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Catrice Edwards

"Do as I say, not what I do."

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a character in “Keeping Secrets, Love?”, as played by ISpeakTheTruth



"They're sending me to work with that delinquent? What a joke."



"Somebody's snooping around where they shouldn't be, huh? What does my information have to do with you?"

Name: Catrice Mavis Edwards

Nickname: Cat, Catty, Reese "Please don't call me either of those."

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (April 20th)

Height: 5'5" (Five feet and five inches)

Weight: 126 lbs

Best At: Murders/Suicide cases.

Goals: To open up her very own restaurant.

Likes: ||Books||Cats||Getting Her Way||Vanilla Ice-Cream||Snow-Cones||Tactics||

Dislikes: ||Idiots||People Who Rely On Others Constantly||Disloyalty||

Fears: Being buried alive, fire, and losing.


Nobody likes someone who bosses others around, right? And normally people get fairly annoyed at hypocrites, yes? Well, consider Catrice as the supreme queen of both of those, because snapping at people to do one thing while running off to do something just the opposite is her specialty.

Normally not a good listener or very charismatic, Catrice likes working on her own and doing things her way and her way only. Teams don't go well with her, as she quickly tries to take them over, but all these actions have one thing in common; winning. If her taking control over everything wins her a trophy, get ready because Catrice will storm in and declare herself first in command.

She's rather ambitious, which doesn't take a genius to figure out, but isn't always an annoying twit one would love to strangle. Good ideas come easily to her, but she's not a natural leader. Thinking for the team isn't like 1+1=2, it takes work for her to remember that people won't always agree with what she has to say and takes even more effort to act based on what is best for everyone else. Catrice isn't an idiot and can tell when it's not her place to play the leading role, her real issues lie with getting herself not to jump in and steal the spotlight.

Taking out the annoying and bad bits, Catrice is a smart young lady who doesn't see a problem with acting against orders if she see's its fit.

"I have nothing bad to say about my background and family. I, lucky me, had a good childhood."

Catrice grew up with luck on her side. Not to get the impression that she was expected to die or anything, it was just that she was born into a good home with parents that didn't mind caring for her. Her upbringing wasn't sad, or empty, or so horribly heart wrenching that it just can't be true. No, it was flat and simple with no unexpected twists that would damage the wanted outcome.
Catrice's parents raised her to be focused, hardworking, barely ever going off track of things or straying from the plan. They wanted her to be like them; successful. Her older brother was a failure, settling for community college and working as a low pay mechanic and having a waitress girlfriend, he was such a burden to the Edwards family that as soon as he was of legal age, he was kicked out. Catrice was her parents' second chance at passing on the Edwards legacy, she had to be perfect. She had to be better than her disappointing excuse of a brother.
Although she had to follow the strict order of her mother and father, Catrice still had the ability to go out and be a child. She could play outside, visit friends, have sleepovers just like anyone else, so long as she didn't break a rule, she was fine. Good for her, the girl never once stepped out of the lines that were set around her. . . when her parents were around, that is.
It was true in the girl's case that strict parents made for sneaky children, because if anyone was good at avoiding getting caught and dodging trouble, it was Little Miss Catrice Edwards. A few years back, if one wanted help pulling off something that would raise eyebrows and stir questions, Catrice was the girl they would go to. She was devious, a master of getting her way.
Then, as all great things do, her little operation came crumpling down. It wasn't her fault, by far it was the doing of some idiot named Max who had his head stuck in the clouds, but it was Catrice who payed the price.

Since then, the girl has been untrustworthy in the eyes of her parents, which is why she is now so determined to prove that she's not a younger, female version of her let-down brother who couldn't meet their expectations. With the sudden disappearance of Mr. Holmes and the competition to find him, Catrice saw the action as an opportunity to bring herself once again back into the spotlight.


Favorite Quote: “Don't judge someone's choices
without first knowing their reason.” ― Robert Tew

-Overly Stubborn
-Quick Thinker

Theme Song:
Muse || Panic Station

So begins...

Catrice Edwards's Story

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Mornings. . . Catrice wasn't overly fond of those. Were they bad? No, of course not. They were the start to the day, how could they possibly be bad? Mornings were like the first pages of a book, they were always the introduction, the beginning of a bigger story.
Unfortunately, today's introduction was going rather badly.

"Why aren't you downstairs yet?" Her mother called from the kitchen, reminding Catrice that yes, she was running late. She had been supposed to be on her way to the Sherlockian Academy thirteen minutes ago, at 6:40. It was 6:53 at the moment, and she didn't know when the bus would arrive. Heck, it had probably already passed.
"One more minute!" The girl replied, pulling her socks around her feet in a hurry.
". . . Fifty-nine, fifty-eight, fifty-seven. . ." Catrice could hear her mother counting from down the stairs, the words only adding to her already existing frustration.
"Stop it!"
"Fifty-three, ten seconds off! Forty-three, forty-two, for-"
Catrice snapped, bolting down the steps so fast she nearly tripped. Shooting a scowl at the grinning woman beside her now, the girl rolled her eyes as she snatched her bag from her mother's hands and rushed out the door.

The distance from her house to the academy was a bit far but not overly long on Monday, May 25th. The impressive time was due to Catrice running half the way and catching a ride on the bus for what was remaining.
She arrived at the school gates just a little bit over the time she had wanted, and quickly tried to navigate this 'partner' she had been set up with. What was his name? Nicholas Pa... Pal? Palmer? Whoever he was, Catrice only knew his name from a list she had been given through the mail. Due to never being an actual student at the Sherlockian Academy a day in her life, she had no clue who this Nicholas was, but she was sure she would hardly even need him.
Still, finding him may be a good idea.

"I'm looking for Nicholas Palmer, have you seen him?" Catrice asked as a rather cheerful looking girl skipped up to her, probably to say hello. The girl nodded, "Yeah!"
Catrice blinked, "Can you tell me where he is?"
"Oh! He's right over there!" The girl said happily, pointing through the growing crowd, "I'm guessing you're here for the case, huh? Have fun, working with Nick!" She giggled, almost knowingly, as she skipped away.
Shrugging, Catrice headed in the direction of which the girl had directed.

The crowd had grown big now and the girl quickly lost her way. Annoyed with herself, she turned to the first person she saw and asked for directions again,
"I'm looking for Nicholas Palmer, do you know where he is?" she asked, speaking to a blond haired boy who was caught up in a conversation with two others.

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"Hello there.."

Nick almost dropped his smile at her remark, almost. An expression of heartbreak came across his face for a moment, but just a moment! It'd take a lot more than that to break is character. Nicholas quickly bounced back with a cheery smile, and a delighted laugh. He acted as if he had never heard anything funnier.

"Oh but my darling-" He froze in mid-sentence, interrupted. Just before he was going to go off about how better he was again, some little white-haired weirdo came by and stole the show from him! The nerve, he thought to himself. He listed to the boy's remark, while crossing his arms. At the end, his eyes widened with curiosity and held an expression of pure honesty. "Gosh! Don't get so clever, she's not always like that..." He expressed with crossed-hand motions, as if trying to keep too bulls from ramming into each other. "...Just to people who like fun, though. But hopefully, you're just as colorless as your hair... You two should get along fine! Anyways, I guess I should be going now. It looks like the assistants are arriving. Tootles! " He responded quick and hurried, turning back towards Anna and giving her a small bow.

"I'm looking for Nicholas Palmer, do you know where he is?"

Nick was a little relieved and surprised that he didn't have to go off trying to find his assistant now, but by turning his head towards the woman, that relief ended in a flinch. He looked actually a little puzzled to see her. Well, not exactly puzzled, more as if... upset, and dumbfounded. He turned around to her fully, and gave a small huff. "What? You come to an investigation and don't even know your partners face!? How foolish you are.." Nicholas rolled his eyes and sighed, crossing his arms once again. He let a moment pass for that to sink in. "..Oh well. I have a special question for you, Catty!" he smirked, and resumed his cheery attitude. "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100.. Give me the numba that first comes to your mind, and I'll make the real judgements on ya then!"

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"What? You come to an investigation and don't even know your partners face!? How foolish you are.." Nicholas said, adding in an eye roll that Catrice thought really wasn't needed.
She scowled at him. She had been given the name, not the face of who her partner was going to be. While she could have looked into it a bit more, announcing the mistake wasn't necessary.
"...Oh well. I have a special question for you, Catty! I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100, Give me the numba that first comes to your mind, and I'll make the real judgments on ya then!" Nicholas said with a smirk and an annoying attitude.
'Guess a number'? What did that have to do with anything? Nothing, that was what.
"Fifty three." Catrice snapped, folding her arms, "And don't you dare call me Catty, Palmer. I don't want to here that nickname again." Her name was Catrice. That was it. No stupid short version that sounded like something one would name a pet. It was just Catrice.
If there was one thing that the girl hated that had an actual reason behind it, it was nicknames. They were pointless, stupid.
And yet, Nicholas had been all cheery and called her 'Catty'.
Still, just one little thing had no reason to get her so mad.

Catrice took in a breath and let her arms hang back at her sides. She was being unreasonable.
"I suppose that you know more about what's going on than I do, for the moment..." She said, looking around, "With that said, what do you suppose we do first? I was thinking we could go around and see if anyone has any news." That was reasonable, wasn't it? She had never gone to the Sherlockian Academy, much less trained to be an actual detective, but hearing that the principal had gone missing. . . that was an opportunity she saw and took. Already she could tell that her partner, Nicholas, probably didn't think very much of her.
Right now, asking him what they should do, she could definitely see why that was. Still, they were going to win. All the girl had to do was catch up a little bit and get into the swing of things.

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"Tsk Tsk..."


"Fifty Three." Fifty Three? Fifty Three? Nicholas could see the outline of his relationship with this girl already, and luck just wasn't rubbing off on Nicholas today. He had expected better, maybe even hoped for the number Forty Seven, but at least she didn't say Thirty Seven. That at least told him she wasn't some dumb brit who would always state the obvious. And since she answered like she didn't care, that meant it was even more likely that the previous mentioned was true. He'd have a hard time with her, but at least she wasn't a Thirty Seven. Fifty Three would have to do... for now, at least.

Nicholas exaggerated another sigh and threw his hands in the air. "Fine then, Fine! Won't call ya Catty ever again..." Jeesh, did everyone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Maybe people without any color in their hair tended to be cranky. Now Nick wished he had paired up with Cassie, the ginger chick. She still answered a Thirty Seven, but boy did she used to laugh a lot...

"I suppose that you know more about what's going on than I do, for the moment... With that said, what do you suppose we do first? I was thinking we could go around and see if anyone has any news." "Hey hey hey, don't be assuming so much so soon, Cat rice...!" He acted out with a wave and the turn of the head. "Everyone here knows just 'bout as much as the next guy, and there ain't no way you can crack them. Trust me, I've tried!" Nicholas let that settle into her stomach for a little, just in case she was a dumb Brit. "...Buuuuut..." He grinned a devilish grin again, looking around and quickly whispering into her ear, "I know where we can get some info~!" Nicholas stepped back a bit, squealing and hopping around like a kindergartener girl getting told someone likes them. "C'mon! I'll show you!" He stated quickly, reaching for her hand and running off through the school gates.

"Hi Cassie! Can ya tell meh where Évariste's at? You've always had an eye for him, you should know!" Nicholas eagerly asked his friend the ginger, who was hardly ever surprised by his excitement nowadays. She closed her locker door, locked it down, and pulled her backpack over her shoulder before she decided to respond. "Ahh, Oh! Yes! I uh, think I saw him somewhere over at the cafet-" "Hey! Why don't you knock off, mate? Stop trying to steal my info." Cassie's assistant Rick so rudely interrupted, walking from out of the men's restroom, still combing his black hairdo. Nicholas furrowed his eyebrows a bit, and pulled his chin up. "Oh, I'm so terribly sorry! Didn't know it was illegal to speak to your own girlfriend!" Nicholas shouted, shutting Rick up in a second. Nicholas smiled and turned back to Cassie. "Don't tell him we've broken up until tea. K?" Nicholas whispered, patting Cassie's cheek and quickly reaching for Catrice's hand once again. "Onwards, little Kitty! We're getting closer."

Nicholas held open the doors for Catrice for a moment, looking around the somewhat crowded lunchroom for his friend. "He should be here. Cassie usually never lies. Not on purpose, anyway.." He attempted to reassured Catrice. "Ah! There he is! Youuuuwho~!" Nicholas shouted, abandoning Catrice on this one to quickly catch up on his good friend. "How ya doin', Éve baby? Sorry this is so sudden, but could I hang out with ya this lunch? Pleaseee...? 'Promise I won't steal your apple juice again!"