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Jocelyn Dias

"Let's Go Hit The Beach, The Water Is Calling My Name."

0 · 839 views · located in Massachusetts

a character in “Keeping A Dirty Little Secret”, as played by AvalonKnight


Krewella - Alive

"We are born. We die. Somewhere in between we live. But how we live is up to us."



Full Name
Jocelyn || Piper || Dias

Nick Name
Joce || Piper || Little Miss Beach Bunny {Family & Cecilia only}

Twenty One || 21

August 13th

Brazilian || Swedish || German || Latino

Home Town
Rio De Janeiro - Brazil


Girl #1

Part Time Occupation
Volunteer nurse at children's hospital.
She also has a gaming channel on YouTube that's pretty popular.

Family Business
Dias Grove Hotels

"I would like to make my own decisions in life but that right was taken away from me since before I was even born. "


Eye Color
Sea Green with flecks of Blue

Hair Color
Natural Light Ash Blonde
Curly Wild Wave

Skin Tone
Light Olive



Body Type
Curvy || Lean || Hourglass

Tattoo's/ Scars/ etc
Back Tattoo - Link || Left Leg Tattoo - Link
Right Forearm - Link || Left Arm - Link

Clothing Description
Jocelyn likes to wear tomboyish baggy clothes because she dresses more for comfort. Sure there will be times when she has to dress fancy and girly for her parents or when her and her friends go out for drinks. But most of all Jocelyn likes to walk around in a bikini or swimsuit because when she isn't at school or busy you will always find her in the pool or at the beach.

"Let's Go Hit The Beach, The Water Is Calling My Name."


♥ Science
♥ Whiskey
♥ Swimming
♥ Dogs
♥ Reading
♥ Country Music
♥ Outdoors & Hunting
♥ Rock climbing
♥ Horseback riding
♥ Bad boys
♥ Chai Tea
♥ Baggy sweaters
♥ Videogames
♥ Sports
♥ Parties
♥ Her YouTube Channel {The Gaming Huntress}

♡ Having her life planned for her
♡ Seeing Sissy hurt
♡ Sluts
♡ Drugs & Smoking
♡ Being bossed around
♡ Two faced people
♡ Liar's
♡ Gossip
♡ Thunder Storms

|| Her Youtube Channel || Jocelyn just started gaming and posting video's for fun she never expected it to get as popular as it has now. She's over a million subscriber's.
|| Swimming || Jocelyn loves the water. Her mom use to call her a little mermaid for she was a kid because she would never get out of the water.
|| Rock climbing || Joce is a very outdoorsy gal. She loves the adrenline rush she gets when climbing.
|| Hockey || She is part of a women's hockey team.
|| Hunting || Though with college and everything she isn't able to do it much Joce loves the thrill of the hunt.

Goals & Dreams
|| Becoming a biomedical engineer || Jocelyn has always found both the workings of machinery and the science of the living interesting.

|| Being a virgin for the rest of her life || Yes people, sexy little miss Jocelyn is indeed a twenty one year old VIRGIN!
|| Sissy getting hurt || Jocelyn is very, very protective of her best friend.
|| Taking over the family business || Its not what she wants in life.
|| Being Broken || There is a reason she's a virgin. Jocelyn has been in a few relationships but she's never felt that they were the one. And she's afraid that if she chooses wrong the outcome could break her.

Jocelyn is a spit fire of a girl. She doesn't hold her tongue and says things how they are no matter how much it may hurt. She believes people should know the truth and that people shouldn't try to sugar coat it with lies. She hates liars. She's got a bit of a temper on her and acts before she thinks at times, don't get me wrong she's very smart, just doesn't like to use those smarts some times. She's a very focused person, especially when doing something she really cares about. She's also the type of girl you wouldn't want to get in a fist fight with. She's very kind to other's and people enjoy her company. She got a sweet spot for her loved one's and they know it. Jocelyn is the kind of person who can see right through another, she knows how a person is feeling no matter how hard they try and hide it. Though the same is said for Jocelyn, for she doesn't really know how to suppress her emotions and people can usually see it in her face, body language or facial features. Though even with all this Jocelyn is still a very sophisticated and polite girl, especially around her family and at large classy social gatherings. Jocelyn is actually very innocent for her age, sure she's heard about sexual acts from Sissy but she has never actually experienced them.

"Hey did you know...Sissy! Wait! Don't you run away from me I'm gonna tell you an educational fact rather you like it or not!"


Jocelyn was born in the brightly lite streets of Rio, Brazil. Her father, Joseph, was on a casual trip when her met the Brazilian beauty that is Maria, Jocelyn's Mother. Her family lived in Rio until Jocelyn was four years old but then they had to move to Massachusetts, where her father was originally from, so that he could work closer to his and Sissy's father's business. Being friends and business partner's Jocelyn's dad and Sissy's dad would bring them into the office some time and Jocelyn and Sissy got to know each other. It wasn't long after they met that they became best friends. As Jocelyn grew she became more adventurous, not really in a rebel way like Sissy, but she didn't want to follow the life plan her parents had made for her. That is why when she came to college she changed the classes her dad had picked for her and chose her own. She wants to start living her way and not her father's way.

"I'm at my tip tip tippin point."


3 Labrador puppies - Bear {Brown}, Harley {Yellow} and Shadow {Black}

2014 Chevy Silverado Diesel

Home Computer {In room} || Blue Macbook Pro || iPhone 6 || Gaming Setup - PS4, Xbox and Wii {In room}

College Courses
- Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
- Biomedical Engineering
- Engineering Sciences

Anything Else You Can Think Of?
"Umm lets see, my favorite color is blue, my favorite food is sushi, favorite season is Autumn. My most liked television shows are The Walking Dead, White Collar, The Simpson's and Highway Thru Hell. My favorite movies are all the Transformer movies and the Pirates of the Caribbean Series. I'm a big fan of horror movies and games. I like my men tall, dark and handsome. And I umm...have only ever kissed a boy once in my life."

So begins...

Jocelyn Dias's Story