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Leandra Annibelle Marx

0 · 606 views · located in California, USA

a character in “Kidnapped Classmates”, as played by SithFaced


Leandra Annibelle Marx

Lee; Annie; Marxy; Annabel-Lee



Reference pictures to the right. More pictures available at the bottom.

Additional Appearance:
Leandra is usually found wearing some of the latest fashion trends. She loves black lace, and usually has something black and lacy incorporated into each of her outfits. Her eyes are a bright blue-green color, and her hair is bright blonde - though she has been known to dye it all sorts of odd colors. For now, though, she's keeping it blonde for her dance classes and for the musical at her high school.

Leanrda is very particular about things - like neatness and order - when it comes to many aspects of everyday life. So much so, in fact, that it can get in the way of tasks that need to get done. She tends to be a perfectionist about everything, and can get overly obsessive about getting something right. When she is deep in thought about ways to fix a situation that isn't to her liking, she will pace - she won't listen to anyone who talks to her while she is pacing until she has come up with a mental fix for the "problem at hand". Along with it being a bad quality, Leandra being particular about things is also a good quality. She likes getting things done right, no matter how long it takes for that to happen. She tries her hardest on whatever she does, and really gives it her all, not only because she wants to, but because her brain says that she has to. She is usually very level headed, and is - to the surprise of some - a very kind person... most of the time. Apparently, many imagine her to be someone who is very self absorbed, and while it isn't exactly a lie, it isn't the truth either; of course, these people haven't ever spoken with her. They've only observed from afar. She has an infectious laugh, and a rather "child-like" smile. She is very optimistic, except in times when everything seems to be going wrong - she will get doubtful, but will usually try to push her way through. She isn't always nice though - and when she isn't nice, she really isn't nice (she usually regrets lashing out at others though, and will usually apologize later on). She tends to get really competitive, and doesn't accept "failure" - she'll push to "win" every time.

+ Dance
+ Singing
+ Guys
+ Fashion
+ Many different forms of music; basically all genre's, except for anything that's just 'straight' country
+ Watching the Olympics - she'll sit in front of the TV for hours, without doing much else
+ Thunder storms
+ 'House Hunters International'

- Being offered cigarettes
- Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga (though she'll tolerate Gaga's music for dance songs)
- Alcohol
- Being wrong
- Being told she 'cant make it' in the music industry/theatre/dance
- Activities that could injure her legs; she avoids trampolines like the plague, because if she breaks her leg/ankle then she's out of commission.

Leandra collects fish; its not something many of her friends know about, unless they've been to her house. Her house has large tanks all over the place, filled with all kinds of beautiful freshwater and tropical fish' there are two tanks in her room that take up one far wall, a tank in each of the major hallways, a few tanks in the living room, and some in the library and the study. All the fish have names, and her parents know all of the names as well as she does, simply because they love fish just as much as she does (its sort of a family hobby).

Theme song:
Smooth Criminal



Leandra was born to Emily and Franklin Marx, their only child. Her parents doted on her, but also pushed her to be the best at whatever she did. Leandra's life has been a relatively normal one in her mind, if you exclude the excessive amount of time she spent in dance, musical performances, and studying. From the age of two, Lee was dancing - she joined the companies competition team at the age of 9, and was one of their lead dancers by 8th grade. She loved dance, and because of it, got involved in the theatre. Her choir instructor discovered her talent with her voice, and insisted she try for more than a dancers role - she landed her first lead her sophomore year in Phantom of the Opera as Meg, and her second during her junior year in Anything Goes as Reno Sweeney. She hopes to continue on into her senior year with another lead role, as well as to continue with dancing competitively for her studio. She has applied to the Guilford School of Acting as well as Temple University, along with a few other schools, but those two are her top choices.

So begins...

Leandra Annibelle Marx's Story