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Cambrey Bovino

"If I needed something from you, I would have asked you. Thanks for nothing."

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a character in “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!: Undying Will”, as played by Damioa


"Since I'm young too, you don't mind if we go after your kids to get to you. Do you?"



      Cambrey Bovino

      Shepard of Cattle- Other families Jokingly call her this because it's what her name means.
      Boss- Most of the people in her family call her this as a sign of their respect to the young lady.




      Bovino Boss/ Student

      Cambrey shares many features with her family. This includes dark hair colorful eyes (hers being blue) and height at a young age.While in her armor's her eyes glow the color of the flame that powers the suit. Sometimes her skin tone also changes. She has an average bust, and small figure, which is a surprise to those who see's how much she can eat. The young lady usually wears white and black , also being her families colors, preferring dresses over anything that has to do with pants. Coincidentally, none of her suits were made with skirts.


      One of those people that always ask why. One of those people who don't like the situation she's in. Yes, she's prideful and believes that her family has a bad rap. For far too long has she heard all the rumors of her family. How they're the weakest ones, but at least they have a lot of fire power. How they experiment on kids.... Quite honestly, she blames the previous head. Every time she thinks of the old man, she wishes he'd had died sooner than pushing over a hundred. It's weird though to her, because inside all the resentment he had for him and his way of doing things all for the sake of money, yet still hold him dear in her heart because he was thinking of her ever since she was born. At least thinking of it like that makes her sleep better at night.

      He was a necessary element in her becoming boss of the Bovino family, but that was about it. She loves being the boss, feeling that it was owed to her after all of her years as being treated as nothing. With her rain, she felt sorry for the other children of the family and made it so that only members who volunteer should be apart of the families experiments. People seem to respect her, at least those with the Bovino do, calling her boss whenever they see her. Sometimes she wishes she could hear her own name, but she knows she has to show them respect by accepting there's.

      Her maturity is boundless in front of adults. Mostly do to some of the "harsh" training she did when she was younger, she can become the queen of the room, though she rarely acts this way if it's not business. Sure she still keeps a degree of sophistication, but for the most part she considers herself normal and interested in normal things. Boys, clothes, money, family, and power. Those are all the things she needs and considers herself to have, besides the power that is.

      She wonders that if she's head of her family, why can't she get her family back. This mostly being Lambo and Joel, who was adopted by Lambo so technically adopted into the family. It's not like she misses them, having only seen them a few times at reunions and gatherings, but she knows they're strong. She hate's to admit it, but Lambo might even be stronger than her which is the reason why she wants him back. Just thinking about how strong her family would be with a person who has taken the title of strongest lightning guardian and the person who is living under him makes her ambitious. She's a realist though and knows that Lambo is a lost cause, having never returned her calls. However, she believes that the young man picking up the phone is still fair game as long as he's not a guardian.

      "Honestly. Why don't you just join my family. Didn't the Vongola once try to have you killed?"

      She's the type of person that knows, or at least thinks she knows what to say to persuade people. Though, it hasn't worked yet to get her family back.

      As a boss, she rules with a firm, but nurturing hand. At least she tries to. It's hard for her to not snap on the children at least once a day, but that's because they always surround her and touch her with unclean hands and snot running noses. As for the adults, she keeps her respect by not yelling at them, but the tone in her voice does change and you can tell she's mad. She really doesn't like being able to go someones failed work and doing it or getting someone to do it. She believes adults should be competent and if they can't handle a job she should be told about from them. Of course this rarely happens with everyone trying to save face, so now she's working on learning everyone's strength's and weaknesses to give them a job they can excel in.

      Her family members
      Being complimented, but most of all, having her family complimented
      Eating sweets and other foods that count as snacks and dessert.
      Going to school so she can drop some of her formalities.
      Seeing people who talk down on others get their stilts chopped off.

      The reputation her family has.
      The fact that she's a boss that has a boss.
      People who act delicate or weak

      Her family not excelling.
      Mucky water
      Vongola Decimo- When she was first introduced to him at a family gathering, she was only three years old, only to see him as a devil with a flame on his head and shiny devilish eyes. She now knows that it was only his dying will image, but she is still cautious of him for his power and influence. This could also be seen as a respect of sorts, for fear may be too heavy of word for someone who's able to look someone in the face and discuss business. However, to her dismay, he treats her as a kid and seems condenscending though that may just be her imagination. She tries to deal with him as she did her own father.
      The last boss coming back to life- She know's it would never happen, but that man was seriously the bane of her existence. He outlived all of his sons and some of his grandchildren, mainly due to experiments, and instead of giving up power to someone like Lambo, who still considers himself a part of the family, he waited out just for her. That's how it seems anyway which makes her suspicious that he has developed technology that would let him possess her.

      Boss mentality- She doesn't have to search her brain for all the answers because she used to making the right decision on the fly. As she would say, "A boss can't spend a day thinking about every little thing." This phrase and a lot of her advice that the children in her class would call "Sage like" may just be her grandfathers words in her own words.
      Photo Memory- She see's it and it's stuck with her forever. It was a skill that was forced upon her, but she still considers it useful.

      Going to different famous cities and walking around them.
      Gambling. She knows that there are two people up for head of the Vongola. Her money's on Yoh.
      Spinning around in circles- It helps cool her nerves
      Babysitting the members of herfamily - They're not children experiments anymore, but their parents still have to work. So for the time being..... Imagine a work room full of expensive things and kids bouncing from wall to wall, taking up floor space, and crying around her. Luckily for her, she can be pretty convincing when it comes to them taking their nap.


      Anger- when she gets angry, she's like a snowball rolling downhill in a cartoon. One of the reason she was around her grandfather so much instead of being experimented on was because the program she was in messed with her emotions and the one time she lost control of the tools she was given she almost leveled the building. Thinking she was going to make them another Estraneo Famiglia her grandfather decided to keep her near him at almost all necessary times and also be the one to oversee the experiment she was subject for.
      Italian habit- Though she tries to speak the native tongue, Cambrey curses in Italian and even says sly phrases under her mouth.


      Her family- Being born with a flame that is so small, it was unidentifiable, her Grandfather put her in an experiment for a battle suit that feeds off the users flames making them stronger and uses them for battle.

      Her weapons include, swords, kunai, ninja star, guns, flame throwers and her fist.

      Her boxes aren't exactly the shape of boxes, but they do work the same. When she places her boss ring on them and gives the code to unlock the objects become a suit of armor on her person. There are seven in all. Each representing a different flame.

      Sky metal- The armor based off of the sky flame and the first armor they made. It uses basic functions and is probably the armor that the creators, Mason Boniva ( married into the family) and Bella Boniva( adopted into the family) are most happy with. Functions include having two flamethrowers that also act as cannons, being a darker shade of orange, having horns that aren't supposed to be used for battle but can be, and giving the wearer deca strength. I.E. As a girl who can only bench a hundred pounds, she uses this suit to bench a thousand. Showing the men in her family that muscles aren't everything. Weaknesses include being pretty heavy. In fact each Cannon is around two hundred pounds and she carries them on her back when mobile.

      Rain metal- The armor based off of the rain flame. Secondly made after the sky flame to include less power and focus more on getting close to an opponent using the suits abilities. These abilities include, being able to slide on any surface, creating things with water that are harmless to anyone except flame users, unless you're under water for too long, and having a lance that cuts through flames. The lance was based off the power of the current Rain Guardian and how he fights, able to cut visible flames down, thus decreasing the power of her foe. Weaknesses for the Rain metal are, being too petite with little defense, as the only defense she has is the water the suit can make. At the time of her defense she can't attack.

      Mist and cloud metal- The armor based off of the mist and flame. Easily the most basic of all armors, using mist flames to camouflage and psych out opponents, this suit is reminiscent of what people think ninjas are. The suit is allows her to move the fastest, only being matched by the lightning metal's flight speed. Her run speed matches that of cheetah and she is able to create doubles of her self that aren't really her, but replicas of the armor. Mostly used for throwing infinite kunai's and fleeing. This suit is even less durable than the rain metal and has no close ranged weapons. The kunai's are only effective at tip and don't make for close ranged weapons.

      Lightning metal- The armor based off of the lightning flame. This armor allows for flight using lightning flames to actually power the specialized jets on the back of the suit. Weapons include two sabers which are used to create electromagnetic wings and balls of lightning. There are two receptors on the helmet that conduct lightning and absorb electricity. This suit lacks far ranged abilities and the flame abilities must be used within inches of the young lady's opponent.

      Sun metal- The armor based off of the sun flame. Increases her attack speed with hand to hand combat as well as the power. This is also the weakness of the flame. It's main use is for punching and kicking the target. Surprisingly, the armor is the hardest of all to break letting the defense make up for ability. The strengths of the arms are raised fifty percent stronger than the sky metal's though because of the weight missing, the leg strength was left the same.

      Storm metal- The armor based off of the storm flame. This armor is actually prone for energy explosions. The suit itself can cause the effects of blowing up without actually blowing up, but that is only after an hour long warm up period. It is also not recommended by the two creators to overuse the function, should it malfunction. This suit has the most weapons, containing a saber that can turn into a gun and a scarf that improves air time. The saber explodes sending beams covered in storm flames in all directions when meeting a surface harder than it. This is the only suit that would be useless without the flame, since the main point is for Cambrey to get stronger and faster the longer she wears it. If she were immortal and could take the strain the suit puts on its user after the first hour, she could probably reach a level of strength that one couldn't imagine. Either that, or the suit would blow up. Luckily for her, she's mortal.

Battery boxes- Seven in total, She has members of her family charge the boxes when she needs to access the flame metals power. Even her own flame, sky, must be charged by her which makes using the same suit twice in one setting out of the question. However, Since the battery boxes power the the suits she doesn't get as fatigued as her opponent would.


      She has six suits at her disposal and can seamlessly change between them. Each suit makes her stronger in a different way making her make up for her weak flame strength with variety.

      She can change suits on the fly, but can only use one power at a time. Each suit has a recommended time limit depending on what she's using it for, so she has to pay attention to every little thing she does as well as every second that goes by.
      7 bullets- She has to determine whether to use full powers or just the suits regular capabilities. This is do to the fact that after using a flame type move with the suit, the suit has to go into recharge mode and she has to refill the battery box she used to access the suits power.


      She has a thing for strong people or people who she she's as strong. Though she hasn't committed to saying she likes anyone, she has thought the occasional cute of some and cool of others. When she was younger, she use to have a crush on Joel and Yoh, but dropped both crushes because she couldn't pick between the two.

      Georgio Boniva- Deceased- ex family head and her grandfather
      Dio Boniva- deceased- Father
      Rose Boniva- Alive- Mother
      Jojo Boniva- Alive- Adopted into family, but is mothers brother and also second in command of the Boniva family. He is the one that started calling her by the title "boss".
      Lambo- Alive- Cousin, not sure how many times removed, but his blood is pure in the family.
      Joel Lambe- Alive- Cousin. She hopes he's soon to be adopted into the family
      Mason and Belle Boniva- Around the same age as Lambo, these two scientist were said to work with Verde before joining the family. They're not the wisest two in the family, but with their combined brains, it has been Christmas most days for the Boniva. They're not on the best terms with the boss, seeing as the experiments didn't start off so productive.

      Born to a single mother and fathered by her grandfather, who looked down on anyone younger than him, Cambrey spent her childhood like most of the children in her family. Under watch of scientist. After the past succeeded experiments, children of the Bonivo family have continued to be used for the families gain. Her grandfather had always said with a smile on his face that it was all for her. Getting chips the size of dust stuck into her body and taken out mixed with the constant pain she was in from testing the flame suits was enough to make her crack and try to use the most destructive suit, the sky metal, against her overseers. Luckily no one was murdered seeing as doctors were also monitoring her psyche at the time, but the event would still scar her to this day. Her grandfather reacted by watching her as she went through her exercises and made sure she wouldn't be in as much pain as before. He also gave put her in the same courses that other girls were in to refine their attitudes, so that next time she wanted to lash out, she'd think first.

      Years later, there was no more pain because the suits beta's were complete. Different from the alpha types in design and time, these suits still gave her the confidence to accept her grandfathers offer of naming her heir. Something which she thought he'd never ask anyone to do. When he died, one tear went past her cheek. For she didn't love the man, nor hate him, but still felt that he was important to her life in some way. When she was named boss, she moved to japan, buying out a building to place her company in. She plans on lying low so she can finish schooling, but also moved to capture a family member who she thinks belongs in her family and his son. She even went as far as to going to the latter's school, but after being having her request shut down the first time, she hasn't really tried interacting with him. Little does he know, that she hasn't given up, just decided to change plans.


So begins...

Cambrey Bovino's Story

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"Listen here, young Ieharu."

At the mentioning of his name, Ieharu's ears perked up, but he didn't turn to look at the source. He was too busy playing his video game, torso hunched to the side, shoulders scrunched in concentration, the clicks and clacks of his controller nearly as deafening as the sound of gunfire emanating from the massive flat screen before him. This wasn't the first time he had to multitask while an adult was talking.

"I probably shouldn't be telling you this–in fact I shouldn't be, but I believe honorable men like myself should show some good charity toward the families of their targets."

Ieharu's eyes narrowed slightly, but his concentration on his game didn't falter for a second. Though he was only halfway paying attention, he did recognize the voice. Male. Upbeat. Sanguine, but with a hint of danger. It was Godot, though his twin brother Ieyoshi always called the man "their new nanny".

"You might not believe me–I get it, it's a little sudden–but I am an assassin sent by an anonymous payer of mine to knock off an heir of the Vongola family."

From where he stood in the room, Godot took a few steps closer. Ieharu didn't notice, nor did he respond. On the TV, a rival's body exploded in a plume of blood and body parts. Presumably the boy's doing, because he snickered softly.

"Namely, that would be you, Ieharu Sawada." Outside, thunder boomed, ravaging the skies. It was several moments before Ieharu reacted, but then it was as if he'd been physically slapped. The clicking and clacking from the controller ceased immediately as he slowly turned his head, looking over his shoulder at the man who had just threatened his life in no uncertain terms. He was standing pretty close, too. Eyes wide, Ieharu moved his lips as if to form words, but nothing came out.

"Indeed," Godot continued, shrugging as if it were none of his business, his attitude cavalier. "Your Daddy-o's quite an important guy, and there are certain people who are quite concerned as to who takes his nice leather-padded throne."

Ieharu dropped the controller. The sound of an explosion erupted from the TV soon after, the flat screen flashing wildly before going black. There were only two words on the screen now: Game Over.

It was then that Ieharu found his voice, high pitched and wracked with incredulity. "Wait... what?!"

"I don't think you'd be all too interested in the details, seeing as you're going to die anyway." Godot took another step closer. He was within arm's reach of the boy now. "But just think of this as my diagnosis for you."

While gaming, Ieharu had been seated on the edge of a particularly comfortable reclining chair. Having closed the distance between them, Godot leaned on the chair's back, causing it to shift and Ieharu to slide backwards. Slowly. They were practically face to face now.

"I've decided that it's going to happen tomorrow." He said, matter-of-factly. "I can't delay it any further, please understand that I really wish I could."

Ieharu simply stared in horror, the weight of Godot's words imprinting themselves onto his psyche. Could it be true? Is he serious? He sounded pretty serious. Looked dead serious, in fact. But his father would never put an assassin so close, right? ... but what if he didn't, or he made a mistake? What if it was all part of the plan? What if he was going to die?!

"I've grown to like you, young Ieharu, so this is about all I can do for you."


"You've got one day to live, or at least until the next time I see you. I'm giving you the opportunity to clear up whatever remaining regrets you might have. It really hurts my conscience to think about good men dying with regrets..."

As Godot spoke, Ieharu brought his hands to the sides of his face, a sound like that of a dying animal escaping his lips. One day?! It wasn't fair! He had a math test tomorrow that he'd already studied for. He had so many people to meet... so many friends to make... all of it for nothing. His hands traversed his head, moving from the sides of his face to his forehead. Tears came to his eyes at his next thought.

I'm still a virgin!

"Regardless, that doesn't stop me from doing what I'm paid to, I just like to get an extra minute of sleep later on. So, I suggest spending the night to give it some thought, just make sure you sleep good, alright?" Ieharu didn't respond, his hands still plastered to his forehead. "... Oh, and make sure you don't tell anybody like your brother or something. You don't want to get your family involved, else I'll be forced to... Well, I'm sure your a smart kid–in fact, I know you are." Again, Ieharu didn't even respond. Didn't move. Didn't dare to. Never in his life was he so intimidated by the presence of another.

After a momentary silence, Godot turned, releasing the chair and nearly causing Ieharu to fly off it as it snapped forward. "Guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow." Almost as an afterthought, he added: "Oh, and good luck on the quadratics test."


"Yoh, I'm not kidding. I'm serious." Ieharu threw his hands up, a gesture meant to implore. "Didn't you hear me?! He's going to murder us all!"

The boy was sitting atop his bed, covers wrapped around himself like a burrito. Only his face and hands were exposed. He looked like an Eskimo, wrapped in his layers. Standing across from him was literally his mirror image save for their hair color. It was his twin brother, the self-proclaimed "older brother" Ieyoshi, casually slipping on a T-shirt while laughing his head off. When it came to someone as eternally relaxed and laid back as Ieyoshi, "laughing your head off" meant a few soft, curt chuckles. If you weren't actively listening for it, you might even miss it.

"Pfft. Murder you, maybe." Ieyoshi's voice was gruff, his tone sober, his face stoic. It was as if someone had turned his "energy" dial way down and then broke it off. "He did say only one of us would be offed, right?" He turned from sizing himself up in the mirror to look at his brother, who hadn't yet responded. "Right, Haku?"

Ieharu sighed, his big brunette bushel of hair poking out from under the covers. "Right," he mumbled, dejected. He cast his eyes downward before speaking again, this time in a hushed whisper. "You'd save me, right?"

The response was immediate.


Almost instantly, Ieharu brought both hands to his left cheek, where Ieyoshi has unceremoniously slapped him, a look of surprise and anger fresh upon his face. "Yoh! What the fuck?!"

Ieyoshi took a stance, leaning to the side, hand gripping lightly the base of his skull, a somewhat exasperated expression overcoming his otherwise neutral countenance. Ieharu recognized it as his brother's lecturing pose. He'd seen it a million times before. "Look," his brother began, pointing at Ieharu's face. "He's obviously not going to kill you. Think about it." Ieyoshi brought his hands together, marking off his points by counting his fingers. "A, that no-good Tsuna might be stupid, but do you think he's stupid enough to bring a killer into the house? To sleep in our beds? Eat our food?"

"Hey!" Ieharu interrupted, his voice shrill. "Dad's not no-good!" He said, referring to their father, Tsunayoshi.

Ieyoshi shrugged, continuing, his voice as low and monotonous as a boring college professor's. "Whatever. B, the guy's been here for, like, two weeks already. If he wanted to kill you, why not get it over with quickly? Why play buddy buddy with us for nearly a month? C, we don't have time for this. Get up. We have that math test, remember?"

Though he nodded at a couple of his brother's well-articulated points, when Ieyoshi told him to get up, he responded by pulling the covers over his head and rolling back into bed. "I think I'm gonna be sick..." He mumbled, peeking out from under the sheets after a moment.

Ieyoshi sighed, grabbing his backpack by the strap and swinging it onto his shoulder in one smooth fluid motion. He then sauntered out of the room as if the universe owed him a favor. Sauntering seemed to be his natural form of locomotion. From his mannerisms and personality to the way he picked up his bag and walked out of a room, in Ieharu's eyes, his brother was the pinnacle of cool.

After hearing the customary slam of the downstairs door, there were several moments of blissful uninterrupted peace, with Ieharu nearly falling back asleep. Before he could drift fully into unconsciousness, however, he heard someone at the window. He could tell without looking that it was Ieyoshi. Reluctantly, Ieharu rolled out of bed, the frigid air biting into his exposed skin. Slowly but surely he made his way to the window. After a moment, he opened it.

"Ieharu." Ieyoshi was standing on the grass outside of their home, looking up at their shared bedroom window. Their bedroom was on the second floor.

"What? I said I'm not going."

"Yeah, I know. I just remembered something."

Ieharu raised an eyebrow. Ieyoshi had that look on his face again. The one he always got several dozen turns before he won at Monopoly.

Ieyoshi's lips morphed into a slight grin. In response, Ieharu gulped involuntarily. That grin was never a good sign.

"I know something you think I don't know. And it'll make you come to class, too."

Ieharu ducked down so that only his eyes shown over the windowsill, as if his brother were going to start hurling rocks. "Wh... what are you talking about?!"

There was a moment of silence before Ieyoshi responded, but when he did, his brother's eyes grew wide with fright. "I know who Ieharu likes."

Ieharu shot up, his upper body practically leaning out the window at this point. "W-What are you talking about?! I don't l-like anyone!"
"Yes you do."
"No I don't!"
"Then you should have nothing to worry about when I confess to them on your behalf... unless you can catch me, of course."

And with that, Ieyoshi turned and began walking away with that slow measured pace of his.

"Wait! Yoh! Don't! Stop!" Ieharu pleaded, but if his brother heard his protests, he didn't act like it. His fears of being assassinated evaporated instantaneously, replaced instead by the terror of complete social doom at the hands of his brother. Ieharu brought his hands to his face. Unlike his brother, he didn't think of himself as very cool, or smart, or anything. He didn't have many friends. No one respected him, but at least they left him alone. If Ieyoshi was serious about telling, and he's always serious...

Well, he'd never be able to show his face at that school again.

Like a hurricane, Ieharu threw on whatever clothes were lying around. He and his brother shared a room, and they were the same in size and height, so they shared apparel too. In roughly eight minutes time, Ieharu had gone from half naked to mostly ready for school. Brushing his teeth would have only slowed him down anyway. As he rushed towards the door, open book bag swinging off his shoulder, it began to dawn on him that, even if he were to run his very hardest, his brother had an insurmountable lead. Immediately, he began to regret not stopping his brother while he had the chance. Still, maybe there was hop—

Upon bursting through his front door, Ieharu tripped over his own feet and face-planted on the stairs outside. Slowly but surely, he raised himself up off the ground, propping himself up with one arm and holding his injured face with the other. He was trying his very hardest to resist the urge to cry, but it was yet another fight he just wasn't winning. That same bitter thought that always hobbled him reared its ugly head once more: the loser Ieharu has failed.

Little did he know, a shadow slowly crept up behind his unprotected back.

"Buongiorno, young Ieharu," his terrifying home tutor greeted him as casually as ever, his hands buried in the pockets of his jacket, "I didn't think you'd be so eager to go to school today, especially on such a terrible day like this." Godot looked up toward the sky, of which was blanketed in thick clouds. The air was moist from the remains of the previous night's downpour, and water glistened on the soaked grass and wet concrete. For his part, Ieharu yelped audibly at the sound of his name being called. Godot's pleasant demeanor would have eased the boy, had their last conversation not ended so terribly. Instead, his stomach did a backflip and his chest turned to ice. Gradually, he turned his head, once again looking over his shoulder. The feeling of deja vu was practically nauseating. The man always seemed to approach from his blind spot.

"M-mi-uh-G-g-g-godot... h-hi..." He managed to stutter his tutor's name, eyes wide with fear as he suddenly remembered: he was going to die today.

"Oh, by the way, about our little agreement last night... I got word from my client that there's been a change of plans." Again, there was that peaceful smile, as if all was right in the world. "It's sort of exciting, I suppose."

Iehari inhaled sharply. Deep in the recesses of his gut sparked the faintest glimmer of hope. "A change?" The pitch of his voice inflected as he spoke, making his question come out as more of a plea.

Godot nodded. "Yes," he replied, "a pretty big change. You see, I'm not going to kill you later." At that very statement, in one swift motion, Godot brought his hand out of his pocket, a black pistol in hand. All so suddenly, Ieharu found himself staring down the barrel of Godot's Beretta. That flicker of hope in his gut disappeared just as swiftly. Too scared to move, too scared to even think, Ieharu did what came natural.

He screwed his eyes shut.

There was a delay, however. Godot hesitated, although he smirked when he did so. "Seeing as you've accepted your fate already," he said, "I guess that must mean you don't have any more regrets. There's no special person in your life? No unfinished business with somebody close, not even your family? Nothing, eh?"

After several moments of silence devoid of a bullet to the face, Ieharu gathered that the question hadn't been rhetorical. Still, he didn't dare open his eyes. Maybe this way, he still had the chance to wake up from this nightmare.

From under his breath, the boy mumbled something.

"Speak up, boy," Godot demanded, "You're only getting one chance to say it, so spit it out!"

Somewhat startled at the command, Ieharu repeated himself, this time with a bit more volume. His kept his eyes closed. "W-why do you care about what I regret, M-mr. Godot?" Ieharu could almost swear he heard Godot chuckle.

"You'll understand if you die." With that cryptic statement, Godot rotated his wrist sideways and squeezed the pistol's trigger.

And that was it. A loud pop!. A flash of pain. Pressure around his forehead. And then nothing. Ieharu Sawada, son of Tsunayoshi Sawada and Kyoko Sawada, brother to Ieyoshi, friend to few, and most of all, still a virgin, died at that moment.

However, while dying, Ieharu regretted. He regretted parting with the world. He regretted what a waste his life had been. He regretted spending the time studying for a math test he'd never take. But there was one thing he regretted more than anything else. One thing that, even as the bullet pierced his skull and robbed him of life, he wished he had accomplished with all his heart.

I should have stopped Ieharu from confessing for me... from saying something stupid... I could have stopped him...

His body was cold before it even hit the ground.

... with a dying will.

On the other side of the street, several passersby screamed in horror. One was even so bold as to yell, finger pointing in violent accusation: "That thug just shot that kid!"

Ieharu's body slumped on the ground, blood pooling under his head. One second, he was certainly dead. But then in the next...


Ieharu literally exploded, most of his clothes burning away to ashes, his then-dead body springing to life like round two in any good video game's boss battle. Though he was still scrawny and mostly naked, he sported a look that'd never crossed his face before. His eyes were wide and full of determination, his pupils dilated, his irises practically glowing. He was grinding his teeth in seething rage. Most noticeable was the massive orange flame located smack dab in the middle of his forehead, the blaze shifting and pulsing to some unknown rhythm.

His sudden re-emergence from death and accompanying roar of rebirth startled everyone in the area, excluding Godot. One of them—an old woman—fainted where she stood.


And with that, Ieharu sped off, his feet carrying him as fast as an Olympic athlete as he raced with all his might towards Ieyoshi and Namimori High.

Godot watched as the half-naked boy sped off like hell on wheels, and so did the rest of the neighborhood. People looked at Godot, flabbergasted at what they had just witnessed. Godot smiled at them affably.

"Things are going to be a lot more interesting around here from now on."

The setting changes from the-sawada-household to Namimori


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#, as written by Damioa
Cambrey woke up in the morning as elegant as ever, feeling no hang over from the previous nights sleep. She was lucky to be one of those girls with smooth thin hair that only need a hand to fix, though she made sure to take a brush to it anyway when she was in front of a mirror. In order to do that, she had to get out of her room first. A room which also happened to be her office. It was a pretty spacious place. The whole area was spacious save fore the thin halls. the kitchen was large and the living rooms and guest rooms followed suit. However, things were a little cluttered when it came to these open spaces. Mostly because of..."These damn kids!!!" She found herself in a loop. Always having to say the same thing every morning.

"I keep on telling you brats. Pick up your toys. Everyday I say the same thing and every single day I step on toys. Why are there toys in my room? I don't throw my stuff in your room. I give you guys the second room, the living room, the bathroom, the dinning. Heck, I even let some of you sleep in the kitchen, but clean up after yourselves and STAY OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!!!!!!"
She had all the kids lined up from shortest to tallest. She kept them all in a militarized order of shortest to tallest in between a group of letters by name and set up four rows that carried the letters.

"We're sorry mommy," one of the children from the A-G group asked. Coincidentally she was also the smallest of all the groups combined and the youngest of all the kids. Her recent achievement for the Bovino family was learning how to walk, but Cambrey didn't make a big fuss out of it. She believed that she should have been walking after if not before the first twelve months of her birth. She blamed her lack of motivation on her mother who was in america doing something or other. Cambrey didn't know at the moment.
Though she did know that, "I'm not your mother!!! I swear. It's like you kids have amnesia right after I'm done talking to you. Whatever. It's time for role call. Coooooooouuuuunnnnnnnnt off!!!!"

Their little calls of numbers that went up and down in pitch was like music to her ears. She had Tutan, her head butler make her and the children milkshakes in the morning for breakfast. It was all part of her plan to make their parents regret thinking she was a good choice to be babysitter. Sure it was her idea to close down the family centers and take the 'kid' out of 'science', but she didn't volunteer for this. Because of them she always arrived to school minutes too late and missed homeroom. Because of this she wasn't friends with a lot for students in her class. Homeroom was the only time they were allowed to talk. Supposedly, but there was no way she was talking during an actual class. She had a public reputation to uphold. Something the children at her school would either not understand or appreciate. She gave her cousin as an example. By paper, he was a Bovino. Sure his father gave him a dumb last name, but legally, at least to her, he was Bovino. Yet he rather hang around the Vongola's. They were good with or without him. It wasn't like they needed him.
"72!!!!" The last kid called out bringing her back to her senses.
"Okay. Now single file formation!!!!"

At once the kids merged into a single file, still keeping their height orders.
"Okay. You know the drill. You grab your shake and get your butts to school."

All the kids at once grabbed their shakes and left the room waiting for her to follow with her two right hand hand subordinates Ollie and Molly. They had in their hands two babies, both not belonging to them, and suitcases of their own.

"Make you get all the records sent to their parents. I don't want to have to hear crap about how their children were sick and they didn't know. Really, the nerve of them. They leave their children with someone and then blame that someone for a natural cause. Luridi branco di cani bastardi."

"I agree boss. Though would you mind watching your language," Molly asked a little hesitantly. "The children might pick up on saying the wrong things."

"Then they can blame their parents who can't find time for them." She turned to the kids. "Yeah, they'll say, we work hard hours for the boss. Well guess what, so does every other member of the mafia. I don't see other mafia's having problems with babysitting."

"Don't worry mama, I would never leave my kids in your care."

Cambrey looked down to one of the older boys in her little group. He was about ten. "Thank you," she said patting his head. "However, what did I say about calling me your MOM!!!?"

It was the same as every morning. They would wake up. Have a morning talk and fight all the way downstairs. She would wait with them for their buses and each time they'd leave they'd yell "Goodbye Mother!!!!" waving their hands with huge smiles on their faces.

"Stolti." Cambrey always found herself holding back a smile of her own at times like these. For the moments she had with her family, young or old were the best moments in her life.
After dealing with the children, she got in the back of her family limousine and had Tutan drive her to school. She wondered if being late to school everyday ever caused her to miss anything. Now more than ever for some reason.

The setting changes from namimori to Japan


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A fully clothed Ieyoshi sighed. It seemed to have become his default go-to reaction to events that weren't interesting enough to capture his attention. And precious few things were ever truly interesting to him nowadays. Perhaps this is what puberty feels like? Ieyoshi sighed again. How boring.

Currently, the elder-by-eight-seconds Sawada twin was making his way across the school's courtyard and towards the massive metalwork fence that marked its perimeter. He was accompanied by Damien, of course. Over the course of this, the first month of school, it'd become a sort of habit of the twins to meet up with Damien and Aobane at the outer gate after school and walk most of the way to their homes as a group. This day, Ieyoshi met up with Damien somewhat earlier, at the steps outside the main hall. Interestingly enough, Ieyoshi was not accompanied by his other half, which struck Damien as odd. The two were typically inseparable. If the morning taught him anything, it was that them being separated was an omen, if anything.

"Haku's not with you again? Don't tell me he's taking another run ahead of you," he asked while putting emphasis on another run. "He already got kids calling me the Hokage because of the smoke bombs."

Ieyoshi sighed again, this time in response to Damien's question. As they were walking, they'd passed by the area that several hours earlier had been the scene of their morning commotion. People had started calling him "batman" because of it, not that he cared—or, at least, that's what he told himself. "Yeah. And apparently I'm Batman." He felt like there was more he could say, but meh. The next order of business for him was making it home and questioning Godot about this nonsense Ieharu was spouting with guns and bullets and assassinations and all that. Knowing his younger twin, he was probably talking to a teacher about a book or a poem or something. Why he cared what they thought was beyond Ieyoshi's ability to fathom. "But if he comes running at me this time, I'll put him down."

Of course, he was joking. Maybe.

Damien did a fangirl pose jokingly. "Oh, my hero! Not the hero Namimori deserves, but the one we need!" He pretended to faint flinging his body towards the ground. Right before landing on his back, he caught himself with one hand with ease.

Despite himself, Ieyoshi laughed. His version of laughing was a curt smile followed by exhaling loudly. "Isn't your village missing you, bitch?" Ieyoshi's voice lightened considerably with his words. Joking around with Damien was always a welcome break in the grinding monotony that he called his daily existence.

Damien quickly popped up back to his feet. "Haha, you mean village full of bitches? Of course they are." He stood as if he were a Hokage with his hand on his invisible large hat. His other hand stood at his side. "Ladies," he paused for a brief moment, "I have returned." Ieyoshi made a face, rolling his eyes in dramatic dismissal. He always gave a slight performance with Ieyoshi and Ieharu for fun. They were close. "Anyways, I wonder what they're calling Haku?"

By now, they'd reached the ashen gunmetal gates that marked the entrance to and exit from the courtyard proper. Instead of going through the gates, Ieyoshi stopped, electing instead to turn and lean against the steel beam that made up part of the left gate's hinge, arms folded. His brother—typically accompanied by that Kuroiobashi kid—should have caught up to them by now, but he had yet to appear. "Pfft. Maybe they'll call him perv. Or idiot. Or crouching idiot, hidden perv fool."

"Haha, if only they knew how he really was. Poor Haku," Damien laughed.

"How about poor us," Ieyoshi responded, chuckling.

When five minutes turned to twenty, all the chattering first and second -years began evacuating the courtyard at a leisurely pace and heading home—long after the too-cool-to-hang third-years had swaggered their way through the front gates, of course. Still, there was no sign of Ieharu. Ieyoshi had long since closed his eyes, as if snoozing, though he was doing anything but. He was merely listening, taking in the sounds of the environment. Though his senses weren't nearly as sharp as Damien's, he could quite easily pick out some familiar voices amongst all the chitchat. Especially Ieharu's voice, which was like a lighter fluffier version of his own.

After several moments of hearing everything but his brother's voice, he sighed, opening his eyes.

He did hear someone interesting. Scanning over the various disparate cliques and courtyard gaggles that so poetically described high school life, his eyes landed upon a-a... a girl? Hmm. Ieyoshi frowned slightly, squinting. For some reason, the girl looked familiar. Like, really familiar. And though he forgot names fairly easily, he'd never forget a face he'd seen before. The girl was tall but sported a small figure, complete with intense blue eyes. Her smooth thin black hair somehow reminded him of one of his father's guardians. Lambo. That was his name. So, where had he seen her before?

He looked down at his folded arms, chewing through his own memories. Things like this really irked him. He'd seen her somewhere before, but where, damn it? After a few moments of pondering, Ieyoshi gave up, filing the question away somewhere in the back of his mind.

He looked up again, his eyes scanning the crowd for something else—anything else!—that would pique his interests and stave off the twin specters of boredom and annoyance.

He spotted Jett. Jett Hideaki. He was milling about along with his sister, though Ieyoshi didn't quite remember her name. He knew Jett, however. Though he personally abhorred watching sports, everyone knew the school's premier basketball champion and most valuable player, even the first-years. Ieyoshi wasn't quite sure how he felt about the Hideaki siblings. Jett especially. He was an imposing person, perhaps intimidating to some, but...

Ieyoshi began to chew on his lower lip.

Whenever he and Jett came within close proximity of each other, something inside of him... it was like he felt a sort of kinship with the guy. Like the two of them shared a relation on some sort of base fundamental level. It was strange, it was unexplainable, it was whatever.

He also spotted Izaya, who was running around the courtyard for reasons only Izaya was aware of. Like Jett, everyone in the school knew Izaya's name, but for less glorious reasons. Ieyoshi shook his head shortly after catching sight of the green-haired kid. Oh well. In any good action movie, the stupid ones always died first.

While following Izaya with his eyes, Ieyoshi crossed eyes with—

Again, Ieyoshi squinted. There were many unfamiliar faces in the crowd, but this one was quite... let's say odd. Red eyes, for a start. Blood red. Glasses. Hair slicked back, as if by hand. Average height. He looked like the type of person that turned out to be the crazy serial killer at the end of a horror flick, but for some reason Ieyoshi felt nothing when he looked him. Absolutely nothing. Not impressed. Not intimidated. Not scared. Not happy. Not even bored. He just felt nothing, a sense of no presence, as if he were staring at a whitewashed brick wall instead of a human being.

Certainly, the guy wasn't in his class. Ieyoshi would have remembered such a face. He didn't seem tall enough or cool enough to be a third-year, though, so he was probably part of the junior class. Interesting. Odd, but interesting.

He stared for a while longer before feigning a loss of interest, lest someone notice him glaring.

Full of unsated curiosity, Ieyoshi pondered asking Damien who the red-eyed guy was, or at least if he had an opinion about him. That's when something slipped by his left peripheral. Now typically, Ieyoshi would have paid it no mind, for such things always pass by one's peripheral vision without incident. This time, however, his body tensed up, the joints in his arms locking for a brief moment. It was a small panic reaction, a flinch, as if someone had tried to jump-scare him. This was a result of Ieyoshi's extremely acute intuition, which lent itself to a very hyper sense of awareness. It was a wholly passive perception and quasi- sixth sense, and one of the precious few areas that he had his friend Damien beat hands down—and that guy goes through Varia-style training regularly.

With a reaction spanning milliseconds, he snapped his head to the left, and saw what triggered his sense of danger.

Uncharacteristically vivid blue hair, like out of a cartoon, tufts of which stuck out from under his hood. A now-familiar face. A boy... at least, Ieyoshi was fairly sure he was a boy. The same one from this morning.

Ieyoshi followed the boy with his eyes as he passed through the gate and out the other side, walking between several others as he went. As far as he could tell, the blue-haired kid hadn't taken notice of him. On the other hand, no one else seemed to take notice of the kid, not even Damien. It was as if he were a ghost, or a rock, and people just seemed to move around him, passively acknowledging his existence. It was fascinating to observe, but eventually the kid moved out of view, and Ieyoshi didn't want to give off the impression that he was interested.

Ieyoshi sighed softly. There was something about that kid. Something about the red-eyed guy. Something about many of these so-called students. Something he couldn't quite put a finger on. One thing was for sure, though: he needed to hone his intuition. He got feelings all the time about places and people, but rarely did he know enough about what his instincts were telling him that he could act on them in an effective and efficient manner.

He did have one feeling he recognized: his intuition told him he'd be dealing with the blue-haired kid—dealing with all of these strange people—a lot more directly over the coming months. It was just his luck, after all. If he wasn't being tackled by crazy familial relations in the morning, it was gonna be something else.


Ieharu placed his hands under the one of the bathroom sinks' faucets. A stream of perfectly-warmed water met his hands instantaneously. His father always talked about how, "back in the day," water faucets always had "hot" and "cold" handles on them and you have to mix and match them manually to get it just right. Nowadays, they have faucets that have infrared thermometers attached to them. They set the water to the perfect temperature automatically, based on skin temperature. Honestly, Ieharu couldn't fathom having to twist little knobs to make water come out. It was dumb. If he wanted cold, he'd just say "colder" and the faucet would obey him. If he wanted warmer water, he'd just say "warmer". Why did it take people so long to think up such a basic idea?

The boy giggled at the thought. Living in the past must've really sucked.

The faucet automatically added the correct amount of soap to the water, so he didn't have to do anything but move his hands around a little before they were sufficiently clean.

Tucked under his arm was a book titled A Wrinkle in Time, by a long-dead American author named Madeleine L'Engle. Currently, it was Ieharu's favorite book, though the designation of "favorite" was doled out on a weekly basis to the works of prose that found their way into his hands, if that. He was truly a voracious reader.

The book itself, of course, wasn't any normal paper book. It was technically a paperback, sure. It wasn't one of those old-fashioned e-readers or anything—it was better. The book's "paper" pages were each a type of foldable hardware, and the pages themselves could switch text and content at the will of the reader. One moment, he could be reading A Wrinkle in Time, the next he could be perusing a newspaper or pretending to read his class's Social Studies book.

Gokudera—Damien's dad—always complained when Ieharu took it out. "You kids are spoiled rotten," he'd always say. "You don't need these all these newfangled toys! Isn't a smart phone and infinity internet enough for you brats?"

Haha, old people are funny.

Ieharu let his hands rest under the luxurious warmth of the running water for a while longer before removing them from the stream and moving towards the door. He waved his wet hands over a small silver plate on the wall, which unleashed a burst of air as his they passed, shearing the excess moisture from his skin like an air blade. The bathroom door opened for him shortly after, though Ieharu paid the automated marvel no mind. Such things were rudimentary at this point.

The school day had come to an end a while back, yet he'd gotten distracted talking to his teacher. They continued the class discussion about the nature of main characters in prose, with Ieharu relating what they'd discussed to A Wrinkle in Time.

Oh well, Ieyoshi would forgive him if he were just a little late.

Next order of business: go meet with Aobane and head down to meet Ieyoshi and Damien. He'd asked Aobane to wait by the elevators while he went to the bathroom, so he was probably still there. Hopefully. Ieharu's cheeks burned red with the thought of him having taken too long in the bathroom. Agh!

Turning on his heel, the boy began walking down the hall. The elevators where in a small niche on the right side at the end of the hall.

He made it about two-thirds of the way there before he was stopped.


"What is this guy doing?" Ieyoshi lamented, not bothering to hide his exasperation at his brother's absence. The courtyard was virtually empty at this point. Even some of the staff were beginning to head home. Creepy teacher Zenith-sensei had even passed him by, offering a creepy wave and generally being a creep. Ieyoshi wasn't quite sure why he didn't much care for the man, or why he seemed like such a creep, but...

Whatever. He'd give it five more minutes, max, and then Ieharu would be walking home without him. On second thought, maybe he should leave now. It'd do his brother some good to be independent for once. The elder twin looked over to Damien. "Wanna just go?"

Damien looked in the direction that Ieharu would walk in. Alone. He started to get a bit worried. "Eh, but shouldn't we wait a bit longer. I mean especially after today when he—"

"DAMIEEEEEENNNNN!" Enn charged forwards and leapt towards him with his arms outstretched, smiling widely. He completely ignored Ieyoshi. Behind him somewhere in the distance, a brown-haired third year with a jagged scar across his face watched in surprise, barely hiding anxiety as he walked towards the gate, green sweater slung over his shoulder. "Damien there you are I couldn't—"

Damien instinctively ducked on his knees and dodged Enn's charge. He knew in that instance, what this meant. Enn flew over him and rolled to a crouch a few feet away, continuing without pause. "—find you—" got up instantly and leant in low, sprinting towards Damien's back and lashing out with a punch. "—anywhere!" A grin fell on Damien's face as the punch flew in his direction. It was Enn's turn to be the attacker while he was the defender. He placed his right palm out and blocked the punch instantly.

"Mmm, close but not there yet," Damien replied. At this point his body was faced towards Enn and his eyes were fixed on his every move.

"Don't worry," Enn grinned happily, a wild look in his eyes. Ah, fighting Damien was fun! So much fun that Enn didn't want to think about even trying to kill him. He hadn't had this much fun ever after he left Italy and couldn't take part in hits as much as he liked anymore, since Shou didn't like it. Shou was right, high school was great! He grabbed hold of the wrist of the hand holding his own hand and pulled as he whirled and bent, hurling Damien over his shoulder. "I'm just getting started!" The game of attack and defense went on. Enn attacked furiously, sending flying kicks, punches, a flurry of blows were all thrown at Damien. To each, he merely blocked, ducked, and jumped back, and it was clear to those who knew them well that they were just playing around, albeit semi-seriously.

Ieyoshi merely looked on at the two, mouth slightly agape, a disturbed look fresh upon his face, as if someone had told him one plus one equaled fish with a zealous fervor. He wasn't really familiar with this kid who so cavalierly attacked Damien, though he knew his face, and knew his reputation. He was a fellow first-year, and one of the more annoying ones, too.


After a few moments of observation, he sighed and looked away, bored once more. Maybe he'd just go home anyway.

"Enn, why'd you run that fast—" the brown-haired third year came to a halt as he stared at the scene, panting a little. A group of emotions rapidly cycled over Shou's face before settling on a strange sort of resignation (and relief that his brother wasn't seriously trying to kill someone) and a mixture of worry and anxiety. "Oh no stop..." he straightened and turned to Ieyoshi, eyebrows creased in worry over the situation. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I'm so so sorry," he apologised frantically, bowing a little in apology. "Enn was waiting for me to finish with club and then he ran off before I could stop him I'm sorry!"

Ieyoshi eyed the guy before him. Shou, was it? He wasn't in Ieyoshi's class, but he'd seen seen the guy around—primarily around Enn. Most likely a third-year, though he didn't have the air of one. If memory served, Shou and Enn were brothers.


Shou didn't seem as bombastic and frenetic as his brother, so that was a plus. "It's whatever," he said, shrugging in acknowledgement of Shou's apology. "Hey, you haven't happened to have seen my brother around, have you? He looks just like me, except his hair is dyed black for some reason." He shot a glance over at Damien and Enn. "And I'm about to leave him to walk home alone, too," he added, grumbling under his breath.

"O-Oh," Shou said, straightening up from his bow into a sort of relaxed posture, hooking a thumb around his bag-straps. He thought back throughout the day, trying to think about whether he saw—um, Iehaku? That was his name—going about his day, Eventually, he shook his head. "I don't think I saw him," he said regretfully, shaking his head. "Sorry."

Ieyoshi was about to sigh for the thousandth time this day, when his intuition pricked him. Looking away from Shou, a figure in the distance was approaching them, moving most expeditiously in their direction. Ieyoshi raised his eyebrows in expectation, frowning slightly at the realization that it certainly wasn't his twin brother.

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#, as written by Damioa
Leaving the school grounds, Joel watched as more groups of people walked and chatted, headed in the same direction as him, towards the cafe. It seemed that the place was one of the many attractions for kids to go after school. He was sure there was both a mall and an arcade that people could go to, yet the students seemed to favorite the cafe. Beginning to wish he'd been asked to meet at the mall he rubbed his neck. "That guy. If it was just the wall I wouldn't be sore right now, but that vice grip of his." Joel sighed and brought his left hand from his neck to his pockets as he approached the cafe doors. His hand left his pocket with a hold on his phone and he flipped through the messages just in case he had gotten the meeting location wrong. Unluckily for him, that wasn't the case and he sighed once more and walked into the building.

Though people were talking around him outside, nothing compared to the volume of the inside. The place was packed so heavy that he wasn't sure if he'd be able to get a seat.

"Hey there!!!"

Joel looked over towards the waiting spot and there was a young man shooting him a glance and gleefully smiling. Judging by his attire he had to be one of the waiters there, but that still didn't ease Joel's nerves. He wasn't the type to go to nice crowded restaurants. In all honesty, there was nothing that could beat a home cooked meal and it was even better when he was able to cook two. Sure, those times were limited, but it was better than eating around strangers. Hearing about how good and easy their lives are. Confirming, that unless a crazed man kills them, they don't have to worry about dying every time they walk outside. It wasn't something he was jealous against. It made him feel complacent. This was one of the reasons why he either works or goes home after school. Unless it's with family, it's not needed. If it was in any other situation, he'd think he would be complacent around the family too. However, his past and his current situation will never fail to loom over his head. Most would think of it as a good thing, but Joel had forgiven a lot of it. However, he would never forget, for it made him stronger. Each event in his life good or bad was another piece of the his life's puzzle. That's why he couldn't necessarily hate the sheep in the world. They didn't have to worry about death at every corner, but they will also not see their death coming. He'd constantly wondered, if any of them stopped baa-ing long enough to think what they would do if the person next to them took out a gun and pulled the trigger. Would they still laugh? Would they smile? Would that confident look be on their faces? He already knew the answer.

"Excuse me.... sir."

Joel looked the waiter again. Realizing he must of blacked out in thought he brushed it off and walked towards the young man. "Yeah. Table for two. I'm waiting for someone to get here," he said slowly and calmly. He didn't like to raise his voice, but sometimes, every once in a while you meet a person who can't understand good Japanese.

"Sorry sir. We're quite full as it is and we can't really seat two people at this time. Maybe one, or a group booth."

"Really?" Joel reached in his pocket and grabbed his wallet. He put enough money to pay for his electric and gas bill combined and asked, "You have any VIP area's? Tables you don't use for any type of reason?" He proceeded to pull the exact same amount, this time slowly and neatly grouping the papers together so that the waiter could see how much he had. "It's my first time here and I was planning on tipping my waiter with the greatest of all interest for my meal." Once again, with the same amount of money he pulled and folded.

"We....well. I'm sure that if anyone can find a table in all this mess, it's me. Please, allow me to be your waiter. Just hold still for one second and I will be right back to accommodate you."

Joel nodded. The smile on the waiter grew, but Joel wasn't bothered by it this time because it wasn't fake anymore. He was smiling for a reason now and that reason was obvious. Once he was shown to his table, which seemed like it was located in a whole in the wall that was sectioned off from the rest of the place, he ordered some coffee and proceeded to wait. Waiting was never a problem for him. It was necessary actually and welcomed. It gave him time to calm his thoughts and think. He sat there wondering what was he thinking about before he was interrupted. "Oh yeah," he said lightly on an exhale.

It was a memory of a few years ago. Not really something he really cared to remember, but the Vongola have ties with both crime organizations and government. He use to wonder what the heck the family actually did that was mob like, but when he started working, he saw that there wasn't any difference between the two. It made the Vongola the perfect middle man. Though, the reason they had to leave Japan to go to America while anyone else could have done so was behind him. He hated going to different countries for work. Usually when you don't mess with family and friends and rely on a third party, something goes wrong. Many asked him why it was America that he despised going most of all and his only reason was the fact that when you go to make any type of business deals in America, you don't only have to prepare for what the Americans will do. For whatever reason, dealing with Americans meant dealing with the Chinese, the Russians, the Italians, and any other group of people you could possibly fit in there. Each with their own way of doing business and their own version of respect.
He remembered he was forced on the ground once. He wasn't one to fall from a punch, but a sucker punch with brass knuckles would do that to anyone he thought. The man even bothered pulling his gun out afterwards. He thought he was the bigger man because he had the gun. Joel knew otherwise.

"Aye cuz. I ain't no fag you feel me. If you keep staring at me I'ma buss two in your eyes and empty the rest in your chest."

The only reason the man was able to get the better of him was because he was surprised. Were Americans so ballsy as to pass his father to get to him just because he was looking around? It didn't make sense. He'd seen others get rowdy before even in Japan, but when the big boys are all together talking about money it would happen. Maybe it wasn't even because he was American. Maybe it was just because he was an outsider. It didn't matter. Joel stood up and brushed himself. The man pulled the trigger and unluckily for him Joel wasn't going to let surprise happen to him again. With the sound of the blast echoing, it wasn't long until more followed and the blood to flow. Luckily none of the important people, as the American rep said, got injured. It was important, because money could still flow. People died and someone got what came to them. He remembered the man's face before he emptied his own gun into his belly, afterwards and during. Eventually pity would set, but what was done was already done. If you're a sheep all along, then you shouldn't bark like a wolf.

As time would go on and he met more people and got into more gun fights, he realized something. It was becoming more and more easier to see the sheep who hid in the wolves clothing. Whether it be the man who looks for the weakest person in the room to puff his chest at or a downright dirty snitch. To Joel, these inbreeds of both wolf and sheep were the scourge of society as a whole. However, there was one type of breed above the wolf. A breed he would call the snake. He was glad that he was part of family where they would at least fight with you if things went wrong and wouldn't take a fallen member lightly. For there were those who had members of their club who's only purpose was to die. The saddest part was, they didn't even know they were being used only for that purpose. Not until it was too late. For a long time, Joel thought he was just like them, but if he was, would he still be alive. It was a lot to think about. Something he thought about on the daily. The place of a grunt. A peon. A pawn. From the kids selling drugs on corners, to the kids cutting people. From the ones stealing to the ones blowing themselves up.

He was sure he wasn't thought of that low to his boss. Although he never gave much thought to how his boss feels about him. All he knew was that he was still alive, he got paid fairly and he didn't get into many situations where someone wasn't watching his back.

He looked at the time using his phone. It seemed like he'd been waiting forever and seeing as the sky was changing colors he was sure the sun was setting. Maybe it would be dark in another hour in a half and the thought of being stuck in a cafe that long didn't rest well with Joel. It was his job though, and he let out a sigh to get rid of the anxious feeling he had. He saw a brown haired kid leave the shop and was reminded of the boys. He was happy to see that they're not one of the sheep. Even the one whom he feared would become one was energetic today. He imagined he'd talk to him the next day to see how he was doing. The fact that the two were fighting and one of them had their flame showing meant things were getting interesting for them. He'd only hope in return things would be interesting for himself. He'd much rather be a part of whatever they're apart of than go to another oversees meeting where the other person has the home court advantage.

He thought of the time when him and his father walked straight off the plane just to get captured and almost have their heads cut off in the middle of the dessert. The whole rock. North and south. He just wished he didn't have to go there. The America's were crazy. He'd imagine if the third world countries the east coast seem to want to war with were richer, he'd have to go there to, but at least they'd send a video to whom it may concern.

Just like that, he found himself wondering why he was even thinking about the America's to begin with. He quickly concluded the whole thought was a way to ease his boredom. A way to pass the time. "Maybe it's not the America's, but just being around many different gangs at one time." That was bad anywhere. Even for gangs apart of the same nationality, if there are seven different gangs with seven different bosses in one room anything could happen. Like the time in Russia just a week ago. Probably the most creative men he's come across when it comes to just putting a beating on someone. Joel considered himself lucky, because anyone falling down spiral stairs while tied to a cheap plastic chair would probably break some bones. The thought of it made him remember how he paid them back for their hospitality and also brought a smile to his face.

"Sir. I don't mean to be rude, but would you like to order something else."

Joel shot the waiter a piercing glare which made the waiter move his head away from eye contact. "I'm still waiting. Come back in about an hour."
The waiter bowed out, but his face had this looked that screamed for more detail of who or what Joel was waiting for. The screams were ignored though and as Joel went back to staring at the window, he went past reminiscing about his exploits in the mafia, to thinking about those who have yet to join him. He imagined if he had Yoh with him, they'd wind up retiring a lot of want to be families, but if it was Haku, he'd be fighting all of time. It was just his imagination though, which he took into being. How amazing it would be though. Joel wasn't the type to get his hopes up and wasn't planning on his dad or any of the Vongola's guardians to give up their position anytime soon. They were old, but they weren't that old. Only time would tell. After all, he was sure he had a few more years left of growing and the kids were just starting high school. "So in the end, it's best to wait. Best to take everything slow."

It sure was better to take things slow, just as it was good to wait. For in life there are times when things crash down on both wolves and sheep. So being in the now, the safeness of the now was good enough for him. If he wasn't in the now he'd be in the future and who knew what that would hold. He'd probably be meeting with Godot and be getting chewed out for messing up another deal even though he was the one who was pushed down the steps while tied to a chair. Maybe he'd even get a raise. "Maybe that's too close to wishful thinking," he said to himself. He could try to reminisce some more, but as a kid he wasn't able to think about things in a positive way for his situation. At least not like he can today. It made his life harder for him too and almost got him killed. So patience was a virtue. As his father said. "Gotta stay calm." Words he would repeat himself. For he knew if he didn't things wouldn't be as peaceful as they were. "And if I can call this peace, then what is my definition of war?"

"Who the hell cares?"

Joel turned once more away from the window. Who he saw, proved that even wolves could be surprised by their demise. However, as a wolf he decided to take it head on. "Do you always intrude on other people's thoughts." He said to none other than Cambrey, who must have been stalking him again.

[color=tan]"Only when they're thinking out loud. You should work on zipping it, or do you think it makes you look cool to talk to yourself."
The Bovino boss took her seat across from him and crossed her arms, seeming a little too comfortable for Joel's comfort. "So, what's got you day dreaming in a public cafe with over an empty table?" [/color]

"I'm waiting for Godot."

"I'm sorry, who?"

Joel sighed. "Did you get to school on time today?"

Cambrey shook her head. "If I get to school on time, what time do you think I'll have to wake up? The Bovino need their sleep. You know. You look a little bit tired yourself. Must be why I'm noticing bags under your eyes. Are the Vongola overworking you?"[/color]

"I've been off for a week. I think they're giving me a good load of rest time."

"Spoken like a true dog. Loyal to your master." Cambrey's eyes narrowed and the way she looked at Joel made him feel like she was trying to pierce him with them. Cambrey could tell she was making Joel uncomfortable. "I usually don't get to see my own cousin because you're always working. Yet you're okay with it. I suppose since they allow you to live and go about life now a days you're alright. Hehe. Seems like you've just become complacent."

Joel's eyes opened in surprise. It wasn't as if what she said carried any weight because he knew her main goal was to get him to join her family, but he realized something important. "So you mean to say you're not complacent too? Aren't you prideful? I would assume someone who has all these glorious things to say about her family and nothing, but bad things to say about others would be. So wouldn't you be just settling if your family is not the best, but under the best."

"Under the be-"

"I'm not done, Ms. Bovino." Joel's eyes went cold and looked at Cambrey as if she were just another business contact. "The Vongola may have a questionable way of doing things, and maybe sometimes work can be hard, but if you think saying phrases out of your mouth that pertain to me when you don't even really know what you're talking about will get me to follow you instead of Vongola then you're wrong. I'd just be a sheep in wolves clothing if I betrayed my pack."

Cambrey puffed her cheeks, looking a tad bit embarrassed before shrugging the feeling away. "Well, should you decide to change your mind, the offers always open. Tell your dad too and let him know I said hi."

"Sure thing."

Joel made sure the last thing she saw from him was a smile. He didn't want her to think he had something against her.
Cambrey on the other hand was determined now than ever to have Joel join her family. He was loyal and she'd know she could call him anytime she wanted. Not only that, but they were technically family and she wanted to make sure he was living the good life. The only question was what exactly did he want? She had offered him almost everything and he turned it down every time. She figured she try again the next day, but for now decided to leave him in the cafe to wait for whoever it was he was waiting for. Hopefully he'd be in a good enough mood to say yes.