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Kill or be Killed

Kill or be Killed


Black cats with fiery burning eyes, wild savage hellhounds, fatally venomous snakes, even toxic red butterflies, and to top it off a never-ending night; how could a group of humans possibly survive in this Hell?

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If Hell existed, Hell would seem like a bed of feathers compared to this.

-Cynthia Park, Entry One-

I don't know how long I've been here, trying feebly to survive. What's the point? In a few months, no, a few days, the Hellhounds, death snakes and werewolves are going to come for us and rip us apart mercilessly, us being just a small group of frantic humans. Humans aren't built to survive here. How have we made it this long? No one can survive here. There is a simple law here, only one law, the law of nature; 'kill or be killed.' We humans have been neglecting that law for years and years, safe inside our brick houses and within our reinforced fences. No one truly understood the concept of that law; at least I can say now, I do.

_Back Story_

Humans made a massive discovery. A huge discovery, one that will send a small group of eight humans through a crisis. They discovered a new dimension; something they thought only existed in mythical stories. It definitely matches up to its name, the Dark Dimension. The humans had no idea what they were doing until they did it, giddy with their find. They found out how to send creatures back and forth between dcimensions, and those eight humans volunteered bravely to be sent through, to see what was in this mysterious dimension. To see if it was inhabited or completely empty of life. There were living creatures in this strange dimension, yet they didn't know what type of creatures. With a million wishes of safety and luck, the humans were sent through; into Hell. This dimension wasn't overflowing with beautiful nature and small, harmless creatures like they had anticipated, but creatures from the devil, all of the animals in the Human dimension, yet twisted mercilessly to become savage, ferocious beasts. Huge, black snakes with flashing red eyes, sleek black cats sharing the same red eyes, blood-thirsty wolves with no color in their pale gray fur and even killer white deer with razor-like antlers. But none of them matched up to the most feared creature of all; the Hellhound. Horse-like Hellhounds with crimson fur that stuck out along their spine like spikes and huge saber, blood-stained fangs that stuck out from their mouth, resembling a saber-toothed tiger. Hellhounds with either lifeless, enraged hollow black eyes or wild blood-red eyes. They excelled amazingly in stamina, speed and strength. One of these killing machines could take down the largest elephant without sparing much energy. No wonder they were the most feared.

But then, there's the equally as feared vampires. The pale ones.

These mythological creatures are the only ones that resemble a human. They are beautiful with paper-white skin and crimson eyes. Most have black hair, but there have been some blond and brunette vampires in this dimension. They feast on all of the animals in the Dark Dimension, mercilessly sucking the life from them, and gaining some themselves. The Hellhounds are the most appealing to them; yet the hardest to even lay a finger on. It's a never-ending cycle, a fight between Vampire and Hellhound that has been carried through so many decades.

But now, the humans are in this strange, evil dimension, causing disruptions amongst the creatures. There is no way out for them. They are stuck forever in this Dark Dimension, with no way of escape, no way of ever truly being safe again. Will they all be mercilessly killed? Or will they stay alive to see the next year? Or maybe... strange romances will develop?


VAMPIRE - Dark human-like creature with crimson eyes and any choice of hair color. Drinks blood; feasts on animals, especially Hellhounds if they can kill one.

HELLHOUND - Massive horse-like creature with black or red eyes and dark crimson fur. Killing machine; has long, razor-sharp fangs.

DARK WOLF - Over-grown wolf-like creature. Their fur color is either black, grey or white. Eye color is mostly black; but can be red.

DARK CAT - Sleek-furred cat-like creature. Their fur color is always black. They either have black or red eyes.

DARK SNAKE - Huge, posionous black or white snake with black or red eyes.

(these are just some of them. There are hundreds of animals; you can make up any type of Dark creature you wish.)


1. Cynthia Park

2. Jim Blitzfield

3. (open)

4. (open)

5. (open)

6. (open)

7. (open)

8. (open)



Full Name/Nickname :

Sex :

Age :
(human years)

Appearance :
/Hair color
/Eye color
/Skin color

Personality :

Romantic Interest :


Name :

Type of Creature :

Gender :

Appearance :

Personality :

Mate (Romatic Interest) :

Abilities/Gifts :

Disabilities :

Toggle Rules

! - Please BE ACTIVE! Commit to the roleplays you join!

@ - I don't want TEXT TYPERS. I want people who type with proper punctuation, spelling and grammar.

# - No godmodding and powerplaying.

$ - This is an Intermediate - Advanced roleplay. That means you must at least type 1 and a half paragraphs (4, 5 sentences) per post.

% - My vampires are not TWILIGHT vampires! They don't sparkle! This dimension has a never-ending night, anyway. And yes, they feast on animals, but there are only naturally animals in this dimension.

^ - Keep the romance to a tame level.

& - You may come back as a Dark Creature if your human dies.

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Character Portrait: Cynthia Park
Character Portrait: Jim Blitzfield


Character Portrait: Jim Blitzfield
Jim Blitzfield

A large, rugged Irish man.

Character Portrait: Cynthia Park
Cynthia Park

A tall 22 year old human female with short brown hair and blue eyes.


Character Portrait: Cynthia Park
Cynthia Park

A tall 22 year old human female with short brown hair and blue eyes.

Character Portrait: Jim Blitzfield
Jim Blitzfield

A large, rugged Irish man.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Jim Blitzfield
Jim Blitzfield

A large, rugged Irish man.

Character Portrait: Cynthia Park
Cynthia Park

A tall 22 year old human female with short brown hair and blue eyes.

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