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Jessica Steiner

The Key of Temperance

0 · 384 views · located in Los Angeles, California

a character in “Key To My Heart”, as played by Ariki


Jessica Eloise Steiner



The Key of Temperance

Standing at an appropriate height of 5’6’’, Jessica is neither towering nor miniscule. In her opinion, she’s just the right size. Though Jessica makes it a habit to participate in regular cardio and strength exercises, she’s managed to maintain a balance between a feminine softness and a muscled build, proving her dedication to fitness and health. Which leads into Jessica’s petite frame. Though she isn’t the most voluptuous of young women, she’s anything but lacking when it comes to curves. She works hard to maintain her hourglass figure, and her choice of clothing has a tendency to express her resilience. Not one for fashion or trends, Jessica aims more for comfort rather than style. It’s rare that you’ll catch the girl in a dress or skirt, though she doesn’t necessarily mind wearing such things. She’d just prefer a fitted muscle shirt paired with a comfortable pair of jeans. Though Jessica’s figure may be one that is often admired, it’s her stunning, emerald eyes that are the initial attention grabber. With flecks of honey and gold accenting the rich green of her irises, coupled with a set of thick, luscious eyelashes, it’s almost impossible to not find yourself staring into her eyes. Jessica’s skin is that of a pale, creamy alabaster without a blemish or beauty mark in sight. Coupled with her complexion, those mesmerizing eyes, and a pair of flush, full lips, Jess’s face is quite lovely. As far as Jessica’s hair is concerned, it falls in a calculated mess around her collarbone and shoulders, it’s deep, rich, chestnut color accenting her pale skin beautifully. Many people tend to ask Jessica what she uses in her hair. And her answer is always rather simple. “It’s natural.” Which is the perfect word to describe Jessica’s beauty. With out the need of make up or other such products, Jess is a naturally beautiful young woman, in every shape and form, inside and out.

When strangers first set their eyes on the young Jessica Steiner, most can already see the strength and determination that makes up the backbone of this young woman. She's lived a lot of life in her short time on Earth, but she's been thankful for every minute of it. Though some times were extremely difficult, Jessica believes whole heartedly that it was the mistakes she made in life that shaped her into the person she is today. Simple as that. Seeing as that her strength and independence is obvious just by setting eyes on the girl, it's the layers underneath that make Jessica who she is. Though not at all timid, Jess has a tendency to let herself be more than just a tad bit reserved. She's had issues with trust ever since she was a little girl, so she's made it her mission to stay as guarded as she possibly can, though she is rather friendly. Just don't expect to make a deep, solid bond with the girl. Jess doesn't let any assumptions/rumors/stereotypes/judgement stand in the way of her getting to know an individual for who they are. She takes the phrase 'you can never judge a book by it's cover' quite seriously. Unless she knows you personally, she will in no way judge you based on your looks, your group of friends, or what things you may or may not have done in the past. Seeing as she wouldn't want to be judged in such a way, she hardly finds it in her place to do it to others. Which leads us to the fact that Jessica is a very honest individual. Though she may have her sweet, complimentary moments, Jess is anything but a flatterer. Unless you deserve the praise and attention, she will not reward it to you. Seeing as she was raised in a community where humility was strictly enforced, Jessica refuses to be the one to inflate anyone's head unless they deserve this said inflation. The same is to be said if the script were flipped. Jess isn't the kind that takes most compliments to heart. If anything, she simply sends a quick smile in the person's direction, and then is on about her buisness. Being the blunt and honest person that she is, Jess has been blessed with a quick wit and a sharp tongue. No matter who you are, you always know where you stand with Jessica; rather she thinks of you as a great person with an awesome personality, or someone that is bland and can take a few charisma classes. She makes it very clear. No thin lines here. Jessica most certainly isn't the type to just sit back and wait for life to happen while she rides on it's coat tails. With a firey passion and strong sense of determination, Jess is living her life to the fullest and there is no one that can slow her down.

Brief History
If you choose to play a Heart, be sure to include what lead them to stray away from love.


So begins...

Jessica Steiner's Story