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Valentina Simonetti

"I don't know... I'm kinda bored."

0 · 318 views · located in The Vongola Base

a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The Purest Resolve”, as played by darkengel


Name: Valentina Simonetti
Age: 15
Flame Type: Storm, Thunder
Appearance: Standing at a short height of 5 feet and 4 inches. Valentina doesn't have all that much when it comes to the height department. The young girl weighs approximately around 110 pounds. She has a small frame; petite and lithe in some terms. Her skin is unnaturally pale, something she got from staying indoors most of her life. Her parents never really allowed their 'doll' to leave the comforts of their spacious home. Her hair is a lovely shade of light blond which reaches past her waist. A simple ribbon could be scene tied on her head. Sort of like a headband. Strange part; it seems to suit her cherubic face and her unnatural light purple eyes. In terms of clothing the young girl can never be seen wearing style other than black lolita clothes. Something about maintaining her 'doll-like' image as her mother always stated.


Personality: It's kinda hard to describe Valentina; she's like a code that too hard to crack even for seasoned coders. She can be sweet and innocent, childish to some extent. All in all an innocent little angel as some would describe her. She's an easy talker, bubbly and easy going even to people she just meets in the street. The young girl loves to have fun... Puzzle games and mind games are some of her forte. But even a sweet kid has their... 'Dark sides' The confusing part of her persona. She's sadistic by terms and would love nothing but to cause pain and suffering to her opponents. She likes to 'play' with them. Especially those who catches her interest. She loves to break them down... Slowly and painfully before she goes for the kill.
*'Playing' with her enemies
*Bitter food
Fears: ...She's scared shitless of clowns.
Life Goal: To make her own path.
Hobbies: Sketching and hacking
Quirks: Valentina has a morbid fascination when it comes to 'toying' with her enemies.... Especially about causing them pain. She's also an avid fan of mental torment. Sweet little girl aint she?


Weapon: A chain scythe A long metallic silver scythe, the main blade comes off at a flick of a wrist revealing the long chain connected inside. She uses it for close and long range combat. Something she uses her scythe as a conductor to electrocute her opponents.
Box Animal: A black nine-tailed fox named Kurusho.
Box Weapon: Black metallic senbons, each senbon are laced with a special poison.
Miscellaneous: Depends really but she does keep a small silver dragon charm with her at all times.



Well to start off, Valentina is the only daughter of Clarissa Velecia and Marco Simonetti. She was born as a love child of the pair before they finally decided to get hitch. The two were known as the 'Devil pair' in the underground world. They were also known for being vicious fighters in the mafia ring. The young girl is born on a town in the outskirts of Venice were the two decided to settle themselves. From the day of her birth the young girl was treated like a doll. Her mother dressed her dresses akin to doll clothes. The young child was like a prisoner... She was never allowed to venture out of her room. The only companion she ever had were her dolls. Even the maids and her tutor weren't allowed to make too much contact with her for fear of her being 'tainted' by their parents.

Yes her parents were a bunch of whack-jobs. But rich ones at that....

She was home schooled; never allowed to make friends with anyone... A lonely existence which gave birth to her dark side. She never did understand why mommy and daddy locks her up in her room....

But... That soon changed when her parents went missing. Presumably killed in some skirmish between a few mafia families... As written in their will she inherited everything her parents owned. A servant of her father acts as her guardian until she comes of age. But really she's the one making the decisions when it comes to her life.

So begins...

Valentina Simonetti's Story