Yumeka Anschler

I Don't Really Believe In Violence But You're Pissing Me Off.

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a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The next generation”, as played by Bani



Name: Yumeka Anschler

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Personality: Yumeka is a free-spirited girl, doing as she pleases. She's quiet, and doesn't protest if someone tells her to do something in a way she doesn't want to, but once people are finished telling her what to do, she goes and does it in her own way anyway. She hates being patronised or otherwise ordered around. Her strongest desire is to travel all around the world, experiencing as much as she possibly can. She's usually laidback, but once she gets motivated by something, she won't rest until she has achieved it. She tends to avoid loud people, as they get on her nerves for the most part. She doesn't believe in violence unless its absolutely necessary, and hates references to her gender due to her own insecurities with it. For the most part, she prefers to work alone.

Likes(at least 3): Books, Music, Training, Snow, Peace, Quiet, Napping.

Dislikes(same): Mean people, Lying, Being patronised, Being restrained, Crowds.

Side(Vongola or Rizzo): Vongola

Flame-type: Cloud.

Weapon(s): A Gupti rod(A rod in which a blade is concealed) named Stratus.

Box weapon(s): 1. Cirrus : Swirling cloud flames (can't think of a better way to state this) she can morph into throwing knives, razor-sharp Japanese fans or use as a shield.
2. Nimbus : A Cloud Arctic Fox.

Abilities/techniques: Yumeka prefers immobilising her enemies by pinning them to near surfaces with her Cirrus knives.
She is adept at using her rod which reveals a short blade when pressure is applied near the handle.
She can also use Hibari's Cloud Flame Radar.

Backstory: Yumeka was born to Japanese and German parents. When she was 10, her parents died, living her in her maternal granduncle - Kyouya Hibari's - care. Needless to say, she had a strictly disciplined upbringing - but she learnt not to judge everyone by their exteriors. She was a quiet, curious girl, and got along quite well - for the most part - with her seemingly grumpy, easily irritated but strangely soft-hearted (though only to animals and children) guardian. Unfortunately, one day when she was 14, the little house they lived in was targeted by a rival of the Vongolas and blown up aking with Hibari and his box weapons. Luckily Yumeka was in school when it happened. Once she came back, Tetsuo Kusakabe, a man she had always assumed to be some kind of subordinate to her Granduncle, took her to his home. He was the one who told her all about the Vongola, and she knew that she wanted to ally with them so she could seek out the organisation who took her Guardian away from her, and exact slow, painful revenge.

So begins...

Yumeka Anschler's Story