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Anastasia Archer

I promise, my words will hurt you much more than those sticks and stones.

0 · 137 views · located in New York

a character in “Keep It In The Family”, originally authored by tallyrebel, as played by RolePlayGateway


Anastasia Archer



the Archer Daughter

19 (may change when I see the other characters)


Straight but Curious

will add later

Appearance Description
Standing at a delicate 5'4'', Annie is quite the charmer. Deep green eyes set back in a fair complexion and are framed by her hair. Her blonde waves fall just past her breasts and are layered heavily; parted slightly to the right, these layers give the illusion of long side-swept bangs. Lightly plumped, pale lips hide white teeth unless pulled back in one of her many famous smiles. Her face is gingerly sculpted with high brow and cheek bones. Her body is curvaceous, slender, if not a little on the under-weight side. Wide hips contrast against a thin waist and above-average breasts.

You know the girl that everyone judges before truly understanding? Yeah, that would be her. Anastasia is one of those girls who acts completely different from how she really thinks and feels. While she is actually quite the pacifist, her outer defenses keep her tongue sharp and her mind quick. Annie feels as if she has lost the ability to love and to be loved. She believes that people only like her for her wealth, fame, or her looks; of course, she uses those qualities to her advantage despite her distaste for them. Her finger is always wrapped around someone - usually some guy who has the hots for her - and she tends to use people for what they're worth before throwing them away. She is flirtatious, rebellious, and will do absolutely everything to upset her father. Annie is actually very displeased with herself - it takes someone who is very thoughtful to notice this about her. She hates her fiery outer shell and would rather bask in the silence of a library or garden. She hates the fact that everyone loves her for the baggage that she comes with and not for her at all. Anastasia, while extremely intelligent, feels as though putting on a rebellious, cold personality that she won't have to live up to the expectations of others. She is afraid that if she shows her true self, people will expect things of her and she won't be able to deliver.

  • the night sky
  • stars
  • playing the piano
  • getting what she wants
  • sweet foods
  • books

  • bright lights
  • thunder storms
  • being misunderstood
  • her father
  • bugs

will add later

Theme Song
Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

So begins...

Anastasia Archer's Story