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Althaia Rizzo

"Is there really a rabbit on the moon?"

0 · 846 views · located in Vongola Castle , Namimori

a character in “Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!: The 11th vongola”, as played by Check Mate


Althaia Rizzo

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Image Song
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♣Affiliation Rizzo

♣Gender Female

♣Nickname(s)/Alias(es) Ala || Snow White || coniglietto (bunny in Italian)

♣Age 18

♣Love Interest None ATM

♣Face Claim Irisviel from Fate Stay Night


♣Height 5’6
♣Weight 105 lb
♣Build Apparently nonexistent, but to ones surprise she has a light build, something close to a runners. She doesnt appear to be a person of muscle however, due to her small frame and envious curves that hug her body
♣Hair Color A snow white
♣Eye Color A piercing Crimson
♣Scars/Tattoos/Piercings None
♣Description TBA

♣Preferred Clothing



  • Happiness - She always seems to be happy, which is expressed by her natural smile that calmly graces her lips.. So to see her frown? Its definitely a sign of something being wrong.
  • Mysterious - People usually call her ignorant.. or stupid, but at times people spot a knowing look from her direction, and it causes doubt
  • Oddly dark? - Its rare, and unbelievable, but at times, people swear they see her red eyes grow dark red, and her smiles turn ominous, a cannibalistic gleam in her orbs.
  • Has a strange obsession for the Rizzo’s - Its nothing more than love and gratefulness for the family
  • Speed: She is extremely fast, despite her clumsy nature. Maybe its due to her agile and narrow frame.
  • Flexibility: Because of her narrow and agile frame as well.
  • Determined: Due to her positive hope, she continues to trod forward no matter the chances narrow or slim.
  • Luck: For some reason, maybe its because of some god looking down at her with favor, she has pretty good luck for the littlest things to something big like a fight or decision between life or death.
  • Quick - Both physically and mentally, her muscles and body tend to be able to react at break neck speeds, surprising for a clutz like her. She is also quick to learn, often taking in her surroundings rather fast.
  • Acute - Her senses are almost animalistic on how accurate they are, especially her sense of smell and hearing.
  • 360 vision - Like rabbits, she too has a 360 vision.. excluding the bottom of her nose. Its not the fact that her nose is anything large or the sort, but the genetics that were placed into her, just disabled her eyes from looking there.
  • Strength - Specifically her legs, she can jump a good few meters, and her kicks are anything but merciful. Along with her legs, come her jaws.. or her teeth for this matter, they appear human like, but when used to bite, she can chomp off many things. she dislikes this method, for she hates the taste of blood, desperate times calls for desperate measures.
✔ New Anything/Feelings - Stolen from her childhood, Althaia rarely experienced anything fun or anything "new" so to encounter something of the sorts, she'll certainly be pleased even if it was something saddening
✔ Adventure! - Again, she had no childhood, so having a little adventure here and there sounds exciting!
✔ Flowers - Animals - Anything innocent of the sort, she finds them particularly pretty. Her expression and actions around them are always gentle, loving, but at times her eyes turns dark around them- sadistically dark.. But no one knows why.
✔ The little things - From little trinkets, to wistful smiles, she finds many things fascinating and appreciates it for what it is. So no matter if a friend did something so small or gave her little she would be happy oddly enough
✔ Her family - Despite their usual reputation, Althaia sees nothing but humans who have their own goals.. She loves them, no matter what.
✔ The moon of course - Its her symbol, the beautiful moon.. so whats not to love
✔ Carrots - Any vegetable really, always had a knack for them. but carrots more so, due to the cute books she read on rabbits and their signature trait which is nibbling on the orange root.
✘ Blood - Not in general, more specifically her families blood. She could usually tell whos blood was spilled, and if its her loved ones..? Well she turns rather cannibalistic.
✘ Scientist - They were always the one to hurt her as a child.. their white coats, glasses, cold expressions, she never wanted to be near one again
✘ Monstrous Creations - Like herself.. She could always see horrified eyes looking her way and she could only wonder if she was even human anymore
✘ Gloomy moods - Whats fun with that, hm? No need for an explanation there
✘ Loneliness - she isnt obsessed with attention, no, but she does indeed feel pleased with the love given to her. Just being surrounded by the people she knows is comforting.. knowing their safe and alive is even better
To play chess - Being coped indoors, she became quite a master at the game.
Green Thumb - She enjoys to plant little flowers, and would personally enjoy a garden in her modern time.. but the dirty air does not allow it.
  • Failing her loved ones - She did once before, and she never wants to fail again.. besides.. what other purpose does she have?
  • Isolation forever - What more to say. she loves the rizzos..
  • Small places - She has a need to jump around, much like a rabbit, so to be trapped in a cage? Its inhumane in her opinion. Eventually she grow restless.
Pansexual || Demisexual - Despite her preference for nothing or no one specific, she does have to have a bond to necessarily have a sexual attraction for them.

Althaia is an odd ball of the rizzo's due to her.. unusual innocence that rolls off her. It could be close to a rabbit, who was eating grass in an open field, causing people to be rather wary around her, in fear of hurting her. [TBA]


♣Relationship Status Single
♣Family The Rizzo Family

♣Personal History

Althaia's family was literally bred for the Rizzo's. Her father, Pryde, was a previous ring bearer, a well known psychotic scientist. He was a cold hearted man, who cared little less for anything other then his family's accomplishments. He went as far as to experiment on himself to be the perfect knight. He was a monster because of it. So when he realized his era was almost over and that immortality was impossible, he seeked a proper offspring. He searched for a bearer, and after careful analyzing, he choice a female warrior- Cassiopeia. A woman, beautiful and deadly, she too was growing old, and seeked what she never had, love. But she had no choice, her father gave her away to Pryde, and from then on, she remained a toy.
Years past, and her mother beared one child, a female- Althaia. Her father wanted only a son, but afterwards, Cassiopeia had none. It failed, and so Pryde worked with what he was given, Althaia which he never saw as a daughter but a pet. So suitably enough, when she reached a certain age, he injected her with something similar to what he did himself when he was younger. She grew physically stronger, and faster, along with mentally smarter. And unlike his older injection, he found the closest thing to immortality, slowing age.
Her injections also including various of traits, very similar to the animal, the rabbit. It took a while to adjust, and people often saw her as a freak. [TBA]



  • Coniglietto of the reflecting moon - Similar to how the moon reflects the energy of the sun, she'll be able to use as much energy as her enemy does, and at the same time, canceling out their usage. The more she consumes, the more she grows faster, stronger, and more animalistic. Physically, nothing changes.. much, but at her pinnacle, she seems to be enveloped in her white flame, the hue forming translucent rabbit ears on her head. At times she can grow so fast, no one can see her, while her strength, more limited, can become monstrous. But it does have its consequences, as this was an artificual experiment, and the more she turns, the more life energy she sacrifices. But she doesn't mind, because she dislikes hurting people unless she needs too, and if others threaten with their powers, it tells her that she needs to protect her family as well.
  • Cannibalistic - This is a skill that is used only in.. dire situations. She never used it, but if there was a case where her energy was out, she could steal from her allies. Due to their blood connection, the energy she consumes is stronger than whatever she stole from her opponents.
  • Canceling - Basically, she can cancel any flame, and from a good radius as well. Maybe a few feet if not meters away from her person.
♠ Weapon She has a few up her sleeves, but she rarely uses any. The ones she does use though are a few miles of wire, and two short scythes.
♠ Main Box Weapon TBA
♠ Sub-Box Weapon Jack in the box - Jack refers to her rabbit animals (white with red eyes), that are quick and jumpy. They usually jump around the room, stealing the powers and energy of the people they near. They are capable of other things of course, but it usually needs Althaia's energy.
♠ Extra Box Weapons (You don't have to have to have any Extra Box Weapons)


So begins...

Althaia Rizzo's Story

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"But you let the other one go! Why can't I go down there with the others, too?" Came a boy's voice, high and childlike but with a distinct edge of authority. Said boy, a short lanky kid no older than thirteen, had an entitled air about him. He was dressed like your stereotypical preppy school kid, complete with blazer and an overly-styled black hairdo.

The boy was standing beside another figure, this one noticeably taller and more toned. Like the boy beside him, he wore a sharp suit, though the suit jacket was hidden under an olive colored oversized winter coat, its furred hood resting along the figure's shoulders like the beginnings of a cape. His hair, stringy and black, fell around his ears like a mop. Currently, he was leaning against the railing of a balcony, one that was near the gymnasium's entrance and overlooked the entirety of the truly massive auditorium. He balanced his chin on the base of his palm, his elbow resting securely upon the railing, his free hand tucked away in his jacket pocket. His eyes were closed, a bored look long since saturating his face.

If he heard the boy's angst-filled question, he certainly didn't act like it.

After a few seconds of silence, the boy grimaced, eyes narrowing viciously. He didn't say anything further. He didn't have to. Instead, he simply turned, fully intending to follow a gaggle of adults busy shuffling out from the elevator doors and down a nearby staircase towards the gymnasium proper.

"Stop." The taller figure spoke in voice barely more than a whisper, yet his harsh utterance could not be mistaken for anything other than a command. The boy halted mid-footfall. He hadn't even made it a single step. The taller figure didn't even turn to acknowledge the boy. He simply spoke, as if stating some unequivocal law of the universe to the surrounding ambience. "It is not yet your turn to be down there."

The boy turned slowly on his heel to face the taller figure, his posture transforming from one of defiance to one of begrudging submissiveness. The figure responded by opening his eyes, though he still did not look at the boy. "But—!"

"Look." The figure removed his hand from his pocket, lazily pointing over the balcony and at the crowd below. "Look at them all. What do you see?"

The boy grimaced again, taking a second before responding. "A bunch of stupid primitives."

"Not true," the figure chided. His eyes, hard amber-red orbs that glowed like twin supernovae, swept over the gathering below. They came to rest rather quickly upon a somewhat odd duo. A short woman of small frame and long snow-white hair stood within proximity to yet another, this one younger and more petite, her hair equally as long—though it appeared as a dark purple in the ambient lighting.

"I see my rooks," he continued. "Beautiful. Strong. Undefeatable. The king's influence and power made physical."

His eyes darted in the opposite direction, landing on another pair sharing proximity. The first was a particularly short girl no older than fourteen, her hair a deep mauve, her mannerisms fragile and child-like. Nearby was a woman of average height, svelte, with deep green eyes.

It was a moment before he spoke again. "I see my bishops. Infallible. They surround the king, representing his ego, and will crush his enemies with a higher power."

The figure's eyes swiveled, landing on the final pair. Unlike the others, these two weren't female. Though both men stood equally tall at nearly six feet, one had deep red hair—the color of blood. The other, gold—the color of a mighty sun.

"And I see my knights. Glorious. Unpredictable. Unexpected. The embodiment of the king's Mandate of Heaven."

At this point, the boy was leaning over the balcony railing, balancing himself with his forearms, trying to pick out just whom the figure was talking about. When he spoke, he didn't look over at his elder companion. "What about me? What am I?"

The figure paused for another moment, as if considering. "You're my queen."

The boy made a face, looking up at the figure. "Eww! What do I have to be a girl?!"

"Of all the actors here, the queen is by far the most powerful," the figure said, ignoring the boy's outrage. For the first time, the figure took his eyes off of the crowd below, electing instead to stare down at the boy whom pouted at his side. "Do you know why?"

Instead of answering, the boy pursed his lips, choosing to look back out over the balcony.

The figure answered his own question. "Perspective. That's what makes the queen the most powerful piece. The most flexible. The most useful. With the proper perspective, the queen can project power at any point on the board. At any time."

"So what," the boy muttered, obviously dejected at being labelled "queen".

"You asked why you couldn't go down there with the others."
"Yeah, but—"
"And what do you see when you look over the balcony?"
"Everything! I see all of these stupid idiots a—!"
"Exactly. You see everything. The entire board. From here, you have perspective."

"You go down there now and you can't see the whole picture anymore. You lose that perspective. That means you lose your value to me. Understand?" The question was rhetorical. "So wait." His command was harsh and left no further room for debate. "Your turn will come." Not waiting for a response, the figure returned to surveying the crowd below. The ends of his lips curled upwards, forming the beginnings of a smirk. "Those battling on the front lines are not fit to command."

The boy sighed bitterly, hunching his shoulders. "God I hate chess," he muttered.

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"My... Wake up... I... Ely... Wake up... Sia..."

Slowly like flowers blooming to a song of spring, deep green had been revealed as those eyes fleetingly opened. Yet, it only reflected at first a curtain of endless darkness. The sensation of numbing coldness encircled like a ghost. This effectively caused a wave of panic which was related to the sound of a beeping alarm. It was accompanied by voices were inaudible, but as it went on, there were a few which could be understood. They were conversing about an elevated heart rate and pulse indicating the Princess was agitated. Then, there was another statement stating to return the subject to stasis. But the said parameters eased down, it was due to an image which could now be seen behind those emerald depths.

What was seen?

Blurry but then it became clearer. It was a face belonging to a male. There was a sense of familiarity and a tidal of feelings washed over. The most prominent was nauseating longing. Candle-like fingers moved ever so slowly as it was directed to reach for that visage. But, it only made contact upon the pristine glass, a clear separation. There was a sharp pain because of that and the lips which had been silenced for so long attempted to speak. Though, it had been a failure. The words would not form. Feelings seemed knowledgeable what should be said but, the mind seemed unknowing. This aptly brought doubt and confusion to the maiden encased in Crystal Glass.

And when she had been released from the cradle she had been placed in, the face was given a name, Alastor Lorenzo Koenig Rizzo. A person she does not know, but why did she feel those multitude of emotions for a stranger. No, that is incorrect. This Alastor is not an individual of unknown intricacies. He is her Master. She will serve as the Comet Guardian of the Rizzo Famiglia. Such information should had given her a great amount of discomfort and panic. But, there was only an odd sense of acceptance. Why was that? Is it because of Alastor? If that is the reason, then she shall...

"Go... Move, Sia..."

With a sudden turn of the head, Elysia looked behind her. A voice, she heard it, masculine in melody with the overtone of a wish. But, there was no one there, just a wall. Was it a part of her lost memory? Was it simply just imagination? She was uncertain. According to the people (Rizzo scientists) who had been taking care of her, her lost memory could have been the product of her stasis or of her own doing. In summary, there was no definite origin. As for the reason of her being put to stasis, it was due o the flame inside of her. They tell her that the Comet Flames had an adverse effect on her health and needed to be contained. But now, she has been awakened to fulfill her role and to say the threat of the flame inside of her had been neutralized.

That is what she had been told. But truly, that was far from the truth.

Still for now, it was enough. "Miss?" As it would appear, she was once more in a trance as she awakened and looked at the one who called her. It was a man, one of the patrolling guards for the Vongola Ceremony. "Is something the matter?" The Princess seemed bothered about something. Elysia blinked a few times in a rhythmic matter before shaking her head slowly to the sides. "Nothing. Everything is fine." She answered with her usual mellow persona. Even with her far-off look, she was a sight to behold, something out of fantasy and ethereal elegance. Her coffee brown skin seemed to have a caramel glow of its own as her eyes of deep green glistened with a distant story. Hair of violet pinned around her head resembling a crown, accented by a golden spiked tiara. She wore a sleeveless red dress with military shoulder tassels bordered with a sea green fringe at the edge of the bodice, and includes two separate cuffs worn similarly to bracelets. She was an image of a princess. Yet, her chosen appearance was dictated by her caretakers not of her own preference. Though, she is not opposed to it. She simply does what was asked.

The said guard nodded with a further offer, it could not be helped to have a soft edge towards the Comet Guardian. "If you need anything, please don't hesitate to say or ask." Hearing the man's words, she offered a small smile of gratitude and appreciation. "Yes, thank you for the concern, Sir." She then gave a polite bow before walking towards her fellow guardians. They had been asked to gather together for a mission which had been directed to them by Maschenny Rizzo. It was to go back to a certain period in time where the Vongola Famiglia reigned with their rings. They are tasked to retrieve these rings for the sanctity of humanity. A noble purpose it is if one would think, however, in truth, she felt nothing towards the cause. Would that mean she was a terrible person? Is she an individual without a heart? Was that because she has no memory? Or was it because that is simply how she is? Truly, a dilemma of her self.

Removing herself from her inner monologue, Elysia had simply stood beside a fellow guardian, Annalise Cortega, the one who commands the star flames. It seemed the rest of the guardians are scattered about and soon it will begin. She could only wish that there would not be much of a trouble for them. It is not a pleasant feeling for her to see any of her peers harmed or troubled especially that of their leader, her Master. Thinking about it, she allowed her eyes to travel to see where the Master Rizzo has gone. She had taken notice of Kurai Rin, Althaia Rizzo, Tyde Rumerio, and Cornelius V. Roquet among the crowd. In the end, she feels unease if the Master was not present or she was not beside him. After all, she had always been with Alastor since her awakening. As such, the temporary absence by his side causes discomfort, even if that was not noticeable at front.

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Anna had never been very fond of gatherings like this. There were too many voices, blurred together into a single roaring sound that pricked at the eardrums. Her line of sight was constantly interrupted by figures that were much taller than her, and she'd been bumped into at least four three already.

"Four times," she counted in her head as she stepped to the side, placing her foot down firmly to steady herself after the arm of another body had pushed against her back.

"Sorry, miss! I didn't see you there!" The voice came from a young man in a suit with a boyish face, clearly someone who was still new to attending such events. She had no reply to him other than a furrow of her brows and the narrowing of her eyes as she gave him an annoyed glare before turning and walking away. She had no desire to accept the apology of someone who didn't know how to keep their eyes in front of them. Was she so transparent that even someone who was coming straight for her wouldn't be able to see her until colliding with her? If she were a child, she would've fallen right over and started crying. That man wouldn't of been so carefree about running into someone then.

She let out a sigh and pressed her thumb and pointer finger against the middle of her forehead, stopping in a somewhat more open space within the mass of people. Originally she'd been placed rather close to her fellow Guardian, Althaia, but after attempting to avoid making physical contact with as many people as possible, she'd found herself quite a ways away from her previous position. Though she could still spot the Moon Guardian thanks to her gleaming white hair, her line of vision was repeatedly blocked by the mass of bodies. This was why she preferred to watch from the sky where she could easily spot her targets, but she'd been ordered to observe the ceremony from below, so she of course didn't argue.

Hearing a single, barely noticeable footstep beside her, she turned her head and rested her eyes on the familiar face of Elysia. She was wearing a rather fancy dress, maybe a little too fancy for the occasion. Anna herself hadn't bothered dressing up. Or rather, she refused to. Instead, she had on the uniform she always wore, finding it pointless to put on a fancy outfit that would only make it difficult to move around in when the time came to engage the enemy.

"Have you located your target yet, Elysia," Anna said in a calm, yet serious tone as she moved to stand behind the the taller woman. She was now standing about five inches from Elysia, with her back mirroring hers so to not look too obvious that she was engaging in conversation with her. It wouldn't really be unusual to see a couple of young ladies talking with each other, but Anna wanted to act with caution any how. One could never be too careful.

Speaking of targets, Anna's eyes had just locked onto the one person she'd been keeping an eye out for since she arrived. The Vongola Thunder Guardian was only just arriving, her lateness pricking at Anna. If it were one of her own allies that arrived late, she wouldn't hesitate to punish them properly. From what she's studied about the Vongola Boss, the Sky Guardian probably wouldn't even notice her subordinates tardiness.

Her eyes followed Vincenzo for only a moment before she looked away. She had spent many hours reading about the Thunder Guardian, she wouldn't be surprised if just watching her for too long gave away her intentions.

Within the tips of her fingers, a sliver-sized needle shined silver as it reflect the lights overhead, though it was covered in a soft, yellow film. She was already in the perfect spot, with a clear view of the stage so that her aim wouldn't be faltered by the crowd. The second Alastor gave the order, she would be ready.

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["You're late." Slated gray eyes slid towards the puppet girl, and according to her expression, she remained unmoved. It was one thing that Vincenzo already acknowledge her own tardiness, and this may have been.. if ever the first time it has happened. In Italy, her subordinates would have been anything but merciful, however they weren't redundant so there were no need to say what has been obviously done.
It was another thing that Vincenzo knew this girls had an obvious dislike for most everyone in the group, excluding the youngest, Trevor. So she didn't feel the need to question Rosa's irritation for her, since she clearly wasnt the only one.. besides for something like a comment.. or a girl she just met to bother her? 'That would be wasteful.' And pathetic.
She seen plenty and realized that somethings arent worth an ounce of thought. Also V.V wasnt one on "friendship" either so.. 'hm..' Glancing at Troy, she simply turned away and started toward the stage. 'It seems like asking what the plan was nothing but redundant as well.' She thought plainly, before stepping on stage. However she remained in the dim light, inches from the center stage and she took this time to scan the crowd. From what she saw at first glance was nothing out of the oordinary, but Vincenzo knew better than to drop her guard. Her eyes narrowed.

"Father." Vincenzo said as she slipped into the room. In the centered sat a timely man, who was merely cleaning his worn down gear. He glanced at her, then her suitcases, " I suppose youre ready to go?" She nodded. "Well then.." The room went silent, before he spoke up with a cough, "Be safe.." She simply nodded again, about to turn to leave only to stop in mid step, "And be alert." V.V blinked, curious. His green eyes met hers, and she responded with an affirmative before finally leaving.

'be alert.' She thought. 'For father.. to remind me..' She glanced at the chairs, before casually walking into center stage, 'He must know something I dont.' Which irked her in a way, but it was no matter. V.V did ponder the reason for this, and then wondered why the.. ring bearing event was such a large one. People were still coming in and out, sitting themselves down among the crowd, and she resisted a frown. Yes, she did realize they were being watched over by past ringer bearers and hitmen, but was it always enough? V.V imagined the laughter she would receive from telling her worries to others, and rolled back in shoulders in disregard while taking this time to double checking her member's positions. V.V, usually aware, was now on her toes now. If anything out of the ordinary appears.. she brushed her trench coat, subtly feeling her weapons.. she would be ready.
With that all in her head, her expression didnt move at all.

Althaia brushed her hair back, before gently adjusting her collar, as if she was anxious about her appearance. People gave her several glances, some because of her.. astonishing beauty, others for her apparent nervousness. It made a few people chuckle at her 'cuteness' and some decided to pat her on the back for comfort. She could only think of the thoughts that were going through their heads.. maybe they thought she was a relative.. or she was just a nervous little lady who wasnt used to being among mafia members of the sort. She sure didnt look like one.

Her red eyes gleamed. Looks can be deceiving however.
Feeling her smile brighten, she sat herself down, habitually brushing down her skirt before, merging in the crowd. But ever so subtly, her nose twitched- and seconds later she caught scent of her members. A useful pro of being.. a rabbit, there was no need to look around. 'But it is awfully loud in here..' She thought sullenly, her sensitive ears having a hard time canceling them out. But tuning them ever so slightly, she heard a few recognizable voices, which seemed to relax her even further (if that was possible). "Have you located your target yet, Elysia," She blinked. Annalise. Her cool voice was anything but a stranger. From where she heard the voice.. 'Shes exactly where she's supposed to be.' Seems like the plan was sliding in together perfectly.
Her eyes found ( NOT SURE WHO HER TARGET IS YET TBA ) and she merely continued on, scanning the stage like nothing caught her eye. 'Tick tock tick tock.' She hummed.

[Sigh, little rushed, but I want this story going!]

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"Please excuse me, but shouldn't... You go too?"

Ai nodded, although her invisible third eye was staring at the box weapon. Perhaps it was designed to detect the usage of illusions or of flames in general which caused it to react, or Aliens. The latter was highly unlikely, however. With her cue, Ai went back toward the stage where she saw all the other guardians had gathered, already seated and ready to begin. Upon making it on the stage, she spoke, not to the boss or any of her fellow guardians, but to the External Advisor, whom was shuffling his cue cards while some adjustments were being made to the microphone and the speakers

"All the guardians are present," Ai stated simply, as if it weren't already clearly obvious. DiCaccio didn't even need to glance behind himself to confirm it.

"Yes, I can see that," he confirmed, "And it appears things have gone smoothly so far... for the most part." DiCaccio bent over a bit and spoke in a low voice with the intention that nobody eavesdropping could hear them. "I've been informed that there was an attack on one of the allied families, the Bovino family, less than an hour earlier from now. Three deaths, including the boss, but not the daughter. We've no information about who the killers could possibly be, but we've confirmed that deathperation flames were involved, albeit we're not sure what kind yet. I don't think it is of relation to this ceremony, but my men are still on alert.

"Naturally, the Vongola family is expected to help deal with something like this, seeing as that was the Tenth's code. Currently, I've already ordered my own men to investigate, but it is up to the Vongola head to make the decision to pursue. Now, I don't want to give the Boss anything to worry about right before she's to make a huge public appearance, but I'm going to have to inform her about it tomorrow. I'm sure she wont have any issues about this heroic stuff. I'm just wondering if something like this would be too big for her right now..." DiCaccio trailed off in consideration, glancing at Reida.

He seemed to come back to himself when he looked back at Ai whom was staring at him ever-so intently, standing back up again. "Ah, yes, make of that what you will, Ai," he told her, no longer speaking in a low voice, "For now, we must focus on the ceremony. You know where you've got to be, so go join your friends." Ai stared back blankly. "You're Boss and fellow guardians," DiCaccio corrected. Ai nodded and took a seat on the stage. Though DiCaccio said it wasn't likely of relevance to the ceremony, Ai couldn't help but consider every possibility of a threat. To do so, however, she'd first have to consider the Bovino family and of their relevance. Only, somehow, Ai felt the Bovino family had some sort of significance to them that she was not considering. Maybe she'd consult the TID about them.

With everybody present, the presentation was underway. DiCaccio tested the microphone personally, while getting everybody's attention. With a final lively "Good evening," all the room had their undivided attention on him. He smiled and began to speak.

"Indeed, good evening everybody. I'm sure I've spoken to many of you personally and in fact, if I haven't spoken to you already, then please, do be sure to do so by the end of this presentation, but anyway, my name is Lorenzo DiCaccio and I had been the acting head of this company for about four years now up until recently. In reality, I'm the head of a branching company known as CEDEF, a security agency that began as a simple traffic redirection organization. Indeed, I've been rather vague about the exact content of this presentation, although I'm sure you've all heard the word 'Box' thrown about here and there. Well, that's quite simple. That is because everything we wish to present," he raised a small orange baseball-sized cube with a clam print on it, "Is contained in this little box." He paused to allow the intrigue to sit in as people struggled to get a clear look at the small thing, looking quite sure of himself.

"Now, I'm sure we all have the same question in our heads. 'What could be so special and yet be kept in such a tiny box?' Well, in this little box of ours are all sorts of little secrets, secrets that perhaps were never intended to be discovered by society, secrets of the universe we have been kept in the dark about. Today, I hope to bring these secrets to light as not only is the secret to the next technological revolution hidden within this box, but the secret to the future of our company, Vongola Corporations.

"Now, of course, Vongola Corporations already makes over a trillion dollars a year. Of course, that's absurdly more than we've been making about 70 years ago, when the last head was already beginning to turn this company into what it is today. Back then, we would have only been making a few billion, although back then, of course, that was a lot of money. However, with this new industry we plan on opening with the secrets that are contained in this box, we expect to make it to our second trillion within the next twenty years. Who knows, in a hundred years, we may have a gazillion.

"Of course, we're all here because of what is inside this small little box and what is inside is the future of this company. Indeed, this presentation is not only about the future of technology but the future of Vongola Corporations. Not only do we hope to enter a new era with this new technology, of which I'll reveal soon enough, but we wish to do so under the direction of our new young head, Ms. Reida Sawada." DiCaccio gestured to the young boss. "Now, she may be quite young, but don't let her appearance deceive you. She is a very passionate and intelligent individual on the inside and we are proud to enter a new era of not only industry, but of life, with her guidance. After all, the former head, Tsunayoshi Sawada, had inherited the company when he was only fourteen, and look where we are now!" The audience applauded.

DiCaccio quieted them. "Now, before we proceed, we would like to have the new company head say a few words concerning her plans for the future of the company to open this presentation. We would appreciate it if you held your applause until the end refrain from taking pictures until cued. Any questions directed toward her may be asked at the end of this presentation or directly to her afterward." He explained it with a slight sternness directed toward anybody who might have given her trouble if it was picked up.

"And now," DiCaccio called, "May we all direct our attention to the honorable Eleventh Vongola head, Reida Sawada."

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The man was tall, that was for sure. He weighed in at just over six feet two inches, 200 pounds. Maybe. He wasn't really counting anymore.

He completely towered over those that stood around him, that was for sure. Perhaps that was why he found it hard to pay them any mind, choosing instead to lean against a nearby wall, arms folded across his chest. These "mafia bosses," business executives, scientists, researchers... humans. Primitive humans. All of them scurrying about, full of their own self importance, unaware that their entire species rests fully within the shadow of annihilation. A shadow cast not by some potential environmental disaster or a coming war between families or atomic powers. No, this was something else entirely. Something they weren't prepared for. Something they weren't imagining.

Not in their wildest dreams.

From the inside of his trenchcoat, the man pulled a cigarette. Using a single hand, he brought the death stick up to his mouth. Immediately upon placing it against his lips, the cigarette's inert tip exploded into incandescence. It looked as if he'd just held it to an open flame. From the dirty looks several onlookers levelled at him, one would think he'd just strapped on a suicide vest. Still, he paid them little attention, choosing to focus his remaining eye on some other sight. Yes, he only had one eye. He lost the other a decade or so ago during a particularly nasty skirmish, employing what he believed to be a discreet black eyepatch to cover up what little remained.

Not that the prospect of being stared at phased him either way. These primitive humans... perhaps to them he looked edgy and mysterious.

Closing his eye, he took a slow drag from the cigarette, rocking his head back slightly, enjoying every second as the toxins pervaded his lungs. That possibility of lung cancer or the like didn't bother him. He wasn't really concerned with longevity at this point, and while he was here, in this foreign place and time, he would take care to savor such luxuries. Where he was from, the old ways—the old luxuries—were all but dead. There was nothing left but the day-to-day chore of survival.

Very soon, this world, this time, would look more like his own, and, like every other timeline he'd peeked into, the result would be the same. Humanity would be destroyed, here and everywhere else. It was inevitable, against an adversary superior in nearly every way.

The man exhaled through his nose, a thick stinky cloud of cigarette smoke enveloping the immediate area. Several of the more offended guests decided to move away, muttering under their breath, but again, the man paid them no mind.

After a moment, he opened his eye, sweeping his gaze over the crowd for the umpteenth time. Once more, he caught sight of a Rizzo. Tyde, this time. He had to admit, it was pleasant to see his guardians in person again, even if they were several decades younger than he remembered. Standing beside Tyde was another Rizzo, Cornelius. He recognized them from their hair styles.

Ah, now that brought back memories.

The Tyde and Cornelius of the timeline from which he hailed looked exceedingly similar to their younger counterparts in the here and now. His eye landed on the others as well. First Althaia, then Elysia, and finally Anna. They were all spitting images of their future selves. He was sure the same applied to the young Kurai, who was a regal being back in his timeline. She was too young in this present, her body too short, for him to catch sight of her now, wherever she was in the crowd. Still, it was fascinating. They weren't so different, these Rizzo and his own, except for one main point.

Despite himself, the man grinned. It wasn't a pleasant expression—more of a jackal's smirk than anything. It was the total irony of it all that brought about the facial contortion. The main difference between the Rizzo of his timeline and the Rizzo of this foreign timeline was simple.

In his future, all of his guardians were dead. Of the Rizzo main family, he was all that remained. He—Alastor Lorenzo Koenig Rizzo.

Of course, he became king like he'd always wanted. King. Lord of the Rizzo, or of whatever was left. In fact, he'd become a general of sorts. Coordinator for all that remained of the resistance, including the Vindice and survivors from the Cervello. Yes, that's what they'd been reduced to, a "resistance". Mere actors playing within someone else's game, someone else's rules. It was like admitting that they were already beaten. Their only option now was to resist. Not defeat, not cripple, not dominate, but simply to resist—and even that wasn't going well.

To top it all off, he was alone. His guardians were gone. His family, gone. There was nothing left and nowhere to go. His universe was doomed, just like the myriad others. Doomed.

Alastor took another puff from the cigarette, this one shorter, removing it from his mouth and exhaling yet another cloud of gray. This time, his gaze landed on another. Clear on the other side of the gymnasium, standing atop the balcony that separated the entrance area from the rest of the gymnasium, was a guy. Alastor was hesitant to call him a man, for he was yet more boy than man. He had not been shaped by the tragedy of inevitability. Of death and suffering. Of true war.

Not yet.

The guy was looking down from above, eyeing the crowd below him with what Alastor knew for sure was an unhealthy amount of disdain. Next to him stood a young child, a preteen by the look of him, balancing himself on the balcony railing with his forearms. The two looked very similar, with stringy black hair not unlike Alastor's own, though he had his gelled-over into a series of small stylish spikes. It was a future fad.

Still, in a way, Alastor pitied them. His experiences made him cold, merciless, and virtually undefeatable in combat. He'd seen every type of battle, every type of savagery, every manner of death conceivable at the hands of their enemy. By comparison, these younger greener versions of himself only thought they knew what it was to struggle. To crawl and scrape for every last inch on a battlefield littered with the remains of your comrades.

They would soon learn. Everyone would. It would be mankind's grand finale.

Suddenly, the guy atop the balcony raised a single finger. His index finger. Alastor immediately knew what that meant.

The time for action was nigh.

Alastor dropped his cigarette, giving it a curt stomp with the back of his heel. The number one had arrived. His target. The eleventh Vongola boss: Reida Sawada. Even in his timeline, she was legendary, renown for her fighting prowess and her reign over the final era of the Vongola empire. It'd be interesting to pit his full ability against the likes of such a historical figure. Hopefully she wouldn't disappoint, even if he was couple decades too early to meet her at her prime.

Once given the signal, he would engage.

Though the chances were essentially non-existent, perhaps this would be the timeline that would change things. Win the war in the past, before it even starts. Perhaps.

Or perhaps not.

The Vongola XI had already begun her speech when a distinct and all too familiar reverberation reached his ears. A SNAP! that could only come from one person. It was the signal. The time to strike was now.

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Althaia head perked up at the distinct sound of snap, her ears pierced by the signal. Suddenly her body sprung up, and she darted through the crowd like a running rabbit- quick and agile. As she dodged the panicked crowd, her nose began to pick up a few scents.. but one she was clearly looking for was her target: Ai. 'Tick tock.'
Red eyes dilated, 'Im late. Im late.' She appeared before Ai in good distance, "Hello there!" She chirped pleasantly, as her head cocked slightly to the side, "The Mist guardian Ai, Its a honor." A little giggle followed.

"Does your data base have anything on me?" She questioned curiously, seemingly knowing of the girl's intel. "Probably not, but soon you will know me, Us." As those words slipped her lips, a pale, transparent white flame surrounded her body- almost invisible to the naked eye however. But unlike the others around her, Althaia's senses spiked, and everything around her became known. ImageEvery coming movement, to the panicked hushed voices among the crowd. Despite these sensitive sense, Althaia had control, and it allowed her to focus on the Guardian.

She was waiting carefully, watching every little twitch of the target, while keeping a small smile which graced her lips always. "Anyways, Im sure you know what im coming for." She pouted, "But you wont just give it to me correct? So lets play a game." The pout disappeared, her eyes glowed, "Not a short game of course, because I have high expectations in you, in the Vongola, so itll be a lengthy one, but itll be fun." She paused, before chuckling sympathetically, "Even though the winner is already known." The rizzos.

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"Hello there!" Ai turned her head from her careful work (even if it only appeared as if she were merely standing there) to glance at the voice that had addressed her. A woman in white. Ai could determine from her demeanor that she seemed rather peaceful, although something was quite adding up. Her appearance! Her facial features. In the information she was currently downloading, Ai thought she appeared familiar. The fact that she knew her identity as a Guardian wasn't too alarming. Yet, it appeared she knew more than that.

"Does your data base have anything on me?" Ai turned her body completely around to face her. The woman could only have been referring to the Thought Integration Database. Ai's mind went tense as it reacted to the stimulus of encountering a threat. "Probably not, but soon you will know me, Us." Ai could sense the presence of deathperation flames being generated by the person in front of her, only Ai couldn't quite identify them. Ai stood there, examining this threat. From what Ai could observe, it appeared that similar threats have been encountering the Vongolas one by one and engaging them in combat. Ai determined it had to be their aim, to take on each of the Vongolas alone. This one must have come for Ai. As much as Ai wanted to fulfill the Boss's orders of evacuating all the guests, it appeared that the only way she could assure their safety was to engage this one in combat, just as all the others were, so none of the attackers would be able to direct harm against third parties, unless the threats outnumbered the Vongolas. Ai may have made no movements on her body, but hidden under those hallucinations Ai transmitted, her cords was squirming along the body's membrane, expanding and tensing.

"Anyways, Im sure you know what im coming for." More or less. For Ai specifically, although for what reason she was not certain, yet it had to be the same reason as the others. "But you wont just give it to me correct? So lets play a game." So she was after something. It must have been something in her possession, something all the other guardians had. It had to be their rings, of course. Ai blinked as she watched this threat become more menacing. "Not a short game of course, because I have high expectations in you, in the Vongola, so itll be a lengthy one, but itll be fun." A game. Was this threat's intention not to engage her in combat? Or was it one of those ever-so confusing metaphors. "Even though the winner is already known." Typically, Ai believed that she could win any game that involved either probability, physics or cognitive function. Yet, if this were a metaphorical game, namely, a battle, then she wasn't as certain. Still, like a game, Ai believed she could calculate the positive outcome of a battle as long as she had information. She needed that information. Of course, she'd need to stall for the time to download it.

"I do have information on your existence," Ai said unintimidatingly. It wasn't exactly a lie, but Ai would have to wait to get more accurate results. After all, in one future, this girl was a cripple named Flandre and in another she was a pilot named Rovert. "I am aware of the reason you have come here," for the Vongola rings, yet she didn't know why, "And I am aware of who you are," the Rizzo family, Ai had figured that out a while ago. "Seeing as you are already aware of who I am as well as what I am, then you should already be aware of my capabilities as well as my abilities to both gather information from any point in time as well as calculate infinite sets of probabilities. I have all the information about your capabilities and your weaknesses, including an infinite amount of ways that you specifically are able to lose in battle. Therefore, engaging me in combat is an unnecessary as it is already a forgone conclusion as to which of us will succeed in a battle." It was all a big bluff, but that's what the Mist guardian's specialty was, right?

"With this knowledge, please reiterate the exact reason you have for attacking us, both you as a group and you personally."

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Her ears tuned in to her words and despite being cleverly retorted by the guardian, Althaia's smile never faltered.
"Seeing as you are already aware of who I am as well as what I am, then you should already be aware of my capabilities as well as my abilities to both gather information from any point in time as well as calculate infinite sets of probabilities. I have all the information about your capabilities and your weaknesses, including an infinite amount of ways that you specifically are able to lose in battle." This wasnt new to her, but she understood the lie that was entangled into those words. Besides, she wouldnt fear a person who knew time anyways.. she only quivered under one, her leader. Well.. for now three leaders.
"With this knowledge, please reiterate the exact reason you have for attacking us, both you as a group and you personally." She shook her head. Althaia was always underestimated due to her bubbly appearance but she was knowledgeable.. besides no one tells their plans in any game.

Especially in a game of life and death. "Well we want the rings." She smiled, "But whats the fun in revealing everything?" She sniffed for her leader, before continuing, "Besides I dont want to waste much time, so lets have fun huh? Even though according to you.. I'll loose." That got a giggle out of her and Suddenly she hopped gently on her feet, as a boxer would preparing for a fight. "Tick tock." she chimed, and as her breath escaped her, Althaia appeared behind Ai, sending a kick quickly towards her hip. At the same time, if Ai chose to use her flame, the area around Althaia, if not a meter away, would not allow any of it due to her comet ability- cancellation. (excluding familar allied flames) And as the kick left her (if hit or miss) she took a light hop back, and sent a upper cut towards her chin. While her body moved, her senses tingled: Her hearing, eye sight, and 6th sense, ready to dart away from any movement coming towards her, like a wary rabbit. Her blood red eyes shone.

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Ai hardly did much more than bend over slightly when she was kicked. The kick would have hurt, yet Ai was able to avoid harm to her body thanks to her cords. They had quickly wrapped around her midsection as soon as the attack hit, although her opponent wouldn't have been able to sense it. Ai turned around only to see the next attack head straight toward her, yet she did not move out of the way. Instead, the threat's fist appeared to get caught on something, as if it were grapped. Ai stared directly into the threat's eyes with her own two. At that moment, the light around Ai seemed to bend as Ai's appearance began to transform into something much more unusual. Surrounding her body were cords and strings in sickly colors varying from red to yellow to pink. They all connected to her body, some points visible and some hidden beneath her clothing, yet they were everywhere, like orbitals on the diagram of an atom. Many connected to a single point over her chest, where a large inhuman eye hung, staring.

Ai's true identity, that of an otherworldly creature. Only Ai's opponent could see them, yet this was merely an intimidation display. Ai still had to conceal her identity from the other organisms in the room, yet such actions were inefficient. Ai was running relatively slowly as she was still receiving data from the TIC, mainly about the unusual flame that Ai had just experienced. It's properties seemed to have a tranquilizing effect on the growth of Ai's cords, yet their properties were very different from Rain flames. It had to have been a kind beyond the Sky set ordinarily found on Earth at this period in time.

"If you refuse to cease," Ai said with her cold and boring tone of voice, "Then I will be forced to subdue, or if I deem it necessary, terminate you." The cords tightened around her arm.

Althaia eyes refused to shift from the guardian's, for she felt no fear at the moment. Even if Ai appeared different, her true form, Althaia also had one. She knew that she herself was a monster, and it made her wonder what kind Ai was. 'Is she one?' It was a bit comforting to know that she wasn't alone, but she knew these thoughts were the last thing that should come to mind. "I'm sorry I can't," She replied, almost genuinely apologetically. "I have a mission to follow, and if you had one, I'm sure you wouldn't cease just because an opponent told you too." Her smile never faltered, but her eyes suddenly gleamed sympathetically, "If you don't understand now, you will." Suddenly, she bit down on the biological cords with her supposedly human teeth, however on contact, they cut way faster then one would assume.

It was a combination of surprisingly sharp teeth, along with the inhuman strength of her jaw- somewhat like a rabbit. As she teared through, she hopped back, flipping past the cords that came in her way. Her 360 vision coming very handy, but as she backed off, she questioned her next move. It seems like her flames were going to be able to completely stop her opponent, due to the cords being one with her. But mist induced illusions at least, weren't going to be a problem. Brushing her skirt up slightly, she pulled out a pair of weapons, sickles, one for each hand. One the ends were chains that trailed on the floor, revealing their heavy weight which would surely hurt if came in contact with flesh. "Anyways, are you human?" She asked curiously, leaping forward, "Do your fellow guardians know of this form?" She sliced through cords in her way, having slight difficulty due to their thickness.. and as she came close to the girl, she whipped the chains towards her, in rapid moments, while cutting through cords with the other scythes on the end.

Ai found that her biological defenses weren't holding up well. The opponent was quickly cutting through them faster than Ai could grow them. Maybe she could have strengthened them with her Mist flames, yet Ai felt her defenses failing her. Ai was likely not going to win a physical engagement. Ai quickly put up a barrier to defend from an incoming attack, all of her cords recoiling quickly. A great big wall appeared, it merely being a screen of distorted light that look similar to a thick mist. Nothing could pass, not even light, yet it was only a small barrier. Just as quickly, Ai deleted the barrier, it disapating into a thin mist of ionized particals which quickly dissappeared into thin air.

"You are aware of this form," Ai stated, "So you are aware of the particulars of my frame, this frame of which your kind will despise. I will demonstrate the exact nature of my inhumanity." At that moment, Ai completely dissolved into a jumbled mess of cords of which were a sickly pink. They quickly expanded in mass and quantity and appeared to become a great big monster of its own. All at once, this sea of alien spaghetti came crashing down on the human enemy.

Her eyes widened a fraction, unprepared, but her animalistic instincts kicked in to save her. She fliped back, several times, before jumping up and towards the panicking crowd. She was only a few feet from a confused family, and she stared at the piles of cords, wondering what her next move would be. Surely she could aim and hit one her. but Althaia was agile and quick, so one wrong move and one little dodge, could lead to someone else's undoing. Though nobody else in the crowds seemed to quite notice it, the various cords quickly dispersed and slithered through the crowds, closing in on their target from all directions. Her eyes dilated, and her ears twitched, the slithering was every where, and between moving foot steps she spotted sickly colored cords. Her mind gave her calming, rational thoughts, however her rabbit side of her told her otherwise, 'Danger.' Her leg muscles tightened, 'Everywhere.' And from past experience, Althiaia noticed her instincts being the thing to keep alive, so her human mind closed briefly and thus her body launched.

Similar to a panicked rabbit stuck in containment, she began to leap, unpredicatably all over the room, mostly on the walls. As she, she whipped her chains around her, like a barrier in a sense. It showed the skill that Althaia achieved, further proving that shes a force to be careful with. 'Where's the danger!' Her rabbit mind screamed, but the human side slipped in, 'Where was the source!' Not sure her body did the opposite from sensible, she continued to bounce all about, uncarring of the things she was hitting.. such as the people. And because of this, she didnt mind the fact that her chains were about to hit the public, especially a women closest to her.

It may have been difficult, due to the fact that the target was jumping all over the place, but with careful tracking and calculation of the target's movements and velocity, it was possible. Ai appeared seemingly out of nowhere, hidden by a hallucination, right in front of her target. Just as she was headed directly for her, Ai pulled up another Data Refusal which was created right in front of her, with the intention that she could damage her quick-moving target. Ai may have seemed to been able to pull up these barriers effortlessly, yet the amount of calculations she needed to make to create each one really had a toll on Ai's current mental capacity, especially when she was already devoting a portion to downloading information and another to creating constant hallucinations. In fact, to create this barrier, her previous illusion had to disapate, the many cords that slithered through the crowds like water in rapids just disappearing into thin air.

The disappearance of the cords was more than perfect, for her human mind came back in control, and because of that, she stopped. But maybe not in time, she collided with the barrier, which scathed her skin considerable, causing her to pull back. Along with that gravity took a toll on the static personal, allowing her to fall but quick on her feet, she caught herself. She frowned at the scratches on her snow white skin, especially when familar red liquid seeped through, however this was a welcoming price in exchange for the location of her opponent. Quickly, she began to whip the barrier without pause, not wanting to lose track of her. But she again began to question the effiency of her actions, would the barrier ever come down? Nevertheless she continued, hoping to keep note of where the oppoenent was. She also began to move her chains directions a bit as well, trying to get a visual image of the barrier around Ai. From where she hit, she assume that was the shape of the date refusal, but to her interest, the chains suddenly curved as if it hit the side of a wall. Was this not surrounding her like she imagined? Althaia decided to experiment, so she leaped a good distance from the opponent, and instead of sending the chained end of her weapon, she switched, sending the scythe side in hopes of hitting something from her angle. From what she visualized, her current aim would be beyond the "wall", 'Well?' She wondered, waiting.

Ai was planning on using the barrier as a mere distraction as she snuck around to attack her target while invisible. Yet of the thousand possibilities that could have happened instead, Ai's head was hit directly by the scythe, the sharp tool bouncing off her skull and hitting the ground. Ai did not fall to the ground or recoil in pain, however, she was bleeding. Invisible, yet bleeding at the right side of her head where it had hit. One of the cords that was attached to her head (seemingly attached to her headband) was also cut, causing Ai to freeze in place. That one cord may have been one of many attached to vital parts of her nervous system, but that one was heavily involved in transfering illusions from Alien thought patterns into human brainwaves. Ai wouldn't have been able to generate any more illusions until she healed that part. It was already quickly regenerating, but it would have taken about thirty seconds to do so. Ai quickly fled back to the cover of her own barrier, although how long she would be safe in that cover, she wasn't certain.

She blinked as the end of her scythe hit something, whether it was an illusion or not, she wasnt sure but she took her chances seeing how all the other illusions disappeared. "Ai tick tock." She said pleasently, "We are wasting a lot of time!" Even if this statement seemed full of irritation, Althaia was not, she was still as cheerful as she was from the beginning. Going at the wall again, she switched both ends from chains to scythes. One used to give Althaia consistent visual, while the other one was used to hopefully harm the guardian even further. So as she continued on to whipping, her curved blade found the end of the wall, and instead of piercing it.. the blade hooked on. Althaia took note of this, and was careful not to pull back, while the other chain kept at it. this time she wasnt hitting any wall, due to her new knowledge on where the wall was, and by the blades ability to hook on, how thick the wall was, she got a good estimation on where to hit. However her blade was small and she saw her chances to be small as well. So instead, she lept up, letting the hooked chain guide her way, and she began to swipe rapidly with long waves of her hand, hoping to cover more ground.

Ai, crouched on the ground behind the barrier, witnessed the threat soar right over her and begin to attack the area blindly. Ai witnessed it at her chance to retaliate, even though her illusionry ability was still out of commision. Ai stood and approached her enemy from behind, her cords extending with intention of subduing her.

Althaia frowned considerably, since she felt her hook hit nothing. but as she began to continue, her 6th sense spiked. Nothing was ahead of her.. or so she felt, and her sensible human mind agreed, 'No point in going past the hooked blade..' So she decided to try again, thus she dropped without any notice, her feet facing the ground ready to land.

Then, with sudden intensity, Ai's cords wrapped around Althaia, restraining each and every one of her limbs as if she were being mummified. They prodded at her body and squirmed all over it, bringing it close to Ai. Ai brought her victim's face close to her own. The cords around her neck were especially threatening.

"As I have stated," Ai said, regardless of her head wound, "This outcome was predetermined. Cease your violence or risk your freedom of thought." Ai could have easily used her ability to possess this target at any time for the sake of both subduing her and gaining information, yet doing so would have required all of Ai's mental concentration, and she was still downloading large amounts of information from the TID, not to mention the fact that she was still hiding her Alien identity from the masses. Possessing another girl could have meant the end of Ai's mission if she couldn't preserve secrecy. Still, having her ring taken could also have had its own set of catastrophic effects.

Althaia smile fell for the first time in this battle, the words she heard made her scared.. not neccesarily because of Ai herself, but because of the disappointment and anger her leader would have for her.. even if she was dead. If she failed, Althaia may be deemed better gone.. She would have quivered if it weren't for the restraintments. The sight of "bigger Al" in front of her.. his face holding that constant frown.. She bit her lower lip. 'No.' In any other situation, she would barely struggle, she may just laugh about it, however this mission was important.. and if she couldn't achieve this much.. Well her fate wouldn't be pretty. Her life was for the Rizzo's, her king! And so her smile again graced her lips, as she remembered her sole purpose once more, "End me. You clearly have the power too." She said, but as she rambled quietly, her lingering flame that traced around the room from her earlier nonstop hopping, began to concentrate to individual forms.. rabbits to be precise. And because of the flames already being present in the room earlier.. it may not spike any suspicion, until they strike. Now like rabbits, they multipled to a number a bit more then the cords.. and once they finished, they attacked with monsterous speed. Their usual innocent expressions turned almost blood thirsty, and that thirst may be the thing that drove them nuts.

Appearing before Ai and Althaia, numbers of them striked different cords.. some towards Ai directly. But the priority was her neck and limbs, so quickly they teared away, freeing Althaia from close to death experience. Not taking any moment to pause, she used the wall as leverage and shot forward, her scythe whipping ahead of her, cutting through cords.. and hopefully at Ai as well. And if she missed, her box animals too were shooting forward, at a closer range, in search of the disguised alien. But due to the seconds before attack, she took good care in forming the chained barrier around her self.

Ai's hesitation nearly led to her downfall. Ai found herself being ripped to shreds quickly and viciously and though she fought back, it almost seemed as if she was an organism that was fated to fall prey to a greater force. Though her Alien parts hardly were effected by physical harm, her human parts were not. So many attacks were directed at Ai, and soon, Ai's actual body would be in danger. Normally, an Alien like herself wouldn't protect their vessels so desperately, yet this vessel was special. As troublesome as it was, Ai had to protect this vessel at all costs.

As Ai found herself nearly overwhelmed by attacks, her mind ran at lightning speed. She only had one hope left. Just as the attacks nearly connected, the barrier that was still behind Ai began to shift in shape. It's shape became distorted and scewed before wrapping itself around Ai in a circular motion, completely encompasing her in a misty shell. All the non-essential external cords that were beyond the barrier's limits were merely shed as Ai was left with many cut ends and injuries to her Alien body, yet nothing serious enough to damage her mind. At the same time, Ai's illusions had completely faded, yet that didn't matter now that she was encompased by this barrier. Unfortunately, surrounding herself in a complete data refusal meant that she had lost connection to the TID, so she could no longer download any data. At the same time, she could not physically sense exactly what was going on outside of the barrier. Ai was completely trapped in her own little pocket of space, seperated from the universe. It may have been a last resort, but it was the only way to preserve both her body and her ring.