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Leiko Koizumi

The Vengeful

0 · 231 views · located in Feudal Japan

a character in “Karyudo”, originally authored by Doom, as played by Renegade Spectre


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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxใ‚นใ‚ฟ โ–ˆ THE VENGEFUL
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                        Leiko Koizumi



                        Pitch black hair, snow white skin and blood red lips.

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                      Fighting Style

                        Cold Mastery

                        Leiko has complete and utter control over snow and ice. She can freeze things simply by touching them or by exhaling wispy white breath. Everywhere she goes, the temperature drops considerably. Should a mortal look in her eye, she has the power to strike fear and terror in their hearts. The demoness can and has exhibted succubus like tendencies luring men into a bitter storm only to kill them with a kiss.

                      xxxxxxxxxx- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - โ‡ฅ

                        Leiko was once jovial and easy going, despite her distance from the rest of the world. Perhaps deep down under the layers of ice and cold there is still that same, bright and smiling child her adoptive mother knew. Since the woman's death, Leiko has become nothing short of violent. Her volitile nature caused her to lure and trap people into blizzards all because she was alone in the world again. Despite only interacting with her adoptive mother, Leiko's supernatural charm makes it easy for her to sweet talk people.

                        Leiko didn't remember her childhood. She didn't remember being abandonded or even being shunned. What she did remember was the warm embrace of the only person to ever love her.

                        When Leiko was born, she was left on the doorstep of the local Shinto temple. Frigid to the touch and with skin as translucent as the moon on a clear night, the priests were terrified. They left the child swaddled and bundled -- though it was not necessary, at the foot of the great mountain. However, a kind woman happened upon an infant Leiko and took her home in the mountains.

                        This woman raised and cared for Leiko even though she was completly aware of what she was. She taught the young girl everything she could, but didn't allow Leiko to leave the saftey of the mountain. She explained to her that people wouldn't understand and they would be afraid. The only time Leiko went down into the village was in the winter and even then, she was very cautious.

                        However, her mother left their home often for supplies. One day, she left and never returned. Worried, Leiko traveled down the side of the mountain using the only path available. Unfortunatly, she found the lifeless body of her mother practically frozen, her ruby red blood splattered around her middle like jewels. Leiko was outraged and utterly distraught. She would not rest until whomever was responsible paid for their crime.

                        Leiko was relentless. She traveled down the mountain unleashing a terrible snow storm in her wake. She was careful and always hid her face, never getting too close to anyone. But she put herself into a position to listen and to learn. It didn't take long to hear two thugs bragging over a certain amount of coin they stole from the 'crazy mountain' woman. Enraged, Leiko wanted to kill them right then and there. Instead, she waited until nightfall. The men had been drinking and when they finally stumbled out into the cold night, she was there. At first she toyed with them, swirling around, giggling and playing. She slowly lured them to the spot where her mother's body was, the blood still stained on the snow. The men realized at once what was going on. Leiko allowed them to run, but they didn't get far. She quickly caught up to them and encased each man into a block of ice, covering them with snow. When the snow would melt, their bodies would be found and not a moment sooner.

                        From that moment, Leiko did not trust humans. They were vile creatures and she wanted no parts from them. She stayed up on her mountain, alone in the cabin she was raised in. Should people wander too close, she'd kill them without prejudice.

                        Recently, Leiko has been feeling a strange pull from the village almost as if something is calling out to her. Despite it being in the middle of summer, she is finding it harder and harder to ignore the summon.


So begins...

Leiko Koizumi's Story