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Chi Towne

Look alive, sunshine!!!

0 · 407 views · located in Edmonton, Alberta

a character in “Keep On Fighting”, as played by ChaosxChild13


Meet Chi


"Look alive,Sunshine!"

Cheyenne Bristol

Chi [pronounced like 'Shy']



Home Town
Originally from Chicago, IL


"Alcohol is for smart people to cope with the idiotic."



120 pounds

Eye Color
Chi has a carmel brown color to her eyes with a hint of dark green sprouting from the middle.

Skin Tone
"Pale as the winter's snow." Chi doesn't tan easily, she often compares herself to a vampire.

Chi doesn't have many tattoos, but she does have a few. The first one she ever got was a solid black wolf paw print on her wrist; the second tat she got was a treble cleft behind her right ear. The third tattoo she got was a golden Zelda emblem on her shoulder.

Overall Chi has a total of thirteen piercings. She has triples on both her earlobes, three on her right cartilage and two on her left cartilage. Chi also has her nose pierced and prefers to keep a ring in there. The last piercing she has is her belly button.

Clothing Style
Usually sporting the color grey, Chi's style is very simple. A pair of skinny jeans and a comfortable hoodie is her idea of a good, comfy, day. Since she is almost always on the move, she tends to pack light and wash her clothes when she can.

Get to Know Me...

"I should fill my pockets with glitter so whenever someone says something stupid or rude I'll just reach into my pocket and release the glitter above their head and watch it shower over like a Baptism of Stupid."



I'm not sure what people think of me... I guess that's simply because I don't care a whole lot what people think. My personality ranges from extreme introvert, to wild-style extrovert. I can be an opinionated asshole, or the quietest one in the room...

I guess I've been described as faulty, odd, quirky and strange...All of which are generally true. I come off as uninterested, or completely disconnected from reality. But, let's be real, would I rather have a bottle of Jack in my hand, or listen to the world complaining and drowning in problems? I think we all know what I would choose. I'm quite impulsive; I don't like to think about the consequences of my actions all that much, which has gotten me into a lot of trouble. People might also consider me secretive. That of course, is an understatement...Secretive is kind of my specialty.

Maybe I put the walls up to see if anyone will have the balls to break them down, or maybe I'm just naturally afraid of everyone. It's in my nature, I don't want to get hurt emotionally so I just block it all off.

Besides all that emotional bull, I'm pretty sarcastic, with a bittersweet, love or hate, kind of personality. Either people find me funny, or they hate my existence. Which is fine, because honestly I don't care what they think. "

Running from zombies and killing homicidal villagers? "Need I explain?"

"yeah, I'm secretly a nerd... I love reading and learning new things.
Technology -
"My brother, Lucas, taught me a bunch on how technology works and him and I have built full sized computers before."
Manipulating people
"I mean, we're in the apocalypse now... Do you really think I'd put my trust in anyone?"
"The solution to life."
"There is something satisfying about the slaying of zombies."
"I'm joking! Or am I?"
Her dog
"Bosco is a stray I rescued when the outbreak started... I am assuming he's some sort of a wolf breed. But, nonetheless, he's my baby... and he will protect me."
My daddy was a cop, I was shooting the eyes out of squirrels with bb guns before I could read.
Hiding Places
"I'm good at finding hiding spots and being able to sustain myself.

Hand to hand combat
"Not my thing, Can't really handle the whole idea of being close to those nasty pieces of walking flesh.
Trusting others
[i]"I'm not too keen on the idea of possible betrayal. So I play the offensive side.
Feeling threatened
"Threaten me, and Bosco might just take your leg as a chew toy."


Swiggity Swag, What's in the Bag?

"If you have one foot in yesterday, and the other in tomorrow, you will end up pissing on today."


Although Cheyenne is not very "set up" with her weaponry, she does have a bit of background in paint balling...So it's almost like shooting a real gun..Right?

  • Finding secure hiding places
  • Cooking
  • Tech Savvy - Chi is pretty good with technology; although she was never "that nerd" in high school who took all computer classes, she was definitely 'that kid' who would break into the teacher's grading systems and change her grades often. For her senior prank she hacked into the school website and claimed on a Friday that school was canceled.
    CampingSkills - Her family, especially the males in her family, always loved to go out camping up in Wisconsin.
    Reading/Writing - Chi has quite the capacity to read things quickly and retain information. Although she doesn't let on to be smart, she can use this skill to her advantage when she needs to.

A glimpse into the Past

"We can't change the past, only alter the future.

Cheyenne Bristol was born in the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in a poor family, which consisted of her mother, her father, and her three older brothers. Growing up in a house of mostly boys, Chi became very She moved out to Alberta when she finished up her schooling. She got a job at a record store and for extra cash she works as a waitress at night at a local bar called Rooty Tooties.

So begins...

Chi Towne's Story