Kidnapped for Experiment

Kidnapped for Experiment


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What if you are kidnapped for experiment? Well one girl is and she isn't going to have it good!

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Regardless, she still pulled away from the contact, keeping her face to the floor though lacking the energy to offer any argument.
"Please..." she mumbled.
"My arms and legs are broken...I can hardly see...I'm so tired..I don't...I can't talk with you..." she found it difficult to even get the words out, let alone uphold much in way of conversation.

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"Fine, sorry for bothering you." He said scooting back to his spot. He closed his eyes and decided to ignore everything. The door opened again and he watched as the girl was grabbed and taken out of the room again.

Dr. Fenwick took the girl back to the room tying her into the strapped table and smiled at her. "Now that we have taken the break needed and we will be at procedure five. Helena will be tested more and worked on. We have worked on better sight now time for better taste."

He grabbed a mouth guard and opened her mouth with it and smiled. "This will be painfully evil and hurting." He said smiling at her. Then he grabbed a needle and injected it into her tongue. Letting the pain come to her from the taste of the injection. Then he grabbed a womens bridle with all pokers inside the mouth clicking a button it injected her skin with more of the medicine. But in different directions.

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Helena almost smirked in the sudden and rather dark understanding that she didn't care anymore. She didn't care anymore. There wasn't much that could even upset her anymore because she hadn't any expectations left. Things could not possibly get any worse than it was now, and in a sense that was almost a liberating feeling. Almost.

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Character Portrait: Helena Norrevinter

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He noticed that she didn't look like pain wa being good enough for her. He went to the cupboard and grabbed a long syringe. Placing it into her heart he pushed it all in. Him being a great scientist he made it that she would feel even more pain a worsen pain that was different then a usual. It made pain to extremes. "Don't ever test me, So now that better taste has been in her seneses and she has better sight. I believe its time for better hearing and smell." He pulled out the contraption of her mouth and then grabbed a small sort of lighting rod and put it in her ears. Then with two small tubes stuck them up her nose and hooked it to this one device. "For Procedure six we will be making her have better sound and better smell. So for that she will breath in a new chemical and then for hearing she will have different sounds played in her ear."

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