Kyomine Yamamoto

"I'll give it my all to protecting the Vongola family. As long as I can have some fun while doing it."

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a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The next generation”, as played by Gintoki Sakata


Name: Kyomine YamamotoImage
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Personality: Kyomine is kind and has a carefree attitude most of the time, but can be annoyed very easily when provoked. He knows when to get serious, but immature for the most part. He tends to get along with most people but has the general idea of who could set him off and he could befriend. He can get incredibly violent when someone close to him is hurt.
Likes: Kendo training, hanging out, getting into dangerously exciting situations.
Dislikes: Losing in a fight(especially a sword fight), guys who love to piss him off, people who prey on those weaker then them.
Side: Vongola
Flame-type: Rain
Weapon: Shigure Kintoki
Box weapon: Jiro the rain-flame tri-shortblade wielding dog, and Gio the rain-flame ferret.
Abilites/techniques: The 1st 7 forms of Shigure souen, as well as his grandfather's original 8th form. He can also use Jirou's vongola gear to transform him into a katana. He can use Jirou's ability "Sadachi: Kirisame" that allows him to see any opponent he slashes through smell, making him the perfect weapon against illusionists. However this technique is not complete without Kojirou's 12th shigure souen form "Udachi: Kirisame." Kyomine has tried to use the 10th and 11th forms Beccatta di Rondine, and Sconto di Rondine, by abusing Gio's rain flames, but has made little progress.
Backstory: Kyomine was taught "Shigure Souen Ryu" swordsmenship style by his grandfather when he turned 13. He always got along better with his grandfather then his father. His grandfather had a lot more interesting things to teach him, then his dad. He even told him storys from when he was a kid, and joined the Vongola family. Even though this was supposed to be kept a secret, he figured that Kyomine's parents wouldn't believe him seeing as he has an overactive imagination. Later on his grandfather died while on a mission in Italy. All that they recovered from his grandfather was the Shigure Kintoki sword and Jiro's box weapon. However Kojiro's box was shattered in the middle of battle. Kyomine was given Jiro and Shigure Kintoki along with a rain-type ring and Gio through Takeshi's will(he was also supposed to get Kojiro). It turns out news of Takeshi's death came just before the day of Kyomine's 15th birthday. He went through a deep depression for several days until the day of his grandfather's funeral. He then vowed that he would become an even greater swordsmen then his grandfather. After the funeral he began attending school normally again and trained tirelessly every day.

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Kyomine Yamamoto's Story