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Donovan Shmautz

"Slow down? Are you kidding? There's an adventure right around the corner!"

0 · 737 views · located in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! universe

a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM”, as played by DarwinianAssault


Donovan Shmautz, 17, Ricochet, Male

<Physical Info>

Donny’s grey eyes and bleach blond hair are a gift from his father, inheriting his good looks instead of his mothers. These features combined with his skinny physique make him quite attractive, an asset he uses to his advantage. A large scar runs from his collarbone to left hip and he tries to keep it covered at all times. Donovan is an average height at 5”7

The Rizzo Family

Donovan has three main personality traits everyone notices. He’s an unconscious womanizer, making them fall to their knees without even realizing it. He gets extremely pissed off when people touch his food. Finally, he has the protective instincts of a mother bear when it comes to Trevor, even if Trevor doesn’t know it. Donovan is carefree and likes to live life in the fast lane, always looking for some new adventure or something exciting to do. He’s very kind, often getting criticized by his peers for showing mercy or refusing to kill someone in general. He has a soft spot for children and refuses to hurt them in any way. Donovan is very self-conscious about the scar on his chest, often doing whatever he can to hide it. Despite his gentle exterior, Donovan is very reckless is battle, gladly putting himself in harm’s way to deal more damage to the opponent.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o Children, especially Trevor Bullies x
o Adventure Boredomx
o Food Conflict x

< Ability Statistics >

Flame type
tools or weapons
Donovan’s arsenal consists of one thing and one thing only. Rubber Balls. These balls, which he calls Palla, are made of a chemically changed rubber that never loses momentum and are constantly coated in Asteroid Flames. There are many different types of Palla, including explosives, poisonous gas and ones full of iron.
Agility: Donovan is extremely fast and agile, scaling tall walls with ease and moving around his environment.
Asteroid Flames: Donovan coats parts of his body in Asteroid Flames to increase their momentum, making him punch harder, run faster, jump higher, ect…
Box weapon: Gravis
Donovan’s box weapon is a small rabbit named Gravis. On command, Gravis morphs into a shotgun, firing a spray of bullets coated in Asteroid Flames. Gravis can also shoot a jet of pure Asteroid Flames, increasing the momentum of everything they touch and lowering the momentum of enemies.
Because he relies on his Flames so much, Donovan becomes useless when he cannot use them. He is also prone to showing mercy to enemies, a mistake that may cost him his life. His recklessness in battle is also bad, leading him into some very unpleasant situations that could have been avoided with a little planning.
Personal Traits
When bored he will randomly play with peoples hair, He gets really angry if someone eats his food, he blushes every time he sees someone’s shirt off.

< Personal Background >
Every day was boring to Donovan. His parents were boring, his school was boring, his job was boring, everything was just so….boring. The only mildly interesting thing to do around here was make things go fast while on brown fire, something Donovan enjoyed immensely. Finally, after 14 years of waiting, something exciting happened. A man showed up at his door and promised him adventure, to which Donovan agreed to in a heart-beat.
As soon as they arrived, Donovan was whisked into the testing room, where scientists were shocked to find out he could produce Asteroid Flames. After a quick word from the leader of the family, it was decided Donovan would be trained to become the Asteroid Guardian of the Rizzo. During his training at the facility, he noticed a young boy named Trevor, though he was never allowed to talk to him until after they were chosen as guardians. They quickly became fast friends, to Donovan’s knowledge anywyas, and Donovan quickly adopted him as his little brother.

So begins...

Donovan Shmautz's Story

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Trevor was beginning to regret not wearing the C-Frame for this. The Box Weapon was still in its "box" form, a black cube strung along a chain on his wrist. He contemplated lowering the restriction and invoking it.

Probably a bad idea in the middle of moving through a time vortex.

Travelling through the twirling black-blue void of space-flame towards the bright white light of the past wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, at least for him. When he did "land" with the others, he felt queasy. The sun was high overhead in the sky, bright and luminescent, its rays stabbing down at him with a vengeance. His vision was tinted with red along the edges, and a high-pitched monotonous beep was ringing his ears.

"Ugh," he sighed, shaking his head a few times. These adverse sensations lasted but for a few moments before his body adjusted itself to this new bearing. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and with it banishing the remainder of his post time-travel grogginess. If only they could have arrived at night, when the moon reigned king of the skies, instead of this sun. Oh well.

Trevor looked around, noting his surroundings. Dead blackened trees formed a circle around them. The poor things lay on their sides, overturned, pointing away from them, stripped of any and all foliage. In fact, there was no greenery to be spotted in the entire area, as if they stood amidst the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. Looking down at his feet, he noted the shallow crater they stood in. There was a large circular pattern of intricate design etched onto the ground, proof of their arrival in a time and place where they weren't supposed to exist.

With a look of tranquil boredom upon his face, Trevor glanced at each of his fellow travelers in turn. Asteroid. Quasar. Comet. Star. Dark Matter. He counted his flame type as well—Moon. They were the Rizzo family's foremost ring bearers. Powerful guardians of the household and its head: Kurai Rizzo, wielder of the Space flame. They were here today to do battle with their past counterparts; respectively: Thunder, Storm, Rain, Mist, Cloud, and Sun. The traditional and prominent flame types... well for the next few decades, at least.

Finally, his eyes came to rest upon a girl who stood in the middle of their cohort. Her posture just screamed "leader". Her name was Kurai Rizzo, the Rizzo family's head, and was the one Trevor had sworn his undying loyalty to—well, at least in his head. He never said it out loud or anything.

Upon meeting her gaze, he nodded slightly. He was ready. Their team had descended from the future. They had superior flame types. They were armed with knowledge of events those of this time couldn't even begin to fathom. He had his C-Frame. Donovan, Asteroid, could control momentum. Kurai had her insane Box Weapon arsenal. Bellona, Quasar, could make things explode. Yami, Dark Matter, could steal opposing flames.

This was going to be so overkill. They required but a small subset of their current team to crush these enemies. In fact, Trevor could probably do it on his own. Even if they were the Vongola—their tales the stuff of legends back in the future—there was no way they could win here and now!

Trevor's gaze drifted off to the side, an idea forming in his mind.

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Trevor looked up at the sky, thoughts drawn inexplicably to the cold void of space beyond it. The sun, locking the earth in its elliptical orbit, overcoming the moon at each and every turn. Eerily poetic. He took a deep breath, grimacing ever so slightly, lips pursed. You'd have to know Trevor to realize his facial expression had changed at all.

Something was wrong. Okay, something wasn't wrong, per say, but something was... happening. To him. Though impossible to notice by simply looking at him, Trevor realized his knees were shaking. His palms were sweaty. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears, like a racehorse pounding down the pavement. It was all very odd. He hadn't experienced anything like this since...

Well, since he fought his first alien three or so years ago, when he was nine. It's your purpose. He remembered one of the scientists from the facility telling him. It is the sole reason for your existence. A weapon for humanity. For the Rizzo. But now he was here. Back in the past. To fight the Vongola of legend that he'd read so much about growing up as a proverbial lab rat.

What was this? Anxiety, maybe? Or... perhaps a desirous craving. An ardent and fervent need to see these historic beings, the Vongola, in the flesh. To judge their might for himself. Were they truly as great as the legends make them out to be, or was it simple hyperbole? Still, no matter how good, he just couldn't fathom them winning this conflict. They were just too... old.

Trevor turned his back on the others, shoving his hands into the pockets of his deep black suit pants, the gentle lustrous fabric coming down to rest lightly upon the ankles of his dark gray and silver gym shoes. He wasn't a fan of dress shoes. They had a tendency to fall off whilst he was piloting his C-Frame, his anti-alien combat armor and only box weapon. Plus, they were generally uncomfortable, even in the future.

Under his unfastened Jacquard-stitched suit jacket, black enough to match his debonair dress pants, was a collared shirt, a rich resonant gray in color. Tucked in, top unbuttoned. The dress shirt matched his eyes and the color of his Moon flame perfectly. A gaunt black tie had been fastened under his collar by his keepers, but he'd loosened it with his fingers the moment he was free, leaving it to hang almost awkwardly to the side, its tail flapping ever so slightly in the wind. He really disliked ties. They were relics of the past—like little choking devices. Bleh.

Top met bottom at the belt area, where Trevor sported a custom-made black leather belt featuring the Rizzo family insignia on the buckle. The look was completed by a thin dark gray fabric that sat upon his shoulders, like a scarf, descending from his shoulder down to the small of his back. It was a gift he'd received from Donovan, the Asteroid guardian, a while back. It was made of a fireproof future material that, when heated, changed colors—usually to a flat light purple. Gifts were a rare thing for Trevor, so he treasured each and every one. Specifically, he wore the scarf everywhere he could get away with it.

All in all, his garb was an unorthodox mix of the urban and the dapper. He thought he looked stupid, all dressed up and what not, but he'd been told he looked "like a real Rizzo". And Kurai liked it. It's the only reason he tolerated the annoying getup.

Finally, he made up his mind. Kurai had given no constricting orders limiting his actions before they arrived here, so she shouldn't mind him running ahead to test the waters. Trevor gritted his teeth, drawing on that seemingly infinite ball of fire inside of his body. In the future, their Rizzo gear had been implanted into them. There were no external rings to call upon or squabble over. The Rizzo embodied their flames in every conceivable way.

The power jumped at his beck as metal to magnet, filling him with a milky lofty feeling, as if he were floating in a lukewarm liquid of similar temperature to his body. It was the Moon's power. He could definitely feel it now—emanating as pale gray flame from his forehead and hands. He took a step forward, the tails of his suit and scarf picking up with the wind, flowing behind him, a testament to his urbane demeanor. Before he could accidentally burn his suit pockets with gray flame, he whispered a command under his breath.

"C-Frame, feed restriction to level 2 approved." Upon his wrist, tied to a chain, was a small black cube. At his words, a dim light seemed to radiate from its center. Suddenly, the cube was engulfed by gray flames, starting out light in color like Trevor's Moon flames but becoming darker and darker by the second. It was a sign of his box weapon powering on. "Enter Carnage Mode."

And at that, Trevor Rizzo disappeared.


"I understand and greet you back, lightning guardian."

Before the conversation could continue, the atmosphere in the room changed dramatically, drawing notice from all of its occupants. In the center of the grand auditorium, a few yards from each of the Vongola guardians, a darkish-gray wisp of flame appeared, as if someone had set off a torch on the ground. As the flame grew longer, reaching towards the ceiling, circles of flame, similar in color to the wisp they encircled, began to appear. Two... four... six rings of flame, roughly equidistant from each other, lay spread across the ground.

In the same moment, the rings of fire exploded outward, the dark gray wisp expanding into a vortex of flame, like a miniature tornado. When the edges of the flame vortex reached the perimeter of the outermost ring, it suddenly contracted, as if sucked in by a vacuum, before vanishing altogether.

In place of the vortex was a... thing. It rested upon the floor, hunched forward, one knee upon the ground, as if genuflecting to some unknown god. For a moment, thick black smoke wafted from the thing, obscuring the area before dissipating to reveal the intruder. It was an all black, bulky thing, like a medieval suit of armor come to life. Slowly, the armor began to stand. It was tall. Darkish-gray flames emanated from it in waves. Like some sort of magnetic repulsion, they pushed at everyone in the room. Those closer to the creature could feel a sort of dampening effect in respect their flames, as if they were slowly being negated out of existence.

Where its eyes should have been, there was only a horizontal neon red arc. With a creak, it came to its full height—a bit more than six feet. It angled its head, looking upwards towards the ceiling in a silent howl of triumph, the flames surrounding it becoming thicker and more overwhelming, their influence reaching further.

And then it its gaze fell upon the nearest of the Vongola ring-bearers. Inside of the suit, Trevor almost grinned. Almost.

It was nothing personal. He'd make this quick.

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When being sucked through a time vortex, there are a couple of things one should never do like reaching outside the tunnel or moving in general. While the other guardians seemed to understand this pretty well, Donovan ignored the rule entirely, floating around in the weightless tunnel like he owned the place and almost falling out several times. It had only been moments since the Rizzo family had chosen him to travel with them in time and even if he didn't agree with the reason why, he wasn't going to question his family. Besides, this could turn out to be a grand adventure.

One by one, the guardians descended from the sky in a brilliant flash of light, each landing onto the blackened soil. The first to fall was Donovan himself, his extra speed smashing a small crater in the ground.
“Well, that could have been more graceful.” He muttered, pulling himself out of the hole. After shaking off the dirt and grass from his hair, Donovan scanned the surroundings. They were surrounded by forest, or at least what used to be a forest, the trees were black and ripped from the ground. He made a mental note that trees do not like time travel. Away from the forest was a large mansion, the location of their targets.

Though he had never met a Vongola before, he’d heard stories from Trevor. Tales of heroics and victory against all odds! His favorites were the tales of Gokudera, the holder of the Storm Ring. It was said his attacks were relentless, never stopping once until his opponent was dead and when the body was recovered, it was just bits and pieces that had to be swept up. The speed of his dynamite still sent chills through Donovan’s body.

More of the guardians began to arrive through the vortex. First came Bellona, the insane chick with an unhealthy obsession to the boss. Bellona made Donovan feel uneasy, not “She’s kind of creepy” uneasy but “I’m going to castrate you for no apparent reason and make you explode” uneasy. He made sure to keep a wide berth from her in case she decides to use him as target practice again.

Next came Yami, possibly one of the three only normal members of the group. He is extremely optimistic and wants to be friends with everyone, something Donovan wholeheartedly accepted. He liked Yami, even if he did have the common sense of a pole.

When Trevor landed, Donovan couldn't help but smile. They had become close friends in the past few weeks of being guardians, even if Trevor didn't acknowledge it, and to Donovan he was his little brother. His hand wandered to the long strip of pink flesh on his chest, courtesy of training with the kid. ‘I just hope he can keep it under control this time.”

Finally, the boss herself landed, albeit not as gracefully as the others, a fact that Donovan couldn't help but chuckle at. Kurai Rizzo didn't look like a commanding figure with her pink hair and innocent face but Donovan learned from experience not to judge a book by its cover. She was the holder of the Space for a reason and the fact that she could actually create a time vortex was astounding on its own. Donovan held the utmost respect for her.

Suddenly, a large burst of power erupted from beside him and disappeared in an instant. Donovan sighed softly. “God damn it Trevor, the one time you actually take the initiative is the time I wanted to go first.” This was, of course, every time. “Well, I’m not going to let that little pipsqueak hog the spotlight!” He roared, launching himself off the hill towards the castle. At the speed he was going, a normal person would break every bone in their body upon landing.

But Donovan Shmautz wasn't a normal person. A normal person wouldn't be coated in maroon flames rocketing through the air towards a castle to help his friend who just so happens to have a mech. With the castle closing in, Donovan cocked his arm back an threw an iron palla at the wall. Upon impact, the wall crumbled into rubble on the ground as the palla bounced back into his outstretched hand. A brown streak shot through the opening, landing on the ground without a sound. He shot a cocky grin at Trevor.

“C’mon little bro, you didn't think you’d start without me, did you?”

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Kurai blinks as she felt a soft hand lay on her head. "Neee, can I make something explode today~? I promise I'll be clean about it~" Bellona. She looked directly at her eyes and couldn't help but smile. The explosive follower, who she knew had strange desires to take her away, but Lona knew her place- somewhere in her consicous.. Kurai, however, couldnt help but feel extremely loved by the quesor flame. It filled parts of her loneliness along with the other 3. This women had an extreme obsession though. It was all in her eyes..

"Please boss~ I've been bored all day!" She pleaded, the psychotic grin never leaving her face. "Even my baby boy, Canvas, is pleading today~ Just a tiny explosion~? I'll behave the rest of the day, promise! Kekeke!"

Her eyes closed in a smile and she nodded. "Of course..besides everyone else seems excited as well~" She glanced at the spot both Trevor and Donovon had been. "Have all the fun you want. Besides the vongola need to know of our power~" The kind smile turned into a wicked one- for just a moment. "Be good though~" She tip toed slightly and patted the women's hair affectionately. "kay?"

Taking a cute step back, she peered back at Yami. One of the sane ones. Supposedly. People believe so, defiantly in the future. But she came across situations of where people would beg her for Yami to back off. He was just to kind.. 'Its cute.' Kurai giggles to herself. "Follow when you're ready Yami~" Plucking her box from her belt, she felt a purr vibrate against her palm. "Now you're free." Pushing her ring within the center, she watched a black jaguar appear, its tail whipping happily...

Now most would scream and run in fear as the beast had long fangs and enough power to kill in a swipe. But the girl merely took a step forward and caressed its large head. "Sorry.." She whispers and received a rawr of forgiveness. "Now take me to them." She swung on its back and felt the creature leap off in a burr of speed... She closed her eyes..

within a couple of minutes she arrived and she opened her eyes, her mouth drawing to a smirk. "Hello Vongolas.." Her voice dark for a second.

Leaping off the beast, she stood innocently near them, and quickly looked at all of them with a clear and pure eyes. "Its nice to finally meet you." She added on thoughtfully in a sweet voice.

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Samuel's first reaction was confusion, He stood near the giant suit of armor looking puzzled.
"Is he an enemy?" he asked.
Verde face palmed himself "Yes, you Neanderthal, that is an enemy."
"Neande-what?" asked Samuel.
"Neanderthal it means- oh never mind just fight." said Verde discouraged.
"Yeah, to the the extreme!" said Samuel slamming his flame into his box. The mighty phoenix roared to life above Samuel glowing the golden glow of his sun flame. Samuel shouted "Combio forma!" The Phoenix moved onto Samuel as he swallowed the whole.
Samuel stood in a boxing fighting position. His eyes were closed and as he opened them they were the color of his golden sunflame.
"Let's get this started to the extreme!" He yelled
He ran up to the girl who had just arrived. he stood several meters away from her then asked "Are you strong?"

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#, as written by Damioa
In all honesty Josei was about to tell Ai to stay calm before the boss gave her further orders to begin her attack. He was then going to tell the boss to stay calm but was interrupted by a second person entering the building and then a third. She was pretty cute too and he knew he couldn't fight her. She also seemed nice because she said, "Hello Vongolas.." although it was in a pretty sadistic tone. She leaped off her Jaguar thing that he could only deduce was her box animal and said "Its nice to finally meet you." In a sweeter voice.

Being the gentleman that he was, Josei stuck out his hand to her and said, "Hi. I'm Josei. Nice to meet you." He wanted her to shake his hand but he was interrupted by Samuel stepping up to the girl asking her "Are you strong?"
"Geez man. Men can't fight against girls. It's a secret rule don't yah know. 'Sigh' Let's try our hand at these two guys if you really want to fight." He suggested while over looking the two guys in front of him. At least, he was sure one was a guy. The other looked like a human sized robot. Deciding it was his role to take on the bigger challenge Josei walked up to the robot and said. "Hey. Could you stay calm and come outside with me. I don't really want to fight you but if I must then I think we should handle it outside away from the females. I don't want them to get hurt you know?" He stuck his hands in is pockets and walked towards Ai. "Um- Uh.... Stay super safe okay." He said as he started walking towards the door. "Oh and all you kiddo's stay calm. We don't want to be the generation that destroys this building do we?"
Turning to the black robot he said, "Well. Are you coming?" as he headed out the door.

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Trevor was his armor. The armor was Trevor. All he had to do was think about it, and the suit would respond—sometimes even faster than his actual limbs would have, outside of the suit. He sends the impulse to move his arm, and the suit moves its arm. Coming in at a measly four feet eight inches, the boy didn't actually "fit" inside of the six-foot super-hardened battle armor. He didn't need to. It was filled from head to toe with a type of "intelligent," inky, viscous but breathable liquid composed entirely of nanomachines—the liquid within which he currently floated. The scientists back at the facility referred to it as a "superconductive artificial nanochemical". They said the "smart" self-recycling substance allowed the armor's pilot to remain within the air-tight suit in zero-gravity space for long periods of time without any oxygen, and is the only thing keeping the pilot alive during Short-range Wave Apparition, the official name for when he and the suit would teleport short distances, like he did just moments ago into the middle of the Vongola ring ceremony.

The main purpose of the futuristic nano-liquid, besides keeping him alive, is to connect Trevor to the suit. Not only is it responsible for feeding on the flames that emanated from his body, but his thoughts and the AI's responses are carried through the highly conductive liquid like electricity, though much faster. In order to facilitate this functionality, the pilot's traditional senses and motor controls are only available on demand and are disabled by default. Think about it: sending the mental signal to "look down," if allowed to propagate through to the pilot's body, would result in injury (the pilot banging their head against the wall of the suit) if anatomic motor control wasn't properly intercepted. That would suck.

The nanochemical also acts as a sort of screen through which Trevor is able to experience the outside world through the capability or senses of the AI. Senses that number quite a bit more than five. One of those senses is enhanced sight: he has visual access to the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves and infrared to x-rays. So when the girl closest to Trevor—the AI identified her through a historical lookup as Shaji Ai, 14 year old female Mist guardian of the Vongola, Alien in origin—let off a flash of temporarily blinding light, the suit didn't even render it to Trevor, immediately switching visual frequencies to a mix of infrared and ultraviolet.

Pretending to ignore Donovan, Trevor saw only the faded inky silhouettes of what seemed to be an army of hitmen. They didn't give off heat like human beings, and therefore did not register on the infrared. Trevor didn't even have wonder what was going on. Thanks to the AI symbiote, he just knew.

Illusion technique. Mist guardian. Trevor took a step forward, towards the girl and her illusionary army. Behind the pseudo-men were the audience members of the Vongola ring ceremony, scrambling for cover and escape from the chaos. Trevor pursed his lips. This armor was built to fight hostile aliens, not fight our own kind... and killing anyone outside of the Vongola guardians might have adverse effects on the timeline. He couldn't allow that to happen, and it was the only reason he didn't engage the Mist guardian immediately. Collateral damage had to be minimized.

As he focused on Shaji, the AI started pointing out her potential vulnerabilities. Joints. Abdomen. And then her lidded "third eye," with veiny wire-like strings that seemed to connect with various parts of her body. Each was seen by Trevor as being boxed in red, like targets on a computer screen. Trevor's gaze was drawn to her oblong eye, which was double boxed. Before he even questioned as to why, he had the answer in his mind. There's a high probability that that spot is her most vulnerable.

Two plates on the back of the suit shifted, revealing a glimpse of the intricate mechanical system hidden within. Two twin devices seemed to be spinning on some sort of axis, gaining revolutions. Dispel this illusion. The AI was all too eager to comply. In one instant, there was the sound similar to that of a jet engine powering on. In the next, the sound was replaced completely by a short spherical burst as light-gray flames exploded from the armor, expanding outward and eating away at the illusion. Where the gray flames touched, the hitmen seemed to fall apart, sometimes even fading from reality entirely. This process was repeated thrice more before the suit completely dispelled the illusion, returning the plates on its back to their proper positions.

While he could see through the deception thanks to his AI, this Mist guardian posed a high threat to his comrades. Though he refused to actively engage her while she stood in front of the scrambling civilians, he wouldn't hesitate to neutralize any illusion she attempted to throw up.

He'd start shooting stuff later.

That's when the suit alerted him to a new threat. Turning his head, his gaze swept over the area. Little red boxes appeared everywhere, marking various enemies and their potential weak points as well as keeping track of his allies. Finally, to his far right, he spotted the subject of the alert.

It was a laid-back looking kid—older than Trevor by almost half a decade, from the look. There was a yellow and black triangle overlaying his face. For some reason, the suit considered him an extreme threat. Eyeing him, the lookup came back with the name Josei "Izanagi" Lambe, 15 year old male and Thunder guardian of the Vongola. There weren't many thunder-types back in his time, though Trevor had read much on the progeny of Vongola Decimo's legendary Thunder guardian, Lambo.

Somewhere deep in his mind, he kinda wanted an autograph. Just kinda.

"Hey. Could you stay calm and come outside with me. I don't really want to fight you but if I must then I think we should handle it outside away from the females. I don't want them to get hurt you know?" At that, Trevor, and by extension the armor, tilted his head to the side. The AI considers him a threat, huh? Trevor grinned ever so slightly.


Trevor sped forward towards Josei without a single semblance of warning, deftly avoiding one of Donovan's Asteroid-flame-covered palla in the process. He leaned in, aiming to strike the guy with his shoulder. If he dodged or not was of little consequence. The cacophonous ringing of the armor's metal footfalls splintering the expensive auditorium tiling was loud enough to split ear drums. Completing the action, Trevor exploded through the wall and out onto the grassland outside of the ceremony complex.

He didn't want to admit it, but he was having a hard time holding himself back. He could tell. The AI was acting jerkily, as if indecisive. It's reaction time was slightly off, too. He chided himself. My thoughts must be all over the place. At one end, he didn't really want to fight these guys. At another, Kurai ordered it, and he'd never go against her orders. And somewhere else, somewhere deep down, he really wanted to test himself against these future legends. Did they deserve their titles?! This is going to be so fun!


It wasn't too long before the girl, Shaji, stepped out through the hole in the wall, as did Josei. Out here there was less risk of collateral, and therefore less risk of endangering the timeline. Trevor could afford to be a bit more serious. The suit contained no melee weapons, so it'd probably be best if he kept his distance—at least initially, so that the AI could analyze their abilities and weaknesses a bit further.

There were several short clicks as Trevor enabled his onboard combat systems.

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Samuel was first confused about Josei comment. Samuel never seen why men shouldn't fight women. Growing up his mother was much more fierce than his father and could pack a whole lot more punch. Josei left with the big suit of armor and Ai followed not far behind as the big guy blasted through the wall.
Samuel turned back to Bellona "Are you strong? I make it a point not to fight anyone who can't fight back."
"Wait I get it men shouldn't fight women because women have an unfair advantage in strength!" he said reaching the obviously wrong conclusion.

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The Vongola certainly didn’t look like much. The most intimidating of them all was a blonde kid and that’s only because he was the loudest of the bunch. The sad thing was he couldn’t even start a fight with three of them because they were girls. He didn’t believe in striking a woman unless it was self-defence, then it was fair game. With a careful eye he analyzed his opponents.

As he turned to their leader, Donovan felt his heart skip in his chest. ‘She’s….she’s really cute,” he thought, his face darkening to a light pink. He tried to remember what the debriefing had said about her before they came. ‘Uh, let’s see…if that’s the boss then her name is Jayson! What else, what else….oh, right, sky flames. Crap, what do they do again? Something about compasses?’. Donovan racked his brain, trying to remember, but to no avail. He’d have to keep a close eye on her, if nothing else then to check out her butt.

Next was the redhead. A confusing person, Donovan couldn’t tell if it was a guy or a girl. The bored expression didn’t help to clarify the point. He hoped it was boy though, that way he could start a fight. His gaze drifted to the purple-haired girl just in time to be blinded by a bright light. When the light subsided, they were surrounded by hitmen. A large smile spread across his face, “Finally, we can get to the good part.” Donovan said, fishing two iron palla from his coat.

As he cocked his arm, a large blast of energy rippled through the room, vaporizing every hitman. Donovan sighed and tossed his balls in the air impatiently. “Dammit Trevor, I was planning on showing off for our new friends,” he said with a wink to Jayson, “especially you.” A nervous glance was cast towards Kurai, she definitely wouldn’t approve of him snuggling up to the Vongola, even if it was just a playful tease.

When the blonde kid asked if they were strong, Donovan almost burst out laughing. This kid had no idea of the power Kurai possessed, he actually felt a bit of pity at how naïve he was. A soft, masculine voice reached across the room. "Geez man. Men can't fight against girls. It's a secret rule don't yah know. 'Sigh' Let's try our hand at these two guys if you really want to fight." Donovan smiled, he liked this kid. If he survived the upcoming battle, they just might become friends.

As he and Trevor walked outside, he turned his attention to the other male in the room, Samuel. Maybe he was wrong, maybe this kid was actually a combat genius and just wanted Trevor gone to maximize his flames potential- "Wait I get it men shouldn't fight women because women have an unfair advantage in strength!" Donovan face-palmed, ‘I retract my previous thought,’ he snickered, striding over and placing an arm around Samuel’s shoulders. “Listen, buddy. I’m going to be completely serious with you, man to man, if you fight her you’re going to be blown into tiny pieces. You don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell against her, instead, listen to your friend there and face me, I guarantee I won’t disappoint.”

Releasing his opponent, Donovan walked through the hole Trevor had previously made, beckoning the other guardians to follow. He pointed to Jayson and Kurai. “I think we might want to go outside, shits about to hit the fan in here,” he cast a longing look at Jayson, “and boss, don’t hurt her too bad. I think I’ve got a shot with that one.” He shot a cocky wink at Vongola leader. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill them.”

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Samuel looked over the slim figured pretty boy that had put his arm around him.“Listen, buddy. I’m going to be completely serious with you, man to man, if you fight her you’re going to be blown into tiny pieces. You don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell against her, instead, listen to your friend there and face me, I guarantee I won’t disappoint.” said the pretty boy.
Samuel replied "Well naturally I'd get pulverised, same as if I fought my Mom, my grand-mother, or Jayson. See they're all women I just figured it out. Women are stronger then men" he gave a decisive nod as if this was final.
"But us men are strong too," He said tightening his arm around Donovan's Shoulders nearly choking him, but relinquished his hold soon stepping away from Donovan.
"So let us prove men are strong too and defy nature, to the Extreme!" he said he took his fighting stance and counted down from three in his head. 3... he took breaths between numbers 2... exhale 1... inhale 0... exhale. Fight!
Samuel bolted forward fist headed straight for Donovan's face. One hit from Samuel at his weakest was nothing short of an army tank.

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If Samuel punched a normal person like he tried to punch Donovan, that person would be missing a large portion of their lower intestine and other vital organs. This time however, the punch connected with nothing as he easily leaned out of the way, throwing the boy off balance. Donovan sighed, pushing his opponent’s arm up an inch. “If you lift it up a bit, you get more range,” he pointed out nicely, like a teacher showing a three year old how to count. Samuel looked around, confused about the lack of impact. With a shout of annoyance, he lunged towards the Asteroid Guardian, who once again easily stepped out of the way. “Don’t use your shoulder too much; it lowers your maximum power.”

A sudden spike in Samuel’s speed made Donovan jump back, the punch barely missing his head. He licked his lips in excitement, ‘That was close, look like I’ll have to knock it up a notch.’ Small brown flames flickered across his body, creating that invigorating feeling he always felt when touching his Asteroid Flames. There were three levels of self enhancement Donovan was capable of, this was stage one, multiplying his speed by five times its original pace, it is also the only one he can move comfortably in without his skin getting all burnt from the wind. Samuel wound up another punch, only this time, his target disappeared in a flash of brown. Donovan laughed at his obvious confusion, poking him in the nose. “You've got a lot to work on, your form is horrib-,” he quickly leaned his head to the right to dodge the incoming fist. “Horrible, try placing your left leg behind your right.”

By now, Samuel’s rage had turned to a smile. It seemed like the boy enjoyed being completely outmatched, or was it that he enjoyed the challenge? Either way, Donovan couldn't help but return it. He admired his determination, even though he knew it was futile he still kept trying to punch him. ‘Maybe I'll let him have one, so he won’t feel too bad,’ he thought mercifully, he didn't want to hurt the kid’s feelings. Finally stopping in front of Samuel, arms held high, the white haired guardian smirked as a fist flew towards his face. Just before the collision, a small wall of maroon fire appeared in the fists path, stealing its momentum. Instead of a freight train, the blow felt like a child had playfully slapped you with a pillow. Donovan smiled, “Hurray! You did it! Now it’s my turn!” In a split second, the flames covering his arm had concentrated in his palm. “Accel Burst!” With a light tap, Samuel was sent spiraling into the wall, knocking his head on the cold stones. “Oh shit,” he murmured, “Hey, you’re not dead are you? I can’t really control myself well.” When the figure moved, he sighed in relief. He didn't want to kill anyone, just fight. As he walked over to help Samuel up, a piercing screech ripped through the room.

Rippling terror surged through Donovan’s body as he traced his scar. Only one thing could make that sound and it filled his entire being with dread. “Trevor!” Genocide mode only happened when Trevor was in trouble and if Trevor couldn't gain control, they were all in danger. The small flames covering his body blazed to life, becoming a blazing inferno for the split second Donovan was visible to the human eye as he raced towards his friend. The battlefield was like something from a nightmare. There was Trevor, standing over the unmoving Thunder Guardian, his foot awash in blood. Jagged metal teeth ripped from the helmet of the C-Frame, which was unusually still. Within a second, he seemed to appear out of nowhere beside his friend. The faint sounds of sobs could be heard through the metal. Glancing at the dead Vongola, Donovan presumed the worst. His eyes darted between the girl and the hole in the wall, making sure no one came near. “Hey buddy,” He said softly, “I know it’s scary but I’m going to need you to hold on for a second alright? I’m gonna get you out of this.” Using the same technique that he used against Samuel, Donovan thrust his palm into the underside of the mech, forcing it upwards into the sky towards the mountains. He hoped Trevor was still in his symbiote, otherwise it’s going to be a very rough landing.

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Kurahoshi had jumped back from Trevor knowing of the aggressiveness of the mosca mode. The lighning guardian was extremely fast. He put up an incredible fight against his opponent. Unfortunately for the young lightning guardian he was not as strong yet as records told he would be. The mosca mode managed to take him down and would have killed him if it could have, but it suddenly stopped all motion, the mosca mode was now offline.
The Mist guardian then arrived and began talking and asking questions Kurahoshi thought should not be answered. He activated his swords light taking away the senses from her. This time however it only lasted 2.3 seconds. Luckily enough, the distance Kurahoshi needed to cover was much less than earlier, but with her being more aware of him his ability wouldn't affect her as much. She might even be able to reduce the time to more around 1 second.
He stood blade pointed at her face "Our flame types and intentions are not a matter we discuss freely with outsiders from our family," said Kurahoshi.
Donovan appeared, he lifted Trevor with his asteroid flame. He was always so ready to drop everything to help Trevor. "I hope you didn't bring any enemies tailing you Donovan, it would be unfavourable," said Kurahoshi.
Just then a rock knocked onto Donovan. Kurahoshi looked in the direction of where the rock had come (still keeping his sword pointed at Ai's chest. There was a boy with Blond hair. Kurahoshi remembered him from the records it was Samuel the sun guardian, in the futur he was known for being a martial arts master and inhuman healing speed, but at this time in moment he was known for fast healing and reckless fighting.
"We are not done yet," Said Samuel with anger all over his face.
------Several moments earlier------
Samuel felt his body in pain under the rubble. He called on his flame power as his pain was replaced with adrenaline. He blasted free from the rubble screaming out "Fight to the extreme!" and ran off after Donovan hoping to keep up with the great fight. He Donovan quickly he was lifting the robot. Ai was their to with a sword pointed at her face, while Josei lied on the ground. Now Samuel wasn't enjoying himself any more. Now he was mad. He picked up a rock and through it at the unsuspecting Donovan.

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OOC: Okay, not as long as the last one xD This should help resolve the ninja'd post ^^

Trevor felt a pressure against the sides of his face. Lowering his hands, he opened his eyes. The AI symbiote wanted to reconnect with him. With a sigh, he finally acquiesced, if only to ameliorate to some small degree his crippling migraine. The moment he reconnected his senses to the armor, the AI alerted Trevor to the presence of an enemy. Though the C-Frame was not able to query its internal data stores yet, it was still able to recognize the name of this enemy: Shaji Ai, the Vongola Mist guardian.

Utoh. She was here. The suit wasn't fully powered on—the AI reported four minutes and thirty-one seconds until the self-healing would complete. If she decided to attack him...

He was genuinely surprised when the girl started talking to him in a most casual tone. "... Every entity identified as of yet has been observed using Deathperation Flames, but none of which resembled the forms of the known flame-types of this time." Trevor pursed his lips. The flame-types used during this time period were all but extinct back in the future. They were simply outdated. Usurped. Surpassed. When the aliens arrived, humanity was forced to adapt or face annihilation. It made sense that our flame types naturally evolved with us. Why stop at the relatively-limited Sky when one could tap into the infinity of Space?

"... Based on connecting all these points of data, I can make the assumption that you, among the other threats, do not exist in this timeframe, and have as well been sent from a possible future, and judging by yours and others actions, you are not here for peaceful intentions ... I wish to know of the reasons behind your intentions and the origins of your flame types." While she spoke, Trevor noticed she never took her eyes off on Josei, whose body was still pinned under his armor's foot. He averted his eyes. Aside from the migraine pounding away at his temples, he felt as if an elephant was sitting on his chest. His breaths came in quick ragged gasps and spots of light danced around his vision. The C-Frame had gorged itself on quite a bit more of his flame energy than he'd initially thought.

On top of that, a war was raging within his psyche. On one side, he'd fulfilled Kurai's orders and he valued that... but on the other, he'd killed another human being for a mission with an objective he didn't fully understand. He'd never killed anyone before—just aliens, and they weren't people in his eyes to begin with. Worse, he feared that he wouldn't be able to pilot the C-Frame in this conflicted condition. So along with everything else, he was now useless to his famiglia.


When the suit detected that he wished to speak, it relayed his thoughts, though the voice that came from the machine was deep and grainy.

"Uh. My Moon flames... I mean, I didn't mean to—"

Trevor stopped talking as the C-Frame alerted him to Rizzo Star guardian's presence. Kurahoshi. Trevor hadn't noticed him land from the time vortex. In the next moment, he held the business end of a blade inches from the Vongola girl's face. "Our flame types and intentions are not a matter we discuss freely with outsiders from our family."

Almost simultaneously, the AI alerted him to yet another presence. One he recognized instantly, a hope-filled smile touching his face. Donovan! He must've been travelling extremely fast, because the armor wasn't able to pinpoint his location until he appeared right next to the unmoving mech. “Hey buddy,” He said softly. “I know it’s scary but I'm going to need you to hold on for a second alright? I’m gonna get you out of this.” Trevor almost burst into tears at that, thoughts of the guy he'd killed still saturating his mind. He could feel the suit powering on again, for it began to slowly draw on his flames once more. Most of the mechanical corruption had apparently been repaired. Unfortunately, he didn't have much flame energy to give at the moment... without putting his life in jeopardy.

The next thing he knew, he was hurtling through the air, headed for a random area on the complete other side of the forest, a mountain visible in the distance. The landing was pretty unceremonious, the C-Frame skipping across the ground like a rock across a lake, until it finally came to a stop a few inches from the trunk of a tree. Neither the armor nor the boy were injured. The C-Frame was designed for unassisted re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere; a little ground collision was nothing in comparison.

Trevor disengaged the armor, returning it to the black cube on his wrist and picking himself up off the ground. The nanochemical residue evaporated upon contact with the air, leaving him and his clothes completely dry, though he did cough a few times, the stuff still in his lungs. Folding his arms, Trevor moved to lean against the nearby tree he'd almost crashed into earlier, shading himself from the light drizzle falling from the clouds above.

Slowly, he slid down the tree trunk until he was sitting on the ground, resting his head against the cool bark. Whatever the case may be, he had completed his part in this conflict. Now he just had to deal with it, and wait for the others to finish theirs.

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Kurai Rizzo

Kurai watched the girl crumble, and she went blank. What. Her eyes dilated. No. She growled. This couldn't be the vongola leader that she was trained to kill. This girl was weak, useless, pathetic- and.. reminded her a lot of herself. Her old self that is. And it Pissed her off! Though at the same time, she felt a little laugh escape her. A hysterical one.

"How weak are you." She said, staring her down. "Are you letting whatever cast you down! How pathetic!" She cried out. Her eyes began to water as she remembered the horrible day as if it was yesterday. Those lights. Those knifes. That Man. But she wouldn't let those damn tears fall. She was too strong, too far off to become weak anymore. But this girl. She unconsciously expected much more, and seeing her old self within Jayson just made her crazy. It was sad really..

Her laughter died down, and her expression became cold. "I'm disappointed heh." The corner of her mouth twitched. "To think the vongola's leader will fall despite a battle is at hand. Too weak! Never back down, stand up and fight!"

With that she silenced, her bangs shadowing her eyes. Suddenly however, she smirked as if nothing happened. "Maybe another day." Looking at her own team, she signaled a stop. "Lets go." Looking at Jayson, and her family, she stared for a moment before racing off on the back of her box animal.

[OOC:Well I wanted to end there, because long fights can cause a dead roleplay. Sorry if you were in the middle of something, if so ill extend it just a bit. But if not, I think the rizzos should leave, while the vongola's pick themselves up. Then maybe a time skip to the next day! School? Oh and if someone can make some dust bomb that'll be awesome XD I think queasur can :O ]

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Kurahoshi felt Kurai's flame on the move. Guess he had missed a lot of it due to his time lag. "Donovan, Let's go collect Trevor and regroup with Trevor and the others," said Kurahoshi.
"No, your staying here!"yelled Samuel. Starting to head towards Kurahoshi. "Let's go," said Kurahoshi to Donovan activateing his technique. Donovan knew to close his eyes when Kurahoshi first activates his technique. Then It's safe. Kurohoshi quickly fled. The Loss of senses would probably last about 1.5 to 1.6 seconds this time, cutting it very close for Kurahoshi, but giving Donovan ample amounts of time.

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Completely distracted by his task at hand, Donovan didn’t even notice the stone coming flying towards him. The air around the Asteroid Guardian shimmered ever so slightly and the rock dropped straight down to the ground. If he hadn’t been in Chroma state, its initial velocity would have been more than enough to punch a hole through his head. Turning his head, a look of surprise shot across the boy’s face, he hadn’t expected him to be able to move, let alone stand and throw things. With his usual look of arrogance, Donovan assessed the situation.

The area around him was covered in craters, Trevor’s doing no doubt. In one of these craters lay a dead Vongola, unfortunately the one he liked the most out of them. He still couldn’t believe Trevor had killed him. Yes, it was what they were sent to do but for some reason, he just couldn’t see Trevor giving the finishing blow, it just didn’t suit him. The C-Frame had disagreed, taking control and murdering right before his eyes. The poor guy didn’t even see it coming. Donovan shook his head to clear out the thoughts. Right now, he had to focus on the task at hand.

The only other Vongola was a girl who looked about his age. She was cute, though not nearly as cute as the girl inside, but something about her made him feel uncomfortable, though he couldn’t put his finger on it. It wasn’t until now that he noticed Kurahoshi standing beside him. Donovan didn’t know Kurahoshi very well, they never really spoke even during training. Still, his sensory disupton would be a welcome addition to the upcoming fight. Samuel had made his way onto the battlefield, looking for a rematch. Donovan smiled, he admired his determination.

Before he could start the battle however, a sudden signal from Kurai told them to retreat. He breathed a sigh of relief, now he could check on Trevor. Flashing his opponent’s his trademark cocky grin, Donovan gave them a mini-salute. “Sorry about your friend, I wish I got to face him.” The sadness behind his eyes was hidden well below a layer of arrogance. By the time Kurahoshi had raised his sword, Donovan was already out of range, racing towards the mountain Trevor had landed on. He passed Kurai on the way by, giving her a quick wave and a wink. Not even her giant cat could keep up with him and she was soon left in his dust.

Arriving at the mountain, Donovan’s heart rose at the sight of his unharmed friend. Deactivating Chroma state so he didn’t scare him, he walked slowly up to the boy and sat down beside him. For a few minutes nobody said anything, the only sound was light breathing and chirping birds.
“It’s not your fault you know,” He said, breaking the silence, “I know the first time killing someone is hard, believe me, I don’t like it either, but you can’t beat yourself up about it. If you shoulder the guilt, it will eat you alive.” He wrapped his arm around Trevor comfortingly and smiled, “That’s why I try to shoulder their dreams instead. His wish was to be strong right? Then you have to be strong for him!”

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Kurahoshi was running as fast as possible. He was definitely fast, but he couldn't hold a candle to Donovan.
Kurahoshi caught up with Kurai after in a few minutes. He could tell from just how she was that something bothered her from her encounter with the Vongola 11th, but this was not the time to ask about it.
"Kurai, did phase one proceed well?" he asked.

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Trevor awoke to an odd sensation, similar to vertigo, but not exactly. Without thinking twice, he sent out a thought to the C-Frame, asking it how much time had passed since he'd arrived, and how long he'd been asleep. The cube on his wrist responded instantly. It'd only been fifteen minutes, roughly. Mentally assessing himself, various words came to mind: Exhausted. Drained. Headache. Hungry. Frustrated. Annoyed. Despite all that, he seemed to exude a sense of complete—even eerie—tranquility, an expression of pure indifference stamped upon his face, arms crossed about his chest, demeanor lax and unexciting. Internally, however, different conflicting thoughts spun wildly about as he struggled for focus. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes, clearing his mind as best he could.

Ugh. Stupid cheater thunder guardian he pouted. Scenes of the previous battle entered his mind, though they stopped just short of its sordid conclusion. The mass-produced stock versions of the C-Frame shipped with quite a few supplementary components, from internal box weapons, melee armaments, extra shield generators, and various other goodies—including surge protections to guard against electrical overload. His frame had them all at one point as well, but with each addition came a trade-off: cost in fiamma volts—raw flame power. Even with his superior skill when compared to the other pilots of his time, Trevor was already pushing it by going into lower restrictions with his small body. Just the flame-powered melee armaments alone cut his maximum runtime down by a fifth, which was deemed unacceptable by the researchers at the Facility. It was for this reason that most "non-critical components" were stripped from his armor—melee weapons, external shielding, electrical surge protection, et cetera—though he did retain the overclocked artificial intelligence and a few extra internal box weapons, such as the custom made anti-flame cannon stored in the oral area of the C-Frame's helmet.

But now he needed that surge protection component back if he was going to deal with the thunder users of this time. Such flame types were extremely rare in the future—even non-existent. Not only did the atmospheric modifications brought about by the World Engine make lightning hard to use, but it had very little efficacy against the alien enemy in battle. Their opposing frames were effectively immune. "Stupid past," he muttered, chewing on his lower lip. The cool shade of the tree was doing wonders for his headache.

Well, he couldn't just go back to the future and have a new component installed. Even if Kurai could send him back, it'd be extremely hard for him to come back again on his own. Hmm... I guess I could look into taking some parts from the Moscas of this time or something... He nodded to himself, adding that to his list of things he wanted to look into during his stay in this foreign time.

Before his mind could wander on to less agreeable topics, Trevor heard a sound, like a jet flying high overhead. It was distant at first, but grew steadily in intensity until he felt rather than heard the impact of something landing off to his side. BOOM! The ground shook with the force of the landing. Some leaves were rattled loose from the tree under which Trevor currently took refuge, floating down to land around his feet. He didn't even have to look at the visitor, so he didn't, maintaining his icy distant glare. He already knew who it was. After a moment, Donovan wordlessly took a seat next to him. Other than his own breath and the melodic chirping of birds somewhere in the distance, there was only silence. Though Trevor refused to give any indication of acknowledgement, Donovan's presence made him forget about his grinding migraine.

Things always seemed better when he was around. Trevor could never figure out why.

As with every conversation they had, it was Donovan who made the first move. "It’s not your fault you know." While his demeanor remained stoic, internally, Trevor balked at the older boy's words. "I know the first time killing someone is hard, believe me, I don't like it either, but you can't beat yourself up about it. If you shoulder the guilt, it will eat you alive." He frowned, looking down at his hands. He hadn't noticed that he'd been twiddling his thumbs. But... He opened his mouth to speak, but, after a moment, closed it again. This was his fault. He was supposed to be a hero! A savior of humanity, fighting the glorious fight against the alien scourge for the boon of all mankind.

With a naivete fathomable only to a twelve-year-old, Trevor believed that everyone was on the same side in the conflict against the aliens. Why would humans fight amongst themselves with such a great threat looming over the horizon? He felt now that he'd perverted the purpose of his existence in using his box weapon to... to...

To murder. His conscious would never let him forget it. But he had to be loyal to the Rizzo, to Kurai...

Trevor screwed his eyes shut, trying to reconcile this internal contradiction against all logic. He'd either be loyal to Kurai or be the hero he wanted to be—but not both. This zero-sum game was lose-lose. All of his thoughts were spinning together into one massive emotional deluge, dragging him deeper and deeper into its morose depressing depths, drowning him in its darkness.

In the next moment, Trevor was snapped back into reality. He blinked once, twice, somewhat disoriented. That's when he noticed what'd saved him. Donovan had wrapped his arm around his shoulder, a comforting gesture. For the first time since he landed, Trevor looked Donovan in the eye, and was met with a warm smile. "That’s why I try to shoulder their dreams instead." Trevor's eyes grew big, his ill thoughts temporarily banished by the contemplation of this new ideal. "His wish was to be strong right? Then you have to be strong for him!"

Several thoughts occurred to Trevor nearly simultaneously. You could see it in his eyes. However, it was short-lived, his expression returning to that of tranquil disinterest. As if just realizing that he was within Donovan's embrace, Trevor attempted to worm his way out of it. He wasn't strong enough to break Donovan's hold on his own, but the older boy had been around Trevor long enough to know when he wanted some space, and so loosened his grasp. Slipping out from under Donovan's arm, Trevor pushed himself to his feet, taking several steps out of the shade and into the sunlight. He was staring off into the distance again.

"I guess we're done with them?" It was more of a statement than a question. He wondered how many of the Vongola were able to survive. If they'd been dealt with, maybe the Rizzo could all go back home. Plus, he couldn't help but be a little interested in the battle's outcome. There was no way any member of his famiglia could have lost. Inconceivable. "We should probably go meet the others, right?"

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“I told you this was the best spot to watch the sunset,” Donovan said happily, plopping down on the freshly laid out picnic blanket his companion had brought. The two of them had been planning this little outing for two weeks and it was only now that they could get out without one of the others noticing.

Jayson gasped at the view from the hill. “Wow, it’s beautiful!” Donovan smiled, running his fingers through his white blond hair. “Of course it is, only the best for my little angel.” She sat down beside him, taking his hand in hers as they watched the sun float down towards the horizon. The silence was both comforting and unnerving for the Asteroid Guardian, the thought at how close they had been to getting caught still fresh in his mind. Jayson was the one to break the silence.

“What do you think would happen if we told them?” She asked quietly. “Well, the Vongola would probably understand, though I suspect they’ll be pissed as hell. As for the Rizzo, they won’t be as generous and order for my execution.” He smiled and put his arm around her comfortingly.

“That’s only if they catch us and, as you know, nothing can catch me.” Jayson smiled back, lifting her chin to kiss his nose. “Don’t run too fast or you’ll leave me behind,” she giggled. Donovan placed his hands on the back of her head bringing their lips close and-


A large groan escaped the teen’s mouth as he fumbled for his alarm clock. When the incessant noise finally stopped, one thought flew through the Asteroid Guardian’s mind. “Damn, it was just getting good too.” Flinging the curtains aside, sunshine flooded into the dark room, illuminating the multitudes of play posters adorning the walls. His favourite one was the poster from a performance of Macbeth all the way back in the 1800’s.

The paper had been found in one of the old Chicago libraries yellow with age and ripped to shreds but with a little help, or blackmail, from Alastor, he’d been able to piece it back together to hang it on his wall.

After showering and eating breakfast, he threw on a white dress shirt and some jeans and raced down the hall to Trevor’s room.


The C-Frame haunted Trevor’s nightmares. They were fighting the Vongola in an all or nothing battle and it was no surprise that the Rizzo were winning. There he sat inside the C-Frame, smiling like a madman as he crushed one of the Vongola’s skulls under his feet, he didn’t care which one, all of them looked the same splattered on the floor. Soon, all the Vongola were dead and only the Rizzo were left but the machine still kept running.

Trevor watched in horror as the C-Frame ripped the unsuspecting Donovan in half and impaled Kurahoshi with his own sword. One by one, his friends were murdered and the whole time, he watched himself laugh as he killed them.

A loud knocking ripped the boy from his sleep, his body caked in sweat. “Just a second,” he mumbled, throwing on the closest clothes he could find, a grey hoodie over a black t-shirt and jeans. He let out a silent sigh of relief as Donovan walked in the door, relieved his nightmare wasn’t reality.

The older boy smiled and reached back into the hallway, revealing two plastic cups and offering one to Trevor. A small grimace spread across the young boy’s face. “You know I don’t like coffee.” Donovan shook his head, taking a sip of his beverage. “You will, it comes with age. If you ever want to get as fast as me, you have to drink a lot of this stuff,” he flicked Trevor playfully on the forehead, “besides, I got you hot chocolate.” The boy smiled, a rare occurrence, and began to drink the liquid, looking over the rim of his cup.

“You didn’t have to wait for me you know, you can leave.” The older boy smiled and headed towards the door. “Suit yourself,” he called, running down the hallway. Trevor groaned, carefully holding the coffee cup in his hand as he raced out the door after his friend. “Hey, wait up!”


“Wow, 27 seconds. I’d say that’s a new record for you.” Trevor agitatedly batted away the hand ruffling his hair. He was nervous about school, like he was nervous about most things outside of his C-Frame. What if the kids don’t like me? What if I fail my classes? What if I can’t make any friends? All these thoughts raced through his brain at a mile per second on the highway to anxiety. Not even his brother’s goofy smile could cheer him up today.

They were walking through an alleyway, the quickest route to the school from the Rizzo residence. Trashcans littered the sides, breeding grounds for bacteria, insects and rats. Suddenly, a soft cry for help shot through the dank alley. With a silent nod, they ran towards the noise, revealing an old woman being mugged for her purse at gunpoint.

“Alright Trevor, stay here,” Donovan warned, striding confidently towards the crook. The thief turned a look of frightful courage on his face as he pointed the gun at a mop of white hair. “Don’t move or I-I’ll shoot!” Donovan smiled, raising his hands into the air, ushering he grandma to run off. “Relax buddy, I’m just helping the little old lady out. She doesn’t seem like she carries much cash on her anyways.” A yell of anger escaped the man’s lips as he shot the gun, which Donovan easily dodged.

“Missed me!” He taunted, burying his fist into the crooks stomach and knocking him unconscious. Beckoning to Trevor, they continued they’re merry way to school, happy to have done their good deed for the day.


Trevor walked up to the school alone, Donovan having already ran off to get his schedule, when his heart caught in his throat. Standing in the gateway was none-other than the boy he killed the other day, Josei Lambe. A huge wave of relief washed over him. ‘Oh thank god, he’s still alive. I didn’t kill anyone!’ However, that relief soon sparked into fear. ‘Wait…what if he recognizes me?!’ He pulled his hood up to mask his presence as he walked past the vongola, large beads of sweat pouring down his forehead. The sound of footsteps echoed behind him, mimicking his movements.

A hand clamped down on his shoulder, sending a slight shiver through his body. “Hey, Eat this. It might help you exercise your face a little.” A large candy was thrust into Trevor’s face. When he was sure Josei held no ill intent, he took the candy and gave a mumbled thank you. The realization hit Trevor like a truck. ‘He doesn’t know I was piloting the C-Frame!’ he thought thankfully. Flashing Josei a really bad, fake smile, he turned to the school and set off to class.


“3-C, 3-C, 3-C. Hmmm, where is 3-C?” Donovan scratched his head in confusion, his eyes scanning the halls for the sign of his class. After a few more minutes of searching he found the room, the class list neatly posted on wall outside. A grin danced on his lips as he read off the names. “Jayson Vongola, Shiro Suzuki, Josei Lambe, this is going to be an interesting year.” Fixing his hair, he entered the classroom.

The teacher was a middle aged man by the name of Mutou, an easily distracted man with a passion for science, especially physics. The only reason Mutou noticed his arrival is it seemed to summon a chorus of chatter from the girls in class, something Donovan himself was completely oblivious too. Mutou cleared his throat, “Good morning class, welcome to the new school year. I trust you all had a good summer?” Chatter erupted around the room but was quickly silenced by Mutou. “Now, this is-“

"Sorry I'm late. I had a little problem I had to take care of,” Jayson interrupted as she walked in the classroom, sitting in her desk. Donovan smiled. She didn’t care about the rules, she just did what she wanted, when she wanted. He liked her even more now.
“Ahem, as I was saying, this is Donovan Shmautz, your peer tutor for this year. He’s very versed in English, P.E and science and if you ever have any questions, ask him. Remember he’s a student like you, not a teacher, he’ll be getting the same homework and tests you do as well. Now, go find a seat.” Donovan smiled at Mutou and made a beeline directly for the chair beside Jayson. “Well, well, well. I wasn’t expecting to have such a beauty in my class,” he teased, resting his hands behind his head, “looks like the tooth fairy was extra nice to me this time.”

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Shiro would let out a huge sigh as he walk down the stairs, even though he didn't come to school to sleep he thought he would at lest be able to take a short nap. but there where far to many question on his mind to nap. so he might as well walk around and make sure everything is on the up and up. as he turns the corner he would almost be knocked over by the 11th little brothers, he would begin to chase after them but he had more important things to do then play baby sitter to the "terrible twosome". he would continue to walk down the hall until he heard, "Hey! Rosa good morning!" from a nearby classroom. he would laugh a bit "I didn't think that would get her to come to school." of course he got her text, but he never would think she would come. "she must have been bored." he thought to himself. he would feel almost drawn to the room the 11th was in he would glance into the room and see a boy standing in front of the class, "a new student in 11th class?" could it be a coincidence he thought "maybe?" he would walk over to look into the room through the glass window on the door, he would watch as the boy would sit next to the 11th and begin to talk to her as the boy smiled Shiro felt an odd emotion come over him. he was annoyed with the boy but also envy of the boy. the only thing he could think was how "dare he (someone shiro did not know) try to get so chummy with the 11th , what the hell does he think he doing!" if shiro wasn't sure he didn't like the boy he was 100 percent positive he didn't like him now. shrio was going to keep his eye on the boy and while doing so shiro had completely forgot about walking the school grounds to make sure nothing was going on, the boy with 11th was shiro only concern now.