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"Cut the bullshit kid, aint nobody listenin' no more."


Nickname(s): If he must be called anything other than his name, it better be Wade or nothing else. He prefers his real name over using nicknames and doesn't much like the shortenings of his first name, thus he uses his middle name.

Gender: Male
Age: 30
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Role: The Hunter
Face Claim: Norman Reedus
"Take a breath, don't rush it or you'll miss the shot. We don't have a second chance at this y'know."

"Go on, ask your damn questions so we can get on with it."

Appearance: Standing at about 6'3" and weighing about 160 lbs. He is fit and muscular, with a well toned body. His hair is short cropped, Image
  • The Great Outdoors.
  • Doing his own thing.
  • When people DONT question him.
  • Tracking.
  • Honesty.
  • Hard Workers/Working hard.
  • Being helpful.
  • Being Trusted.
  • Having something to do.
  • Sketching.
  • Dishonesty.
  • Being called a liar.
  • People who slack off.
  • Excuses.
  • Those who take sensitivity for weakness.
  • Being too close to others.
  • Thunder/Rainstorms.
  • Getting in Trouble.
  • Rules.
  • Having to do something a second time if not done right the first time.
  • Cats.
  • Has mild Astraphobia
  • Afraid of loosing family/friends
  • Fears his own sanity
  • Aeroacrophobia
  • Being trapped in an enclosed space

  • Hunting
  • Sketching (though he would never tell anyone)
  • Working Out (To keep himself in shape)
Secrets: (to be added)
Strenghts: (to be added)
Weaknesses (to be added)
"How do you expect me to answer all these damn questions in one go? "

"I don't care what you take personal and what you don't, just so you know."

[Scofflaw, Impatient, Overbearing, Cynical, Pessimist]
(to be added) Image
"If you think I'm a bad guy, then you don't know what bad really is."

"Listen up, I won't tell it to you twice."

Jeremy was born to Carrie Bradley and fathered by Eli Buckner - though Eli was not his real father he treated Jeremy like his own son and raised him well. When he was born his two older half-siblings were already well on their way to making their own lives outside of the family home. His oldest brother Marten married a girl from their small town and was already on his way to fatherhood, while his other brother Daniel was going through a change in his life that his parents did not approve of this. Because of this Jeremy did not know either of his brothers, and only saw them every once in a while when certain family functions came and went by. Jeremy was a lonely child for quite a while, but when he hit age six a miracle happened; his mother became pregnant. Even though at first he was not excited to be an older brother he later decided that he was excited to be a big brother.

The birth of his younger sister in fact become his happiest memories. One of the few times he was happy in his childhood. He remembers distinctly that day as being rainy. His father was at work when his mother went into labor and it was up to him to call for emergency services. He rode all the way to the hospital with her in the back of the ambulance - and lets just say it was quite a terrifying experience for the at the time seven year old. However the birthing went by quickly and in the end he was glad that it was finally over and he would get to meet his baby sister. She was beautiful, and he remembers thinking it was odd that a baby could have hair when it was just born. She was so little, no bigger than the span of his arms. He remembers his mother crying though, and he didn't know why at the time but he knew something was wrong. 'Maybe it was because she was too little? Did they not want her now or something?' those were the thoughts that ran through his head. In the end he found out the real reasons his mother was crying.

Which leads into his saddest memory. The day that his little sister, Amy passed away. This was six years after she was born and it was by pure luck of course that she lived that long. Perhaps it was because Jeremy was so protective, he never let her get hurt or get into trouble. But there was nothing he could do to protect her from flawed genetics. She was born with down syndrome among other things, and to top it off she was always getting badly ill because her lungs were underdeveloped. She wasn't suspected to live past infancy but by some miracle did. Perhaps it would have been better if she had not. The day she died Jeremy was the one to find her, sleeping peacefully in her bed, or so he thought. She had been ill for many days before and his mother and father didn't quite know what to do for her. Jeremy was devastated for months after that. At the time he was twelve and the loss hit him extremely hard.

Other information: He learned to hunt from his Uncle and Grandfather, who always took him out whenever they could and taught him all they knew. He practically was raised out in the woods and took quite fast to learning the trade. He figured if anything he could make a living off of it. (WIP)

"Are you happy now?"

Other Information

- 10x Food packs
- 3x Water bottles
- Spare Set Of Clothes
- Torch
- Backpack
- 2 way-radio
- Swiss Army Knife
- First Aid

Theme Song

In The Year Of The Wolf,
all the world smelled good,
In the snow and the ice,
all the rest was blood,
In the time of the tribe,
we took a thousand lives,
When I ran with the wolves,
and the hunting was good,

See me now, I was another,
Not like me, when the wolves were brothers,
See me now, you cannot know,
The kind of food that me grow,

It was the wolf in me,
Body and soul on fire,
In the cold, full moon,
Blood, red, desire,
It was the wolf in me,
You know it felt so true,
The night I ran with the wolves,
Tonight I come for you,

In The Year Of The Wolf,
how could you ever know,
There in the forest,
I had teeth to show,
In a different time,
when the world was mine,
When I ran as a wolf,
and the sun burned low,

See me now, I was another,
Mean and vicious, fast and clever,
see me now, you would not dream,
The food I ate, the food that screamed,

It was the wolf in me,
And all my soul was fire,
By the cold, dull moon,
Blood, red, desire,
It was the wolf in me,
I howled the cold night through,
The year I ran as a wolf,
Tonight the food is you,

In The Year Of The Wolf,
all the tribe ran mad,
On the frozen lake,
and I felt so glad,
With tooth and claw,
all your blood and more,
When I ran with the wolves,
and the hunt turned bad,

See me now, this is not me,
Not like the one, I used to be,
See me now, you would not guess,
A different heart raving in my chest,

It was the wolf in me,
When the world was cold,
It was the life I lived,
In the dark world below,
It was the wolf in me,
Crying and howling too,
I was crying for the hunt,
But I was hunting for you

So begins...

Jeremy Buckner's Story