Margaret Elisabeth Faust

"Witch eliminated. Alright, grab the Grief Seed and let's go."

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♦ Margaret Elisabeth Faust ♦
Margaret Elisabeth Faust. Margaret is her maternal grandmother's name, and Elisabeth is the name of her father's sister. Somehow, she fails to see the irony present in her name.

She doesn't have any nicknames at the moment, but she's certain that it's only a matter of time before Judith comes up with something. She does, however, protest being called Marge.



Margaret claims to have no time for such things, though implying she likes girls does seem to get a slightly greater reaction.

Margaret's hair is long, thick, and black. It seems as though it would be far more unruly if not held back by a hairband.

Margaret has hazel eyes, and wears neither glasses nor contacts.

Like many Puella Magi, she has a symbol on the nail of her left middle finger, matching her Soul Gem's emblem, specifically a dark blue shield.

She's a bit short, but otherwise fairly average in build.

Margaret tends to dress rather simply. Not casual per say, just not particularly flashy. She'll often just wear a nondescript blouse and a plain pair of pants. Even during formal occasions her attire tends to be rather practical.

The only accessories on her person are her white hairband and her Soul Gem ring.

Combat knives. One in each hand, and the rest that were summoned floating a short distance off of the ground around her.

Natural Skills
Margaret's quick fingers, with their natural finesse, are excellent for manipulating fine objects, primarily her knives. She's also quite bright. Finally Margaret's sheer level of raw determination can be downright terrifying at times.

Learned Skills
Her experience as a veteran Magical Girl has taught her a few things, the most prominent being her fighting abilities, and her general ability to remain cool under pressure, the latter of which can make her extremely difficult to read. Also, while it's fairly irrelevant in her own opinion, Margaret took piano lessons when she was younger, and is still quite proficient with the instrument.

Margaret's ability to express herself is quite poor, as a result of her constant suppression of her own emotions. Also, she actually isn't that strong, at least when compared to other Puella Magi, hence her hit-and-run style of fighting. Finally, her pragmatism seems to falter when it comes to the people she cares about, and she finds herself doing things to appease them that, from an objective viewpoint, conflict with logic.

As is the case with all recorded Magical Girls, Margaret's strength, speed, and endurance are greatly enhanced. While she is weaker in terms of physical strength than most, her speed is exceeded only by those girls whose wish ability relates to it. The ability she herself received as a result of her wish, was a blue energy field that shields her from harm. Normally seen only as a faint dark blue aura around her body, the shield will briefly flash to a more visible outline around Margaret while absorbing damage.

Margaret's usually bland expression is often matched by her stance. She tends to stand perfectly straight, with her arms at her sides, or behind her back.

Her parents
Feeling prepared

Yuubey specifically
Reflecting on past events
Unreasonable people
Letting her facade slip

Margaret's biggest fear is losing someone important to her, a group which currently consists of her mother, her father, and her Puella Magi partner Judith.

Margaret typically acts as the absolute picture of a serious and collected intellectual, reserved, polite, calm, and levelheaded, if not slightly abrasive. She rarely speaks to most people, and is unlikely to say much if the situation demands that she do so, instead saying only what needs to be said, most often in a complete monotone, and then ending the conversation.

As a Puella Magi, she remains fairly the same, even while under full assault by a Witch. Even her cries of pain sound more like sounds of annoyance. She is however, noticeably more practical in her words and actions than many others of her kind. Her bearing while "in uniform" does tend to be slightly more severe or blunt, though this is most likely due to the level of danger involved. No Magical Girl under her tutelage, aside possibly from Judith, will find themselves coddled, nor however will they receive any evaluation that is not true. Margaret is neither one to give unearned praise, nor needlessly criticize. Those who work with her for long enough may find that, from time to time, her face softens, as she unwittingly lets her emotionless persona slip, if only for a moment.

It should be noted that her general stoicism is completely deliberate on her part, a defense against the harsh life of a Magical Girl. That said, it's largely automatic by now.

Personal Life
Significant Relationships
Currently, there are only three people who she could be considered close to, those being her mother, who she rarely gets to see, her father, who has to be visited in a mental institution, and Judith, her partner. Debatably, it could also be said that she is close to Yuubey, but the Incubator isn't really a person. In addition, they don't get along very well anymore.

Margaret loves her mother, and feels terrible for the situation that she has created for her. After all, the poor woman has to work two jobs just to support them. Unfortunately, this means that they are rarely ever able to talk to one another, and the times when they are able to do so usually sees one or both half asleep throughout the whole conversation.

Her visits with her father tend to follow the same general pattern. They always begin with polite greetings, and always end with him asking her to undo what she did with her wish. In retrospect, it might have been a bad idea to tell him in the first place, but she had thought that knowing how he survived might make him feel better about it. Apparently, this was not the case. Due to the repetitive nature of these visits, and her own packed schedule, Margaret rarely visits him any more.

Judith reminds her a great deal of what it was first like to be a Magical Girl, and as such, she's worries that she may eventually end up like Margaret herself, or worse, her mentor or the third member of their former team. To this end, Margaret has kept certain disturbing pieces of information from her, since she's decided they'll do her more harm than good. Aside from that, Margaret genuinely likes Judith, and tries to live up to the image the girl seems to have developed of her, even if that does mean occasionally abandoning pragmatism for a while.

Her interactions with Yuubey remain civil, so long as someone's watching. She does not approve in any way of him trying to contract with girls, tricking them into giving up their lives for a cause that most of them will never even learn about. As such she has made it very clear that she will kill him, should he attempt to approach a non-contracted girl. Though she has had to carry through with this over thirty times this year, he seems to be getting the idea, and only tries it when he's fairly certain he can get away with it. Despite this, he doesn't take issue with her personally, after all, he lacks the ability to hold a grudge, or even get angry in the first place.

Her mother and father are the only living family members that Margaret knows about. It's possible that she may have relatives on the mainland, but she never heard anything about them if that's the case.

The first thing of any real bearing on Margaret's current self happened about two years ago when she first contracted, her wish being that her father, who was overseas with the military at the time, would come home safely. Her first mission as a Puella Magi failed miserably, and she was nearly killed by a Witch that was far too strong for her. Thankfully however, Margaret was saved by two other Magical Girls who had happened to be in the area at the time, a veteran and her rookie. After this first incident, Margaret joined the two who had saved her as a Puella Magi trio.

For a month the three worked in tandem, and Margaret learned a great deal. Then her father was sent home, physically unharmed, as per her wish. He was not however, in a very good mental state, having "survived what should have killed any human", and having been the only one of his squad to do so. Shortly after arriving, he attempted to fix this, and was sent to a mental institution when he failed. Margaret tried explaining to him why he had survived, and that he shouldn't feel bad as a result, but this only lead to him insisting that she repair the damage she had done, since he was now unable to. She refused of course, and their visits ever since have had very few other conversational points.

Shortly after this, the veteran Magi of their trio met her death at the hands of a Witch, which caused further tragedy when the other girl fell into despair as a result, and became a Witch herself. The situation was then oh so helpfully explained to Margaret by their companion Yuubey, who explained that this was the fate of a all Magical Girls who didn't die first, the true nature of Soul Gems, and even gave her a brief lesson in thermodynamics when she asked why. Since then, Margaret has attempted to make herself cold and uncaring, as a way to prevent her own tumble into despair, along with adopting a more practical stance on hunting Familiars.

Over a year later, she found Judith, who had only very recently become a Puella Magic. She took the girl under her wing, but couldn't bear to tell her what she had truly agreed to in making a contract, instead doing her best to teach and protect her. This also marked the beginning of her campaign to prevent any further contracting, which has had an impressive degree of success, at least within the confines of Kalani Island.

Magical Girl Outfit
Margaret's costume, like its wearer, is more practical than most. Rather than a frilly dress or holy robe, she instead appears garbed in a skintight suit of armor, shimmering slightly with a faint, dark blue, aura of protection, with her Soul Gem embedded in the suit just above her collarbone. Her transformation sequence consists of her putting the gem in place, and the rest of the suit expanding out from there, seeming to unfold in a mechanical fashion.


So begins...

Margaret Elisabeth Faust's Story

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#, as written by ABC
Margaret, Chiyo, and Yuubey

"Now what you must understand," Margaret began, "is that even with us there to protect you, this will be an extremely dangerous situation You will need to stay close, and follow any instruction we give you. Even with this, however, I cannot guarantee your safety. If you still decide to accompany us, do so knowing this." The way she spoke the words was not harsh, but it was severe enough that Chiyo still shied away slightly.

The dark-haired girl glanced briefly over to Judith, before adding "I'm not trying to drive you two off," which was technically true, "but it's more important than I can explain that you realize the severity this matter." Had Margaret truly remembered what it was like to regard these maters as fantasy she might have been better able to explain her position, and the warning she was attempting to give, but, as it was, her experience over the past years were a key part of the way she thought.

Chiyo said nothing, but gave a small nod in reply. She couldn't fully understand the severity of Margaret's words, but she was certainly aware of it. For whatever reason the girl had, this seemed to be extremely important, and she wasn't one to protest taking things, even things as cool as this, seriously.

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Aolani & Judith

It was a bit harsh on Margie's part, perhaps, but certainly true. Much as she wanted these two to become Magical Girls like her ad Margie, Judith knew that Witch Hunting could be extremely dangerous. She and her partner had had some close calls over their tenure as Puella Magi, and the green-haired girl didn't want to give any impression that this was an easy or tireless job.

"Margie and I will do our best to protect you two, of course!" the slightly younger girl was quick to assure, wanting to make that much clear. "You two can even bring weapons of your own if you want! I mean...unless Margie or I enchant them, I'm not sure it'd do much against a Familiar. But it would certainly help fend them off and give us time to help out."

Aolani frowned a bit at that...but then again, that was sort of becoming her default expression when it came to all this magical shit. It made enough sense, of course. So far, this all made a lot of sense. Still, something about this wasn't quite adding up in her mind. But what? "All right, I guess. That seems...logical. Out of curiosity...have you done this before? I mean, take prospective Magical Girls on Witch Hunts and all that crap. Are we the first, or were their others?"

The blonde wanted to know that much, at least. Far as she could tell, these two were the only Magical Girls on Kalani Island...which, in turn, made her wonder if there had been others in the past. Or if there had been others with potential like them, but had bailed out or...other things had happened. The way these two were talking, she honestly wouldn't be surprised if a Magical Girl had died in the past, or if some candidates had perished while on Witch Hunts.

"Hmm...." Judith tapped her chin thoughtfully, mulling the issue over. "I'm not sure about Margie, but I haven't, personally. I met Margie after I'd already Contracted, so she never had to show me the ropes, in that sense. What about you, Margie?"

She tilted her head, quite curious about that now, actually. Had Margie ever done this for anyone before? She...hoped the answer was no. The thought that her best friend and crush might have tried things out with another, prospective partner...well, it made her feel oddly and uncomfortably jealous.