a new religion pops up in the middle ages...causing a war...who's side are you on?

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Type: polytheism (moderately matriarchal)
Direction: inwards
Focus: achieving a better afterlife

Ruling Deities: The Goddess of Water and the God of Science and Strength
Important Deities: the Goddess of Peace, the God of Pity, the Goddess of Law

Divine Interaction: only in certain places (temples, holy sites, etc)

Involves: a hierarchy
Afterlife: is incomprehensible to the living and can be reached by the living, with effort
Supernatural: angry ghosts, guardian angels/spirits vampires

Worship: joyous group public sacrifices
Holidays: fairly often
Holidays Celebrate: minor deities, great priests, the harvest, prophets, the solstices, major deities
Major Holiday(s): are more celebration than prayer

Clergy: women
Function: missionaries, maintain temples/shrines
Lifestyle: luxurious
Family: rare (celibacy encouraged)
Chosen: ordained by other clergy
Distinguished By: a special dietary code

Cultural Aspects

Symbol: a bat enclosed in a cage
Holy Color: grey

Passed Down: via one holy book and some oral tradition
Creation Myth Type: succession
Mortals' Origin: darkness
Major Myth/Symbol(s): the covenant, the labyrinth, the cave

Deadly Sins: rape, and killing
High Virtues: chastity, kindness and responsibility

Associated Artform: stories/parables and singing

Coming of Age: 18 years old
Coming of Age Rite: must put your egg of darkness atop the highest tree in sight

Marriage: is usually caused by pregnancy
Marriage Rites: are attended by only close friends and family

Death Rites: last up to a week

Major Taboo: disease

Prevalence: believed by most
Outsiders: are thought to be following an equal path

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Character Portrait: Lyrica Romanoff


Character Portrait: Lyrica Romanoff
Lyrica Romanoff

preistess of the kalithorian religion


Character Portrait: Lyrica Romanoff
Lyrica Romanoff

preistess of the kalithorian religion

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Character Portrait: Lyrica Romanoff
Lyrica Romanoff

preistess of the kalithorian religion

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