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Alex Miles

The object of war is not to die for your country is to make other basterd die for his

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a character in “Keep Friends Close and Enemies Closer”, as played by warhammerhawk209


Alex Miles






Rank:sergeant - Haltaire Team

Class:Sharp shooter-Covering objective's,assassination,spotting and recon.

Description:A 24 year old Caucasian with brown hair and goatee he has blue eye's he also has a bionic eye.

Personality:Alex is a shy and quiet guy.He hate's being around most people.He has a hot temper that's why it's sometime's hard to get along with him.He's a very hostile person.He hate's talking about his past.He has problem's with alcohol.His mental stability is sometime's questioned.Alex turn's off comm's when his team is talking to much for him.

Quirks/habits:He has alcohol problem he has no success with that addiction.

Dislikes:Talking to most people,idiotic politicians,speaking about his past.

Likes:History,animal's,alcohol,getting into fight's.

Equipment List:

Dragon X-10

Veinhammer PH-C.60

Veinhammer MM-9VS

ODA(modified with lighter plating and painted a camo pattern)

History:Alex's older sister died in ship accident when he was 11 at the time it affected him for the rest of his life after.At 15 Alex first got interested in military history.Alex had a fairly rough childhood.At 16 Alex lost his eye in a school workshop accident while working with metal school was harder for him after the accident people treated like he was a cripple,alex didn't like being treated that way.He received a bionic eye at 17.Alex joined the military at 18 and excelled at long range and in training after seeing 3 year's of combat he joined omega when he was 21.The 3 year's of combat barely affected him because his sisters death desensitized him.After joining the military Alex disconnected from his family he doesn't know if his parent's are alive or dead.

So begins...

Alex Miles's Story

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Anthony takes two steps back and covers his nose with the cloth of his shirt "Whoa...Someone had a whole lot more to drink than they should have. " Anthony said almost with disgust in his voice as he examined his standing figure. "YOUR IN FRONT OF YOUR TEAM LEADER DRUNK OR NOT STAND STRAIGHT AND AWAIT FOR A ORDER." Anthony barked at Alex returning his view to just past the Sergent first class. And his heart sank he realized that, THAT DRUNK was a Higher rank then himself. "DAMN IT "He thought in his head hoping the Drunk wouldn't remember his Rank.
"WHY would I say anything to start with? UGHHHHH" The thought echoed in his head while he stood with his arms shot down at his sides and his chin up.

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The lights of the berthing were on low, many of the other soldiers and servicemen not present only a few hung around with their possessions and trinkets..Save for one.
Hagen was in the deck below handing upside down from one of the support beams inside the rec room, he had been there for the better part of an hour. Each and every second and a half he would lift himself up and come back down on a breath. His mind had since taken a vacation so to speak as he kept working his body to keep in line with the therapy set for him years ago.

Each time he dropped down a few drips of sweat would roil off him and drop to the mat on the floor.

A knock on the seals of the door to the rec room snapped him back into his mind and he let is body go back to a relaxed state hanging back down, looking back over his shoulder.."Yes..?" he added with a turgid sound to the back of his throat, several minutes too long without a ounce of water.
The seals of the door unlatch and the door slides open with a lone soldier, green and untested looking back. He stared for a second as he caught sight of the riveted scars crisscrossing Hagen's body and the image began to sink in.

With his train of thought derailing he spoke out.. M..Message for you Corporal, Sergeant Payson request the team to meet in simulation on D deck." He receives a slow turn of Hagen's head and a nod as response to which he runs off, the door shutting in his absence.
Hagen stretches up and slides off the bar landing with a solid thud, taking only a minute to wipe himself with a towel and swallow a few gulps of water. He dresses in his service shirt and makes his way out of the rec center intent on heading for the forward edge of the ship. Despite being in relaxed uniform and the ship being in such a worked up state not many were in the right to oppose Hagen's appearance. Aside from his tags dangling from his neck he only had service green tank top on along with his BDUs, pants and boots accounted for.

Cutting through the hanger Hagen can make up for lost time, many of the other soldiers were too preoccupied running like chickens with their heads cut off to really pay attention.
Within a few minutes he was arriving at simulation deck and he could already see the door was ajar from being accessed earlier. Stepping himself inside he comes in at the moment when Payson was just greeting the others.

He stared for a moment as they spoke and the other, obviously someone who didn't mind enjoying his downtime stood uneasily. Hagen hadn't been with the team long and despite having fought in more then enough encounters already he didn't have time to get to know the others. Other then Payson who knew each other by reputation the others were almost blank slates for him.

He gives the Sergent a slight nod over Echo's shoulder, a look of apology on his face for having been late even by his own standards.
He falls in line and stands at the ready.

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Anthony Steps out of division walking up to the rifle with disappointment.
"All due Respect but I don't use a Rifle I fight in close quarters." " I am proficient with Rifles I just have no...Passion for the weapon with the thought that I'm to move stealthily on my Bomb expeditions I have no use for a Rifle until im detected or fighting along side everyone here. Even then I always have my 2wo Knifes and Veinhammer PH-C.60 Or the weaponry That could be laying on the ground from our and their fallen Troops. " He planned to say this with as much respect as he could awaiting for Locke to finish with Sergent Alex Matt.
"Time to see how drunk The Sergent Really is." Anthony thought standing behind the Rifle awaiting Alex's Response.

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"Hey...Uhh Yes.... If you could, Could you Get someone to Put Alex"
Anthony gestured towards the hallway where Alex was leaning up against the wall. "In the Brig or...Someplace free of Alcohol with a door that locks from the Outside."The fork lift Drivers voice Rang through the doorway"I'm trying to get somewhere!". Anthony Knew this wasn't His call but They had to do something with Alex or Locke would get in Trouble And that Fork lift Driver might do something to Aggravate the Drunk.

Quickly Anthony Walked up to his Simulation Tank. Facing the Tank He Undressed Starting with his Driving Gloves down to his Shorts and Swallowed When he was suppose to be Getting in the Simulator. "Uh Yes I uh...Never...Never mind" He put his First foot in Hesitatingly. The Liquid was A little warm and Soothing, So Anthony Took a Deep silent breath and Continued into the Tank. "Where...Wheres that mask!" He thought Feeling around him for the Mask in the Tank.
"AHA!" Triumphantly He Equipped The mask Effortlessly. It Took him a Minute But he found himself Relaxed and Comfortable within Minutes He was Relaxed Enough to Enter the Simulation.

When Anthony Finally Entered the Simulation he Found himself on the Ground at the bottom of a Slope With everyone Above him.
Aleksey was standing On a Edge Of where a Wall Should had been. Hagan Was Beside Locke Checking the Chamber of his Gun. Locke Stood Proud Beside Hagen and a few feet Behind Aleksey.
"Funny Seeing You guys Here" Anthony Joked as he Started Climbing the Rubble Slope. He looked over into The Town and It's Streets to see it was in ruin."This Should be fun" His thoughts were Clear as he came to Realization he was Fully Equipped, Prepared, And Filled with Questions. "Will I take Pain in this Simulation? Was this a Real town at some point In time? What kind Of opponents will we Be Eliminating? Whats the Main Target or Task?"His mind was filled with these questions,But Anthony was Puzzled but Focused on the Simulation.