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Kroy Kaen

"Rawr I'm the Sun Guardian!!!"

0 · 396 views · located in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! universe

a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation”, as played by Setsugie


Kroy Kaen, 12(24), Flame Emperor(Alias) Male

< Physical Info >

Standing at 5'2 Kroy looks like your average 12 year old, with amber color eyes and dark brown hair. He is usually seen wearing a black and brown striped T-shirt under a purple jacket, his pants are made of silk and have two crossed belt one his waist where he keeps his box weapons, white gloves he keeps inside one of his pockets and wears metal plated black boots.

Affiliation- Vongola

[center]< Ability Statistics >

Flame type: Sun(Primary),Cloud,Thunder,Storm Flames

Abilities: Master street fighter with some martial arts added. Incredible stamina and strength. When he feeds his Sun Fox Sparks, enough flames it enters the Ten faze in which he explodes in Sun flames in which Kroy absorbs them through his body causing it to Activate all its aspects, he hen grows into a 24 year old man in body and mind, for a time period of 1:30 hours, when he is turn back into a kid he then is left usually unconscious.


In his 24 year old form Kroy gains longer brown colored hair which he then ties in a low pony tail, a tuxedo shirt and vest, he retains his brown colored silk pants with its belts and box weapons, and black tuxedo shoes, and his white gloves.


When he is in his child form he is care free and doesn't care much about anything he usually does what ever he wants, he loves running around and acts like a complete spontaneous kid. In his older form Kroy is more reserved and quiet and serious, he still retains traits from his kid self but they don't show so easily.[/center]

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o ~Being Entertained~ -Being Bored- x
o ~Sleeping And Lazying Around~ -Things That Are Too Sour- x
o ~His Family~ People Who Try To Hurt His Family And Friends- x

weaknesses: He tends to be cocky being raised on the streets he thinks he can take on anyone even if hes clearly outmatched, he loses this way of thinking in his older self though. He also a bit of a loud mouth.

Personal Traits
He is a very fun boy despite he's immature. He's a Big eater he alone can eat four helpings, he is quick to make a fight with anyone he doesn't care who.


tools or weapons: 3 Lighters

Box weapon- Three Tailed Sun Fox, Named Sparks - Two Guns that are able to absorb and store the Dying Will Flames, accumulated it and release it through a stream of pure flame.


< Personal Background >

Kroy was born in the worst parts of Italy and was raised as a street thug he spent his life living alone, homeless but it wasn't like he cared. He made a name for himself being one of the most feared man in Italy at only the age of 9, that was until he was picked up by one man who was affiliated with the Vongola higher ups. Kroy was already sick of a thugs life and was seeking change he was introduced to the Vongola family, he liked it it was fun and very likeable he wasn't alone anymore. He rose up the ranks and trained to master his flames, but during that he notice he had multiple flame waves so he trained as best as he could to use them well in battle but primarily kept to using his Sun Flame. Then Vongola Boss asked him to join his guardians and know here he is the Sun Guardian of the Vongola Family. [/center]

So begins...

Kroy Kaen's Story

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Eri had the privilege of being one of the first to arrive, and with that much spare time, she walked around and observed the different famiglias that were present. Instead of dressing in lady wear of the elegant dress and high heels that her father had gotten her, Eri had instead found herself a nice suit and a pair of pants, both crisply ironed perfectly in courtesy to her own ironing skills. The Vongola were well-known and respected then, weren't they? Of course, the Vongola was different that the others, they serve to protect and to end tyranny. The very symbol of their famiglia crest, the Clam, was a sure enough sign of their dedication to protecting the innocent. Many famiglias, ranging from well-known to unknown, were present, and embarrassingly enough, congratulating her for succeeding the Cloud Guardian.

'I don't even have the Ring yet. There's so ahead of themselves. ' she thought to herself as she excused herself from all the congratulating. When she was gone from them, she gently caressed the 3 rings with purple stones on them that she was wearing. Two on the index and middle fingers of her right hand, one on her left hand's index finger. Deep down though, she was quite happy and thankful to them. A sudden glimpse of white caught her attention. She turned her head to see a handful, maybe just eight to ten of them, of people standing amongst the Vongola Famiglia. A few adults, a couple of teenagers and a young boy. And the reason why she was so interested...was that she saw the resemblance of herself in them. White hair, blue eyes... Were they part of the gigantic Vongola Famiglia as well? As she made her way towards them, they seemed to notice and hurried away. Eri lost them in the midst of crowd and not long later, she was called back into line.

'Who were they...?' she couldn't help but wonder, caressing one of her rings in deep thought.

At the Guardian's waiting line, she saw that not everyone had arrived. While the ceremony was still quite some ways to go, it seemed that Vongola Undicesimo, that strong child Shiro and Mana weren't present. As she stepped into line while thinking that, Kaito, the Vongola successor himself, arrived. A small smile played on her lips as a greeting, but as soon as she switched her gaze straight ahead, she kept her face professionally passive and cool. She even stood with a good posture. After all, it was a big day. Not long later, Shiro arrived, almost with the most lazy strut you could ever find in someone. She disapproved, but seeing him present also brought a smile to her lips. When the chatter stopped, everything was drowned out in Eri's ears from her concentration, but the moment Ryohei-dono opened his mouth and spoke, the words sounded like they were amplified in her ears, as were the words of Mukuro-dono.

Stepping forward along with the present successors, she picked out the Ring that was now rightfully hers to inherit. The Vongola Ring of the Cloud. She held it between her fingers for a long time, admiring the shine of the metal, the glare of the purple stone as it reflected the sunlight. She was holding onto one of the rings of the Legendary Vongola, and she was going to be part of that cycle. Pride, a happy one, swelled up inside her, she barely managed to contain her tears of joy as she slipped the Cloud Ring onto her left middle finger. As soon as the Ring was on her finger, she felt a large surge, not of energy. It was something different. If rightly put, it would be a surge of completion and recognition running through her entire. It was as if she felt naked, and upon putting on the Ring, she felt clothed and protected. The Cloud Ring surged into flames, as if in response to Eri, blazing with purple fire as if in a swirl of joy. She hesitantly stepped back as she stared at the Ring, but as quickly as it came, it dissipated. But the eyes of those who had seen the event, were drawn to the white haired girl, who stepped further back to make way for Kaito to receive the Vongola Sin. Strange... but probably not unheard of. She pushed what happened away from her thoughts and listened to Ryohei-dono present the Vongola Sin to Kaito. It was a big day for her and the others, no doubt, but this was a bigger day for Kaito, possibly the biggest.

When Kaito received the Vongola Sin, she clapped along with the others. She was about to go congratulate him when Reborn-dono, the talented hitman turned Arcobaleno, appeared to have a conversation with Collonello-dono, another Arcobaleno. After a quick discussion, it seemed that they hit some kind of agreement and Kaito went to see his father. When he came back, Kaito seemed a little irritated.

"Alright, everybody," he told them, "Sounds like we got a job to do, and hopefully it wont be too troublesome, and wont involve any of our health being in danger in any way, but," he brought his voice down lower, even though it was probably useless, "Knowing Reborn," he said, "we most likely wont." He brought his voice back up to normal volume, "Anyway, so I suggest we formulate a plan to find whoever these could-be intruders are, find out what they are after, and guard the ceremony. My guess is they are after the Vongola Rings." Though he said that, it was more than obvious that in the mafia, nobody was safe, and it was pretty much more than likely his life. "I want you all to be very careful, and report whatever you find as soon as supernaturally possible, and please, for the love of whoever you support, be careful. Anybody got ideas for plans?"

She nearly burst out giggling at the part involving Reborn, but she bit her lip to stifle it. That was so true. Reborn might be a little harsh on people he trained, but then again, even the Vongola Decimo, who was said to be a good-for-nothing kid, flourished under his tutelage. She had nothing but respect for the Arcobaleno, knowing fully well that Reborn was powerful. She nodded her agreement before pointing into the direction of a pillar of light far off, that seemed to have emerged out of nowhere and was soon disappearing.

"...That it?" she asked, raising her eyebrows. She placed a hand on her hip, keeping it close to her metal batons on her belt. Vongola Inheritance Ceremonies had always been a large target for criminals or other Mafia famiglias, either to kill the new Boss, or to steal the Rings. She was thoughtful enough to have brought her weapon along.

"Do we evacuate the other famiglias?" she asked quickly, staring at the other people around her.

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Kroy arrived before the ceremony started to help with the preparations he made himself familiar with the large castle the ceremony was being held at. After he finished his duty's head head out going back to his house to prepare himself for the ceremony, he then "arrived" shortly after the other Guardians had; Kroy was wearing a black tuxedo shirt and vest and his silk pants but in black with both belts hanging down on the sides for the occasion instead of his normal striped shirt, purple jacket and light brown silk pants and then with his usually smirk on his face he ran around happily all over the place. The Vongola Famiglia held such as grand party in honor for Kaito and his Guardians it was so awesome that he was part of them, He looked around spotting some of the other guardians like Shiro and Eri around but Kroy didn't greet them just yet since he was just going around the place and didn't want to bother them....yet.

There was a moment of silence, as the many chatters ceased. Since the 10th Vongola was no longer with them, it was up to Ryohei to pass the rings onto the new guardians. As well as the Vongola Sin. "Please bring the rings Master Powpow." Ryohei said to the infant wearing a blue elephant hat who came into the room carrying a box that had the Vongola insignia on it. 'Isn't that Reborn-san? Ryohei-dono is so silly haha!' Kroy thought and couldn't help but to giggle. Reborn then gave the box to Ryohei while smirking. "You still haven't figured it out, huh Ryohei? You're still a little kid on the inside. That's for sure." Reborn remarked while walking off back into the crowd to stand with the other arcobaleno. Ryohei opened the box to reveal the 7 Vongola rings. "With these, you have become the 11th generation of Vongola. Kufufu. What an odd lot of guardians we have this time." Mukuro commented. The other went and picked up the rings, Kroy waited a bit and picked his ring up looking at it, it was so shiny! He then looked at his right hand which had four different rings, One was Red, another was Purple, another one was Green and a Yellow one, all on his fingers except one on his middle one which was with no ring on. "So with this we'll officially be the 11th Gen. haha~!" Kroy said giggling and placed the Ring on his middle finger, it was a perfect fit though the ring felt strange and overwhelming in comparison to the others.

Then everything got tense the Arcobaleno announced a strange new force appear everyone was in alert, he listened to the words Kaito-san and the others, most likely they where after the rings like Kaito said, or they could be after the new guardians and boss themselves or someone in particular that showed up to the Inheritance Ceremony.
Kroy was already prepared, he undid the buttons of his Tuxedo's vest and relieved his Box weapons clinging to his belts then he looked at the other guardians and the boss, "We should evacuate the people like Eri-chan said, if they show hostility they'll attack innocent people and we don't want any casualty's." Kroy said raising his arm looking at Kaito intently while smiling.

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"Do we evacuate the other famiglias?" Eri suggested. Kroy added on "We should evacuate the people like Eri-chan said, if they show hostility they'll attack innocent people and we don't want any casualty's." "No," Kaito answered, "I don't think Reborn or the others would think it would be a great idea to interrupt the ceremony for a small problem like that," but when he said small, even he agreed that it certainly wasn't, "But hopefully it wont be too serious. Besides, if we were to interrupt the ceremony, the 'intruders' will know that we are aware of them. We want to catch them before they become a problem, and the best way to do that is by making sure they think they are going according to plan. They don't know we know they are there." Kaito took a pause, but then added, "Assuming of course, that their intentions are bad. We just need to know what they want, and deal with it from there. Simple logic."

"I suggest we spread out. Maybe just try not making ourselves looking to aware, but stay alert, and stay in view. Maybe each of us can watch exits or entrances. In theory, none of them have entered the building yet. Also, I suggest not to use any Mammon Chains or Covers, for we don't want to make it look like we are purposely hiding ourselves. That's really the only plan we can stick with until we learn more about these supposed attackers. So, commence plan, I guess."

(OOC: Might add a bit more onto this post later.)

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"We should evacuate the people like Eri-chan said, if they show hostility they'll attack innocent people and we don't want any casualties." Eri admired the kid already. Kroy, the Sun Guardian. Seemed like he had a caring heart alright, great for a Guardian on the Vongola. As for their Boss however... It didn't matter what Reborn thought. He was a leader now, a king of his own people, rightly put, the Boss of the entire Vongola Famiglia, and had the right to protect them, and since it was a Vongola Inheritance Ceremony, the other Famiglias were under his care as well. And he was going to risk them all, just because he thought it was a small problem. She knew it was disrespectful, but she glared.

"'Even the smallest problems escalate to the greatest catastrophes.' " she quoted, before bowing low. She was seething, but she was still privileged to respect her Boss. "With all due respect, Kaito, I'd go evacuate them by myself, regardless of what Reborn-dono or the others might think. "

Looking up, she looked at Kaito in the eyes, blue to blue, and said, "You are not a clam." before she stalked off as calmly as she could. She knew what she meant by that line, and if Kaito was smart enough, he knew what it meant as well. She knew that the pillar of light they saw was nothing small. It was something powerful, and if it was an ally, thank the Heavens, if it was an enemy, then all the famiglias in the ceremony were in deep trouble. And Vongola would no doubt have its name tarnished for not protecting the others.

Eri chose the entrance that was closest to where the pillar of light was last seen. If anyone decided to come in, then they'd come from there. Unless they were assassins, then a different entrance or no entrance at all was better. But somehow, she highly doubted that. As she walked there with as much composure as a person could have after being riffled and having to participate in an upcoming fight, she passed by the Vongola Famiglia and once more, she saw the group of white haired, blue eyed people. There was an urge to question them, but duty came first. Once at the entrance, she leaned back against a wall and kept her hand on the metal batons on her hip before clucking her tongue in frustration.

'Just get this over with...come on out, bastards.' she fumed silently, cursing angrily at whoever her adversary was to be. Sometimes... she just needed to vent her anger, and it seemed that she had a perfect candidate for it.

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Shiraga Mana

"I am so sorry I'm late!" It was the only warning that had been presented as the double doors to the main hall where the Inheritance Ceremony for the Vongola Guardians were being conducted flew opened without much regard to the people already present inside. The perpetrator was none other than the chosen Lightning Guardian, Shiraga Mana, who wore a red maple leaf-patterned kimono and black pleated hakama with a maple leaf accent as well. The silky straight brown locks were pulled into a ponytail that was now slightly curled. She even wore a light make-up which was probably done by her mother as she has no idea what those things are truthfully. She also wore the traditional geta matched with white socks. Her cheeks were noticeable flushed which was probably due to her running late or preferably due to her embarrassment of being late. Although, the latter part is yet to be proven as the Lightning Guardian is known to be lacking in that department. More or less, she was the perfect example of someone being called fashionably late and a Japanese Maiden.

"I actually fell asleep on the bus because I felt so nervous about this ceremony and you know how I am when I zone out!" Mana immediately explained as she bowed in apology. "Then I got lost and had to wait for another bus for an hour! Before I can go back..." She continued on and then raised her head to look at the people around her with a cheerful smile as she recalled her wonderful findings before arriving here. The taste of her discovery was still present on her lips which was slightly glossy from its juices. "Then, there was these bunch of strawberry fields near the area and I just had to have some!" She paused for a moment and observed the reactions from everyone who was now looking at her with disbelief. At first, it was a mystery to her why they were looking at her like that. Then, she remembered that she had yet to tell them. "Please don't worry! I brought some strawberries to share with everyone! I left them up front! The people at the strawberry fields are really nice!" She said with a bright smile illuminating her beauty more. If only every time she opens her mouth there would be no sounds, she would be an elegant and dreamy beautiful sight. She was truly a "Beauty at Lost"

After saying her piece, Mana could literally hear birds whistling in the background for the longest time as there were no responses. Everyone was still looking at her in a vague manner as she flinched subtlety. There was also the issue of a rather pissed Eri who walked passed her without much of a greeting earlier. She did not want to bother the Cloud Guardian in such a sour mood and thought that the ceremony must have been finished. After all, Eri always scold her for being late. In any case, she went ahead to see if the ceremony was really over. However, it seemed that every one was still there along with other unknown people. Looking at Kaito and the other Vongola Guardians, she had this rather quizzical look on her face. Somehow, she looked completely adorable if only she was not much of a ditzy as she always appear to be so. It would appear that she was completely unaware of the intruders not far from the castle. Well in her opinion, every one was a stranger except for the talking babies and the guardians. For all they know, the Lightning Guardian might have thought those intruders as guests or entertainers.

"So... Uhmm... What did I miss?" Mana asked with clear confusion and those doe-eyed caramel brown eyes gazed at Kaito with question. She had no idea the danger they were about to enter or the slight debate from Eri about Kaito's strategy. But it is still a mystery if the Lightning Guardian really knew what she was in for being a member of the Vongola. After all, her understanding of this ceremony was her graduation for this "extra class" of hers. She even brought a camera to take pictures with everyone. Since, Kaito and Reborn had insisted for her not to bring her parents and all. She wondered if Eri getting angry was due to this one thought floating in her head. "Are we not going to get our diplomas?"

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Eri and Kaito had a mini fight and Eri walked off to look out the entrance, but its only because of the adrenaline everyone's tied in a knot, then Mana-chan appears she was quite late so she didn't know what was going on, "Oh oh uh! The ceremony was nearly completed we got our rings and all but after the inheritance ceremony was complete the Arcbaleno sensed hostility nearby so where on alert in case its an enemy or something." Kroy tried to sum it up as best as he could; "Also Mana-chan you look very pretty in that dress." he added smiling looking at her with his pure eyes. After chuckling a bit 'I'll be getting one of those strawberries later!!! But right know...' Kroy thought, "Then I'll be looking out the back entrance." Kroy said and head off walking casually to the area around the back of the castle looking out for any suspicious people.

Kroy stayed close by the area of the back acting casually though he almost forgot what he was doing but he remembered and acted greeting the people around and conversing with them while looking out for anyone who looks suspicious. He was ready and kept his guard up for anything. 'Though I havent eaten since when I first got here... I can leave that for later though this is a bit more important.' Kroy thought then shook his head.