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Aito Daisuke

"Does that work that way? BZZZT! Nope.. Lightning and water don't mix.."

0 · 192 views · located in The Phenoix Institute (T.P.I)

a character in “Kami no Ko Ito”, as played by Kai_Hibiki


Full Name: Aito Daisuke

Nickname (If any): The Rose. The Artist.

Age: 15

School: T.D.I.

Animal: Half Long Haired Wolf, Half Burmese Cat.

Apperence: Image His shoes aren't in the picture, but they are black boots. He also wears a diamond necklace. It was given to him before his Mother died. He also wears a tan scarf over his neck and mouth sometimes. It goes down to his feet.

Teacher or Student: Student

Personality: He's Protective, and loyal. But he's also quite absent minded, and will go off and chase things. Including butterflies, Squirrels and the like. He hates snakes, and bugs.

History: He was pretty much an average kid. Went to school, went home, did homework etc. But when he was 12, his mother gave him a necklace. Said necklace was special to her. His mother died two days after. He assumed the necklace was a sign of her death. When he was 13, he discovered what he was. And he kept it a well hidden secret. And then, here he is. 16 Years old, ready to mix with other people like him.

Extra: A special power would be his control over Electricity. And his speed, also his reflexes and his cat-like abilities of climbing. Being part cat and dog, it condradicts himself. He will treat himself as two different personalities from time to time. "Rose" being the Wolf, "Artist" Being the cat. His crush is Chiyoko Nakamura. But he shows it by calling her "Dear Girl" and whatnot. He also knows about Chiyoko's cold and critical side. Despite being a wolf - he can see in colour. He is fairly strong, extremely Protective. He has a few small knives strapped around his thigh on his trousers. And he has a Fairly large, sharp knife inside his left boot.

So begins...

Aito Daisuke's Story