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Alezae Vayu

"Peasants." WIP

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a character in “Keepers”, as played by angelwolf123



❝They place us on a pedestal, treating us as though we are something holy. Do they not understand this simply serves to draw a line between ourselves, and the people? Is that how they wish it to be? Very well. Ignorant curs.❞


Normal ||The Hardest of Hearts | Florence & the Machine
Facade ||Bravado | Lorde
Pissed ||Counting Bodies Like Sheep | A Perfect Circle
Fighting ||No Light, No Light| Florence & the Machine

ImageImageName: "Certain people have the privilege of addressing me as, 'Lezi'."
Alezae Vayu, pronounced "UH-lez-eye", means gentle trade winds, and god of wind and air respectively.

Age: "Don't even talk to me about this."
Twenty-one, trapped in a sixteen year-old body.

Sexuality: "Demisexual. Not that it's any of your business."
A demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.

Keeper Type: "Air."
The Keeper of Air.

Appearance: "Thank the saints I had largely completed the more awkward stages of puberty."
Alezae is a tall, well built young man. Lean and leggy, he's built for running and other cardio activities. Though not immediately noticeable, Alezae does indeed have his fair share of muscle, and probably shouldn’t be underestimated if it came to a show of strength. His shoulders are broad, and his hands and feet are possibly a tad to large for his six feet & one inch; like Alezae still might have had some growing ahead of him.

The Keeper presents a charming, well-kept image. Dressed in simple, vaguely formal clothing, Alezae always retains flawless hygiene and is the picture of tidiness. His voice is low and smooth, pronouncing each word with clear and succinct speech. Pleasing to the ear, it is somewhat hypnotic, and very easy to fall asleep to.

A handsome boy, Alezae has been gifted with quite the bone structure; high cheekbones, and a jawline to die for. His eyes are a bright blue, only a tad lighter than his slightly curling, well-kept hair.

Face Claim: "What nonsense are you going on about?
"Karoku Amerita" from Karneval.

ImagePersonality: "Touch my comrades, and I shall tear you to pieces."
Alezae is a person who is intensely resentful of the position he was born into. He’s twenty-one years old. He should be driving, heading off into college, drinking, and have an altogether good time. But no. His entire future was stripped away the moment he was born. Now, it’s not as though he craves a normal life, rather, Alezae resents the fact that the choice was taken from him. Eternal youth isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Due to always being forced away from the “common folk”, Alezae has grown to be very passive-aggressive about his grudge. So the people think he’s something special? Treat him like some kind of god? Alright. Fine. Have it their way. “They want a god? I’ll give them one.” Thus, though he hates his position with a burning passion, Alezae acts like the most pompous jerkwad imaginable around normal humans. No, really. It’s quite horrifying. Like any prima dona, Alezae expects to be waited on hand and foot. He’ll except nothing but the best from these peasants. Over the years, the act has kind of gotten to him. Though Alezae is not nearly as arrogant as he pretends to be, his head is, admittedly, a tad inflated. Just a little.

But it doesn’t stop there. Alezae’s hatred isn’t limited to passive-aggressive posturing. The scorn he treats the villagers with is something that comes directly from his heart. He loathes them. They’re stupid, idiotic sheep. Herd mentality. Ignorant whelps. They fear what they don’t understand, and never attempt to learn. Disgusting. If pushed or provoked, Alezae has been known to snap, violently. When this happens, he can become downright cruel. Merciless; sadistic, even. It can get ugly, fast.

In regards to his fellow Keepers, you may expect an absolute 360 in behavior. Yes, Alezae will still be a touch arrogant, that is where the similarities end. This young man is totally, absolutely, head-over-heels in love with his comrades. He becomes the poster-child for doting, idiot big brother. Overprotective, and incapable of refusing them even the slightest of requests. It’s like all of the love inside of him that could never be directed towards anything, secured an outlet, and is now gushing out uncontrollably. Truly, Alezae was never built to hold such hatred. This type of adoration was inevitable.

For all of his darkness, Alezae is quite the silly person. He hoards the things he loves, and shuts everything else out. He holds a lot of compassion towards animals and nature, and due to this he can’t quite bring himself to resent the tree responsible for his fate. He’s tried, but ultimately never really could manage it.

At times he can be cool and mature, other times he can be the exact opposite. His childhood was stripped from him, so he holds a certain immature quality that never had the chance to be worked out. This weakness, however, is something that lies close to his heart, and is only shown to his fellow Keepers. Childish and whiney, he rolls around, sulking like a baby. Alezae secretly loves to pig out, jumping on beds, and acting like an all-around kid.

Though prone to fits of violence, in reality Alezae is a very peaceful person. He takes great joy in the simple things in life, and is actually quite easy to please if you push the right buttons. The underlying reason for his malevolence is his deep need for freedom, something that probably goes hand in hand with being the Keeper of Air. Alezae can't stand being trapped or contained, even socially, which is the thing that messed him up in the first place.

    Other Keepers
    Windy days
    Bad weather
    Good weather
    Having fun
    Punishing idiots
    Spoiling precious babies
    Slumber parties
    Freedom of choice
    Anything cold

    Ignorant fools
    The villagers
    Anything bitter-tasting
    Being ordered around
    The island
    People with low willpower
    Those who harm his people

Fears: "I assure you, my response to fear is not one you would like to see."
    ☁Enclosed spaces
    ☁ Being tied up
    ☁ Imprisonment
    ☁ House arrest
    ☁ Comrades being harmed


Ceremonial Robe: Alezae has two. One is specifically designed to enhance his powers of flight, effectively representing his powers over wind. The other signifies his mastery over cloud and snow.


In an offensive situation, Air is largely a "support" power. It can increase the power of flames, summon rain clouds in dry situations, clear up an overcast day; a lot of helpful things that aren't particularly dangerous on their own. Alezae has a hand-to-hand combat style that utilizes air pressure with body movements, surrounding his blows with the pressure, so that not only will the strength behind his punches be increased, but even if Alezae's fist misses, his opponent will still be struck by the air pressure.

But, nevertheless "Air" still doesn't pack much of a punch on it's own. Yeah, Alezae could probably knock someone around, throw someone off their feet. It's blunt trauma, though. Not much use unless there's a cliff nearby. The only time this seemingly weak power can cause substantial damage is when Alezae has been thoroughly ticked off. It's all or nothing when it comes to this power, and when it's all, we're talking tornadoes. The resulting damage that can ensue is massive, but only in direct proportion to how emotional Alezae is at the moment. He doesn't have the strength to power this kind of monstrosity on his own.


So begins...

Alezae Vayu's Story


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Piled high on either sides of the entrance to the Temple of Time were gifts: clocks, watches, cakes, trinkets made by hand and toys bought from the store. The sun was high in the sky, cicadas buzzing in a tune that sounded like summer. The people of the village were bustling about, getting ready for the Moon Festival that would be taking place later in the day until early the next morning.

Sitting inside of the temple, on a chair made of melted down time keepers, was a young girl with silky pink hair and eyes to match. Her dress was a simple white frock with a pink ribbon going under the bust and her shoes were plain white flats. The young one's eyes were closed, her expression one that could have been mistaken for relaxation.

Gentle rays of light lapped at the stained glass windows depicting a girl in the center of a million gears. Colorful fractals of the sun's rays mottled the marble floor, swirling in graceful patterns that the Keeper's Assistant would have found beautiful had she not been so worried about her Mistress's expression. What was the girl seeing? What part of history was she in?

It was nighttime, the light of the moon lapsed every so gently against the water. The Keeper of Time was wearing her favorite pink gown with lots of ruffles and ribbons that the Queen had given her for her fifth birthday. The child was only six years old and was standing with her birth parents at the waters edge, she explained to them how she could see everything from the moment the earth was created to the end of it all.

"You're a freak," the child stopped short. She had never been called a freak before; powerful and knowing yes, but a freak? No one dared utter that word at a Keeper. Her birth father stood up, taking his wife's hand. "You're a freak," the child's mother echoed. The two stood up and slowly backed away towards the edge of the beach.

"Wait!" The girl called after them, running towards them, desperately wanting the love of the only people she really cared about. "We absolve our parental responsibilities," they got into a car and drove off, leaving the girl there alone. She sunk to her knees, shaking, her tears soaking into the beautiful cotton of the pink dress.

A hand was placed on her shoulder, she was taken into the warm embrace of the Queen. "There, there, your parents are fools to think that you are anything but wonderful."

"Ma'am," that wasn't right. Whose voice was that?

"Ma'am!" There it was again, that odd squeal like a child whining for attention. "Reyna!" The Keeper of Time's eyes snapped open at the sound of her name. She had warned her assistant never to disturb her when she was within the folds of history and yet here the noisy girl was, her expression worried, hand still on Reyna's shoulder.

"What is it Kotoko?" Reyna stood up and smoothed down the folds in her gown. "The car to take you to the Capitol is here." Kotoko said nervously and handed Reyna her jacket. "Thank you," Reyna took her jacket from her assistant and walked to the doors that led to the main room. She swung open the grand French style apertures and stepped out into the hallway where several people were milling about, leaving offerings and gazing at the beautiful collection of clocks Reyna was forced to maintain.

"There she is!" A child shouted and Reyna winced as the little girl ran up to her, "have a good evening Ms. Reyna," the child bowed respectively, the large bell sleeves on her robe reaching the floor. Reyna bowed in return, "you as well Wren." One great thing about being the Keeper of Time was never having to ask anyone's names.

The ride was long from the Village of Time to the capitol. It was covered in beautiful greenery along with stretches of odd barns and lands filled with animals. When Reyna finally stepped out of the car, she was so tired from watching grass turn to buildings that a yawn escaped her cherry red lips.

"Good evening Ms. Reyna," a man greeted her with a bow. He was already in his robes as well, "I will be your assistant for your time in the capitol. My name is-"

"John, you're a foreigner aren't you?" He stood and smiled with a nod of his head, clearly impressed that the stories were true. With one look, Reyna could see your whole history. Other Keepers could do things like that too, like the Keeper of Nature could tell how many bugs you've squished in your lifetime, or the Keeper of Darkness would be able to tell if you feared the dark.

"Right this way please," Reyna followed him into the building. She wouldn't see any of the Keepers until the Festival began, but until then there was so much prep that Reyna wouldn't have had time to say hello if she wanted to. "Are you ready?" John asked looking a bit uncertain, he was obviously new at this. "Yes," Reyna nodded her head and stepped into the room that would be hers until the end of the Moon Festival.

"Let the preparations begin."


Elias had been driving all morning and had dozed off in the car, drool pooling onto the hand that was leaning against his face. A bump in the road caused Elias to hit his head on the top of the vehicle and a straggled cry escaped the boys already parted lips. "Sorry Sir!" The driver profusely apologized, but Elias waved the words away, it was an accident, nothing the driver could control.

The boy rubbed the saliva on his jacket before touching his eyes with the heel of his hands to wipe away the last traces of sleep. His heart fluttered at the thought of some of the beautiful things he was going to see, buildings, the Tree, even other Keepers. There was one in particular that Elias had always loved but was too much of a coward to say anything. She was possibly the most beautiful thing his eyes had ever lay on, but Elias would never tell her that for he was scared of rejection.

Then suddenly, the car pulled into a marble entryway beyond large golden gates. His heart fluttered once more at the realization that he was so close to her and yet so far away still, there were the hours of dotting on and prep before he could actually see any of the people he considered his friends. Elias had always thought of it as some kind of perverse torture, but no one else seemed to agree with him and so the ritual of getting ready for hours and being pampered on by the King and Queen continued despite his hate for it.

The moment his foot touched the steps that led into the palace, an Assistant came stumbling down the stairs to his aid. "My name is Kalani and I will be your assistant today," she breathed, a bit overweight but cute with sparkling green eyes. "You're dehydrated," he stated and continued his walk up the stairs. Kalani seemed a bit flustered, but said nothing as she followed him, then took the lead at the door and led Elias upstairs. He caught a glimpse of pink hair wearing a towel and heading towards the bath house. A smile crept onto his lips, the first thing all Keepers did when they came to the palace was bathe. They had no regard for separate gender bathing in the capitol and it was one of Elias's favorite times. It was probably the only time he ever got to see a naked girl.

"Shut up you pervert," he whispered to himself, causing Kalani to turn around. "Excuse me sir?" She asked, puzzled. Kalani had been taking out the towels. "No, it's fine; I was just talking to myself," he began pulling off his wine colored shirt, Elias's muscular form now visible. The blush on Kalani's face came through full force, or maybe that was just the dehydration the assistant was experiencing. He took the towel from her and headed to the bath house, hoping that she would be there as well.