer over, indeed, it was extremely rare to find one that accepted immediately unless there was some imminent threat they hoped to use their wish to avert. Unfortunately, these were not normal circumstances. The purple-haired one's potential would definitely put him back on track towards meeting his quota if she chose to contract, but Margaret had made it clear that she would do almost anything to prevent him from contracting with anyone else. If he didn't do anything about it soon, she would drive these two away.

Margaret actually did frown, even if it was just slightly. This was not going well. Even if Aolani had said that she wouldn't be contracting right now that didn't mean that she wouldn't later, especially if her friend didn't have the sense to completely think her decision through. In addition, there was the fact that, even if they pairs did go their separate ways this very instant it would still be too late for her to employ her normal tactics.

Normally, it didn't matter if the girls she prevented from contracting saw her for a moment as she snatched up Yuubey. She always did so in her armor, and thus they couldn't identify her in that brief moment even if they normally would have been able to.

These two however, could be approached by the Incubator at any later point in time, and there was very little that she could do about it, other than keep a physical hold on him twenty-four hours every day for the rest of their lives, or at least for the few years it would take these two to get out of the recruitment age. Again though, that obviously wasn't an option.

And Judith was encouraging them. She couldn't be blamed for it. In fact, the fact that she was satisfied with being a Magical Girl meant that Margaret was doing fairly well in keeping from her the more unfortunate details about the agreement.

"That's alright. You don't have to decide now. A lot of girls in this area take a little while to consider the offer, or at least their wish. As a matter of fact, the only one in the past few years who made the contract with me immediately is Margaret."

Margaret's focus shot over to the Incubator, who was no longer sitting in front of the chair she had deliberately chosen so that she'd be close enough to grab him and retreat if necessary. Instead, Yuubey was now perched on Chiyo's shoulder. From the surprised look on her face, Margaret assumed that she was just noticing this as well.

"Speaking of which, I was thinking I would follow Chiyo home today, as she seems to be the one most interested accepting my offer, and you two will be busy with your sleepover. If you need me to take the Grief Seed, I can do that now."

While his words were clearly directed to both of the Puella Magi, Margaret was certain that his gaze was trained on her. If she wasn't already aware of the creature's emotionless nature, she'd say its smile grew just a little wider.

Underneath the table, Margaret's hand clenched into a fist.

Chiyo, meanwhile, looked curiously over at the being known as Yuubey, both because of what he had said, and the fact that he was suddenly compromising her personal space. She didn't have any objection to either, well, maybe the second part a little bit, but both were rather unexpected.