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Kagome Rizzo

Circle me and only me!

0 · 258 views · located in KHR universe

a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The next generation”, as played by Luna Star


Kagome Rizzo Ka-Goe-Ma Means circle me, or binding
Outside Kagome is the normal sweet school girl people look up to, smart, pretty and nice. But who knew that was only one side of her, when she is on missions or at their base she a bit..insane but then again kind to her family members. At times when she finds out a mission is failed from one of her servants she doesn't hesitate to kill. Kagome is like a live bomb you dont know when she is set to explode.
:+: Her family
:+: The game "Kagome Kagome"
:+: Loosing
:+: Weapons
:+: her family members getting harmed or killed
Kagome can use many types of weapons but her main one is a staff that can split into two and reveal thin yet deadly swords within. Though she is always prepared with many weapons of her sleeve.
Box weapon(s):
Most of her box weapons open different dimensions, she uses them them mostly to trap her opponents. And just a note, all of them are connected, and the way through them is with the claws of her box animal.
:Animal Box:- this box holds a black jaguar [this animal may change later] and its ability is to be able to cut through dimension, once her and her animal passes the cut, the animal lets out a roar signaling the cut to mend and close up the dimension. This jaguar is fast and very strong, its claws are long like it never stops growing as well as it long fangs. Another use of this animal is to ride if she is ever injured and has to escape. Actually she has another one of these, its just a white jaguar though, yet its more quicker then the original black one.
:Box Of Suction: This box is like a black hole, once opened it releases a mighty suction, whatever goes in never comes out, well most of the time. Her way of getting in is to use her animal box, but she usually does that if one of her members got sucked in by accident.
:Mirror Box: This box is a dimensional place as well. Its very like a mirror house, and once trapped in, you have to find your way out. [not saying there is one~] This area is trapped with all kinds of crazy items, and weapons are stored here as well for a more enjoyable time. The opponents are dropped into a circle shaped area that has doors along the lines. Each door leads to a different way/place. But this doors are special, once the door closes, and the door is open again, it will lead to a different way/place then it did before. The mirrors are very stabilized and once broken, they mend and if your in the middle of there get cut in half with glass. Kagome knows this place well but she is still hesitant.
:Pain Box: This is one box you wouldnt want to fall in. This allows Kagome to let who ever fall in experience the pain she once went through. This can be broken though, but it isnt easy. The only way is to overcome the fear with very strong will power. But you have to concentrate which isnt easy to if you are experience pointy objects ripping through your skin. [you might become a bit nuts] A note is that if you do escape, no evidence lingers on your body and you slowly forget the whole past experience.
:Nightmare Box: This box is very easy to break out, but this is how it works. Once entered, even with others, each person will have a different image going through their eyes. They will see things they fear of the most and they cant even feel the presence of their comrades. The way to break out is with strong will power and once broken your just either left in a dark of nothingness, or where you come from. And another thing is, if you are captured by this illusion and one of your comrades break free and still with you. They can shake you up and wake you up, just like a nightmare.
:Storing box: This is well..nothing to fear of. Just something KAgome uses to hold alot of her weapons and items on the go.
Note: More may be added later
Kagome is very quick in battle and very flexible allowing her to dodge many attacks. She is a very good actor and can fool many. Another one of her abilities is to control some parts of time, like going back and forth. Going to the future is far more difficult to do by hand [she hopes to get a machine that can expand her powers so she can transport more then 2] and can only transport around 2. Going back is easy though. Note: If she uses this power too much she can pass out for a couple of days and it may shorten her life span.
Kagome awoke to the feel of bright lights and the voices of many. People surrounded her, dressed in white garbs, and held pointy objects that were sure to kill. She was confused and instinctively tried to get up but it turns out she was chained. This was a sign to panic and she did so. As she struggled the people stepped closer and stucked they pointy little blades into her and slowly cut. The pain was imaginable, and what was worse was she was awake to experience the pain. Once too much blood was spilled, her eye vision went blurry so she gave up and relaxed against the pain. Se looked to the side to see a person staring at her between the men with the white garbs. The person was an image blur but she remembers her/his long hair . He/she must have been the cause of this, she thought angrily and reached to grab him but it was a futile attempt. As he turned around to leave, a name flashed through her mind. Right then and their she pledged to kill him or her, to torture them to show them the pain she went through for a reason not even known. Later she passed out but don't worry she awoke over and over to the pain until it was finally over. [this caused her to become a bit..nuts yet she is immune to pain to a certain limit, but her body is still effected] Stitches scattered her body as well as her neck, ignoring the pain, she escaped out of dumb luck [or was it] and made a mad dash to somewhere to hide. Once she did, she waited and waited for something or someone. Once a person came, she was to weak to care, and in to much pain to focus on the man or women. The person reached out and knocked her out, what happened after was a blur.

So begins...

Kagome Rizzo's Story