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Kisa Nakamura

"I feel like I'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen."

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a character in “Keisetsu Gakuen”, as played by xLevesquex


Kisa Nakamura

I feel like I'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen.
тнємє: I. The Crawl by Childish Gambino

diαlσgυє cσlσя: #C36241

тнσυgнт cσlσя: #E67451

fαcє clαiм: Maki Natsuo


αgє, biятнdαy αиd zσdiαc:
16 years old //October 6th // ♎ Libra ♎

иαтiσиαliтy αиd єтниiciтy:
100% Japanese & Asian


Panromantic // Pansexual

яσмαитic iитєяєรт:


~President of the book club
~Helps write articles in the school newspaper
~Gardening club
~Track and field


|| Passionate || Emotional || Bubbly || Paranoid || Caring || Cowardly || Hyper || Loyal || Kind || Anxious || Weak || Insecure || Modest || Easily embarrassed ||

♥ Reading & writing ♥
♥ Gardening ♥
♥ Socializing ♥
♥ Being helpful ♥
♥ Jogging ♥

✗ Blood ✗
✗ Being so afraid ✗
✗ Feeling helpless ✗
✗ Her step-father and step-brother ✗
✗ Being unable to gain much weight ✗

☠ Agraphobia - Fear of sexual abuse ☠
☠ Kinemortophobia - Fear of the undead ☠
☠ Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders ☠

Gardening: Although Kisa never considered this a strength of hers before the apocalypse, it was now very useful that she was skilled in gardening as she was capable of tending to the little amount of food they had.
Kindness: Because of Kisa's kindness and ability to be nice to even to rudest people, she gets along well with others and has an easy time making friends and alliances. Though some people do find her overall behavior childish and annoying, it's hard to hate someone who showers you with nothing but kindness.
Speed: Despite having short legs, Kisa sure can run. In a way, running makes Kisa feel like she's running away from the problems in her life. Well, this used to be the case but Kisa can't really go for daily jogs down the dead infested halls of her school, she settles from running from the walking dead when she must.

Physically challenged: Kisa is very weak and has a harder time fending off zombies, since almost all of them are taller than her and tower over her. She doesn't do well in scuffles at all and would much rather not fight if given the option.
Insecurity: Her intense insecurities have always blocked Kisa from doing many things as she'd give up before even trying, since she genuinely believed she'd screw up. She is still this way.
Uncomfortable being touched: Unless it's by someone she really trusts and really cares about (even then, it's hard to get used to), Kisa is very uncomfortable with physical contact, whether it be a hug or just a shoulder touch. She is this way because of traumatic events in her past.


нєigнт & wєigнт:
5' 2" & 100lbs.

bσdy тyρє:
Very slim and skinny, not much for curves

єvєяydαy αρρєαяαиcє:
The only real change of clothing Kisa has at the school is her gym clothes so she changes between that, her school uniform and sometimes wears her under shirt and a pair of overalls that she used to wear for gardening club. Kisa normally wears her hair down but when she's going to do something physically draining, she wears her hair up in a high ponytail. As for jewelry, Kisa used to wear bracelets and rings as much as the school policy allowed her to but now keeps those in the front pocket of her old school bag. Now, she wears a gold heart necklace her mother got from her at an age so young, she doesn't even remember and matching heart gold studs in her ears. Before the apocalypse, Kisa would wear light makeup (mascara, light eye shadow and lip gloss) but now just applies lip chap to keep her lips from cracking and drying up.

Kisa uses a pitchfork they kept in the gardening club's supplies as a weapon against the undead and has a small first aid kit strapped to her thigh, under her skirt or gym shorts at all times (except for when she sleeps). When she must go out on runs, she uses her old school back pack to carry things like water, an extra medical kit, a snack and a garden fork.

Kisa had a very normal upbringing, aside from the fact that she grew up without a father. All Kisa knows about her father is that he didn't want children at all and when he found out his girlfriend at the time (Kisa's mother) was pregnant, he ditched the first chance he got. However, Kisa had a good childhood living with her mother and grandparents. She got much positive attention from her guardians and was taught to be a good person with good morals. However, that all changed when her mother, Asako, met a man named Kyoya and got married to him.

At this time, Kisa was thirteen years old. Kisa and her mother moved out of their grandparents' house and went to move in with Kyoya and his son, Akito. Apparently, Kyoya and his last wife got a divorce but he wouldn't tell why. Strange? Yes, very. As it turned out, Kyoya and Akito were sexual predators and would both force Kisa into sexual situations that she didn't want to be in. Yes, this included rape. Although Kisa was raised to love herself as much as she loved her family and friends, this completely destroyed her self-love and self-worth and instead taught her to hate herself and her life.

Her group of friends would sit by and wonder about how amazing it'll be when they lose their virginity to their husband, boyfriend or whoever they love while Kisa sat by and silently held in her tears and cries for help in fear of being judged by her friends. Somehow, her mother never ever found out and didn't suspect a thing and since it seemed that Kisa's mother was finally happy, she didn't say anything but did choose to stay with her grandparents on weekends and day's off. For the last three years, Kisa has kept this horrible reality a secret from everyone and never explains why she suddenly hates physical contact.

One day, a week ago, Kisa had stayed late to finish up an article on African diseases and finished reading a post-apocalyptic book for book club (she distracted herself with clubs to avoid going home) when she packed up her things at her locker and heard a horrible, bloodcurdling scream coming from down the hallway. With her back pack on her back, she walked towards the noise and saw an acquaintance of hers being tore apart at the stomach by the principal and two other students. The girl begged for help, but Kisa knew she couldn't when the principal's attention was drawn to her. She turned around to run, but banged into someone and fell over. Just as she was about to apologize, she saw that the boy had a rotten face and was staring at her like his next meal. Kisa rolled over just in time to avoid getting chomped on and bolted down the hallway, back towards the entrance. However, the entrance was completely blocked by a group of undead students and a few teachers, leaving Kisa no choice but to run down the other hallway. She sobbed and begged anyone who was around for help and prayed that whatever was happening was simply a nightmare. Turns out, it was very real and Kisa had to accept that when an undead jumped out at her from a nearby classroom and had a deadly grip on her arm. Kisa would've been bitten and turned if not for her best friend, Hana, who pulled the dead man's arm from hers. However, it costed Hana her life and she wound up getting eaten just as the other girl did. Kisa would've tried to help her if not for the fact that out crawled at least five other dead students and one teacher to feast upon her childhood friend's helpless body. With the image burned in her mind, she spun around on her heel and ran for the stairway door, which would lead to the roof and ended up meeting a group of other living students and teachers.

Asako Nakamura // Mother // Unknown
Kyoya Nakamura // Step-father // Unknown
Akito Nakamura // Step-brother // Unknown
Haru Yashiro // Father // Unknown
Hinata Tachibana // Maternal grandmother // Unknown
Yuki Tachibana // Maternal grandfather // Unknown

So begins...

Kisa Nakamura's Story