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Sukeru Shouten

"Aw, what a pleasent sound."

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a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The next generation”, as played by Gintoki Sakata


Name: Sukeru ShoutenImage

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Personality: Sukeru is very kind and gentle for the most part. Hes a real down to earth kind of guy. In tune with nature and all that. He dosen't like fighting unless its absolutely neccisary. He will only fight to protect his family, but will never strike the first blow. He is often the peacemaker in an arguement. But when things get out of hand, he has to resort to force to end it. All in all, hes not that bad a guy. He can see the beauty and value of life, even without his sight. He tends to wear glasses just because hes told, that it suits him. Every now and then he gets an intense urge to kill, and fights it constantly.

Likes: Peaceful times with his familglia in between missions, the many sounds, smells, tastes, and textures the earth has to offer him, and watermelon(he can't get enough of it).

Dislikes: Senceless violence, those who start fights for no good reason, the thought of killing someone that invades his mind every now and then.

Flame-type: Comet

Weapon: Sukeru carries a medium-sized scale strapped to his back whenever he goes outside. The scale was specially made to suit his Comet flame. He can charge his flame into one side of the scale until it reaches a certain weight. The more weight that the flame gains on the scale, the more powerful the attack. He can then place his hand on the other side of the scale, launching the flame from the other one like catapult.

Box weapon: Sukeru has a comet-flame type komodo dragon named Hisame. Although this type of box animal dosen't really suit Sukeru's personality, the komodo dragon is surprisingly loyal and calm. That is until Sukeru gives it orders to attack. The komodo dragon will then go on a frenzy, chasing after the opponent with its deadly teeth and claws. Its teeth and claws have the ability to freeze anything they touch, as well as the dragon's tail. It's saliva is exceptionally dangerous, as it can not only freeze the part of someone's body that it touches, but injects tiny particles of dust that can make them incredibly ill within around 20 minutes. If they aren't treated within 5 hours, they are as good as dead. He also has several white sparrows who he uses for either distractions, or to gather information. He gets the information from them by touch. This touch transfers anything the sparrows have experienced sense he sent them out. Even sights. They are in other words, his eyes. They are how he is able to tell where his opponents are outside of his 7 yard barrier of cold air pressure. Although he can see with them, it more like seeing their memories, and going through their thoughts than actually seeing things.

Abilities/techniques: Once the comet energy is launched from the scale it can solidify in a glacier of ice, and shoot out at the opponent. Once the glacier shatters it can make tinier ice glaciers that will follow the opponent until they are completely broken up. It would take the force of either the storm or quasar flame in order to melt these glaciers, as they are not like regular ice glaciers. These tiny glaciers can also be used to make Hisame stronger if he eats them. Sukeru can even take the flames from the scale and change their shape into ice shards, that he can either fight in close range with, or throw them at his opponent. Sukeru has a barrier of intensly cold air pressure incircling around himself that goes about as far as 7 yards. He can tell when someone has entered this space, and can tell where they are, and what they are doing. His reaction time to their attacks make it seem as if he can read their minds while in this space of freezing air pressure. He has trained his body to withstand it, and a normal person could only survive around 13-18 minutes in it.

Backstory: Sukeru was born as an experiment for the Trivenillo family. One certain accident during an experiment cost him his sight. Sence he was young, Sukeru dosen't remember what it was like to see. He often wishes he could see, but has learned live without sight. Countless friends of his had died in these sick, twisted experiments. Some of the Trivenillo family were decendants from the Estraneo familglia, who in the past did experiments on Ken, Chikusa, and Mukuro. One day what was left of the group of kids, decided to rebel against the Trivenillo family, and almost all of them died. Several of the other childeren who managed to escape went their seperate ways. Sukeru thought that they should stay together, but he was left alone in the end. The next day he stumbled upon the boss of the Rizzo familgia, and he asked Sukeru if he wanted to join his familglia. Sukeru was happy to find someone who would accept him, even in the condition he was in. After that, he dedicated his life to helping the Rizzo family anyway he could.

Sukeru Shouten's Story
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So begins...

Sukeru Shouten's Story