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Osvaldo "Oz" di Vongola

"For the sake of my family....I will fight."

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a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The Purest Resolve”, as played by akai-pyon


Osvaldo "Oz" di Vongola


Flame Type
Sky, Flame of Wrath

A slender, pale male with long, heavy dark red hair, tied back in a loose braid, held in place with a heavy silver ornament. His eyes, dark brown, almost red, narrowed in thought. This is Oz. Not someone easy to miss - mainly because of his trademark locks, for he is not one to speak up unless there is a need. Slender fingers thrust themselves into dark pants, a white almost Chinese-style shirt around his upper body. Standing at 5'10", Oz is not the tallest, nor is he the strongest around. But he is graceful and swift - a martial artist as he has always been, a master of tenssenjutsu. His face, usually held in a calm, composed fashion, his voice, bordering on boyish, as though he has yet to hit puberty.

There is something about him that makes the room gravitate towards him. Whether it be his patient face, the confident aura that was so different from when his predecessor was given the Vongola...or maybe it's simply the way that people want to know what makes Oz tick....His willingness to smile, but his inability to make that smile last, the far off gaze he sometimes gets in his eyes. The focused expression that befalls him when he picks up his fans and makes his way onto the smooth wooden floor of the dojo, stopping only to put on his black martial arts slippers.

It might seem rather odd, to have an Italian so immersed in what would be considered Asian cultures. But Oz is not your ordinary Italian...


Difficult to shake, Oz is not the useless boss. He is the focused type, the one that knows the abilities of his Guardians, and will always tell them to do things that he knows they are capable of doing. He listens to others, takes their advice but does not always act upon it. With something of an independent streak, Oz prefers almost to be by himself rather than surround himself with people he cares about. Despite this, Oz loves having other people talk to him. Never one to start a conversation, he might appear shy at first, but in reality, Oz is simply observing. There is much one can learn, he believes, simply from watching.

He rarely complains, often keeping his troubles to himself and refusing to let his family see them. A fighter, Oz is not one to jump into a fight without first looking things over and judging the situation, to make sure that it is a fight he can win. He loves and cares with all of his body, never doing anything half-heartedly. If it's not worth it, Oz will not even try it. Very patient, Oz tries to accommodate for what others want, but even he knows he has to put his fist down sometimes. He has a hard time shouting at other people - shouting has never been his strong suit, simply because he does not like to feel as if he were the bad guy.

But he, like all, has certain weaknesses. Proud of his skills, Oz is never one to hold back when either the Vongola or his own honor is insulted. Oh, and Oz is an anime fan. One might not assume from his nature, but Oz collects. He collects....lots.

The violin [he plays in his spare time]
His family
The Vongola
Exotic foods [such as lemon tea flavored chips, or curry with chocolate]
Learning new techniques
Trying new things
People watching
His collection of merchandise

Death/Thinking about death
Rival families
His sometimes insomniac habits
Putting his family in more danger than it has to be
Being compared to Tsuna
Being looked down upon
Having others underestimate his Guardians

Never meeting up to standards
One day overestimating his friends and family, putting them in a situation where they could potentially die

Life Goal
To become someone worthy of inheriting the Vongola

Collecting, experimenting, creating, training

Well, besides the fact that he likes collecting anime merchandise and exotic foods....not much


Two iron fans, one of them black, with an orange tassel, the other white, also with an orange tassel.

Box Animal
A red panda named Kibou
[Panda Rosso del Cielo]

A panther named Amarena (I apologize for the crappy quality of that picture. X3 I made it on GIMP)
[Pantera Tempesta di Cieli]

Box Weapon
Three fans - all of them dark orange and gold. The largest one is tall enough to rest against his chest, yet it is the most delicate of them all. Used only when he is a great distance away from his opponent, Oz releases a wave of Sky flames akin to Tsuna's X-burner.
The other two are smaller, larger than the average hand-held. Their edges are ridiculously sharp.

Kibou carries the fan(s) that are not in use on his back.

A pack of gum, his iPod, a faded photograph of Oz when he was a baby - the faces of the two adults around him are not shown nor have they ever been shown


Oz was never meant to be a mafia. His family was one that had been hit and plagued by the various wars the mafia in Italy conducted. Orphaned at the young age of three, Oz does not even remember what his parents look like. In fact, he considers the Vongola his family. It was Sawada Tsunayoshi that discovered the boy after the battle that left him orphaned and homeless. Crying next to the bodies of his dead parents, Tsuna saw him and immediately took pity on the boy. He began raising Oz as his own son, never one day imagining that Oz would have the Sky flame. How had it come to be? Was Oz some distant relative, or somehow related to the Vongola by maybe a great-great-great-great-great grandfather's cousin?

Nobody knew, but when it was discovered the boy had the flame, he was taught more about the Vongola and tutored under Reborn. When Tsuna went missing, it was as though Oz's world had come crashing down around him.

He now has to lead.

He now has to be the face, the soul, the very heart of the Vongola.

So begins...

Osvaldo "Oz" di Vongola's Story