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Takeo Forest


a part of Karyudo, by Doom.

This is the Holy Takeo Forest. Most of the demons who live in the Sakae area live in with this forest.

Doom holds sovereignty over Takeo Forest, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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This is the Holy Takeo Forest. Most of the demons who live in the Sakae area live in with this forest. Demon Hunters train the forest, it is the only way in and out of the village.
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Takeo Forest

This is the Holy Takeo Forest. Most of the demons who live in the Sakae area live in with this forest.


Takeo Forest is a part of Feudal Japan.

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Kageri Fukao [1] The Unwilling Child of Ankoku

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#, as written by Doom

          Summer air, it always smelt like heaven, at least that is what Kageri thought. Honestly there weren't many things for the girl to dream about, she was a demon. With that didn't come many options in life, you were always hunted, always in danger. Running a hand through the water of the small pond she had found herself next to for the last few ours, sighing a little bit as she slowly pulled her hand away to turn over and let her back get some sun, smiling at the feeling. There were more thoughts running through her mind than there normally were, lately the voice of the infamous demon woman were growing louder. The woman was nothing but annoying and pathetic, begging to be let out the tree that had been her prison for the last hundred years. Kageri wanted nothing to do with her grandmother, while the demon hated the stigma that came with her breed but she didn't believe in the destruction of another, it wasn't fair - after all most demons kept true to their murderous expectations. The demon begged for Kageri to give into those, she made promises about revenge for her brother - promises of power. Was this all it needed for some people? Promises of power and it's okay to destroy the world? Laughing she propped herself up on her elbows, looking back into the water. Anyone who ate that bullshit was disgusting.

          Shifting once more, she pushed herself back onto her feet, after all she couldn't spend all day laying next to the water, daydreaming no matter how much she really wanted to. Slowly she made her way through the forest, listening as she disturbed some birds causing them to take off to the sky. Laughing some as she watched them flap their wings and disappear into the everlasting blue, she shook her head a bit, they were lucky to be able to get away so easily. As she walked her skin started to dark, bit by bit her body begun to change and then suddenly there was no longer a girl but a fox, maybe twice the size of a normal fox, more the size of a dog walking where she once did. Two tails twitched as she looked around her surroundings, seeing them from a whole new perspective. Of course the sudden boost in her senses helped her gain new insight as well. There was one thing she loved, she loved being in this form. Having the ability to be in a human form and an animal form was just something amazing, there were things you didn't see in one form that you did in the other. Switching between them was something she couldn't describe, having that brief moment when you are truly two things at once. Smiling she bared her teeth a bit, letting out an odd sounding yipp that was her laughing.

          No sound was made as the black fox sprinted across the vast amount of trees, she was sure there was something to do either watching that hunter train or finding her friend, Yasou was around. Both of those things seemed like a good day for her but first she had to stop home, it had been a few weeks since she saw her family and she was sure they would think that she had been hunted down just as her brother had so many years ago. For a brief second the thought of her old friend worked its way into her mind, she wondered how Risuka was. She wondered how different things would be if her brother was still alive, if she hadn't attack the hunter upon seeing her. Those thoughts are quickly erased as she though more of her brother, her big brother who was her world. How they were going to change things together. Anger fueled her paws to move faster, she wasn't going to let her parents think that of her, it wouldn't be something they could handle.

          The moment she arrived home, it was easy to tell that the mood in her house had changed. There felt as if a weight had been lifted off everyone's shoulders. What she had thought of was true, while it was normal for Kageri to run off for a day or three she had never spent so long away from home. She felt horrible that she had put her family through such a horror, why hadn't she thought of what it was going to do to them?

          After spending an hour or so with her family, she deemed it long enough. It wasn't that she hated being around them, she just found it hard sometimes. They wanted her to give into her grandmother's request of freedom, they wanted the world to be forever covered in darkness once more. They found the world to be unfair just as she did but their hatred seemed to run deeper than hers or maybe it just ran differently. What ever it was, she wasn't going to listen to them any more than she was going to listen to that wretched Ankoku. Taking off into the forest once more, the black furred kitsune tried to see who she might find first.