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Yenhand Wolfswift

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a character in “Keldacia At War”, as played by Yashi




Name : Yenhand Wolfswift


Race : Human


Profession : Mercenary


Age : Twenty-four years


Personality : Yenhand is a friendly and easily likeable person. Unlike the stereotypical fighter he is neither brash nor overly loud when not fighting. People are surprised to find that he is actually quite mild-mannered outside of battle. This, of course, may be attributed to the fact that he was the youngest of five siblings. He is a good-natured, friendly fellow, at ease wherever he is, as most humans are wont. He develops personal relationships quite fast, out of necessity. Being friendly and close to the people you fight with means the difference between life and death. That being said, Yenhand does not form friendships expecting things in return. He just is friendly by nature. He also has a thirst for fame, perhaps because anything he did as a child was always compared to greater feats accomplished by his brothers and the feeling of being overshadowed stayed with him. He hopes to do something great and wondrous and so be acknowledged as a warrior in his own right.


Weapons : Bastard sword, and tower shield. Matching pair of daggers.


Armor : He uses medium Platemail armor, the better to stand and take hits from the enemies, so that he may use himself as a shield to protect the more easily killed spellcasters. He also has a tower-shield which is perfect for a large fighter such as him, for he tired less easily than normal even while carrying such heavy armor and arms into battle.


Gear : He doesn't carry much except for the usual whetstones, polish and a brace of salves for healing.


History : Yenhand comes from a large family of five children, him being the youngest, hailing from what was once the province of Toriph, from before it was absorbed into the Sentrillian Empire. His father had fought against the Empire as a sell-sword and had lost a leg for his troubles, though he did make enough that he didn't need to work again. Of course, neither Yenhand or his father bear any resentment towards the Empire ... injuries and death were but a natural consequence of war and a daily reality of a mercenary.

Yenhand always knew he would be a mercenary just like his father. He trained in the art of the sword right from childhood along with a couple of his elder brothers. He grew up large and strong, like them. His brothers left home early, traveling the world, taking jobs as they came. Yenhand, however, desired a greater prize than just gold (not that he minded money) .. Fame. Everything that he did, it would seem his brothers did better. He wanted to be recognized as a warrior in his own right, and not just known as the son or the brother of great warriors. This is, perhaps, the reason he took up employment under the Sentrillian Empire, fighting its wars as it sought to expand, and to quell the Legion.

Yenhand now fights in a relatively small band composed of other mercenaries, for the Empire. These men do not carry into battle the banner of the Sentrillian Empire, and they use their own equipment and are commanded by one of themselves, a mercenary. They are often sent into the frontlines ahead of the Empire's troops. A tough bunch, rag-tag and of a variety of sorts yet with a certain unrivaled brotherhood. Yenhand hopes to go on to do great things someday.


So begins...

Yenhand Wolfswift's Story


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#, as written by Yashi
Darkness lay over the small town of Vercess. Outside its uncharacteristically high stone walls, furtively positioned within a copse by the foothills of the ore-enriched mountains lay Yenhand, and his comrades. A small army, about a hundred strong, they were, and unlike no army that one was likely to come across in those parts. Some were archers, some swordsmen, some bore axes and a small minority were mages, who were muttering incantations of hiding and shielding under their breath. They bore no banners and no two men were armed and armored in quite the same way. They looked more like bandits or cutpurses than a military group. But army they were, the Sentrillian Empire’s legion of mercenaries. The Empire had under its pay several such legions, all composed of sell-swords and mercenaries who owed their loyalty to it only in exchange for coin. Quite a tough and able bunch, these were. They were always on the frontlines of every skirmish, that the Empire’s own troops did not have to endanger their lives.

Spies of the Empire had brought reports that the ore within the mountains next to Vercess was being mined secretly, and transported out by the Legion which sought to smelt swords for its own troops. A blow here would definitely seriously hamper the war-effort. Yenhand and the others were tasked with a very important mission, to kill what miners there were, and to recover what ore they could, if they could. The Sentrillian Empire, a vast force, had more resources than the Legion. Merely destroying the Legion’s ore and whatever means of shipping they had established, would prove quite devastating.

Silent as cats they lay, waiting for the clouds to cover the nigh-full moon, that they may make their way up the mountainside. There was but a single gesture and the whole squadron moved forward, silent as the night that surrounded them. It would be an easy mission.