Jareth Herzz

Yes, I brought myself a human home... No, you cannot have her.

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a character in “Keeping it 'Human'...”, as played by Valor


Name: Jareth Herzz

Age: Appears to be late-teens, early twenties. In fact, nearing 60.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jareth stands at around 6 feet tall with a frame laced with well-defined muscle. His skin has the slightest hint of a tan, which darkens gradually in the summer months and dulling in the winter. His hair is a shade of dirty blonde with darker roots, the sides and back cropped short while the top is longer and left wild. He is known to let his dark beard a little, though once more than stubble, he will shave. He doesn’t like his naked face as much though, thinking he looks more childish.
His wolf form is not the largest in the family, currently at the height of a small car but packed with more muscle than his human form. His fur is pale mottled with brown, though his eyes are the same dark pools brown as his human form.

Personality: Jareth comes across as a cool, calm and collected kind of guy. He takes things as they come and does not seem to stress too much when dealing with high pressure situations. Laughing and joking comes easily and everything feels like a bit of a game sometimes, one he must always win. Somewhere in there is a gentleman waiting to lavish his mate like a princess – though he is reserved for those he deems suitable. However laid back Jareth generally is, he can still flip with a flick of the smallest switch. This is usually related to defending friends/mates or his own pride. His loyalty is his greatest strength and flaw.

Mate/intended mate: Currently trying to win the affection of Kitty Thompson.

Other: Some of the other females in the house have given him the pet-name Jazz. It is acceptable for the girls to call him that, though he does not appreciate it from the guys – taking it for mocking. He finds it more amusing to call Kitty by her full name but is ignorant when his double standards on nicknames are pointed out.

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