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Koneko Miyazaki

"What's the use in arguing over who's better? In the end we all share the same fate anyways..."

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a character in “Kawaii Psycho: College Times”, originally authored by Red Rum, as played by RolePlayGateway




Koneko Miyazaki








Neko has always looked young for her age, standing at 4'9 she is nothing close to being intimidating.
Her long unruly hair is dyed a light cotton candy pink, and she almost always leaves it down with two
pink ribbons tied to the front. Her eyes are naturally an amethyst color, and her skin is pale like porcelain.


Neko always wears her cat jacket, you'll likely never find her without it. Underneath she wears pretty simple
clothes, just a white tank top, kaki shorts, and purple convers to match her jacket with white knee-high socks.

Home area



Existential Psychology


Cats~ Coffee~ Sweets~ Reading~
People Watching~ Sleeping~ Brooding


Optimism~ Crowds~ Mornings~
Bossy People~ Jerks~ Exercise~ Vegetables




Brooding~ Napping~ Reading~
Talking About The Worst Scenario


Despite the cute, fluffy appearance that would usually draw people in, Neko's personality has sort of always repelled people. She had always been pessimistic, even from a young age. Neko has a knack for thinking of the worst scenarios for any situation, and while this may seem like a bad thing to most people, it always helps to calm Neko down, seeing as she already knows the worst things that can happen. Existential problems occur regularly with Neko and she was come to enjoy brooding about them and finding answers for them. She can also be quite curt at times, but she honestly means no harm, she just usually says what she thinks.


Due to her personality, all of the other children usually avoided Neko. Thanks to this, Neko never really had any friends growing up. Being an only child with two constantly busy parents, Neko drew more and more into herself, seeing the world in ways that most children never would. Thanks to this way of thinking, Neko's never made an actual friend or ever gone on a date. And while she knows that continuing down a path of isolation is unhealthy, she isn't sure how to stop it. I mean, how does one make friends? Well, I guess it's time to get her charm on.

So begins...

Koneko Miyazaki's Story


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Sean would say that he had woken up at a good hour and would have said he had eaten breakfast like every other normal collage student. But alas, this would not be true. He had really been up all night, working on a model plane. A Kai-43. His only sense of time came from the watch on his wrist. It had beeped at his standard wake up time, around 7 am or so. He got up from his work table, let the Kai set on its stand, and went down stairs to eat some breakfast. What turned out to be said breakfast was a box of poky sticks and a soda. It would take him 45 mins to get to the campus and he had to buy a few things anyway.