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Évariste Holmes

"Don't call me Holmes."

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a character in “Keeping Secrets, Love?”, originally authored by MaxStokes, as played by RolePlayGateway


Évariste Holmes


“Do you see the truth?”


Nickname: “Pren”

Age: 17 (Jan 19)

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 146 lbs

Best At: Interrogation.

Goals: To not be defined by his father.

Likes: Challenge, Losing, Progress, Adrenaline Rushes, Fear or Pain of those he dislikes, black humor.

Dislikes: Non-challenging success, Being looked down on, Dogs, Emperors without clothes, His father.

Fears: Stagnation, Monotony, Death, Getting close to people.



Évariste used to keep a rather stoic and introverted outward personality about himself. However in recent years he has tried to adopt a bit more of a personality beyond the air of approachability created by his relation to his father. Unfortunately This first manifested itself into him being quite the selfish and overly aggressive prick. While he has calmed a bit down since those days, he still has an attitude where he absolutely refuses to fake respect or any sort of courtesy to those he feels undeserving.

Still quite the loner, he doesn't make friends as organically as most might and prefers to stick most people he meets into the “distant acquaintance” category. Though often he doesn’t even commit people he meets to memory unless they are particularly interesting. This lack of will to make friends and get close to people probably stems from his issues with his parents.

Towards what he would call his “friends”, a very select few, he holds a relative loyalty. He certainly enjoys their company and would never cross them for any reason less than his own self preservation. Though therein lies the problem, as he wouldn't sacrifice himself to save a friend. Not that he wouldn't be self confident enough to think he could save both himself and his friend. But at the end of the day he values his own survival beyond really anything else.

Toward his enemies and anyone that particularly dislikes, he pulls no punches. Specifically, he has a certain sadism where if he enjoys the suffering of those he hates. Though hate is a pretty strong emotion. For those he dislikes he wouldn’t really enjoy their suffering. Though he wouldn’t frown at their discomfort. Mostly he is an eye for an eye kind of person and the punishment must reflect the crime. Where the crime is how much somebody pisses him off.



Évariste was born to a well accomplished entrepreneurial detective with a “hands off” approach to parenting and a blond woman whom he has never met. He did have quite the caring fake uncle, but that didn’t much make up for the feelings of abandonment that comes naturally from a mother who skips out and a larger than life father that looks to his son more like a robot than anyone to be admired. The person he would consider his closest relative would probably be that fake uncle, who’s connection were to the boy like a oasis would be to a dehydrated man in the desert. Though because of the falling out between his father and his fake uncle, something that predated the boy’s birth, he didn’t see the one parental like figure he had as much as he probably needed and not even a scratch on the surface of how much he wanted to. Luckily, he thought later on in his life, his well to do father at least had the income to feed him and leave him wanting for little that wasn't love and affection.

So he already had something between him and most of his peers at the start of his life. So he turned a little bit introverted stuck to books and internal monolog. Which didn’t really lend itself to making friends, giving him the appearance of as approachable as his well known father. His fascination with books also led to imitation of some of the characters, considering he was a young impressionable ten year old. Which didn’t turn out well when he tried to act like Robin Hood.

Stealing a bag from a rich looking old lady to give to a downtrodden homeless man seems like an ok idea at first, especially to a child. The problem comes when the woman has a fairly large dog. In which the proposed “savior of the poor” ends up with blood dripping down from his arm onto his face. Though it gets even worse when the flight or fight instinct kicks in, and a rather intelligent child picks the latter. Because the whole event ends with a dog, blind from caved in eyes from thumbs, runs yelping out into the street and gets hit by a car. Then the lonely child with abandonment issues gets even more isolated from his peers because he has experienced killing something that someone considers their only family and feeling a strange mixture of guilt and justification. Something that would forever live within his own personal philosophy.

It wasn’t a surprise that the son of the second great Holmes detective would later attend the school his father had founded. Something that Évariste more fell into than anything else. Though his intellectual side didn’t seem to have that much of a problem. It also made it easier to stay relatively isolated since his father's reputation now applied doubly. Coasting through virtually all of his years while staying in his accustomed comfortable isolation. Being just enough of a success to not surprise anyone.

Though around the start of his second year, he moved into the dorm, away from his father. This feeling of independence gave Évariste an inflated sense of independence. So he started to act out in his own way, skipping classes, picking fights with other students whom he didn’t like. Though he never threw the first punch. His father, succeeded in covering his son’s disobedience from the reputable sources. Though it still got around the student body that the son of the principal was a bit of a prick.

Though Évariste has settled down a bit in his final year. Leaving behind most of prickery when he made a few friends after a fight with a new student. After which he and his friends made a bit of a “secret club” where they hung out by his fake uncle’s nearby pub once every week and discussed pretty much whatever was on their mind.

Somehow it didn’t surprise Évariste when his father went missing in his final year. Something Évariste figured was just a ploy to drum up press about the school.



Song: Desperado : Johnny Cash

Favorite quote: “Power is given only to him who dares to stoop and take it ... one must have the courage to dare.” -Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Tallents: Évariste is not startled by life threatening situations, in fact he is surprisingly excited by them.

Fun facts: When people ask what his name is Évariste sometimes responds saying that his name is “Pretentious”, which before he came to his father’s school and EVERYONE knew who he was, earned him the nickname Pren. Though he doesn't have as much of a problem with being called Évariste as he does Holmes. Being called by his last name gets on his nerves.

So begins...

Évariste Holmes's Story

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Évariste Holmes


Évariste was pulled from a relatively peaceful slumber by a ray of light extending through the nearby window and projecting onto his face. He grunted in response, not particularly excited by the prospect of having to awaken. Though it didn’t take long for his mind to start up and realize it had already gotten more than enough sleep.

Scratching his head as he stared at the ceiling yawning, the young man fidgeted slightly in his rather tightly confined position laying on the couch of his dorm. The movement stirred a forgotten cell phone which had been resting beside him. Hearing the clatter Évariste grabbed up the device from the floor and looked at it for a moment. Remembering the conversation he had with his uncle Terry the night before.

The man had offered to let Évariste stay over at his place above the pub. The young man didn’t have to try hard to notice that his uncle seemed worried about him. However, Évariste hadn’t taken his uncle up on the offer. Despite how annoying and tiring the past few days had been, the youth figured that he would be fine on his own for the moment. The only thing that seemed to have really changed since his father had went missing was that Évariste was being pestered more than usual.

Putting the cell phone down, Évariste considered skipping school today. No one would probably blame the son of a missing person for not being fully engaged with attendance. Then the thought of letting the situation get to him pissed him off. The old man was just sitting somewhere smugly anyways. Évariste wasn’t about to be part of his father’s ruse. Even if the man hadn’t told his son about it. It was enough in character that Évariste had no problem believing the man was just pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Rejuvenated with purpose, that of anger and spite, Évariste rolled off the couch and went about his morning routine.


Locking the door to his “instructors dorm” behind him, one of the perks of going to a school your father founded, Évariste checked his phone for the time. He seemed to have just enough time to drop by the cafeteria. Which was good, since he felt rather hungry. While he made his way, he set to thinking up clever insults for use against the pestering he figured he would be receiving most of the day.

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"Tsk Tsk..."


"Fifty Three." Fifty Three? Fifty Three? Nicholas could see the outline of his relationship with this girl already, and luck just wasn't rubbing off on Nicholas today. He had expected better, maybe even hoped for the number Forty Seven, but at least she didn't say Thirty Seven. That at least told him she wasn't some dumb brit who would always state the obvious. And since she answered like she didn't care, that meant it was even more likely that the previous mentioned was true. He'd have a hard time with her, but at least she wasn't a Thirty Seven. Fifty Three would have to do... for now, at least.

Nicholas exaggerated another sigh and threw his hands in the air. "Fine then, Fine! Won't call ya Catty ever again..." Jeesh, did everyone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Maybe people without any color in their hair tended to be cranky. Now Nick wished he had paired up with Cassie, the ginger chick. She still answered a Thirty Seven, but boy did she used to laugh a lot...

"I suppose that you know more about what's going on than I do, for the moment... With that said, what do you suppose we do first? I was thinking we could go around and see if anyone has any news." "Hey hey hey, don't be assuming so much so soon, Cat rice...!" He acted out with a wave and the turn of the head. "Everyone here knows just 'bout as much as the next guy, and there ain't no way you can crack them. Trust me, I've tried!" Nicholas let that settle into her stomach for a little, just in case she was a dumb Brit. "...Buuuuut..." He grinned a devilish grin again, looking around and quickly whispering into her ear, "I know where we can get some info~!" Nicholas stepped back a bit, squealing and hopping around like a kindergartener girl getting told someone likes them. "C'mon! I'll show you!" He stated quickly, reaching for her hand and running off through the school gates.

"Hi Cassie! Can ya tell meh where Évariste's at? You've always had an eye for him, you should know!" Nicholas eagerly asked his friend the ginger, who was hardly ever surprised by his excitement nowadays. She closed her locker door, locked it down, and pulled her backpack over her shoulder before she decided to respond. "Ahh, Oh! Yes! I uh, think I saw him somewhere over at the cafet-" "Hey! Why don't you knock off, mate? Stop trying to steal my info." Cassie's assistant Rick so rudely interrupted, walking from out of the men's restroom, still combing his black hairdo. Nicholas furrowed his eyebrows a bit, and pulled his chin up. "Oh, I'm so terribly sorry! Didn't know it was illegal to speak to your own girlfriend!" Nicholas shouted, shutting Rick up in a second. Nicholas smiled and turned back to Cassie. "Don't tell him we've broken up until tea. K?" Nicholas whispered, patting Cassie's cheek and quickly reaching for Catrice's hand once again. "Onwards, little Kitty! We're getting closer."

Nicholas held open the doors for Catrice for a moment, looking around the somewhat crowded lunchroom for his friend. "He should be here. Cassie usually never lies. Not on purpose, anyway.." He attempted to reassured Catrice. "Ah! There he is! Youuuuwho~!" Nicholas shouted, abandoning Catrice on this one to quickly catch up on his good friend. "How ya doin', Éve baby? Sorry this is so sudden, but could I hang out with ya this lunch? Pleaseee...? 'Promise I won't steal your apple juice again!"