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The action-packed, comical tale of some strange happenings...

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A restart of BoyKagome's Kampfer RP!

Kampfers are chosen representatives by moderators. Each Kampfer has one of three colored bracelets which are either Blue, Red or White.

Blue- Extreme power out put with attacks.

Red- Advanced Speed with attacks.

White- Power longevity allowing them to fight longer than most Kampfers without exhausting their power.

Each of these colors is against the other, their goal is to defeat or destroy their enemies of a different color. They are not given a specific reason why, the Moderators simply demand that they fight.

Along with different colors, Kampfers come in three different classes.

Zaubers- They attack with a single magic spell of massive offensive force.

Gewehr- Using a form of gun they are the class of long range and rapid attacks.

Schwert- The in your face class, they always wield some kind of blade from a sword, dagger or even a kama.

All Kampfers are female, however, if the Kampfer is male originally they will become a girl when they transform. Natural female Kampfers have an easy time controlling their transformations through will; males tend to need to rely on another transformed Kampfer being close by. If this happens they will get a few warning flashes on their bracelets before they are forced to transform. The closer the Kampfer is, the shorter the time lag. All Kampfers transform into the same school uniform for Seitetsu High School and all Kampfers attend said school.

One other unique item they get is a stuffed talking doll, it is their direct link to the rules of the game and the Moderators themselves. All of these stuffed dolls do share one characteristics of their guts spilling out of their belly.

Aside from their bodies, some Kampfers develop a form of split personality. Acting one way while normal and then acting the complete opposite after transforming. This trait is not uncommon but it doesn't happen every time either.

Seitetsu High School has strict codes for both genders, their is a special grid at each door way that only girls can enter. Males trying it would be shocked and knocked back. There are events that both sides can enter and certain areas in the school, like the building that connects the boys and girls side. In here there is a library, student council meeting hall, the principal's office and the gym. It is rather a rich school, which is apparent by their massive swimming pool on the bottom level. The school also has a news paper that reveals the most talked about girls and reveals the schools top 3 hottest Bishoujos.


1) Being different from the recent GM, I don't really like excessive cursing, so keep it to a medium-level.
2)Be literate please... I understand that you might not be the best, but do try, because I'm magic and can tell when you're not trying! ;)
3)Characters of the original story-line are welcomed back!
4)For now, I'll go with this rule, there's a two character limited.
5)Post two picture of your charrie(one of normal mode, the other of Kampfer mode!)
6) Also, Litria Death and RougeShadow are your GMs for this RP. Our word is your main course! ^-^
7)If I think of anymore rules, follow them! ^-^

Character Application:


Age- ( All Kampfers are in Seitetsu High School, keep that in mind.)


Bracelet Color- ( Red White or Blue.)

Kampfer Type- ( Zauber , Gewehr, Schwert )

Pic- ( Must have 2 images back to back of resembling people.)

Messenger- ( No pic required, just say the animal it is and its personality.)

Family?- ( Only those living with the Kampfer are required.)

After School Activities-

After School Job?-

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

Taking place in...

Japan our primary setting

The good ol' Asian island country! :)


Japan by Litria Death

The good ol' Asian island country! :)

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 3 authors


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#, as written by Allana

Allana stretched out and yawned. She looked over at the clock and was about to go back to bed when she realized she worked
this weekend. She got up and took a shower, brushed her teeth and headed downstairs for breakfast. Her mom was allready gone which
made Allana sigh sadly.

She made herself breakfast and after eating cleaned up the dishes. When the doorbell rung all of a sudden it made her jump.
"Mom is that you, did you forget something ?" she called out. When there was no answer she went and opened the door so that it was
still secured by the chain and looked around.

Her eyes finally saw an adorable chibi godzilla in a box and something else. She opened up the door and brought the Godzilla into her home.
"Hmmm Mr Godzilla looks like some of your stuffing is sticking out." She wondered why there was a pink intestine like thing sewn unto it.


She took the stuffed animal out of the box and a white bracelet fell out landing on her foot.
She blinked and reached down picking up the white bracelet. She tried to fit her hand through it and at first it didnt fit.
"Hmmm I wonder how you put this bracelet on, maybe it is a bracelet for you." She said and put it on the chibi Godzilla.

Suddenly she saw that she might be late for her job and took the chibi Godzilla to her room. She turned to rush off to work
and tripped over her slippers falling back and landing in a heap. The toy fell off her shelf and landed on her.

Allana shook her head and put the stuffed animal back on the shelf. She didnt notice it no longer had the bracelet on it
or that somehow the bracelet ended up on her.

She ran downstairs locked up and bicycled to work. When she got there she was handed an anime princess costume to wear
for the day and to make sure to great all the families showing up at the amusement park.


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Hakura woke up yawning loudly and looked over at the clock on her nighttable "Jeez what a damn night...couldnt sleep a wink" She shrugged softly and rolled over on her stomach, looking at the bracelet on her arm. It seemed like forever that she had this thing on her wrist and she was still trying to figure out what it meant "Aw well no need to dwell on the past...focus on the now" She said to herself and got out of bed and threw on some pajamas, going into the kitchen and started to make breakfast "Hakura...what are you doing? Get back to bed...." A small polar bear stuffed animal came into the kitchen and looked at Hakura "Come on...lets hit the hay again" "No Nimio...not now. I have to get ready to get to class..." She picked the entrail doll and put him on the table and started to make her eggs for breakfast "Big day today...i go back to school...i am excited to see who is there this year" She smiled to herself and looked around her home. She was excited to see who was there this year and quickly scarfed down her breakfast and stuffed Nimio into the bag, going outside and out the door to her car

She got into the drivers seat of her 1991 Buick Century and flipped the ignition, a loud roar filling the streets. She loved her car..that and her home are her two most prized possesions and quickly sped through the streets in her American car and headed for school. Today would be a good day


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Takato would yawn and jump out of the bed still confused about last night where he had found that stupid stuffed animal in the road he would look at his white bracelet and wonder what was going to happen next. He jumped up and got ready for school and began walking to school when he heard a noise coming from his backpack he sighs and says "Not you what do you want?" speaking to the entrail raccoon the animal replied and said "Well thought I would hang around with you you know?" Takato sighs and continues walking to school and says "This is going to be a hell of a day..."

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Japan by Litria Death

The good ol' Asian island country! :)

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Character Portrait: Allana Snow
Character Portrait: Takato Yamishita


Character Portrait: Allana Snow
Allana Snow

Fun loving and friendly. Allana loves anime and is a cosplayer. When a Kampfer she becomes cold and passionless.


Character Portrait: Allana Snow
Allana Snow

Fun loving and friendly. Allana loves anime and is a cosplayer. When a Kampfer she becomes cold and passionless.

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Character Portrait: Allana Snow
Allana Snow

Fun loving and friendly. Allana loves anime and is a cosplayer. When a Kampfer she becomes cold and passionless.

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Japan by Litria Death

The good ol' Asian island country! :)


The good ol' Asian island country! :)

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