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Fredrick Dill Koenig

"Serlina, that isn't very nice. They could be friends."

0 · 605 views · located in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! universe

a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM”, as played by DarwinianAssault


Fredrick Dill Koenig, 16,Male

<Physical Info>

5’0” 87 lbs. Very lean build. Messy dark hair that falls to his chin but he keeps it parted down the middle so it hangs in front of his ears. Violet eyes. He has little to no muscle on his body making him physically weak but he makes up for this with very good body control and reaction times, allowing him to easily dodge and parry enemy attacks. He is also fairly flexible and agile. He is never seen without his trademark scarf . He usually wears a blue suit-jacket over a white T-Shirt which is complemented by white jeans. He finishes up his outfit with a striped tie to add a touch of finesse.

The Vongola Family.

At first glance, one would see Fredrick as a weak, scared kid who gets beaten up all the time because he’s smart and they’re right. Detesting all sorts of conflict, Fredrick just wants everyone to get along so there isn’t any more violence or hate in the world. Of course, he’d do something about it if he wasn’t so scared of everything. Fredrick is that kid who jumps at his own shadow and refuses to leave his bedroom to go pee at night. There are very few occasions where he’ll stand up for himself instead of running away. He is a complete pacifist and refuses to do anything that he thinks will hurt people, even people who want to hurt him. With that said, Fredrick doesn’t dislike anyone; rather he tries to see the good in everyone. While Fredrick isn’t able to stand up for himself, if someone is in danger he will protect them to his last breath, even if that person is an enemy.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o Friends Violence x
o Reading Bulliesx
o Flowers Scary Things x

< Ability Statistics >

Flame type

Tools or Weapons

Apart from his box weapons, Fredrick uses a pair of Sais coated in rain flames. They are mainly used defensively, pacifying the opponent’s weapon each time they connect and making them easier to snap with the Sais. If used offensively, they cannot wound an opponent. Instead they inject tranquility into the opponent, calming them and reducing their will to fight.

Body Control: Fredrick has very good control over his bodies movements and is able to dodge most attacks.
Hyper Reactions: Fredrick has insane reaction times, further heightening his ability to dodge blows and run away.
Passive Aura: Fredrick’s Rain Flames make everyone around him a little more calm then they’d normally be.

Box weapons
Being the son of one of the three inventors of all box technology, Fredrick has two box weapons he can call upon. The boxes themselves were implanted into his forearms at a very young age to test a theory made by Koenig, the theory that if a box weapon made of different flames was put in a body with no flames, would the subject gain those flames? The results were more than satisfactory, with the subject not only gaining the flames but morphing the box weapons to match their personality. In this timeframe, Fredrick is the only one who has done this.


Rain Pixie.

The box weapon in his left arm is the Rain Pixie named Serlina. Though she is Fredrick’s box weapon, she’s sentient and has a mind of her own, though she can be controlled by Fredrick should the need arise. Serlina acts like her master’s big sister, sticking up for him when he can’t himself and watching over him. She is very upfront with the way she thinks and speaks her mind, much to Fredrick’s embarrassment. They can talk telepathically and she’s gained the ability to let herself out of the box, if only to say a few words to a bully or comfort Fredrick when he’s sad.
Serlina is capable of creating highly concentrated walls of Rain flames. These walls suck the strength out of anything that passes through them and are used to make excellent walls and shields. If she concentrates her abilities on one person, they gain a coating of Rain Flames as armor, working as a permanent barrier. She must remain in contact with the person to do this and thus cannot fly around to help elsewhere.


Staff of Tranquility.

The box weapon in Fredrick’s right arm is his main weapon if forced to fight. The staff is not capable of inflicting wounds like a regular weapon, at the most leaving a small bruise where it hit. Instead, the staff is covered in very concentrated Rain Flames that pacify anything they touch, rendering it incapable of combat. For example, if the staff strikes the opponent’s arm, they will not be able to use that arm for any violent action towards anyone. If the target is struck in the head, chest or neck, they become passive immediately. Fredrick has spent numerous nights training with the staff and is very capable with it, being the only weapon his pacifist nature likes to use.

Fredrick is scared of almost everything and will flee if terrified, leaving him open to attack. He is also very trusting in people. Physically, he is very weak and can be easily knocked unconscious.
Personal Traits
He is not scared of aliens or ghosts because they “Don’t exist”. He has a secret passion for lego’s. He’s allergic to peanuts.

< Personal Background >

Fredrick Dill Koenig is the only son of Koenig, one of the infamous three who created all box weapon tech. His mother died in childbirth, leaving him alone with his father. At the age of two, his father and his men came up with a hypothesis for creating artificial flames by implanting box weapons into children. He used his own son as a test subject, implanting two box weapons filled with Rain Flames into his forearms. The experiment was a success, giving Fredrick complete control over his Rain Flames.
Until he reached the age of fourteen, Fredrick was bullied non-stop because of his size and frightfulness, his only friend being his imaginary one named Serlina, blissfully unaware of the powers he possessed. That is, until Serlina figured out how to open her box and created a large wall of blue flames to protect him from bullies. The next day Fredrick was sent to a new school, run by a baby called Verde. Here, Verde trained Fredrick in the art of the staff and Sais plus how to use his flames. When he turned sixteen, he was offered the position of Rain Guardian of the Vongola, something his father graciously accepted for him. [/center]

So begins...

Fredrick Dill Koenig's Story

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OOC: Yes, I am the god of long introductory posts. Fear me!

Fredrick Dill Koenig stared at himself in the bathroom mirror as he brushed his teeth. It'd be his first day back in school this entire week—he'd been out sick with a particularly bad cold. It was for this reason that he had to skip the ring ceremony as well. He still felt pretty bad about that, especially after hearing about the surprise attack by the unknown flame types, but his dad had insisted he stay home. His famiglia got caught up in a fight for their lives and he wasn't around to help. He paused his fervent brushing to sigh. I probably wouldn't have been of much help anyway. Plus, he didn't even have a Vongola ring yet.

"Fred!" Came a voice from Fredrick's left, a small high-pitched soprano.

For his part, Fredrick pretty much jumped out of his skin, dropping his toothbrush into the sink and nearly choking on the frothy toothpaste in his mouth. After a few coughs and some water, Fredrick turned to face the speaker on his left. He knew who it was before he even turned his head. "Serlina! You know I hate it when you sneak up on me like that. I almost died!" He griped, pointing at the sink. Serlina, one of Fredrick's box weapons, was a petite blue pixie—like a Tinkerbell, except with a stunning personality, and dominion over Rain flames. Oh, and if you called her "tinkerbell," she'd probably hurt you.

Why and how was she outside of her box without being explicitly summoned? Again, she has a personality of her own, and she can leave her box at will. Conveniently for her, said box was implanted in Fredrick's left arm. Such an implant was the first of its kind in recorded history, though his father told him that they were planning on expanding the technology in the future. "One day, we'll be able to implant flame rings themselves into their users," his father had told him some time ago. "Imagine the possibilities!" But Fredrick doubted the technology would ever get that far. The rings themselves, implanted inside of people? That's just creepy. How would they be handed down and stuff?

"You know," he continued, "sometimes I think—"
"Fred," she interrupted, her translucent wings buzzing as she zipped around impatiently. She only did this when she had something pressing on her mind.
"What happened?" He asked, worry entering his voice.
"I heard one of the motion detectors go off! Are you deaf? Something is going on downstairs, and your father is going to check it out!" There was definitely an urgency to her tone, but not without an underlying implication: she wanted him to go downstairs with his father.

Fredrick's eyes grew wide. "No way," he said flatly. "It's probably car thieves again. Dad can handle it. I'll just stay up here out of the way..."

"Oh, Fred. You've got to help!"
"I really don't think—"
"What if he needs you?!"
"But I don't—"
"You're gonna be a Vongola guardian, Fred. You can't be afraid of these little things anymore."

Fredrick shook his head. "But Serlina, I'll just get in the way. It'd be much safer for us all up here." He flashed her a sheepish grin, but she wasn't buying it. She just glared at him, her wings flickering angrily behind her. Fredrick couldn't take it and eventually gave in.

"Oh... fine," he finally agreed. "But when I get beaten up and murdered, it'll be all your fault," he mocked, wiping his mouth on a nearby towel and grasping at the door handle. He took a deep breath, trying to summon the courage he needed to proceed. Serlina was right. As a Vongola guardian, he'd be facing much worse threats than petty car thieves. He'd be facing hitmen, mobsters... maybe even those weird guys that attacked the ring ceremony. He had to be ready to pacify them.

Maybe this counts as some sort of roundabout training? He could brag about it to Samuel.

Feeling sufficiently enthused, he opened the bathroom door ever so slightly, trying to sneak a peek out into the hall. Serlina was having none of that, however, and rammed her little pixie shoulder into Fredrick's back with as much force as she could muster, causing him to stumble through the door. He almost tripped over his own feet.

"Hey!" He hissed, looking back over his shoulder at his pixie box weapon; however, Serlina was not looking at him, she was pointing. Following her gaze, Fredrick's eyes landed on the secondary door. They called it the "sally port". It was the secret exit his father often used to surreptitiously enter the auto shop from behind. If there was a thief or thieves down there, he'd be able to sneak up on them without much effort.

"See, he's handling everything," he whispered, keeping his voice low, as if he were in danger of being overheard. "Let's just go back."
"No! Downstairs!" She insisted, tugging on his sleeve, trying to pull him towards the front door. "Use the main door."
"Okay okay, I'm going." He sighed, pressing twice on a small card-sized area of the wall next to the door. A backlit keypad revealed itself. After tying a string of digits, a light above the input device blinked green and the door in front of him opened, revealing a tenebrous scarcely lit stairwell that lead straight down to the auto parts shop. Fredrick stared at them, gulping audibly, paralyzed by fear.

"March." Selina commanded.
Her voice grew several shades softer. "Go check it out. You can do it."

With another gulp, Fredrick slowly tiptoed his way down the stairs until he reached the door that directly sequestered the staircase and the shop floor. From the outside, the door would appear as a barely noticeable dent in the wall. It was even painted the same color as its surroundings, further masking its presence. A thief wouldn't even notice its existence.

Or so he told himself.

Carefully, he pulled on the door handle, gently pushing the featureless hunt of metal forward. He was trying to be as quiet as possible, but the door squeaked loudly in protest of every inch. Fredrick winced, wishing now that he'd oiled the thing like his father had asked. I gave myself away! I gave myself away! But as he let the door swing the rest of the way open, he was presented with not a gaggle of robbers aiming their weapons at him, but the dark empty expanse of the auto shop floor room. The only other sound he could hear was the buzzing of Serlina's wings.

"See," he said, confidence suddenly underpinning his tone, "nothing here." He turned again to look at her. "Can we go back up now?"
She shook her head, pointing again.

When he saw what she was pointing to this time, he instantly felt nauseous. "Um... you want me to go into dad's lab? Are you crazy?" He'd never been allowed in there. Ever. The fact that the door was open wasn't a good sign though. He'd never once seen it just standing open in real life. What if the robbers are in there? What if they forced dad to open the door? Threatening him at gunpoint. Fredrick clenched his fists. Maybe Serlina was right. Maybe he did need help!

Serlina recognized the newfound determination in Fredrick's eyes and smiled. "Atta boy!" She whispered enthusiastically. "We can do it!"

He was able to round the corner and take a few steps down the stairs towards his father's lab before he heard something that made him freeze instantly, a chill running up his spine. The sound was unmistakable. He'd heard it a thousand times before.

It was his father's shotgun. A round had just been chambered, the echo travelling up the staircase to his ears.

Frozen in place, Fredrick strained his ears, trying to get an idea of what was going on down there. The very last thing he wanted to hear was a gunshot. He pondered rushing in, but doubted his father would appreciate his presence down there. The place was strictly off limits for him. In fact, this was probably the closest he'd ever gotten to the lab in his life.

Muffled voices interrupted his train of thought.

"You win," came an unfamiliar voice. Fredrick blinked twice, confused, before his worst fears were confirmed. A shotgun blast rang out, followed the sounds of a struggle. Someone fell over, probably riddled with bullet holes. Dad! Though before he could speed down the stairs, someone else was already there, standing at the landing. It was some stranger, his back to Fredrick. Once again he froze, but this time for only a moment. Slowly, he started creeping backwards up the staircase, hoping not to catch the guy's attention.

"Thanks for the gift, great grampa Koenig." He heard the stranger say. "I'll be sure it is put to good use."

Fredrick was only a few steps away from the doorway, but it was too late. As the stranger turned and looked upwards, they locked eyes. Even though the stairwell wasn't well lit, Fredrick could still make out some features of the guy's face. For a fraction of a second, the stranger wore a confused expression, but that confusion melted away, replaced by something that was all too familiar. It was the "target locked" look. He used to get it from bullies all the time.

Panicking, Fredrick began backpedalling up the remaining stairs, nearly falling over himself. At the same time, the stranger had begun ascending the stairs at an extremely rapid pace, taking two and three at a time. Even worse, some sort of knife materialized in the stranger's hand, its blade edge surrounded by a dusty light-blue aura. Eerily, it reminded him of the Rain flame, except...

"Woah woah woah woah!" He stuttered, crossing his hands over his chest and then separating them multiple times, still backpedaling. This guy was obviously the intruder. He definitely didn't want to fight him.

"RUN!" Serlina commanded, gathering rain flames into her hands in preparation for a defense, but it was too late. Though Fredrick managed to make it up past the top of the stairs and was now out on the shadowy floor of the auto shop, the intruder had already closed the distance. He was within arm's reach now.


Without warning, the intruder made a vertical swipe at him with his blade. Fredrick may have been scared, but he was far from helpless. The moment he saw the blade coming at him, it was like something else took over. The sounds around him seemed to dampen as if he were wearing earmuffs, his vision tunneling, focusing on the weapon in the intruder's hand. His thoughts dispersed as he took on a sense of complete mental clarity and acuity.

He dodged the swipe easily, angling his upper body sharply to the left, twisting at the waist so that his shoulder and arm were out of harm's way. He felt a cooling sensation as the weapon passed by the side of his face and torso.

The intruder was not impressed. Without pause, he pressed forward, this time making a wide, lateral swipe. Fredrick moved just as quickly, bowing forward at the waist and avoiding the attack yet again. He could hear the woosh of the blade parting the air just as much as he could feel the biting chill of the weapon as it passed over the back of his head. It was surprisingly cold, as if he'd just been blasted by snow. Swinging his upper body backwards, he used his momentum to dodge yet another strike, this one diagonal across the chest, but the intruder did something unexpected. He followed up with an attack from a different blade in his other hand, this one longer and with a wider edge, like a machete. Fredrick hopped back with as much force as he could, but the intruder moved forward with him, attempting to keep the distance between them, making a lateral swipe at Fredrick's abdomen.

He could feel a burning sensation, like frostbite, around his bellybutton. Concentration broken, he tripped over his own feet and fell backwards onto some equipment, looking down at his stomach. The shirt was ripped and ice had formed around the frayed edges, but his skin had not been broken. He'd successfully dodged the surprise attack.

Their entire exchange took place over the course of maybe two or so seconds.

Fredrick looked up at the intruder. That confused nonplussed expression had returned, as if Fredrick outmaneuvering him was completely and utterly unexpected. The intruder squinted then, as if he couldn't see where Fredrick was. That's when he realized that it was still reasonably dark. The sun had yet to fully rise. The auto parts shop was shrouded in deep shadow. Quickly, Fredrick used his hands to scurry backwards, hoping to further mask his presence within the darkness, but the intruder had other ideas. As if on reflex, he quickly launched the smaller of his blades at where he suspected Fredrick to be. It was a perfect throw, and there was no way Fredrick could dodge it, not while he was on his butt.

Fredrick looked to the side, screwing his eyes shut in the hopes that that would offer him some sort of protection. After several seconds of not feeling like he'd been run through with a dagger, he slowly opened his eyes.

The weapon was floating in the air not one inch from his nose. Serlina had thrown up a wall of Rain flames to block the attack, and the held the dagger suspended within them. After a few moments she dropped the barrier, the dagger falling to his lap. Strangely, it was missing its blade edge. It was just a handle. Fredrick picked it up, eyeing it with great curiosity. What is this thing? Where'd the edge go? His head snapped up then, suddenly remembering that there was an enemy in the vicinity.

He looked left. He looked right. He saw nothing but darkness.

"Serlina," he muttered, but she already knew the question.
"He's gone. Left out the back door."

With a sigh, Fredrick got to his feet. "Did you know who that was?"
"Too dark to fully make out his face. You?"
"Same. But his weapons..."

Fredrick touched the spot on his shirt where the luminous machete had almost eviscerated him. It was extremely cold.

"I felt it," Serlina blurted out.
"I felt it, when I blocked his dagger. His flame. It was... weird."
"Weird? Like how?" He felt like he was asking a question whose answer he already knew.
"Yeah, like Jayon's dad's old Zero Point Breakthrough, but... different somehow. Even with the Tranquility attribute of the Rain, it felt like it was damaging my barrier."

Fredrick frowned, trying to wrap his head around what that meant, when he heard a door slam shut. Looking up, he saw his father with some sort of assault weapon in his hands. The man did a double take when he spotted his son on the ground, a horrified look overwhelming his facial features. He sped over to kneel at Fredrick's side, dropping his weapon and placing his hand where the boy's shirt had been cut. He was checking for blood. His expression softened when he found none.

"Fredrick, are you okay?" He asked calmly, voice even and tempered. He was obviously still irate, but he tried not to let it show.
"Yeah," Fredrick said, smiling. So his father had not been shot afterall. "You?"
"Yeah, I'm good. Just a bit of trouble with some street punk, is all. Why were you down here? Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for school?"

Fredrick broke eye contact, looking away and scratching at his cheek with his index finger. "Um... well, I thought you might be in trouble or something and could use some backup and stuff and the alarm was going off and the door was open to your lab plus I'm the Vongola guardian and Serlina said I—"

His father sighed, the beginnings of a grin pulling at his lips. "I see." He stood, hoisting Fredrick up with him. Serlina had returned to her box. "You should probably get ready." The man nodded to the door. "I'll call this in."

"Wait. Who was that guy? Did you know him?!"
His father shook his head. "Never seen him before, but he has some weird power. A flame type I've never encountered."
Fredrick narrowed his eyes, remembering the faintly-glowing blade the intruder had thrown at him. He still had the handle. "He tried to attack me, ya know. He accidentally left one of his weapons, too."

His father looked shocked. "Really? A weapon? Do you have it?"
Fredrick nodded, producing the handle and presenting it to his father, whom took it up in his hands, examining it at odd angles. "Intersting. I'll study this, thanks. You sure you're okay?"
Glad that he was of at least some assistance, Fredrick beamed. "Yep! I guess I'll go get ready. Don't wanna be late." With a nod, he turned towards the door that lead back up to their home.

"Oh, and Fred."
Fredrick looked back over his shoulder. "Yah?"
"Things might change later, but for now," he looked his son in the eye, "under no circumstances should you enter my lab. Okay?"
"O-kay," he said sheepishly.


As he walked through the halls to his classroom, thoughts of the attacker and his unknown flame kept coming back to him. He felt like there was a connection between the intruder and the attack on the ring ceremony, but his friends never said anything about an enemy with a freezing flame. Was it just random coincidence? What exactly did the guy steal, anyway? He forgot to ask. And handles with no blades? What was that all about?

With a sigh, he entered the classroom. He'd arrived early like usual, in between the previous occupants of the class leaving and the next class entering, so the room was pretty much empty, save a few stragglers. Taking his seat off in the back, he put his head down, trying to figure out what exactly transpired this morning. What was in his father's lab that someone would want to steal? Again, he forgot to ask, so he could only imagine. Dang.

As his classmates began to filter in, he heard Samuels voice. He came into the room talking with someone else and didn't seem to notice him. It was understandable, as Fredrick was a pretty unnoticeable guy. Class started when the teacher walked in, and everyone took their seats. With a sigh, Fredrick put his chin in his hands, resting his elbows on his desk. Several minutes into the class, Samuel raised his hand. "Miss! I don't understand the question!" Fredrick grinned, expecting that. When it happened again, Fredrick raised his hand, the smile still fresh upon his face.

"Yes, Fredrick?"
"A-squared plus B-squared is equal to C-squared."

Samuel, who was sitting more towards the front of the class, looked over his shoulder at Fredrick, having recognized his voice. Fredrick smiled in response, giving a curt wave.

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"OI! Fred!" said Samuel. Samuel proceeded by lifting up his desk quickly arriving at Freds desk and placed his desk down beside Fredrick's.
"Your extremely smart. Could you please help me with these questions," Samuel pointed out every single question the teacher had assigned save one that Samuel had answered incorrectly.
"Samuel, for once could you just change seats rather than disrupt everyone by carrying your desk through the whole class," said the teacher still exasperated.
"Oh, I never thought of that. Thank-you teacher!" said Samuel.
"Um... okay... Just try your best and maybe you won't have to take make-up classes this time," said the teacher.
"Thank-you!" responded Samuel.
"How did I ever end up with a student like him?" said the teacher under her breath(she really like kids, but Sam's difficult for her).
The door opened up and in walked Kurahoshi. Kurahoshi was wearing black pants with a white dress shirt and a tie.
"Oh, well who might you be?" asked the teacher
"I'm Kurahoshi Yakekoge. I am here as a student teacher," he said, then pulled out an envelope and handed it to the teacher. The Teacher opened up the lettler and read it.
"Well then, everything seems well. However you seem quite young," she said.
"Yes, many people tell me that" he said his expression was blank from the moment he had entered the classroom. "I'm actually only seventeen, but I have been in intensive schooling since I was thirteen," he said(which was completely true).
"Well then," said the teacher slightly put off by Kurahoshi's mono-tone expression. "Since you are here to assist me and learn how to be a better teacher I'd ask you to help Samuel with his work. If you can manage to teach him You'll have my letter of recommendation anywhere," she said.
"All right," replied Kurahoshi. He would've preferred the Vongola not knowing of his presence for a little longer, but oh well. He went over to Samuel.
Samuel starred right at Kurahoshi as if he were suspicious "So your smart right?" asked Samuel still staring at Kurahoshi.
"Yes," answered Kurahoshi.
"And your gonna help me?" asked Samuel.
"Yes," answered Kurahoshi.
Samuel was still staring " suddenly he pulled out a seat for Kurahoshi "Then have a seat," said Samuel smiling happily at Kurahoshi.
Kurahoshi was surprised, but quickly regained his blank expression "Thank-you," he said sitting.
"Do I look familiar to you" asked Kurahoshi to Samuel.
Samuel thought hard for a moment then smiled and said
"Not at all"
'This guy is areal idiot' thought to Kurhoshi.

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"Hey! Rosa good morning!" yelled Samuel. "Why don't you come sit with us?" he asked happy as ever. "Also this is Kurahoshi, he's really smart, like you, Fred, and Shiro. Kinda a think of it all my friends are pretty smart. I'm lucky to have so many nice friends to help me with Math."
"I am pleased to make your acquaintance miss Rosa," said Kurahoshi still with the same expression on his face.
"Now Sam let me see your answer to the question, I assume you are finished," said Kurahoshi.
"Yep, here ya go," said Sam, he seemed very proud and confident.
"This is wrong, Sam. You were right up until this point," he said indicating a few points on the paper. "but after that you start deviating from the formula. Look at the formula once more then continue from that point onwards," said Kurahoshi still the blank expression was on his face.

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Donovan watched as the Vongola leader walked out of the room, his eyes following the rhythmic swaying of her butt out the door. With her gone and the lesson begun, Donovan leaned back in his chair and fell asleep.

He woke up as a ruler hit his desk, the impact sending his chair flying backwards onto the ground as he jumped in confusion. “Mr. Shmautz. I brought you into this class because you said you wanted to learn and help. You can’t really do that if your sleeping, can you?” Donovan smiled and pointed at the board. “The answers to every question on that board are 53, 72.9 and Noah’s Ark, can I go back to sleep now?” With a sigh, the teacher conceded the duel to his student.

However, now that Donovan was awake, he wasn’t going to sleep now, there was an interesting person beside him that needed his attention. He turned to Shaji, keeping his cheerful demeanor. “Is your boss always like that? Pardon my rude introduction yesterday, I’m Donovan Theodore Shmautz, son of Ashlyn Shmautz and Asteroid Guardian for the Rizzo family. What’s your name?”


He could barely hold it, the pressure was too much. “Just ask her!” a feminine voice echoed through his head. “No way,” he responded, “I don’t want to disturb the class. Everyone’s getting so much work done and besides, I can’t just leave Sam, he won’t understand the questions, I’ll just hold it.” Serlina sighed, her small blue wings fluttering in the air beside him, leaving little drops of water with every flap. “You can’t hold it until the end of class, you’re squirming like a slug being touched, now ask the teacher before you piss yourself!”

At first he began to shake his head but a sudden pressure in his loins said otherwise, pushing his hand up to be seen. After waving around frantically for a minute, the teacher finally caught sight. “Mr. Koenig, what can I do for you?” she asked politely. “Uh, can I go to the bathroom please?” She cocked her ear towards him. “I said, can I go to the bathroom please.” She shook her head. “I can’t hear you Mr. Koenig, speak up”
With a groan of impatience, Serlina flew to the teacher and whispered his request in her ear. A look of realization spread across her face, giving him a thumbs-up. Fredrick nodded in thanks and took off down the hallway, his hands awkwardly placed between his legs.

Before he reached the bathroom however, he was stopped by a commotion in the hallways. Two kids Fredrick hadn’t seen before were harassing the school bullies. One of them was a cute girl with long pink hair. She seemed really nice, maybe the bullies were picking on her and the other guy stepped in to save her. Looking at the other guy though, a sense of unusual dread filled the Rain Guardian, like he’d met this person before and knew he was dangerous. He shook it off, there was no way they had met before, he’d remember.
Fredrick tried to inch his way around them to the bathrooms beside them, the slow progress not helping his need to pee, when Shiro came to intervene. "Hello, I would introduce myself but I have a feeling you already know who I am. So! I will cut to the chase. Rizzo, was it? What do you want with us?”

At the mention of the Rizzo, Fred’s blood ran cold with fear. ‘The Rizzo? Those are the people that attacked the others yesterday….Those guys are Rizzo?!” Terror erupted inside him as he inched faster along the wall, hoping not be seen. They wouldn’t fight here in the school, would they? Serlina slapped him, projecting her voice in his mind. ‘What the hell are you doing? Are you going to leave Shiro to fight them by himself?” He looked back at the Rizzo and gasped, the boys posture, facial expressions, everything was geared towards pure violence, the opposite of the pacifism Fredrick followed. The boys eyes were filled with killer intent, sending shivers down Fredrick’s spine.

Mustering up all his courage, he stepped away from the wall towards them. “I-if you-if you w- i-i-if you want to-“ Serlina pulled in front of him, her body shining a brilliant blue. “If you want to take on the Vongola you’ve gotta take us on aswell. Going up against him 2v1? I thought the Rizzo were supposed to be strong? Guess we were wrong, right Fredrick?”

His face a mask of pure horror, he simply stared at his friend, so scared that he didn’t even notice he didn’t need to pee anymore.

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Trevor sat on a bench outside of the classroom he was pretty sure he was supposed to be in, slowly kicking his feet back and forth. He didn't really feel like walking in, even though he wouldn't be considered all that late. The teacher would probably make him introduce himself, just like the kids in the movies on the Terranet. The Moon Guardian wasn't really good with meeting new people, and besides, the only official schooling he'd ever received was during his time at The Facility, and that was by scientists. It was less of a "classroom" setting and more of a "rat in a maze" type deal. At least that's how Trevor saw it.

If you would have asked him ten minutes ago if he was nervous, he'd have been way too nervous to answer. Ever since he killed that one guy with the C-Frame, he'd been... different. Felt different. Felt... depressed? Was that the word for this? He wasn't sure what type of disease this "depression" was, or if he could even catch it at all, but from what he read, he was showing symptoms. Crazy dreams, weird sensations in his gut and chest, a deep and all-encompassing malaise, a sense of general emptiness... but of course it never showed on his face. He even started leaving the little black cube that was the C-Frame Box Weapon back at home. He couldn't even fathom communication with it. Not anymore. Not after what he'd done.

He felt like he betrayed it—betray the C-Frame—and, in the process, destroyed a piece of his soul. He wasn't sure how to proceed.

In his hands he played with the bag of rock candy he'd received from the guy he killed, turning it over again and again in his hands, staring at it.

But I didn't kill him. Something like a smile crept onto his face, though you'd have to know him very well to notice a change at all. He's alive! I didn't kill him! He'd been repeating this over and over for a while now, sitting on this bench as the last of the stragglers trickled into their classrooms. Some glanced in his direction every now and then, but he ignored them.

It was as if some great weight had been lifted. The crippling burden of guilt, the feelings of emptiness, of self-doubt and anxiety, of anger and sadness, all of it was slowly disintegrating right before his very eyes until, finally, they were but a distant confusing memory.

Taking a deep breath, the boy basked in the glory of freedom from sin. It was as if a haze had cleared and he remembered his true purpose. He was Rizzo, and he was here to fight the aliens, stop the evil Vongola, and save the future! He looked to his wrist, noting the absence of a wrist band or the accompanying black cube, and instantly kicked himself. "What was I thinking?" He sighed, wishing more than anything that he could talk to the C-Frame.

As he pondered Donovan's reaction to him cutting class and walking back home alone—Trevor was sure he'd go apoplectic—a shadowy figure loomed over him. So lost was he within his own thoughts that he hadn't noticed someone walking towards him. Looking up, he was only able to catch the back of the guy's head as he walked by. He instantly recognized him.

"A-Alastor?" He muttered, genuinely confused. Why would he of all people be walking through this part of the school? The only things on this side were the 5-13 year olds... and the main bathrooms. If Alastor noticed Trevor speak, he'd ignored him, because the guy kept moving at a rather expeditious pace, hands placed awkwardly between his legs. Trevor was even more confused.

Tracking him with his eyes, Trevor's gaze followed Alastor down the long hall to around the end where the bathrooms were, but then he stopped, as if conflicted. That's when Trevor heard something that truly piqued his interests. Voices from down the hall, next to where the guy he believed to be Alastor was standing. Four distinct voices to be exact, but two in particular that he recognized.

He stood up from the bench, slipping the packet of rock candy into his pocket, pondering his next action.

One voice was definitely Alastor's. The drugged-up mean-sounding one. The other was elegant, lofty, yet firm and commanding. That was definitely Kurai's. Alastor's tone was especially contentious today. It was weird though, because Alastor's voice wasn't actually coming from Alastor's mouth. In fact, there was some blue thing zipping around Alastor's head, like a small bird or a butterfly. Wait.. were there two Alastors? Trevor took a step towards them, wiping his eyes with the back of his hands.

Maybe he was just dazed. It'd been a few weeks since he'd last been inside of the C-Frame—his longest record yet. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. Besides, Alastor sounded like he was in one of his moods. Nodding to himself, Trevor returned to the bench. He decided he'd do best to stay away from them. No one in this time period could possibly pose a challenge to Space and Comet, especially if they were working together. Plus he didn't have his C-Frame. And then there was the redhead and the... doppelganger? He never did get a good look at the guy's face, and was just going by the hair. Maybe he wasn't Alastor afterall...

The four were too far away for Trevor to fully make out any aesthetic details or catch but faint echoes of their conversation, and he wasn't about to approach them.

That's when he felt someone poke him in his side. It was a sharp prod, meant to invoke reaction, but Trevor wasn't ticklish. Instead of jumping up in surprise or anger, he simply turned his head, leveling a cold menacing glare over his shoulder upon this offender. His gaze was met with a cheesy smile and a curt wave.

There were two little kids standing behind him, in front of the closed door of the classroom he was supposed to be in right now. From the looks of it, they were supposed to be in there too. Trevor turned to face them, expression as neutral and stoic as ever, head tilted slightly to the side, silently questioning their actions. From the looks of them, they were probably twins, a particularly rare occurrence in the future. They were a bit shorter than he was, with short stocky light brown hair and brown eyes. They currently stood side-by-side, which made for a quick and easy apposition.

"Um... hi," said the one on the left. "Are you in this class?" He pointed a thumb to the closed door of the class Trevor was supposed to be in. Instead of responding, Trevor subconsciously rubbed his side with his forefinger. That earlier poke had kinda hurt.

"Why'd you poke him, stupid?" Said the one on the right.
"Shut up, Daniel," the one on the left hissed, turning his head back towards Trevor. "Hey, are you new here?"
After a moment, Trevor nodded once, but instantly regretted it.

The one on the right—Daniel—squealed in delight, and, before Trevor knew it, the boy had his arm around his shoulder. "Hey, you'll love it here! Oh! I'm Daniel. That doofus over there Luka. We're brothers. Hang with us and you'll do just fine!" He flashed another cheesy smile. Trevor pondered how rude of a move it would be to worm his way out of this quasi-headlock and just go home, but before he could make a move, Luka shushed them.

"Shhh! Daniel, you're too loud!" He whispered, but it was too late. The door next to them opened abruptly, a large man towering over them like a titan in the doorway. "Luka! Daniel! The bell rang twenty minutes ago. Why are you out in the hall talking? Do you have a pass?" The boys shook their heads, not meeting the man's eyes. "Well," he continued, lowering his voice, "I'm glad you could join us." He pointed to somewhere in his classroom. "Please take your seats."

That's when the teacher noticed Trevor. "And you. Are you the new student?" He pulled out a notepad from his pocket, flipping a few of the pages. "Trevor... Lange?" Trevor nodded, acknowledging the fake last name. "Why were you so late, Mr. Lange?" Trevor pursed his lips, but didn't respond. Daniel and Luka snickered, flashing him grins and thumbs up. "Well, okay, doesn't matter. Just don't make it a habit like these troublemakers here." The teacher said, referring to Daniel and Luka. "Now, please," he made a welcoming gesture with his hand, "introduce yourself to the class."

With a sigh, Trevor stepped into the room, the two Alastors still on his mind.