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Jordan Carpenter

People like you more, when you stop worrying about what they think

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a character in “Killer on Campus”, as played by unicorns.are.real




Name: Jordan Roxanne Carpenter
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Year: Junior
Sexuality: Bisexual

-Child of affair. As far as anyone knows, Jordan is the product of a one night stand and she has no idea who her father is. Jordan isn't proud of the fact that she blackmailed her birth father into paying for her college, so its for her best interest to keep in under wraps. Plus her fathers identity is a secret that she is literally being paid to keep, so no one can know that he is one of the richest and most powerful men in the state.

-Candie Jones' as a half-sister. This one goes along with Jordan's first secret, as her birth father is actually Candie's dad and Jordan knows it.

-Never had a drop of alcohol. That one explains itself. Jordan's mother was a serious alcoholic, she grew up watching her lunch money get spent of booze and all the horrible life decisions her mother made due to alcohol. Since then she has completely sworn off alcohol. It's not exactly a secret but its not something Jordan shares around, somewhat because she'd have to explain her past, and partly because no one wants to party with the girl who doesn't drink. Rarely anyone realises that she doesn't drink though because Jordan is basically up for anything else.

-Not a real blonde. This one is not a big secret, or a particularly well kept one as everyone knows it, but Jordan will go to her grave denying her brunette birthright.

Jordan is tough. She lives life by her own rules and follows her own path. No matter what she won’t let anyone keep her down, which is why sometimes if she feels anyone is trying to get the best of her she can be quick to start a fight. Jordan always does what she wants, and doesn’t give a shit about what she is supposed to do or expected to do. Jordan refuses to fake it. She won’t act nice to a teacher, or act friendly to someone she doesn’t like. If she doesn’t like you she won’t go out of her way to be mean or anything but she not going to sit around wasting her time and effort pretending otherwise.

Jordan is very blunt, always speaking her version of the truth. She honestly doesn’t care what people say about her or to her, and so she doesn’t care what she says about others. She won’t go out of her way to be mean to someone or tear them down, but if it comes up in conversation she won’t hesitate to say something mean if it’s true. If you piss her off though, she won’t think twice about what she says or does, in her mind you deserve whatever is coming.

Despite this, if Jordan likes you, you will find her a loyal friend. She is just as quick to shut someone down as she is to stick up for a friend. She will definitely help out a friend if they ask, but she doesn’t stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong. Jordan prefers to solve her problems on her own, after all she’s been looking after herself her whole life, so her natural inclination to sit back and let people sort out their own shit, unless they specifically ask for her help.

Jordan likes to have a good time, which for her includes cigarettes, drugs and a lot of partying. She isn’t incredibly slutty or overly flirty or anything, but she certainly doesn’t have a clean reputation, especially when she isn’t exactly picky about who she shares her bed with, she also doesn’t really care if the person has a boyfriend/girlfriend, after all its not being a homewrecker until there’s a ring involved. Jordan has a major chip on her shoulder about not wanting to be a homewrecker, which makes sense considering the manner in which she was conceived.

Jordan is weird. In early high school, she was often labelled as the misfit weirdo, because she went through her ‘be who you wanna be’ phase a little earlier than most. She was always just doing things that she enjoyed and never cared what anyone thought or how weird it might make her look. She had more fun than anyone else, and finds it so freeing, not worrying about anyone else. In that way Jordan is very genuine, what you see is what you get. If people like who she is, that’s great, and if they don’t, there are plenty more people on this planet. Jordan isn’t going to be changing who she is for anyone.

Jordan is the result of a short lived affair between an incredibly wealthy man and an alcoholic hairdresser. Jordan’s father regretted the affair deeply, apparently after getting her mother pregnant, he had decided that his wife was the one true love of his life. He gave her mother money to keep quiet about who the father of her child was, as he is very wealthy and influential and this kind of scandal could ruin him. So her mother took the money and raised Jordan on her own, Jordan always knew who her father was, but she never met him and never cared to.

Whether or not her mother had ever loved her or not was something Jordan never bothered finding out. From a young age she knew that she was just an accident between two people who didn’t love each other and didn’t really want her. Jordan’s mother never treated her meanly or made her feel unwanted or unloved, but she also never did anything to show she truly cared for Jordan or wanted her around. Their relationship was always tense and it started to fracture very early in Jordan’s life.

The only family Jordan ever felt any connection or emotional bond to, is her great aunt Ivy. She owned a small place virtually in the middle of nowhere, and Jordan would often take off to stay with her whenever she couldn’t handle life with her mother, often instead of attending school. Ivy was the one who convinced Jordan to finish school and go to college. Jordan had wanted to drop out of school and get a job so she could move out from her mother’s place.

She sucked it up though, and finished high school with pretty alright grades. The day of graduation she moved out of her mother’s place and stayed with Ivy until college started up. Of course then there was the issue of tuition money for college. Ivy offered to pay for the tuition with her savings, but Jordan had other ideas. That was when she met up with her very rich father and blackmailed him into paying for her tuition. Saying, that if he didn’t pay she would tell everyone that she was his daughter.

So she went off to college on her father’s money, back then she had no interest is sororities or anything, sisterhood and girly girl bonding were not her thing. That was until she befriended Lorna, the previous president of Omega Phi Alpha, who had her joining the sorority in no time. Afterall, as Lorna described it, Omega Phi Alpha isn’t your typical barbie dream house sorority. They party hard, and are full of girls with tough attitudes and tarnished reputations. It is one of the newer sororities at the college, and was founded by an ex-delta delta delta, who was kicked out for having a few too many bad rumours about her. So she started Omega Phi Alpha out of revenge spite as a place where people could be ‘real’, the negative sentiments toward delta delta delta still existing today. After Lorna graduated from college last year, Jordan was made president of the sorority.

So begins...

Jordan Carpenter's Story

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August 14th Weather
High: 96 Degrees Fahrenheit || Low: 71 Degrees Fahrenheit || 10% Chance of Rain || Wind 7 mph

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"Ah, the first day back," Candie stated as she climbed out of the limousine that her father sent her back to school in. This was always a tradition her father did for her on the first day of school ever since her freshman year of high school. Of course knowing the kind of girl Candie was, she ate the entire situation up.

The brunette climbed out of the limo with her bags at her side. Do you want me to bring these to your room Ms. Jones? her driver questioned and to that question she gave a slight nod of her head. "Just set them on the side closest to the window," she stated before letting out a soft sigh. It was time to go searching the campus for her sorority sisters and possibly in the process run into Tobias Young, her English professor. Going the entire Summer without being able to see him was horrible. All the things she wanted to say and do to him just ate at her. The brunette bit at her bottom lip as she slid her hands into the back pockets of her jean shorts as she walked through the Cathedral University campus.

Many of the students she noticed were freshman or transfers, which she honestly didn't seem to understand. After the murder of Miranda, the previous Delta president, she didn't think parents would want their kids enrolling at this school. But apparently she thought wrong.

Every day that goes by without Miranda kills her. Out of everyone in the world Miranda was the most important person to her in her life. But just like everything else that seems to happen to her, she was taken away from Candie. Though Candie couldn't help but to feel guilty about Miranda's murder. If anyone were to find out that she witnessed her death, many questions would be asked and her reputation would quickly plummet to the ground. This was definitely not something she wanted to happen. People at this school looked up to her. Well, it's true for the students who don't truly know her. Anyone who got a chance at getting to know Candie, found her to be a spoiled rotten bitch.

Candie turned a corner of the main building before letting out a sigh and giving up on the search. She sat down on the edge of the fountain in the center of campus and pulled her phone out, sending out a text to Professor Young.

To: Tobias:
Wasn't sure if you knew or not but I'm on campus now. I really want to see you. Let me know where you meet you when you're not busy.

Candie sent the text message and slid her phone back into her pocket as she let out a sigh and pulled her journal out of her purse and began writing as she sat there on the edge of the fountain, waiting on any one of her friends or Tobias to show up or text her.

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“How many more years of this am I going to have to endure?” Mumbled Jordan to herself as she got stomped off the bus at the College, a half empty plastic water bottle swinging her hand and a very full khaki duffle bag under her other arm, the straps digging into her shoulder. Jordan wasn’t a big packer. It wasn’t too hot on the bus, but it smelled bad, and Jordan was sick of having to make the yearly commute to college by bus. Of course having the Barbie Mansion’s matching limousine pull up in front of her was the icing on the cake. Being poor and knowing she was poor didn't bother Jordan but having it constantly rubbed in her face got old fast. Jordan sighed and mentally reminded herself that she didn’t care about money, going to college was all she wanted, and she had gotten that. Plus she was of the belief that what life gave you in money, it took away in personality, and Candie was a prime example of that belief.

Jordan headed for the field where the sororities and fraternities were set up for the day. After speaking to Jasmine and Daphne they had all decided to arrive a few day earlier to be around and ready to help out other sorority members. Of course Jordan being who she was, had all the best intentions but every morning she would get up and decide there was no harming in leaving the next day. Jordan didn’t know much about being president of sorority but it she did know she was at least supposed to be at the Theta and Omega’s cookout, and since she had shown up so late, she definitely didn’t have time to unpack her stuff in her room.

When she got there, the smell of the barbeque was everywhere, which put Jordan in a better mood, after all who could be a grump at a cookout. She smiled knowingly as she saw the two people who were supposed to be manning the grill slumped in chairs with dark sunnies on. “You slackers,” Jordan said jokingly as she lightly kicked one of them. In reply of course she only got moans. Jordan laughed and she threw her bag on one of the chairs next to them. They both were very obviously nursing hangovers, but at least it was an authentic Omega Phi Alpha representation.

Jordan answered one kid’s question to look like she was helping out, which was about as much work as she could handle before she went off to find Daphne or Jasmine. She didn’t find either of them but she spotted Jeffery, which was almost as good since they were friends and he probably knew where his sisters were. “Hey Jeff,” Jordan said dully as she came up behind him and slung her arms over his shoulders in a very lazy hug. “Cookout going well?” She said, disinterested in the topic but feeling like had to say something.

Then Jordan realised Jeffery was actually talking to a freshman. “Oh, hey, I didn't meant to interrupt,” She said putting her hands in the air mocking innocence. Jordan didn’t think the brunette girl looked much like Jeffery’s type, but good on him for getting back on the horse after Miranda. Personally Jordan didn’t understand how the guy could spend ten minutes with a delta without being high, let alone date their leader. She also wasn’t the least bit sorry to see Miranda go, she may be dead but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a bitch whilst she was alive. “I was just wondering if you knew where either of your sisters were?”

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Jas was a little relieved that Cassie decided to actually talk to her. Cassie had a lot of reason to hate Greeks. What hurts worse than being betrayed by your own family. 'If we had been closer last year, I definitely would have let Candie have a piece of my mind... Can't believe she's such a bitch.' She smiled at the blonde and shook her head.

"No need to thank me. I'm just speaking the truth." She promised her, blushing a little as she complimented her. "Thanks, it's actually the closest color they had in bottle form to my natural color... I haven't been this color in years actually." She admitted, embarassed.

She nodded slowly, listening to Cassie. "You know, I didn't care about what happened... except for all of those rumors. I'm glad your okay. You can come to me for anything, I'd like us to be friends. You seem pretty cool."

Jasmine couldn't help but sigh when she mentioned the murders. If only Cassie knew the tarot cards she kept pulling when when trying to find out information about the murder. "I don't think it's done." She told her but just like that Cassie had mentioned the parties. Her cheeks burned.

'And now I'm a looney tune.' She inwardly groaned.

"Yeah... that too. I have a dress you can wear if you want. It would look great on you." She told her with a smile. "Oh, and you don't have to crash ours, you're welcome to come. I don't know if you're going back to the Deltas but you can pledge with us if you want. We're nothing like them." She offered.

Jasmine smiled and nodded. "I've had to shed my skin a few times, I totally understand." She shrugged. "I get it. I spent a whole class with her my sophomore year. It was... interesting." She smiled at Cassie trying to not be so harsh about her roommate.

"Well, we spent some time with our parents and then we vacationed in Italy. We've been doing that since I was little, maybe even before I was born." She told her, running a hand through her curls. She pursed her lips, wondering if she should be honest or just pretend everything was okay. Then again Cassie had been honest with her. The least she could do was be honest with Cassie.

She looked at the cigarette on the ground. She almost wished she smoked sometimes, especially when she was stressed. "He's not exactly handling it well, you know. It's hard for him. They were pretty serious." She told her. She half smiled. "Pretty strange for a half sibling and two full siblings to be best friends, huh?"

Jasmine's phone chimed. She pulled it out, glancing at the screen. It read 'Text message scheduled to send. Click send to continue to send.' She smiled, clicking send and turning back to Cassie as she slid the phone back into her pocket.
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Daphne relaxed but couldn't help but blush when he gave her a small hug. She was glad she was away from the other girls looking on. Kourt was a hottie and all the girls wanted him, rightly so too. She didn't need anyone else's help to embarrass herself around him.

"Nothing so major, I just went to Italy with my family like always." She said with a shrug. She was glad that he used that nickname. He was the only person outside of her family that could use it and get away with it.

She did not tell him about her work on an album. What would he even say? Would he tell her it was a great idea or would he tell her that it was a horrible idea. Would he tell her horror stories? She hadn't told anyone. If she told someone, it should be her family, right? She frowned, not sure what to do.

She glanced down at his hand, grinning as he extended his wrist out to her. She slid it onto him, her fingertips brushing his skin as she did it. Her heart sped up, feeling the heat of her skin.

"T-Thanks." She said, blushing more when he complimented the bracelet. This time she managed to hug him back. Was it so wrong that she wanted the hug to last a little longer.

"Hey, want to hang out with me here?"

Daphne was so stunned that she couldn't answer right away. Did he just want to hang out with her as friends or did he mean hang out as more.

"I can understand if you have cheerleading practice or something."

She blushed again, shaking her head. "Oh, no. That hasn't started yet. We had a training and tryouts again this summer but we don't get started for another week. Thank goddess because rush week and practice? Way too much pep for me." She smiled geneuinely. She didn't usually give out many of those.

Daphne started to answer him when Lucius came up. She gave a half smile to him but didn't say anything. He kinda gave her the creeps. She didn't know why... yet. She'd find out one way or another.

She looked back at Kourtney and smiled. "Yeah, I'd love to stay and hang with you. But do you mind if we went over there a little later? I'm the Treasurer after all. I have to make an appearance. Plus we throw the best parties." She smiled at him.

The blonde looked back at Luce. She was surprised he even noticed her. "Hey, Lucius. Good to see you too." She couldn't even remember the last time she saw him.

Sure, he'd remember and even try to seduce Jasmine but Daphne was not the type, Luce usually went after. At least he didn't call her a nickname. That would have really creeped her out.

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Jeff grinned, picking Gran up as he hugged her. He let her go and ruffled her hair. "How was the trip? Didn't get lost in Amsterdam did you?" He teased her. He, Fran, and his sisters had once taken the wrong train and ended up lost in the skeevy streets of Amsterdam. It was fun, but he felt like they were sabotaging Fran's innocence.

"I can help with that or you can just leave your stuff with the girl's house and we can take it over there tonight. But then you'll have to worry about drunk frat guys moving your things rather than tipsy frat guys, moving your things." He teased her but then shook his head. "Nah, being the president and all, I like to get here early and scoop out the place. Plus there was a lot to get done. Jas and Daph came early too. So if you need anyone to show you around, we're experts." He told her with a smile. Fran always felt like his little sister. The least he could do was look out for her. He'd probably do a lot more if it meant keeping her safe.

When a pair of arms found his way around his neck from behind, Jeff was surprised until he heard the voice that accompanied it. He smirked. "Hey, Jordan. I see you finally dragged yourself here." He nodded. "As always, even without your help setting it up." He guilt trip her for his sisters who had really done a lot to make sure this year's cookout was amazing.

He looked over his shoulder at her and gave her a half smile. It didn't touch his eyes. "Oh, you're not. I should actually introduce you. This is Fran. She's a friend of the family but a Delta Delta Delta legacy. I believe my sister's were planning on converting her to the Omega ways."

Jeff introduced Fran, giving her an encouraging smile. "Fran, this is Jordan the lazy president of the Omega sorority, the only sorority you need to consider joining." He joked.

Frowning, Jeff looked around. "Looks like Jas is trying to do some recruiting and... damn is that Daphne with Kourtney? When did that happen? The hell..."He muttered, staring at his sister from across the street. He must have been very out of touch with things if he hadn't noticed Daphne had the hots for some Beta. He rubbed his chin.

Sure, there were a lot worse guys than Kourtney but he didn't know him well enough to give the seal of approval for him to date his little sister.

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ImageSandie let out a soft sigh as she climbed out of the limo. She couldn't believe her father forced her to ride with her stuck up bitch of a sister. Being seen with her was one of the last things she needed on her first day of college. Sandie didn't need anyone believing she was anything like her sister. In all reality, she was the total, complete opposite of who her sister was.

The moment she grabbed her bags she immediately went up to her dorm room and dropped her bags on her side of the room and looked around. Ava Crosby, she was her roommate. She wondered if she was at the college yet. Her roommate could be her first friend or enemy. She really wanted to meet her.

Here lately she's been thinking about joining a sorority but she wasn't sure which one. All she knew was there was no way she was going to join up with the Deltas. Being in a sisterhood with a sister she already has to deal with for the rest of her life definitely wasn't her cup of tea. At that moment she began to wonder where she ran off to. Candie ran off in a hurry, probably to go sleep around with that professor of her's. If only people were to know the truth about the two of them...if only. But of course she wasn't going to be the one to tell anyone. Candie's problems had nothing to do with her.

She made her way out of the dormitory and out towards the Greek houses. She wanted to take a gander at the sororities. She immediately got drawn to the Omega Phi Alpha house, she heard so many great things about that sorority. She stood there staring up at the front of the house with a thoughtful look upon her face, thinking about whether or not she should look into pledging with them.