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Keep Friends Close and Enemies Closer

The Milky Way Galaxy


a part of Keep Friends Close and Enemies Closer, by Redred33mer.


Redred33mer holds sovereignty over The Milky Way Galaxy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Milky Way Galaxy is a part of Keep Friends Close and Enemies Closer.

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Locke Payson [23] "Those who don't risk going too far will never know their limits."
Anthony Echo [22] "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't. "
Aleksey Harrison [20] "Stay still or I'll give you something to cry about."
Arthur Hagen [18] If you want a story open a book, I have work to do.
Alex Matt [13] "The object of war is not to die for your country is to make other basterd die for his"

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Locke looked around as one by one, his team popped into the simulation. On his visor, writing would reveal itself character by character quite quickly, and give him the necessary information for him to carry out his mission. Hagan appeared second.

"Well... we missed a party..." he said.

"Party?" began Locke. "Don't you know it's illegal to have a party without us in a war zone? I guess that just means they get capital punishment, don't you?" he joked, going to the edge of the destroyed house. He stepped forward, jumping halfway down the slope then sliding down the rest of the way and past Anthony who had recently joined the simulation, climbing the pile of rubble.

"C'mon now, we need to be able to fight off any heavy units: tanks, aircraft, forts, and I don't think any of us are prepared to deal with a lot of them. I have a location on a place that the Kainists are using as a supply depot. Our main objective, though, is to destroy the enemies' command post. We'll have no direct control over any support, as Aviation assets have more information on the defenses than I do and are looking out for themselves. We're on our own, so don't screw up! Follow me!" he commanded, heading through the driveway then up the sidewalk of the street. He was headed towards the center of town, where many of the skyscrapers were burning or exploding. Fighters and bombers seemed to be ripping the city apart.

"We got a long way to go, kiddies, let's move!" On their own, without little to no support, and hundreds to thousands times outnumbered, it seemed like a typical mission. Moving fast was the only issue.

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Anthony Chuckled as he Slid back down the Rubble to Follow Behind Locke with His Veinhammer PH-C.60 Ready for Combat. "This is going to be WAY more fun Than attacking an Enemy Pillbox with a Spork... But it Seems I have misplaced my Spork. Hagan...Aleksey.... Do either of you have a Spare I could Borrow?" Anthony said this out loud only Joking Seeing as how it might be sometime till they reach the Outpost and Main Fight.
Anthony was Suddenly able to Smell again with a Rude assault to his Nostrils from the Bombs, Burning Building, and Trees.
"Wait He called us Kiddies!"Anthony Came into sudden Realization of this moments later, but it only seemed to bring a Smile to his face."At least We're all getting along now." He thought this in the back of his head Happily.

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Hagen slid the shield on his mask closed and it locked into place just in time for him to see Locke slide down the slope in front of him and he sharply followed suit. This place that they were placed into looked like a place that he had been before, but there was a blank spot on his mind and he could not place where he remembered it from.
The bits of rock and mulched rubble gave way to his boots and he reached the base of the mound with Locked continuing on his way and ordering them to follow. Which Anthony was doing as well after he joined in..

Hagen could just make out the sounds of combat in the distance, wherever they were it was far of the grid of the real battle and he the mission parameter would not take them far in until the last second.

Locke informed them about a supply depot and it was generally assumed that was their first stop in order to gear up on heavier munitions. That was just fine with Hagen, especially if they could get their hands on some wheel.

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Character Portrait: Arthur Hagen Character Portrait: Anthony Echo Character Portrait: Locke Payson Character Portrait: Aleksey Harrison
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Aleksey shuffled herself down the rubble slope, following closely behind and getting into the middle of the parading team of four. She shouldered her rifle, as for a moment only the sound of their heavy steps and distant fighting could be heard. The team continued up the sidewalk and towards a freeway, where broken signs stood, greeting the soldiers to their training. Locke led them unfaltering, as they made their way onto the freeway and began to separate from ground level, heading into the ravaged metropolis.

"Alright, kiddies, let me tell you some rules I have before we get in to too deep of a shit-hole. Rule 1: Don't leave the team. No one here is a God, and you will surely die on your own. Rule 2: Efficiency is key. I don't care what your objective is, just do it right! Rule 3: No 'smartassery' while we're on the field. I'll deal with your witty comments later, you live or die out here," he said to his teammates, looking to the left, off the edge of the freeway. "Left flank, light enemy platoon, take 'em down!" he ordered, getting himself to cover behind a destroyed APC. There were two armored cars with heavy caliber machine guns, and a platoon of infantry around them in the streets below. There were some highrises, maybe only thirteen stories tall around the street and freeway, detailed with typical scenery to be seen throughout the city. Aleksey got behind an upturned slab of asphalt, looking over to Locke before aiming and nailing a soldier in the street.

"We're gonna get a lot of attention doing things like this, Locke!" she exclaimed, expressing disagreement but still following orders.

"That's the idea, we gotta thin out the enemy as much as we can between here and the communications post. If we need to, we'll use their weapons, but we have a mission set. If they send more, then more will fall!" he yelled back, as a firefight erupted between the team of four and what seemed to be twenty Kainist soldiers. He peered out of cover, firing a stream of rounds at one of the armored cars to see an explosion scatter the troops, taking some pressure off the team. However, in response, an explosive projectile took a chunk out of the concrete barrier on the Freeway's shoulder.

And so the fun began.

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Hagen watched as Locke discussed the small list of rules for them on the battlefield, which he could not really place seeing as the battlefield was not real nor was their enemy. But it was necessary for such a thing to happen between them all, he was their squad leader and they had to be at least acquainted with his role and expected control.

The sudden pulse of combat comes however when he calls out an enemy sighting near the freeway, the call was so out of place and their arrival was so strange. Hagen couldn't help but wonder if someone in the simulation booth had their finger on the button to cause this.
That was a formality to say the least as he jumps the edge of the rail and takes position next to Aleksey as she cambered down behind a large section of upturned road. Sliding down the last edge of the slope behind the rail his side made a connection with the underside of their cover and he peered over the side in time to see the blast from an exploding car.

Locke wanted them to clear all of the current enemies between them and their objective, it was nothing immense.
Hagen pulled his side arm and leaned back out from the side of cover pulling the trigger three times in rapid succession. He knew better then to spray away with any weapon, his shots were concise and focused on their targets.

Two of the soldiers unloading their rifles towards Hagen's and Aleksey's position fell away, landing in the dirt. He pulls back with his weapon held and the ready, several seconds fall by as he awaits a lag in the oncoming fire and this time instead of leaning out the side he stands over the top.
Four more shots fired and while this time he only gets one target, he leaves another with a small reminder of his presence. Each time he pulls the trigger Hagen can feel the familiar pulse of adrenaline as his mind keeps track of the rounds being spent.