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GM: Calvazara|Co-GM: Naga’s Shadow

The Kingdom

Avalon is a powerful Island nation, whose history stretches back thousands of years and the current monarchy can trace its family tree back to the original settlers, an exiled King and his loyalists from the neighboring country of Luxor. These first few turned an untamed island into the most desired country in the world; however this did not come without sacrifice. Many battles were fought on land and sea for power over Avalon, a strategic stronghold for any country wanting to conquer more land, no more so than between the Avalonian’s and the Luxor’s, who’s feud had been taking place since the original settlers and continues onward, with both armies and navy’s of equal strength a stalemate occurred on all fronts, which resulted in a peace treaty, this has been in place for a hundred years but recently tempers have started to flare once more and both side rebuild their armies for what can only be described as an inevitable war.

The Avalonian’s are very technologically advanced compared to other Kingdom’s in the world, they are the only country who has full use of the printing press and a circulating newspaper, and they are also very diverse culturally, paving a way for musicians, actors and artists as they find these very important in society. (The time is very similar to the Tudor times in England.)Sport is another major feature of social life, weekly jousting games are held by different noble families, along with hunts, archery, horse races and wrestling. Grand parties are held often nightly at the palace, attended by all those who live at court, here people get very drunk and sleep with people who aren't their husbands or wives.

The country is divided between two religions and any other forms of religion are deemed unlawful and can be classed as treason if the King seems fit. Both religions believe in the same God and that is why they are the only two religions allowed in Avalon. The difference between the religions is how each side worships the god, one side believed that to worship god you must go to his church every day and honor him living a prosperous and morally correct life, the other side believe that music, dance and fun are the correct ways to honor the god as you are celebrating your creation. The difference in beliefs causes some tension between the two sides and could be the cause of a rebellion as they believe the monarch are too relaxed in their religious views.

The current reigning monarch is the House of DeGrey; they are currently the longest reigning monarch with their rule spanning two hundred years. The DeGrey’s are a family loved by their people, ruling as a just monarch but with a line of adultery and bastard children, many other houses have rivaled their claim to the throne, the Devalin's being the greatest threat. Scandal has constantly been a major feature during the DeGrey’s rule over the years, murder, adultery, treason and torture have all been very present in the lives of the previous King’s, Queen’s, princes and princesses. The crown is passed down on the current King or Queen’s death bed to the child they believe has earned the right; this has always been the eldest son.

The Southern Plains of Arva, Port Yorkpoint, Winnfell, and Briar

The Capital City of Arva

The city of Arva, or The Kings City as it is more commonly known, stands fifty miles inland in the South Western corner of Avalon, surrounded by rolling green hills, colorful fields, dense forestry and fertile farmland, Arva is truly a gem in the crown jewels. Built by the DeGrey’s ancestors upon their exile from Luxor, Arva is rich in history and culture to rival no other and has been the main residence of the royal family for generations. A strategic stronghold for inland advances, Arva has been heavily fortified over the years, not only is it home to the Kings army but the city’s towering walls and high ground make it near enough indestructible as nobody has managed to penetrate it’s walls yet, efficiently protecting it’s thousands of inhabitants. Arva has very defined and consistent seasons unlike other parts of the country, the winters can be extremely harsh, with inches upon inches of snow and bitterly cold winds blowing in from the ocean, a deep contrast to their sweltering summers, with glorious sun and ever rising temperatures.

Although heavily fortified, Arva would be the first major strong hold invaders from the south would encounter and despite being strongly defended, like all places Arva does have its weaknesses and if the enemy found out these weakness they could easily exploit them and then the city would undoubtedly fall not long after. From then on it would be an easy ride to the other major cities of Avalon.

Winnfell Palace

Winnfell Palace a place of splendorous beauty located within the walls Arva, built over three hundred and fifty years ago by the first King Edward DeGrey is has been the home of the reigning monarch for centuries. Towering steeples, white wash walls and magnificent gardens it is truly a prize for the DeGrey party by highlighting their power and wealth. Although not the families only residence it is their main and most preferred one, however it’s beauty could be tarnished if people were to find out the events which had occurred within these walls; murders, adultery, assault, rape, illegitimate births and treachery.

If only walls could talk…

Port Yorkpoint

Twenty miles to the East of the capital city lays a busy harbor city, the main port of trade on the Eastern Coast, the city of Port Yorkpoint attracts many merchants from all over the world via the Eastern Ocean. If you want something you are bound to find it here as wonders from the globe are imported daily. Although Arva’s army is extremely impressive their navy is somewhat lacking and so an attack by sea is a constant threat. The King’s navy, which is a sum of a mere twenty ships to date are all stationed here, guarded by a garrison of highly skilled men as the King knows the importance of not losing his ships. The king’s flag ship ‘The Phoenix’ is also stationed here, a magnificent vessel with speed and fire power on its side, giving it its nickname, ‘The serpent of the sea.’

The Western Reach of Caerwyn, Glyndwr and Emerald Isles

Avalon is a Kingdom of great beauty, stretching from coast to coast with mighty rivers, imposing mountains, vast plains of rolling wheat and people who offer you a friendly greeting and a smile.

To the West of the King’s Court and the Royal capital there rises a ridged spine of mountains. They start far to the north and then race south, ending at the southern ocean. These jagged peaks are cut two passes, the High Pass and the Ghost Pass. Each one holds its own wonders or miseries but it is agreed that both eventually lead to a land likened to heaven on earth. The Western Reach, nestled between the ocean and the mountains is a climate that is kind with long summers and short pleasant winters. It rains four out of every seven days but when the sun does come out, bathing the rain forests in warm rays, there is no land more beautiful.

Set to guard this land with his life, and those of his line still to come, is Duke Henry Devalin. Since the foundations of Avalon his family has been the Western bulwark against pirates and foreign invasion. An impressive navy based out of the Emerald Islands keeps the seas secure while a powerful standing army has kept order and helped enforce the rule of the Devalins.

Many of the Reaches cities lie inland, away from the coast, which can tend to be lined with steep cliffs and dangerous shoals. Here and there however major ports flourish, protected by great citadels that serve to remind all of the power of Avalon should they seek to invade. The greatest of these is also home to the Devalin Family, the fortress City of Caerwyn. Here, in the second largest city of the Kingdom, safe behind the greatest walls in the world, the Duke watches his cousins carefully.

The people of the Western Reach have not known war on their lands for their entire lives. The defensive position of the region makes it very difficult to attack though it is prone to flooding and vicious Hurricanes. The region is also shaken at least once a year by an earthquake, though there hasn't been a serious one in over twenty years.


Caerwyn is the heart of the Devalin line. Built in one of the few open breaks in the great Cliffs of Mourn that follow the entire coast it is a city of beauty that openly displays the power of the Devalin family.


Located in the High Pass, this fortress is the key to the entire southern Reach. To take this town is to command the roads that allow the movement of all supplies and troops. Commanded by a woman fanatically loyal to the Devalin line, Lady Scarlet as she is known, this fortress is in good hands.

Emerald Isles

Beyond the battlements of Caerwyn lie the Western ocean and the Emerald Isles. This series of islands provides safe harbor for the entire Western Armada, a mighty fleet commanded by the Baron Clarkson.

The Characters

King James DeGrey
Open | FC: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


The new King of Avalon, James has much to prove if he wants to be as great a King as his father before him. His relaxed religion and seemingly moral less ways have left him with a few enemies, some of which are even in his own family. Nevertheless, he is determined to prove himself and to his family and people.

Prince Hadrian DeGrey
TAKEN by almostinsane | FC: Chris Hemsworth


Hadrian has lived his entire life in his brother's shadow, taking care of his brothers' responsibilities. It was widely believed that he would succeed his father and be crowned King, he would have been the responsible choice. With great influence and being incredibly able, Hadrian has the means to seize the throne for himself, however his loyalty to his brother and country overwhelms his desire for the crown.

Princess Gwendolyn DeGrey
TAKEN by Calvazara | FC: Annabelle Wallis


Beautiful and passionate she has been turning heads at court since she became a young woman. She is the only sibling who believes that James can step up to the challenge and become a great King. She holds her younger brother close to her heart but with his lack of support towards their brother, relationships have been strained. Recently betrothed to Henry Devalin in an attempt to unite the two great houses, Gwen is torn between duty to her family and the love of her mysterious friend.

Lady Christine Talmir
Open | FC: Diane Kruger


The beautiful daughter of Lord Talmir of Starkhaven, she is in the early stages of pregnancy and trying to secure marriage between her and the King to ensure her child is not born a bastard and can inherit the throne, but also to try and secure her future as Queen. She despises Princess Gwendolyn as she has the King's ear and he will do anything she says and the Princess is trying to discourage their relationship.

Ser Rivera Karstark
TAKEN by Naga’s Shadow | FC: Rose Leslie


A woman from a high noble house, she’s spent her life in the service of the Royal Guard, working her way from page to a full knighthood by the time she was only sixteen. She now serves as Prince Hadrian’s bodyguard, and harbors feelings for him as well. She and the Prince are long-time friends, and Rivera would lay her life down for him.

Duke Henry Devalin of Western Reach
Open | FC: Charles Dance


Second cousin to the king, the Duke had spent much of his life in the shadows of his cousins, the DeGrey siblings. He believes that the DeGrey's are to corrupt to run Avalon and is not above leading a rebellion against them. However he had recently agreed to marry Princess Gwendolyn as it would be a political gain for him as well as giving him leverage over the king if it came to war.

Prince Theodin Redway of Pentos
TAKEN by Naga’s Shadow | FC: Jake Gyllenhaal


The exiled Prince of Pentos, he arrived in Avalon via the Great Eastern Sea, mystery surrounds the Prince as the real reason for his exile has been kept secret. Handsome, strong and tactically smart, he knows what he wants and will not hesitate to go after it, especially if it means he can end his exile. He has seemed to have found himself ensnared by the lovely Princess Gwendolyn, however, and finds himself torn between restoring his country, and protecting the woman he loves.

[Credit for Skeleton goes to Jakuri-chan, who was kind and awesome enough to let me use it]

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Character Portrait: Lelinus DeGrey
Lelinus DeGrey

"I serve the Realm. Someone should."


Character Portrait: Lelinus DeGrey
Lelinus DeGrey

"I serve the Realm. Someone should."

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Character Portrait: Lelinus DeGrey
Lelinus DeGrey

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